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Fixed.The gallery was proof that most of us just wanted to throw a leather jacket over whatever basic/gaudy crap we already owned. The actual fit of the jackets were pretty good- unless you lied to Charly/yourself about your height/mass gains. You could get the gist of this by looking at the old stock sizing chart- the difference between a size up/down wasn't huge.
@LA Guy do you still have an order with Johnson Leather for the bison moto? Just how many leather jackets will you have once you secure an order on the Aero, and Cyclone?
I don't think that being forced to return from retirement is a "happy ending". The previous owner's old enough that they suspect returning to work while dealing with the criminal trial has had a significant (negative) impact on his health. I don't know how deep you got into the issues they've been facing, but the former MD had done a lot more to damage the company beyond the theft/embezzlement.
From what I remember, they received the bcdr much earlier, but had to send it back because some details like stitching and measurements were off.
They were on the list recently posted by Drew.
I haven't been keeping up with the list, but do you even have a horse in this race?I think that the majority of people who've waited this long still want their jacket(s). I don't think there are too many people out there who would like to throw MORE money at this fiasco to take Drew to court, so that he can spend more of THEIR money to construct a defense. The best thing that can come out of this is if Drew re-focuses his attention on ToJ, actually pay someone to handle...
If you try to do MTM/customizations through Lewis Leathers, good luck. lol I heard the wait is ridiculously long, but that comes with being a legendary brand.If you want a custom jacket that approximates TOJ's designs, hit up Johnson Leathers, or any other smaller operation that's been in the leather jacket game for years. (JL will run you ~$1k if you use good leathers). Could probably even hit up Moon Leathers since they should already have the pattern.
I just hope that the restaurant sale means that he'll (soon?) refocus his attention to expanding production to fulfill past business commitments.
Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but he probably typed out that post without intending to read any of your replies. Responding on a forum he actively ignores probably isn't the most time-effective method of venting your frustration. I'm not saying that you shouldn't reply, but you're probably going to be disappointed if you're still expecting a response in-thread at this point.
It's their Trojan jacket, made with a limited stock of Finnish moosehide they had a while back. They've been sold out for a while now.
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