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The last color for the Nepenthes/EG Tote bag you guys mentioned is a burgundy one (which I have). I also got a large (very large) natural colored Nepenthes tote bag with two handles, one long and the other shorter, with "Nepenthes New York" printed on the side, which I also got for free when I was there and emptied their stock. Edit: Oh and you should wash the tote bags first thing you do as the color bleeds.
Guys, anyone in the states that could proxy for me for some cash? I could have the garment sent to me but the cost was completely off the wall. I could arrange for the item to be sent to you with ground shipping which would only cost me $25. Then I would pay for you to send it to me + some extra for the service. Please PM me, cheers
Heh heh. What I mean is that they're designed so that they could be folded in nicely, without excess fabric wrinkling weirdly on the sides of the pockets. Try folding in the pocket flaps on the Baker into its pockets, it doesn't turn out any good as the flaps are a bit wider than the pocket.The purpose would probably be to hide the flaps for easier access to the pockets, if I were to guess.
@canstyleace Me neither, which is one of the reasons that the Bedford is my favorite blazer. That, and the fit among other things. @yesssir Such a cool print. And that lining really is fantastic. The pocket flaps on the Andovers are designed to be folded in right? I'm actually looking at buying my first Andover right now. The navy tropical wool to go with the cinch pants in the same fabric (which I just received from Fedex).
Canstyleace, you are right about the flaps on the Baker. They're meant to stay outside of the pockets and not be folded in. The flaps are wider than the pockets... I think Yesssir got the batik Andover. (Demanding fit pic!)
Charles pants looks great with the beefrolls!
@Lorcan7 Oh I remember that! So that was him then! Good. Just shot him an email with some questions. Thanks.
Where do I buy those Quick Release belts I see every other japanese dude wearing? (Doesn't have to be EG) I found a site called http://www.timhardy.com/quick_release_belts.html, The Worcestershire Leather Company. Anyone have experience with their belts and can recommend them, or should I look elsewhere? If so, where?
Thanks but was looking for the dark navy.Yeah I know.. it's a bit of a gamble. The cavalry twill from fw13 works great with the broken twill from ss13 though. Found the pants online, will probably grab them. Need something lightweight for the wedding or i'm gonna drown in sweat as it's in july. You're probably right about the dobby twill. Thanks for your help buddy!
I'm the same height as you and share the same view. I'm very uncomfortable with wider leg openings.I can somewhat enjoy it if the hems are rolled up high, above the ankles and I wear shoes barefoot.
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