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Garbstore has items up. The twill Baker with matching cinch pants looks awesome as a summer suit. http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com/category/mens?brand%5B0%5D=Engineered%20Garments&utm_source=Couverture+and+the+Garbstore+Website+Newsletter&utm_campaign=7a68d5bfc5-New_Arrivals_EG_1_26_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c02c1dc239-7a68d5bfc5-87122701
@agvs That looks great man. Wish that coat fit me but strangely it just looked weird on me. Guess i'm too short. Suits you well though. Fit of the ghurkas terrific as well.
^ Available at The Bureau and Pilgrim Surf + Supply.I wear mine all the time, it's great.
The problem with blue EG pants is that there is way too much red in them. They're often not really blue or navy at all. This goes true to SS12 (13?) Lt. Blue Cotton Ripstop Fatigues and FW13 Duck Canvas Navy Fatigues and probably more, and that's why they're hard to match with other colors. In comparison a true blue is way easier to pair, add a texture to it (denim) and it's even easier. But it's the reddish tones that ruins it.
Expect to be broke from now on.
Mmm. The Short Coverall Jacket in Railroad Stripe Denim looks delicious. Could also see myself in the Baker Jacket in Brown Floral Print Canvas with a necktie and a pair of cordovan Aldens.
Nice Lawlercon.. The black FW13 Field Parka was my favorite and I regret not getting it.
Same here.. Was unimpressed with the patterns of SS13 but ended up changing my opinion completely as the collection grew on me massively. Feels the same this season, first impressions haven't been "wow" but more like "meh..this is ok", "not really feeling it". It wouldn't surprise me though if that will change as well as we see more photos of composed outfits and single garments coming up in the near future. I'm hoping so at least.
New Years eve [[SPOILER]] Happy new year to all of you!
How thick and warm would you say the 24oz wool HB is? Found one Over Parka left in my size and am probably gonna pull the trigger on that one instead of the navy geometric jacquard. It should be much warmer than the jacquard right? Also is the black moleskin bedford still available in size medium anywhere? If you wanna sell your used one shoot me a pm. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: