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I like that they are doing elbow patches! Another FW14 lookbook sneak preview. From Gareth from The Bureau.
Ok. I think it was Inventory that styled the plain grey classic shirt as an over shirt, I can't find the photos but it worked out really good. It's more difficult to do with the plaid version though, imo.
Yes. I have a plaid as well, black, green, red tartan like from this season. I like wearing it unbuttoned above a printed white t-shirt. But would most like to wear it as an over shirt, but don't really know how to do that since it's plaid. I think it works better the other way around, with for example a plain grey classic shirt above a patterned shirt (as you would wear a CPO). Someone mentioned wearing it above a chambray work shirt, haven't tried that out but suspecting...
Yup. And much shorter than the rest of the shirts. Still having a bit of a hassle getting used to the short length myself.
I agree with you that the salmon design is a lot nicer in red.
Generally not a big fan of red either but I love how well "Sosuu" made it look in this outfit here.
You can add http://www.minishopmadrid.com/ to your list of EG retailers.http://www.minishopmadrid.com/section/brands/engineered-garments/
Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!
^ Top stuff. Knight, like the outfits! The shoulder cape seems pretty versatile and not that hard to pull off, would you agree? It's really a cool piece. I think the pants works with the second outfit but I would probably wear another jacket with the third outfit, the brown duck canvas is a bit too light together with the rest imo. Pretty worthless picture but anyways.. fw13 Navy Button Shawl fw13 Navy HB/Windowpane LDT fw13 USN Pants fw11 Knit Tie Gitman Vintage Oxford...
That indigo denim work shirt will be mine.
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