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definitely not worth it. talbott is OK, but those are old.
thank you sir!
Bean Boot owners: just bought the last pair in store last night. size 10. i am usually a size 11. bought the Bean Socks too. they are still...a bit loose. i can feel that they're slightly loose when i walk. not a ton, but maybe 1/4 - 1/3" from toe to front of boot. should i try a size 9 (they didn't have any in stock so i'd have to order online - which is also back ordered) thanks!
so dudes, i am looking for some larger (i have a big face), square frames. well-made (preferably NOT in china), polarized and under ~$250 (gray market) any thoughts?
ok all this talk of the rubber soles...what sole should i get if i want to make it as "winter proof" as possible? i really want these things to be able to handle some slush but also look good in the office. i am sure it has been answered but i plan on pulling the trigger soon and there are quite a few pages to sift through. thanks!
these ventee-privee sales are dumb. literally sold out in seconds. tried to grab a $9 Trafalgar belt. no dice. no idea how quick you'd have to be to actually get something.
you forgot "AMAZEBALLS"
Well my Tellason $50 grab bag came in...safe to say I'm fairly bummed.
how about Barrie Ltd. made in Italy? i have a pair, unworn (until i purchased). they are awesome, but could never nail down who made them.
did anyone get a hold of the Phineas Coat SC's being sold on VP the other day?
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