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guys, i need boots. dress boots that can work with dark denim too. also can handle NYC weather. is Long Branch the best bet?
i have a loose budget of $300. what is the most versatile, well-made pair of dress boots i can purchase in a walnut brown color? prefer: ability to handle weather (dainite sole or similar) but i don't mind having a cobbler add this. also want to be able to rock them with denim if need be.
congrats. buzz seems a little...strange. but great PR for you. now reading about The Man Who Thrifted a Ferrari
can you not take a hint?
good question - looking forward to an answer.i sold a pair of APC jeans that i measured and posted "Approximate measurements" in the listing.guy got them, wasn't happy with the fit and said that if i don't accept his return/refund that he'll escalate.do we as sellers have any protection here in regards to fit/measurements? i do NOT want to deal with this again...
some good deals on N&F denim over at Barneys i bought these: http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503565160&q=naked%20%26%20famous&index=17
SALE ALERT: extra 25% off at Brooks Brothers. grabbed 2 BB ESF shirts for $90. not awful.
nice. you're learning...slowly. keep reading. trust me. most of us were just like you. and i was, and sometimes still am, extremely annoying with the question asking.oh and that whole women knowing armani thing made me laugh. eventually you'll stop worrying so much about the name on the label (unless it's a GOOD name) and more about the details and craftsmanship.
going back and forth between the Stratford and the Burgh!
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