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Aren't there two pics of a prototype in the gallery? [[SPOILER]]
Ditto, but for magicalporks' old suede DR >>
If you're saying that they wouldn't pull the design you envisioned out of the air based on a vague list of details you told them that you wanted in a jacket, then yeah.... you always risk that bias when you ask someone else to design something for you. But there probably isn't anything that Drew's craftsmen could make you that Johnson's couldn't with the same set of instructions/pictures.Nah. I posted it to add to Distorb's point that JLeather's customwork doesn't have...
People have different tastes.. He wanted holographic rafs, Moo wanted a blacked out CM, etc.. Not trying to appease the du a couple of posts above me, but I shot a pic of my order after seeing Distorb's post. Different tastes, etc. etc. oh, and the zippers aren't hard to zip, compared to the old double zips TOJ used to use. Everything is about as solid as you'd expect from people who make protective gear. [[SPOILER]]
While they probably couldn't/wouldn't make you a gothninja jacket, they could easily give you similar details (aka not the EXACT lamb TOJ uses) and the same silhouette of a TOJ.There is nothing preventing them from reproducing the number of pockets, their angle, or the hardware used (other than personal preference). The people at Johnson Corp have tons of experience making motorcycle jackets- which is exactly what the DRs are. What distinguished TOJ from the competition...
The bag looks great. It just sucks that the delay turned out to be for nothing. I was kind of digging the idea (before I sold my spot) of having a "custom" piece of hardware on the daypack... especially since there were other things going on with the bag that you didn't see with the competition.
I don't want to be that guy, but those aren't the zippers they halted bag production several months for.
Interest check on an MDR I received two? years ago. Haven't worn it too hard, and there's minimal (if any) signs of creasing on the sleeves. Minor scuffing on the cuff- This is normal, and you probably wouldn't notice it if I didn't tell you about it. Selling it off because I prefer my bombers at the moment. Will have recent pictures up on Monday, as I'm out of town for the holidays. Details: Black lamb, black hardware/zips, no lapel snaps. The jacket for sale is on the...
Selling my Daypack spot for $385 firm. PM me for details.
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