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I just hope that the restaurant sale means that he'll (soon?) refocus his attention to expanding production to fulfill past business commitments.
Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but he probably typed out that post without intending to read any of your replies. Responding on a forum he actively ignores probably isn't the most time-effective method of venting your frustration. I'm not saying that you shouldn't reply, but you're probably going to be disappointed if you're still expecting a response in-thread at this point.
It's their Trojan jacket, made with a limited stock of Finnish moosehide they had a while back. They've been sold out for a while now.
Glad to see people discussing more "dad" jacket brands. My grail jacket is actually Lost Worlds design.
From the latest run? Or the run before that one?
Maybe MORT would know?
I wish you'd seen his jacket back when I was trying to convince people of how good their patternmakers are. It's easy to find the bad examples, or to write them off as a company that can only accommodate a certain style, but people who've done custom orders with Alan know that he and the patternmakers don't allow themselves to bias the design/construction of the jacket... The customer always gets the details that they asked for.Anyways, if you decide to go through with an...
The safest bet is to buy what you like. If what you like isn't for sale, design it, and have it made by a reputable jacketmaker. ... Isn't that sort of how ToJ got into leather jackets in the first place? Just don't buy one thing and expect it to have the same effect as something else...
Yeah, you can make bad extrapolations based on bad data. You're looking at a spreadsheet started by a customer, and maintained by other customers over the span of months - if that doesn't scream severe bias to you, I don't know what will.While you may have a reasonably large sample, that doesn't mean that the quality of your information is good or reliable. What about the customers who never contributed? According to your sample, nobody received a jacket last week... even...
New Posts  All Forums: