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I have a couple of their boots. I got the caramel chelsea boots from a couple of seasons ago, which are OK, but nothing special. They seem to have a cemented construction. I also got the black Montantes boots from last F/W and they are great. Both leather quality and construction seem good. The black back zip boots from this season look similar in regard to leather and sole, so if they are made similar to the shoes from last F/W they are good shoes.While I'm at it I can...
It's a dark blue colour. I am wondering if anyone have tried the First Cut jeans from this season and if so, how do they fit? They are described as a slender fit in some e-stores to relaxed in other.
Hi guys! I was thinking of ordering the polka dot corduroy, but it seems the sizing differs from other gitman shirts. Has anybody here recomandations as to stick to regular size or size down? Looks as it's marked 23" pit to pit and the oxfords are 22 ".
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