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Yeah, I think what will really drive these out the door is being able to see/feel/wear the stuff in person. If the color/feel/fit were attractive irl, I wouldn't mind buying a professionally refinished item that was already in the price range of what it would cost me new.I don't buy the hype, but I can see why it would sell if the product was nice.
Probably Feit:http://www.feitdirect.com/hand-sewn-slipper-greige
http://toj-gallery.com/Depends on your specific office norms.Yes. Take it to someone who alters/cuts/makes leather jackets, and ask them to subtract the excess leather. Will it look good? Depends on the honesty and imagination of the person doing the cutting. But 1-1.5inches off either side of the jacket shouldn't be a jarring change to the overall pattern, imo.Possible solution: Use the excess space for another layer. More warmth, less space.Cleaners specializing in...
No clue. I haven't seen it pop up in a RTW collection over the past 4 years. It might be a DIY job inspired by the painted leather in the 2016 spring runway.
Since we were talking about painted jackets a couple of pages ago... https://www.instagram.com/p/BCS86qNvsSj/
You could've just sent them an email...But in my experience, #1 doesn't matter. Maybe if you were buying a latex body suit, but not here.#2 also doesn't matter. Imagine attempting to cut and sew anything within .1 of an inch, and then trusting the consumer to accurately measure it.... Variance exists, but you'll always get something in the ballpark of what you wanted. Try to conceptualize the difference between 17.6 and 17.4 or 17.9 inches... Doesn't really matter on a...
It will definitely be less uniform, but I can't imagine the range of color tones differing between reg use and conditioner.But using a conditioner wouldn't prevent your case from "developing" afterwards, so if there's something that you do that would impart a different pigment to the leather, you can get a tone you're happy with now, and still have an individualized look 5 years later.
Is this the one you changed late last year? The trucker jacket?
Pic of a Real McCoy's grizzly by Junky Style in Tokyo.
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