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Selling my Daypack spot for $385 firm. PM me for details.
Aeth, do those sleeves taper at all? O_o Seems like it's the same width from the bicep to the cuff.
The cut-offs could've limited growth, but orders were still being accepted until early this year (?).Customer relations would've been better if significant (week+) production delays were announced in the thread, and they started offering blacklist-free refunds once jackets started taking 10-20weeks longer to ship than what people were quoted. I think a lot of people are getting upset because they see a trend of major production delays being announced way after the fact,...
Selling black calf DR spot. Don't bother PMing me if you don't have the cash. \:
Selling off a mid-Jan DR order. PM for details~.
You look way too comfortable speaking for other people... TOJ can manage their own thread... you don't have to take it personally when other customers express their dissatisfaction with the brand.
to my knowledge, they stopped allowing this kind of customization a while back.
Are you kidding me? How long have you been following this thread? TOJ's customer service, and the brand experience has been praised almost endlessly up until recently.
Is there a possibility that TOJ will work with more workshops to get through the queue? I'm pretty sure its been done in the past. Are there any plans to deal with increasing wait times for the remaining 11 months of orders?
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