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what model is that? never seen those and really like them. just worried that they'll be A LOT more $edit: looks like 3018 and about $75 more
so...how do these stack up against say...Wolverine 1k miles? and...20% off coupon anytime soon?
very true. it could DEFINITELY be worse. although my competition around here is top tier...
dude, you CONSISTENTLY kill it. why oh why must i not live in NYC. ugh.
i have this and put it on a Crown & Buckle honey leather strap.still trying to nail down what strap looks best b/c the one it comes with is *fairly* awful
thoughts on these? advice on something similar if no bueno? square framed, tortoise shell, polarized
brothers...TIME is of the essence... needed: COLORFUL pocket squares sunglasses - pref. square framed with polarized lenses
Westchester County is worse :/
how's the quality? i really like the look! ^
i fucking HATE apartment living. leave a package to be picked up by USPS in the little lobby entrance-way. i come home to the package sitting on my doorstep. some nosey neighbor who thinks they are doing me a favor delays shipment of my product.
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