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of those brands, zileri is best.the rest, completely unimpressive and not worth your time.
both meh, imo ^ next time, probably pass. unless that Piatra tie is something?
Church's... Any way to spiff these up or they look decent?
gonna say overly. def not 7 imo. and i usually pass on ike behar.
wish i could. too busy. maybe one of the local SF'ers will tho.
protip: check ebay BEFORE deciding not to buy.
yesterday i left a gorgeous ben silver linen shirt and gap selvedge unworn. what am i doing!?!?
I left a REALLY cool, recent YSL Vive Gauche orphan today. Much nicer than typical YSL crap.
Decent selvedge Isaia French Cuff BB for me I think the Versace and Brioni are legit. Cherry pop on Brioni. Think it might be NWOT (has a pin holding it together)
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