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I've got 7 shirts here. The first two listings are of the same pattern. All of these shirts are in very good condition; 4 are new, and 2 are like new. The Talbott shirt still has a dry cleaning tag attached. All prices CONUS ppd. Miller Brothers is a high-end RTW and MtM men's store here in Atlanta. Red Clay Soul did a profile here: Their shirts retail for $150+. 1. Dark Plaid (sized M, like new) - $30 25 20 Classic spread...
I wear glasses, and I clean my glasses with my pocket square, so I have one on me most days. Informal is a better look, I agree, but the way you wear it is as important as the kind.
Looking through the Barney's sale, there's a pair of C&J "Derby Boots" for 329. Size 9.5 only.,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS05&index=73
How much for number 6?
I ended up going with the Sid Mashburn snuff suede loafers. I love them; they're super comfortable and are pretty rugged with the double sole. Thanks everybody for your suggestions and advice!
I'm looking to a get a denim shirt for the fall (got some time, to be sure). I'd like someting more like a regular dress shirt, not very workwear / western. I like the ROTM shirt, but I've missed the boat on that one. Looking for a mid-to-dark wash. I'd be wearing it with tweeds, moleskins, chinos, etc. I'm not wild about pre-distressing of any variety. I'm a 16.5 / 33 if that impacts your recommendations. Also, I'd like to keep the price closer to $100, but I'd go up to...
What's the neck size of this shirt?
I have some green suede loafers from AE. I'm quite fond of them (and the AE Strands), but I'm looking to get something different. For the sake of something different, really. That is a great a deal, and it's too bad they're discontinuing them. They discontinued the ones I have too.
The conventional answer is no. However, I think a bright pocket square would attract much more attention.
I've got a pretty wide foot (10.5 EEE US), so that makes me think the Boston would work out better for me personally. I haven't found a place that has either them here in Atlanta, but I'm sure I can.
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