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Probably a silly question but I'll ask it: I get a $200 "stipend" based on my vsp insurance towards frames. Can I get anything of decent quality in that range from an eye doctor? Are there any specific brands I can look for or can I repurpose this money somehow?
hey guys trying to unload a pair that ended up not working out for me. nwot. http://www.styleforum.net/t/525793/gustin-straight-fit-raw-selvedge-denim-jeans-sz-34-nwot
cool, thank you!as a follow up - will most of these Yoox offerings be relatively slim-fitting?i've had mixed experiences with italian shirting. sometimes they're incredibly full cut and others, way too slim.right now mastai ferreti have the most appealing looking shirts in my price range. carrel has one as well, but it even says on the page that it runs large.
Last time I asked this question I got limited or no response. Has anyone found shirts that are budget friendly (~$50), fit relatively trim OTR and are appropriate in a business casual setting? Much appreciated.
So how are the comfort jersey shirts? Ok for office wear? Decent fit?
44. 22 pit to pit is the shirt measurement.
sorry - hate to bump a recent post but i'm looking to grab some shirts tonight.thanks!
thanks but just asking about shirts for now!
My measurements: Chest: 22 Neck: 16.5 Sleeve: 35 Length: 32 5'11 193lbs Muscular build Any idea which fit I should go with for best OTR fit?
can anyone help with a specific model name on these?
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