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my well-heeled friends. i need to buy my mother a birthday gift. i was thinking of some nice, stylish, warm gloves but don't want to break the bank (~$50) any thoughts on brands i should target? thank you!!!!
hey all, long time no see. i hope you don't mind me using the brain trust here to get a question of mine answered. i bought a pair AO's the other day and i must say i am unimpressed so far. the first pair, one of the nosepads just fell clean off. this replacement pair...well - see for yourself. is it normal for one arm to be so crooked? is this easily fixable at home?
is this normal for sunglasses? note how the arms aren't level at all? this is my 2nd pair of American Opticals. the first pair, the nose pads completely broke off. these arrived like this:
hey all. is it possible to get a "decent" quality button down dress shirt for ~$30 other than the times that Charles Tyrwhitt is on sale? seems super impossible. thanks!
guys, bought some American Optical Original Aviators and they fit tight both over the temples and on the bridge of my nose. any way to adjust them to be more comfy?
So much for American Optical quality
Thanks all regarding the sunglasses critique. I think they're maybeee a hair too large but whatever. And I agree, they do look much bigger in the photo than IRL.
Offtopic... Are these too big for my face?!
Are these way too big for my face? American Optical
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