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I received what I think was the last one yesterday, from Tattt. If you're lucky he might still got one left. It's sold out everywhere else. These were the stockists, except from Asia.Need SupplyTailor at the TanneryThe BureauThe BusinessIntermediates has been in Asia for a couple of years from what I know. They've had some cool vests and jackets. I think it's as the name suggests, something inbetween EG and Workaday.
Cansty - I agree with you. The pockets ruins it for me when combined with a tie. Too much style mixing going on for my liking I think (workwear vs. dressed up) the collar is great but because it's not a button down. Not saying it doesn't work, just prefer a shirt without a lot of pockets and details on it I guess. Gary I see your point, a bow tie don't clash with the pockets in the way that a neck tie do and would probably be the better choice. I think the tab collar...
What do you guys think about wearing neck ties with work shirts? And what do you think about wearing neck ties with button down collars?
The general consensus seen from the Trickers thread is still to size one full size to one and a half size down.But yes, everyones feet are different. I'm not sure what that translates into swedish. Plus I still agreed upon their policy when I ordered them through their website, they claimed that the shoes were in unsalable condition (which is bullshit, ofcourse). So i'm not sure what I can do. And it's been two months now I think.
Grey cotton oxford USN pants Baker Jacket Dark navy Broken Twill Paisley pork pie hat Paisley pocket square 19th cent. bd navy/white stripe Anderson woven multicolor textile belt Happy socks Alden Cordovan Longwing Blucher
She probably has people shopping not-too-common-clothing for her.
Grey Cotton Oxford USN Pants and Drinkwater's own OCBD shirt arrived yesterday. Both fit spot on and runs TTS. Tried them on yesterday outdoors, the pants are clearly a summer's fabric - thin, light and movable. We have about 11°C/52°F and it was a little chilly at times - could feel the wind through the pants, but it never got too cold. They also have more stretch to them than what I thought. I imagine they will be perfect in the warm summer days as they got this airy...
Not true. Oi Polloi, END, Tres Bien and Cali Roots are all more expensive.+ Pro tip: ask them (The Bureau) to mark down the value below the limit for your import customs = no customs for you.Stockists in England won't mark down this value.
Yes please! It's one of the most versatile jackets, you'll be using it summer, fall, winter and spring, as a jacket, layer, tent, blanket and quilt! Well worth the cash!
Anyone know where I can order those flower pins to Europe?
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