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You're basically describing a B-15.
A couple of weeks in turnaround? Mind if I ask which shop you're working with?
It's really weird seeing these full leathers going for less than $400 on Gr@iled, with new/barely worn jackets sitting for months despite 40-50 accounts following the listing.
Selling my BCDR. Been going to the gym more since I've received it.
Probably isn't the first guy to do something like this, but he does it damn well. It's the best take on a helmet/tote bag I've seen yet.
It was a custom job, so the pricing included the new pattern, the leather, the lining, the hardware, shearling, etc. so if you already know what you want, I'd type them up an email. When I started the project I specified the color and weight I wanted it in, and Alan sent me 3-5 swatches of different leathers we could use. I'd done another custom order with them before this, and it was the same deal: 4-6 swatches that translated into 4-6 different prices. Depending on what...
Quick picture of my custom d-pocket made by Johnson Leathers in San Francisco - phone pic sorry. Forest green 3.5 (to 4?) oz aniline cowhide, talon zips throughout. Removable black shearling collar. The talon hardware is super shiny silver - it only looks brassy from all of the reflection. Leather's a lot darker too - very rich, deep forest green color. Hands down the best leather jacket I've ever owned.
Yeah, I think what will really drive these out the door is being able to see/feel/wear the stuff in person. If the color/feel/fit were attractive irl, I wouldn't mind buying a professionally refinished item that was already in the price range of what it would cost me new.I don't buy the hype, but I can see why it would sell if the product was nice.
Probably Feit:
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