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i only went to one optician and what she did was adjust the arms, nothing with the nose pads.maybe i'll try another...
quite funny you mention AO. i have 3 pairs. unfortunately all of them hurt my nose quite a bit. after only a few minutes of wear i have large red dimples on either side of the bridge of my nose.if they fit me well, i would be perfectly happy with them. as-is, i can't stand to wear them much longer than 10 minutes or so.
i know there's an eyewear thread, but it's fairly dead so i'll post my question here. can i do any better, from a price:quality ratio than the below two frames? Maui Jim Red Sands: Ray Ban 4147 "Boyfriend" i definitely prefer the Red Sands from a perceived quality standpoint as i'm kind of against supporting Luxxotica i have a large face so i'm hunting for some large, square-ish frames. thanks!
ok. so this buyer, again located in Canada, has now elevated his PayPal Dispute to a Claim.what recourse do i have here? he says it doesn't fit. how is that my issue? i gave him approximate measurements and he wants to return it and sends that photo above as proof.that is some absolutely awful measuring and i'm inclined to believe my measurements were right, or at least more accurate, than his.thoughts? any way to fight this? can't believe a fellow SF'er would put me...
I agree 1000%.Defect was two tiny holes in the fabric that I made extremely clear.
no. He's a member here that I sold to that started a PayPal dispute because of "incorrect" measurement.I gave him an approximate shoulder measurement of 18.5". He claimed I was wrong and sent the photo above as proof.'s the photo he sent me.wwyd ?
hey brothers, long time no talk. i have a "WWYD" issue. it doesn't involve ebay but involves our very own Classified forums. i recently sold a Zegna suit (New with defects) for $175 incl. shipping to a fellow SF'er. little did i know he lives in Canada (and i in the US) and, as such, shipping cost close to $25. i provided "approximate" measurements and stated as such in our back and forth. i just received a PayPal dispute due to "merchandise not as described". his...
thanks. just snagged an Ingram shirt for ~$25 shipped. hope it's decent!
have heard nothing but good things but ~$80 for their cheapest shirt is a bit high for me.
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