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Selling or trading EG FW14 Over Parka - Charcoal 24oz Wool Herringbone in size S. But this fits like M as these run big. Great condition, not worn much. Want to buy a black moleskin Bedford size M.
Looks good! That grey jacket looks like a Jersey knit blazer, but i'm not sure. Probably SS.
FYI: TBB 3rd delivery will be up this week as well.
This season is just amazing. I have ordered the Dark Grey 24oz Wool Herringbone Chester Coat, Charcoal Wool Geo Jacquard Andover Jacket and matching Cinch Pants. Didn't buy anything from SS16 so looking forward to this one, if i'm lucky it arrives friday. If it's of interest I can help out with sizing or photos. From what i've seen of measurements of sport coats, many of them seems to be about half an inch wider in the p2p compared to last few years. A bit worried about...
Alright! I suspected that, they look much bigger in the hems on me. I dig them cuffed.Sorry to stir things up but the one i tried on at Nepenthes fit perfectly in a size M (which is TTS on me), and fit much like a bedford in the same size. I'd say stay tts.That duffle is so good. I love it.
Can you provide pictures of these please? Thanks
@markiantosca Looks great, are those workaday fatigues altered at the hems?
Hey man that's me! Haha.I know a guy that is interested in this Bedford that wanted to trade for mine (same size), however mine is not for trade/sale so I've forwarded this message to him.Great that this thread is up and going, I will be watching it closely, and also post some stuff when I get back home (unfortunately in 2 months time).
Definitely agree with Mike. We'll get a much better overview keeping the trading separated from the general discussions.
I've got a new unused pair for sale. Special SF-price 4 you, *hint, hint*
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