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I've tested this shoe cream also. The worn old shoes Cleaned and nourrished with the Boot Black lotion I've darkened the right shoe, on the pic at left,with the patina cream After the hand polish I must say after the experience of more than 20 years of Saphir MDO that the Artist Palette cream of Boot Black is absolutely the best cream I've used ever, expensive but really excellent! The spread out has been very easy, the cream colors very well and...
I've made the best experience to remove oil with sth. like the Terre de Sommières of Avel. The left shoe is oiled: Under the mask The final result
In this morning I've found the very interesting Blog PADDOCK by Irma Vivaldi and Milo Bandini about their common PROJECT SS33: the history of shoes, shoe design and especially the shoemakers of the Parabiago footwear district. Parabiago has a long tradition of high quality shoes, especially for ladies, and a lot of famous designers produce their shoes in this region like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Tom Ford and many others. I've learned a lot of the...
Next week I'll stay in Flums, Switzerland, to get informed over all the details of the SPOERRY 1866 Ice Cotton because there are only 2 retailers in Germany. SPOERRY 1866 uses only the best materials like West Indian Sea Island cotton, WISIC, Giza Cotton from Egypt, Vicuña and other exclusive materials. That's why the quality is better than John Smedley... In the world of the professionals, SPOERRY 1866 is a very big player, one the the best spinners and weavers in...
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I think that these shoes are too expensive - for the same money you can buy for example 2 pairs by Gaziano & Girling or you want to pay a little bit more and you'll get a pair of bespoken shoes. On the other hand the German price for Kiton shoes is about 1,500.- $ incl. 19 % sales tax (~1,270 $ without the German tax but additionally the duty of the United States). But if you want a pair of KITON
Only the wholecut Black Sole 1 from the Black-Sole-range rest on its last for 30 days and that's the official reason for its very high price. I've the wholecut Red House from the Blue-Sole-range which is a little bit cheaper: it's not a very special quality, but in dark navy a nice shoe and it fitts well. The insiders have told me that the Tim Little shoes are produced by Grenson with the Tim Little standarts. If you can buy the TIM LITTLE shoes for the sales price...
Yes, the 337 is a little bit wider. The lenght of the last doesn't matter because the effective length of the shoe depends of it's design or style.
Church's KINGHAM Double Monk Strap size: UK-8 -> ~US-9D Last: 85-F colour: brown Brand New - Not worn - Not tried on! 295.- € + p&p: incl. orig. shoe box & shoe bags ON REQUEST with special shoe polish
Tim Little Red House Wholecut in dark Navy size: ..UK-8 -> ~US-9D fitting: Standart = M RPR: 290.- Pounds = ~435 € Brand New - Not worn - Not tried on! 295.- € incl. orig. shoe box, 2 shoe bags, shoe horn
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