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these ventee-privee sales are dumb. literally sold out in seconds. tried to grab a $9 Trafalgar belt. no dice. no idea how quick you'd have to be to actually get something.
you forgot "AMAZEBALLS"
Well my Tellason $50 grab bag came in...safe to say I'm fairly bummed.
how about Barrie Ltd. made in Italy? i have a pair, unworn (until i purchased). they are awesome, but could never nail down who made them.
did anyone get a hold of the Phineas Coat SC's being sold on VP the other day?
spoo must have fucking thrift-dar. dude just consistently kills it. meanwhile, it continues to be bone dry for me.
depending on price, age and my proximity to the store, maybe.
good luck to you. hoping for a jacket!!
no worries. gonna try for the top too. $50, how bad could it be?!
anyone ever buy from the Tellason Surplus sale? tops for $50. no idea what you get, but could be anything...
New Posts  All Forums: