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some good deals on N&F denim over at Barneys i bought these: http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503565160&q=naked%20%26%20famous&index=17
SALE ALERT: extra 25% off at Brooks Brothers. grabbed 2 BB ESF shirts for $90. not awful.
nice. you're learning...slowly. keep reading. trust me. most of us were just like you. and i was, and sometimes still am, extremely annoying with the question asking.oh and that whole women knowing armani thing made me laugh. eventually you'll stop worrying so much about the name on the label (unless it's a GOOD name) and more about the details and craftsmanship.
going back and forth between the Stratford and the Burgh!
hmmm interesting idea. they are closets in our bedroom.
thinking of ordering a pair of Meermin. specifically the tan country calf boots. anything i need to look out for?
i know, it SUCKS. very little space here man. i do have some clip on lights and built some poles out of PVC piping but it is a far cry from ideal. as far as ties, shoes, shirts and other small items, i just lay a white sheet of poster board down and photo it that way and it comes out...OK i suppose (see below, taken with a camera phone). but for the mannequin, suits and stuff this is gon' be rough!
bruh's - maybe a month or so ago i moved to a nicer, but smaller apartment. this is the space i have to work with: pretty damn awful, huh? any pro tips to make this a decent spot to shoot my mannequin? thinking of adding some seamless paper? to the background and doing something about that light. any other ideas? thank you!
its funny. the very first time i ever went "thrifting" at a GW, i came across a Filson. didn't know the brand and i posted it in this thread.now it seems that very same store that provided my first POP hasn't had ONE decent thing in...maybe 4-5 months now? i've heard from a few people that some of the GW in our area are locked down via some shady tactics.oh well. huge bummer though. i no longer care much to make that stop after work.
New Posts  All Forums: