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Black Hender Scheme AF1s. Bought from another user 2 years back. He didn't wear em, and I've only tried them on inside. Price includes PayPal&Shipping to CONUS. No trades, no refunds.
Are you the type of dude who e-mails customer service because the sleeve buttons on your suit aren't functional? lol Do you stuff your hands into your suit jacket, simply because they exist?Look at how your A2 pockets are constructed and you'll see why nobody's taking your suggestion seriously. Your "handwarmer" pockets are bound by the seams of the larger pockets they're on top of. Since you can only think in terms of one design vs other, I'll spell it out for you: the...
The DR pockets are zippered, for one...Look at the designs they're based on.... Either these pockets didn't exist on the originals, or they were used for holding things close to your body - not your hands. The wearers compensated by using gloves or pants pockets.
Nope.If you want something that drapes similar to lamb you should consider goat.
Glad to see that a jacket like this would look great irl.
**Only ~$742 until 8:15PM 8/22/15. Taking it off the market afterward.** 44 length, 45~46 in the body. Comfy fit if you're in that ballpark. Nobody else is currently offering this design in these materials, so scoop it up before I come to my senses. Whiskey calf suede shoulders ~17 chest (p2p) 20.5 midsection 17.5 waist 18.0 body length, front 19.0 sleeve length, from shoulder 23~23.5 **Only ~$750 until 8:15PM 8/22/15. Taking it off the market afterward.**
I agree with you. lolYou profiled a guy you've only had limited contact with over the past year (or ever), and then you forecasted doom&gloom for the people still waiting for their orders. ... a couple of pages after people received their jackets, and months after Dan&Charly announced their departure. There's really no reason to bait people into frustration just as the situation is beginning to show progress.I really don't know where the second paragraph came from- that's...
People appreciate what you've done to control the situation so far, but that shouldn't be a shield for criticism. Yes, Dan&Charly left, but that has been the situation for a while now, and jackets are still being delivered without any reports (aside from shipping mishaps) that QC has slipped.So why do you need to stir the pot, and give people a reason to remember their frustration when things are still moving along? When I look at your posts, how am I supposed to just...
There's a chance that having the two companies share production wouldn't significantly impact the waittimes of the other. Falcon can only place orders as quickly as they receive them, and they've announced a cap on the maximum wait for an order.
I'm not trying to defend Drew, but people are still receiving jackets in the mail. What's the point in demoralizing these guys with speculation right after we saw a batch of jackets go out? Are we due for another plug on your collaboration with Luxire or something?
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