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First day back. Hit one store. Found this...no tags. I'm thinking "shit they're gonna mark it up high" and I saw the pricing Nazi behind counter. Luckily the girl who rung me up quickly typed in $2.99 Cutest Hermes I've seen edit: and basically NWOT other than the wrinkles.
looking for a nice pair of glasses under $200 for those with large faces/heads not easy to find coming from a pair of carrera safari's that fit my face size well for reference, these were too small (barely): http://www.warbyparker.com/sunglasses/men/griffin#revolver-black-matte
that ISAIA =
not a veteran but my $0.02for resale? no. especially not an orphan.
thanks, RTC. i do like J Crew as well but have never tried their chinos/khakis. (and they are usually pricier than dockers)maybe ill give em a whirl. or, as you stated, stick with dockers.
was hoping warby parker would work out. the frames im interested in (griffin) are too small for my big head.
can i do better (in the same price range) than dockers d1/d2 khakis for business casual? i have a few pairs and they actually seem pretty decent.
how are their dress shirts and belts? also how are the OCBD?
hey brothers, looking for a decently nice work belt (brown and black - preference on brown) around a size 34-36. thanks.
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