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Long Island Watch
Bambino! Love it.
Deer GOD.Suffice to say I'm extremely jealous.Maybe one day...
figured you probably scored the other 75% of dude's wardrobe. i left it all but it was cool shit. left a really neat looking Paul Stuart "Classic" DB SC/orphan as well.
Vintage RLPL? Linen suit neat
have met gmmcl and sparrow. both great doodz.
anyone a 16-32 looking for dress shirts? i have 3 J. Press pinstripe shirts i am looking to get rid of (blue, yellow and green)
hey guys...looking for a tailor in Westchester, NY anyone?
bijan...i know it's super expensive/exclusive but where does it rank in terms of actual quality?
fellow sharp-dressing dudes, please recommend me a clothes iron. prefer something heavy duty. the thing i have now is so light i need to press way too hard to iron. i've heard good and bad about rowenta. wish i could find a super heavy vintage one.
New Posts  All Forums: