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Guys would this damage stop you? Camel Hair Chipp
i don't see any Chanel in there doe
really bummed. the XL dress shirts are way too billowy and the L is insanely tight in the arms. ugh.
Nice little deal for the linen jacket
wow, great advice. love that thing.
this is a long shot but anyone sitting on a pair of NWT (or like new) LL Bean Bean Boots? size 11D?
hello breaux! i am trying to up my winter outerwear game (live in NYC) and figured id ask here as we have such a collection of finely dressed gents right now i have a peacoat, a vest and a northface and thats about it thinking about getting something a little more dressy b/c i assume the peacoat is too casual for office attire? thoughts on what types of coats to look at? i am also in need of a kind of mid-weight fall/early spring jacket that is also semi-waterproof for...
so quick question without going over the entire thread. what NEW peacoat can i buy that is made in usa and ~$200 and under... sterlingwear still best?
wow, that's really nice. a bit over my budget and i only have one power drill. was hoping for some kind of heavy duty canvas bag, not unlike this:http://www.amazon.com/Klein-Tools-5102-20-20-Inch-Canvas/dp/B00093D67C/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1410524454&sr=8-5&keywords=klein+tool+bag
hey guys...going out on a limb here. need a nice, durable canvas bag. just got a house and need to carry some tools. thanks!
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