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The way they treat their customers, the fact that they themselves don't suggest alternative options (like the ones mentioned earlier in this thread for example) and that they are unwilling to listen to their customers suggestions, is just deeply regrettable.The Trickers last is the 4444 last. They are wide and large. The general consensus is to size down one full size and even one and a half size. Tried them with both thick socks and insoles, still too big.I wear 7.5D in...
More on END Clothing... Recently bought a pair of Tricker's (£375) after asking for sizing suggestions clearly stating that I am a US 7.5 in Alden they adviced me to go for a UK 7 in the Trickers. Later read here on SF that my correct size would be a UK 6 and ofcourse, the shoes turned out to be too big. I sent the shoes back and asked for an exchange for the smaller size, and got a reply from END saying that the soles were dirty, that they would not accept the return...
Tricker's x End - Bourton City Brogue Acorn Antique Leather Size UK7, 4444 last. These fit like a Alden Barrie Last size US 8. Brand new in box with papers, receipts and everything. Completely new. Never used or worn outdoors. Condition 10/10. £350 shipped worldwide (I'll pay for the shipping costs). Selling because they are a little too big for me and I cannot return them. If wanted I can mark down the value on the customs form and mark as a gift.
I think I forgot to reply you on this.I got hold of them eventually, through Twitter then email, and they were sold out. If only they'd been a little quicker in replying! . Yeah i'm outside the US btw, and thank you very much for offering to proxy, very kind of you! If i'm lucky it might turn up on the bay eventually, else i'm saving the cash for f/w 14.
The Expedition jacket should lose the left back pocket, and have one or two of the front pockets inwards instead, to avoid the impression that it has too many pockets, imo. But as with most EG stuff Phil, I think you will probably find it a lot better looking in person than on pictures.
HOT Sriracha Shoulders and pit to pit looks good, not enough to size down imo. That fit looks very much like how the SS12 workshirts in medium fits me. Good in the shoulders and armpits, a bit long in the sleeves and body/length. If you're satisfied in general but uncomfortable with the length you could just have the length shortened a bit by your tailor. Sometimes they tighten up a little after a wash, this may depend on the fabric, but they don't shrink, unless you...
I like the fit too, although; it would look better if your shirt had longer sleeves sticking out under the sleeves of the Bedford. I think you probably could go with either size, however, imagine if you were to wash the Bedford, it might shrink/tighten up.
Probably navy. But it depends on your wardrobe.
Thanks. That was pretty much what I imagined, now I got it confirmed. It's the heather grey oxford that i'm most interested in as I think they're the most versatile. Would you agree? I believe grey in pants goes well with most other colors. Interested in hearing how this season fit as well. FW13 USN in sz 30 fits me spot on uncinched.
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