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I've got that overdyed Gitman shirt as well. Never thought of wearing it with black pants. Will try it with my dark navy USN pants (they look black though).
Really good Lorcan, I love those pants and been wanting to get them ever since I saw them matched with the navy hb windowpane ldt jacket in the lookbook! Do you have this seasons fatigues or usn's, if yes what size? Size 30 in both those pants fit me spot on in all aspects, would you advice me to go with 30 in the cinch pants too as opposed to sizing up? Thanks
I wore my 3A over just a t-shirt the other day both outdoors and indoors and it worked out just fine. Never itched.
Plus the jackets in wool herringbone has a lot of stretch (atleast the fw12 Truman, but I would guess this years Bedford too). For example, I'm 5'9" 41" chest and can wear my herringbone Truman in small with a shirt beneath even though it fits a little tight and I would prefer a medium, and that jacket is 19" p2p. I wouldn't be able to do that if it was in heavy whipcord or some other stiff fabric without stretch.
Got all the stockists from Nepenthes and that's exactly my thought as well!
Got my eyes on that one too but waiting for the sales, maybe picking up the duffle coat as well.What size did you go? I'd appreciate fit pics if you want to post that!
Thanks for the information.Ok! Yes I guess they vary a bit too. I'm one inch shorter than you but 162 lbs and about 41" around the chest. I generally wear M in EG outerwear depending on the measurements and if the fabric is stretchy or not. Can rarely bend my arms inwards completely, and sizing up ruins the look/fit. But you'll get used to it. Ah yes, I remember that vest now. It's very special! Crazy pocket design. Cool you still could find one.On a trip to...
Very nice of you to help out thanks alot mate. Are you referring to this knit jacket? http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=3315Do you remember if he had a size S or M and if it was on sale as they are old pieces? The Olive wool Duffle would be FW12 yes. I think I will drop him an email..That outfit looks stunning, love the Needles rebuild stuff, got one of the vests myself and I tried on that jacket while I was in New York. I could do both medium and large in it but...
Yeah I guess you're right, it probably is as I got it in late aug, beginning sept. Mine looks very very much the same as yours though, can't be much difference!Asked him about the vest and he sent me pictures of the Birdshooter, and his replies were pretty diffuse. Can't say I got much wiser by his replies but he was kind enough to offer me a free bd shirt (haversack I think) plus a discount. The p2p on the vest was too tight unfortunately so I didn't end up buying...
Ah, got offered that vest but passed. Looks better than first imagined, cool piece, nicely matched jwalterweather.
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