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No, I heard mixed reviews from people going there (some say good, some say waste of time) and I've never been there.Since it's quite close to me, I'll pay a visit.
SPIB: pizza is quite good IMHO, the place is a challenge even for a Milanese, because of the location. Wouldn't recommend.Nobu: what? Sushi? They've got very good sushi in the US, why bother? Also, it's very expensive. Very very. I would recommend if you pay more than one visit in Milan. A foreigner shoul try italian cuisine. Speaking about sushi, I'd suggest, If you really want sushi, Finger'sMartini - Dolce&Gabbana: that's something very nice I forget. The location is...
Did you visit some of the locations I mentioned before?
So, Hampton, how was your trip to Milan?
Wow, I always wondered how the hand of Golden Bales felt.What's the weight?
What about buying in online sites like e-bay? Have you witnessed some scams?
Question: once I saw Holland & Sherry fabrics with different names on the selvedge: in most of shops of my life I saw written on it "Holland & Sherry", but once or twice I saw also "Holland AND Sherry" . Did I bumped in "fake" fabrics? Does a fake marked of high quality cloth exist? Thank you!
Hello, has anybody tried fabrics from ? How's the quality? The main brands are, I believe, Thomas Fisher, Dugdale Bros., Joseph Hirst. The prices are very competitive! Thank you, Zingaro
QUESTION: I put my Vass for like 5-6 times and on the surface the leather has some if it was covered by little, microscopic dots. This happens not in the toe area, in the middle, and on the both sides. Any ideas? My shoes have Italian polish on, is there a link between the two things? I'm sorry I can't put photos I don't have any camera ATM.
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