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spoo or others-fake?
look comfy.
the condition on the drexel is probably 7/10stanley 8/10$100 for a full drexel set$300 for the stanley
thoughts on this Boglioli. damn good deal when added to cart: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/shop?q=boglioli
furniture guys... Drexel Stanley opinions on both? can buy a nice, but old set from Drexel for $100 on CL. or a newer, more modern Stanley set for about $250. thoughts on quality?
which ones?!
never came across that type of damage (nor have i seen it mentioned much in the thread). hole was big enough that jacket wouldnt stay closed so i said screw it.i actually thought the vintage Chipp suit i passed on was almost as cool. lot of handwork. lot of urine.
< still looking for an affordable weekender :/
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