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You can add http://www.minishopmadrid.com/ to your list of EG retailers.http://www.minishopmadrid.com/section/brands/engineered-garments/
Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!
^ Top stuff. Knight, like the outfits! The shoulder cape seems pretty versatile and not that hard to pull off, would you agree? It's really a cool piece. I think the pants works with the second outfit but I would probably wear another jacket with the third outfit, the brown duck canvas is a bit too light together with the rest imo. Pretty worthless picture but anyways.. fw13 Navy Button Shawl fw13 Navy HB/Windowpane LDT fw13 USN Pants fw11 Knit Tie Gitman Vintage Oxford...
That indigo denim work shirt will be mine.
^ ThisI can't even close the Styleforum Safari tab that I was using. Had to open a new one.This is what's crashing: [[SPOILER]]
Been wearing the black floral printed corduroy cinch pants this weekend, two friends thought they were really cool, two other friends asked if I had pyjamas pants on, while a colleague thought it was marijuana printed on them. Btw thanks to Gary for the marijuana pyjamas pants, they are obviously a big hit.
Fuck. Was gonna grab both the white and blue tattersall in small from the mens market this weekend and now they're both gone. That's what you get for sleeping on them for too long. And yes, the 19th cent. bd runs big this season, I too had to go down from medium to small. Now anyone knows where I can find the white one as I've already found the blue? Thanks (again) in advance
I'm looking for this in a size Small. Haven are sold out. http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/engineered-garments/products/19-century-bd-shirt-tattersall The Tattersall is available in Blue, White and Yellow. I don't know if the one on Haven is the blue or white, but any of them will do. Any clues? EDIT: Found the blue one, anyone know where to get the white? TIA.
It might be difficult to embrace for some as the styling seen so far is pretty experimental and intense. But each garment alone, nah. And i'm also really into that batik print. But the ones who aren't really into that stuff shouldn't worry too much, there will be striped suits and hooded bal coats too
I would probably agree with the Bureau. The sizing of EG shirts usually vary from season to season. I'm between S and M in EG shirting as it depends on the varying measurements. I prefer a 21" chest and that can be both S and M from year to year. This season it was S for me in most of the shirts, and M in the tab collar shirt. Best thing is to just look at the measurements really.
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