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Yes, there is.Or at least, I can't remember anyone announcing its end.http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/referralprogram
Based on owning 6 jackets with TOJ lamb leather, I can tell you that you can't make such broad statements from owning just two. Echoing what has already been said about natural variatons in leather, I've had 6 jackets ranging from dry/firm to EXTREMELY buttery soft... As if you were LITERALLY touching the surface of butter. I've also had the strange chick experience. Just because you didn't have a similar experience doesn't mean people were exaggerating or that anything's...
Drew; If magicalporks' suede DR is still sitting around TOJ HQ, I'd like to know what I can do to have it for myself.
Words can't describe how envious I am of magicalporks' quilted suede `13DR.
The best way to find out if they're still taking orders is to just email them. If you're serious about making an order, just place one now and make any necessary changes after your other jackets arrive.
I'd put money in for a black Admiral Peacoat.
That Belstaff peacoat looks so sick... Really wish it was a size 44 or 46 instead.
Hey guys, I want to buy someone else's spot in the T1 and TOJ0 queues. Go ahead and send me a message if you're interested, and we can work something out.
Self-explanatory. You sell my your spot in line/queue. We tell Charly, your order becomes my order, and I give him my measurements. PM me and we can work something out.
I've only got 3 TOJs hanging around right now, and two of `em are bombers. The only rider I've got left is a blacked out MDR (lamb), with a 2013DR (calf), 2010DR (goat) , and BCDR (suede) chilling in the queue. Resisting the urge to kop another T1, moto, and varsity, though. I reach for the A2 whenever it gets cold, but my CWU-45 probably gets most of the wear. The A2's a nice jacket to surprise people with, and the CWU-45's great for that everyday kinda cool....
New Posts  All Forums: