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thanks. was unable to really find much on the websites (CL and estatesales) which is surprising b/c i am in a high end area (right outside of NY)
thank you kindly.
hey dudes - in the mood to check out my first estate sale tomorrow. is there an online resource that works well for tracking these down?
that is so odd. im on chrome too. it does this on occasion and i have no idea why. in fact, the whole ebay site is consistently wonky. a lot of hourglasses and such while filling out an auction.
so, um, does my auction photo not fill the entire thumbnail? for me it doesn't. which is odd, since the photo is massive. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LUXURIOUS-Borrelli-Napoli-Green-Blue-Geometric-Check-Square-Self-Tip-Silk-Tie-/251804201940?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item3aa0b333d4
this. looks cleanest.
that's pretty freaking cool and looks really nice (minus the late show branding).golden bear...wouldn't expect that at all.
not sure if you dudes can do this by tonight but i SUCK at descriptive listing titles. anyone care to help with the following? http://imgur.com/a/vMqb1 also 1. has anyone done the international shipping center thing? how did it work out? i have an item i want to make available to japanese buyers. 2. how can i see the $ made for the past year?
i guess i should post some recent finds to counteract that question aboveand the item i want to sell to japan. beams + [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] thanks guys, apologies its in the wrong spot.
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