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i wouldn't be shocked if he's on here. the post was from AAAC and he went on a tirade of posts about how much he HATES kiton.dude knew his stuff though. or at least seemed to.
i know we all love Kiton here but i read this rather disparaging post on another forum recently and found it interesting and enlightening. any input on this? [[SPOILER]]
oxxford suit experts: when did they begin using the "newer" inner pocket tag? ie:
eazye - is that true thrift?
i went to a place in northern NJ that had literally bails of used clothing in enormous boxes with sharpie marker labels.place was DISGUSTING.
anyone here from vancouver? trying to decide if i should pay $600 for a roundtrip flight out there from NY for Fri-Mon over Easter. never been. hotels seem reasonable.
that's mean.
Lauren by RL was the second suit i ever owned. first was Evan Piccone. and i think i thought i was getting a good deal by buying each ~$300.
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