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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It's a clothing form where we debate about ....clothes... A conversation about a subject means different opinions will be presented... If you're surprised by my statement opting to care about a guy spending 2 or 3 grands on a pair of shoes for a three years old , why do you care about expressing my opinion in the first place Your reaction is defeating your own point of view... Live nad let live is great when...
Quote: Originally Posted by OxxfordSJLINY A bit off topic, but do belt less and suspender less (or brace less, as people overseas would say) self adjusting skirts (for women only) and (for men and women) trousers (with the required side adjusters/tabs with or without the strongly recommended read adjuster/tab) also have to be higher rise? If so, do they have to be looser fitting or tighter fitting? The Italians (particularly the Milanese and Romans)...
Chris Reeve Sebenza. Maybe it's a bit unsophisticated and less than elegant, but I feel naked if I'm not carrying a knife.
You have body image issues. You think you're skinnier than you are. Time to size up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivar I really like the styling on Zara's website, and these two looks are pretty much my summer look in a nutshell. I actually just bought the navy jacket you have pictured here yesterday. It's cut really slim. I'm normally a 38 and I had to step up to a 40. It's super comfortable. The material is a really thick jersey with some spandex in it and I'd say it's easily as comfortable as a cotton cardigan. I'd say a...
That's a nice looking watch and in that price point, I feel that a quartz watch is a much better idea than a mechanical. Mechanicals on the cheaper side of things are every bit as mass produced as quartz movements and don't tell time even remotely as well. For forty bucks, I think you'd be well served by a nice conservative gold colored watch like that.
Hung. And soundly crushed between other clothing. My collars look terrible.
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