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Dem Drake's squares...hawt
no idea but im looking for furniture too. looks sharp!looks like my local CL has one available too...same one?
Paul Stuart made in Japan??
looking for a light havana pair of persol 649. preferably new.
Hey guys looking to buy some new Persol 649's. let me know if you have anything!
been dry as a BONE all summer. for the most part anyway. did find this Paul Stuart tie, made in Italy. Grenadine?
how are the uniqlo polo shirts? im not big on polo shirts in general but for casual days at the office i need a few...
ya, not a bad way to look at it. i guess if you give a shout thats all you can do. i just wanted to make sure b/c ive gotten a few things from people on here and didnt know if that would sit the wrong way if, down the line, i decided to let it go.
what's the consensus on giving/trading with someone under the impression of recipient using it themselves and them in turn listing it on ebay? j/w. i don't care much either way but its nice to have a general idea what the feelings are here...
New Posts  All Forums: