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Ron, do you do MTO?
LOL!!Hey Fritzl,I know a Sangoma who makes shoes out of Goodyear tyres. He is a Zulu and his shoes are guaranteed to last without resole or polish for longer than you can take to wear them out.You remind me a little of that Sangoma.LoL
Is that as good as or worse than using Zoe's do you think Ron? The only reason I ask is price, Zoe's is a heck of a lot cheaper and I am already shelling out HUGE money for renovateur on all my calf hide footwear.It kind of feels comforting to know I don't have to use renovateur on the cordovan as well.But, if you think it is better........................................... oh well, I guess I will have to buy more renovateur - you having a sale soon?
Wow! £5 for a shoe last!! Bargain!So really, they did not charge you for the last - now that is good news.I guess it just goes to show that we need to check facts before taking a swipe at somebody - I am kind of tempted to remove my posts now.You really must promise to post pics of the shoes when you get them back, it would be nice to see what they did with the water stains.Chestnut is a great color, but the metal eyelets are not a major turn on. They do remind me of...
Wow.You recommend polish for cordovan?Most of us are using Zoe's venetian or a bit og AE Cordovan cream when we need tiny bits of colour.I am too scared to put anything else on cordovan - Horween's seems to think you ruin corodvan with polish.Thanks for your views.
Bengal, without tempting any adversarialism between the bloggers in this post, I do not think that we should abandon the enquiry into this issue quite so easily.I don’t disagree with your logic posed that customised manufacturing can be expected to attract high costs, and we cannot complain at these manufacturing bills.In this respect I agree with Bengal.Where we part company is Bengal’s assertion that “probably every firm will charge you” I put it to you Bengal that the...
I would be surprised if you do not find the quality of their workmanship entirely satisfactory. As you obviously already know, the factory has really skilled people and I have had a few refurbs returned and always in better condition than expected. Their craftsmanship is flawless for the most part.So far as the marks are concerned, Edward Green's polishers are REALLY good, if the marks are still there when you get the shoes back I would be really surprised. If they can't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Costanza That story adds the 'lost in translation' dimension to the run-of-the-mill human misunderstanding. If you wear a nice grey two-button suit with brown brogues to Hogrock you are going to get beat up, whether you respect others or not. That would depend on what the two button suit and brogues looked like I guess, and besides, I'd like to see the poor bastard who has a go at doing the "beating up" - LoL
Quote: Originally Posted by Costanza The point of this thread approaches something I've been thinking about as I'm about to spend some dough: do you want to dress a lot 'better' than your prospective clients if the purpose in wearing a business suit is to go out and rustle up some business? I've got two distinct groups of 'prospects': Interior Designers and Leasing/Property Managers. The former are no problem as they are largely female. The latter is...
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