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The list might be a bit outdated. Try any of these here... http://www.postoveralls.com/dealer.html By the way, have Post FW13 started to roll out yet?
Don't know about XS, but try any of these. http://www.superdenim.co.uk/index.asp http://www.hideoutstore.com/ http://indigoandcotton.com/ http://thebusinessfashion.co.uk/ http://extra-nyc.com/ http://www.hickorees.com/ http://havenshop.ca/ http://www.c-shack.com/ http://www.triads.co.uk/ http://www.thehambledon.com/designers-for-men http://www.norsestore.com/ http://www.hwcarterandsons.com/ http://volls.de/index.php?lang=ENG http://www.rooneyshop.com/
They did reply to one of my 6 emails..........after a couple of months. The guy was very helpful though!
Why is Mr Porter like a hundred euros above everyone else?
The Golfer cardigan is a killer, where can I get it except from Allevol?
This was an exclusive cardigan made for Inventory Stockroom, in black dyed cotton, not for The Mandon Store. I understand that they can differ in size as they are hand made and as it was made in cotton and not wool, but this was a full size bigger than usual (according to measurements stated and also compared to my sz 40 3A in wool), which is also why I returned it. Absolutely lovely cardigan though, really heavy. And the dyed cotton made for a really cool, kind of...
Tried to get a decent picture of the color of the Charcoal cardigan. I'm just completely sold on this cardigan. Thick, heavy yet soft, warm, a loose, perfect fit and the color is just fantastic. A bit blue in light, dark blue-greyish.
Just a heads up that I returned my Inverallan x Inventory 3A in black dyed denim cotton to Inventory. It's a tagged size 40 but it's definately a 42, which is why I returned it. It will probably get back up on their site so keep an eye out if you want it. Here's a pic of it: And, I just got my standard Charcoal 3A in wool from The Mandon Store and the fit is spot on, couldn't be happier. Such a chunky, cozy piece of knitwear.
You're a master at this El QUaG!
Thing is I live in Norway and Sweden and would have to have them shipped to either country. And Nepenthes doesn't ship abroad. Oi Polloi had them as well but they were all gone in the blink of an eye.
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