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if your point was to prove you have too much time on your hands you did a great job. this thread is FOR exactly what i'm doing. could i have consolidated it? possibly. and i'll take your post into consideration in the future.since i have gotten a few quality items from people through my posts as well as established (what i hope) trading relationships, i see no other real issue with it.there are bigger, better and more important issues to worry about (ebola) than how many...
of course. what was the point of this comment?
how perfectly? ^ glorious finds ez. i think i fall into the trap of "OMG I FOUND THIS NEED TO SHOW PICS NAO" instead of kind of collecting over a month or so and just sharing the cream of the crop.
what model is that? never seen those and really like them. just worried that they'll be A LOT more $edit: looks like 3018 and about $75 more
so...how do these stack up against say...Wolverine 1k miles? and...20% off coupon anytime soon?
very true. it could DEFINITELY be worse. although my competition around here is top tier...
dude, you CONSISTENTLY kill it. why oh why must i not live in NYC. ugh.
i have this and put it on a Crown & Buckle honey leather strap.still trying to nail down what strap looks best b/c the one it comes with is *fairly* awful
thoughts on these? advice on something similar if no bueno? square framed, tortoise shell, polarized
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