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Regarding the bold and underlined: Wish I would have read that before I ordered my Tricker's (sure I did get sizing advise from the store but turned out to be incorrect).I think that's absolutely right. I'm a US 7.5/D and 7.0/E (both works) in Alden Barrie last, and i'm returning my Tricker's Burton City Brogue in UK7 4444 last for a UK6 which i'm pretty sure will fit after a couple of weeks wear. Thus 1.5 size smaller from US size!
You're right, Daiki released one for WWM too, that blue and black one with a hood, I think it was in 2010. If it first appeared as ss in ss12 that would explain why I missed it, didn't buy anything from that season nor had a look at it until the sales. Yup, that's correct...I'd like to think that the coated canvases and pc gabardine are water repellent/proof, but is the jacquard?
Very nice! What season is that poncho from? I've somehow missed them completely I think, have they been around for long?
45bur, canstyleace, Knight Thanks a lot. I would agree, duck canvas is very stiff. The canvas sounds interesting, really like to hear more about it when it starts to appear in the shops. So if anyone happen to handle it give me a shout please . Not a huge fan of houndstooth unfortunately, but you never know, will wait for more pictures. This looks fantastic. Anyone know what more colors and fabrics this is being made in?
No size mediums.. :/
I'm looking for this in a sz medium if anyone is willing to part with theirs, or know where I still can get it give me a shout. Thanks
END has a new collab up with some specials as of today and I just ordered these babies.
Thanks buddy.What fabric is the charcoal and black plaid Bedford in? Do you know of any more up close photos?Printed canvas is that duck canvas? Sounds interesting, would like to know more about the feel of that fabric too. I want a Bedford that's a bit stiff, like heavy whipcord, as opposed to for example broken twill. Perhaps I will have to wait till fall.Has anyone handled the cotton ripstop yet? How's the thickness of it? Is it on the thicker and stiffer side, or thin...
Anyone know what Bedfords will be available? Easily my favorite of the sport coats.
I love this thread. So many great combinations from creative people. Much inspiration!
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