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The series Socks in the sun shows the brilliance of the fine cotton yarns, Filoscozia® we use for knitting http://www.urban-finesocks.com http://www.urban-finesocks.com
Today I've changed the design of the shop: http://www,urban-finesocks.com It would be very nice and helpful to get a fedback from you, and of course from my customers about the socks. Thank you very much!
Very low stock: Sea Island Cotton, colors: black, chocolate, navy in the sizes: UK 5-6 [US-7-8] and UK 11-12 [= US 12-13] Plain Ankle socks in black, sizes: UK 5-6 and UK 11-12 Bird's Eye, over-the-calf, blue: all sizes, the size UK 7-8 [US 8-9] is already SOLD OUT!
WEST INDIAN SEA ICELAND COTTON - WISIC [Translated by Google from German to English: http://www.bestofbest-mode.com/showthread.php/1245-West-Indian-Sea-Island-Cotton-(WISIC)-Sea-Island-aus-den-USA-GIZA45-Suvin?p=2772&viewfull=1#post2772] Preface: Sea Iceland Cotton is grown in the eastern US on the offshore islands, originally of the West Indies, but not reached because of poorer climatic growing conditions far the fineness of the original. West Indian Sea Iceland Cotton...
Quality of socks 3 pics from different producers/brands. front closed with the machine handclosed (w/o pressure marks on the toes) heel of a sock knitted of thicker yarn with bigger stitches This sock doesn't tear but the owner has to pull them on carefully. It's a typical problem of thicker wool to knit the heel part exactly w/o great holes. The front and the heel of a sock should be addicionally reinforced by polyamide to protect it and not to wear through,...
The videos of EMILCOTONI show the processing of fine yarn spinning very well like the following one .. Additional information about QUINTESSENCE line and extremely fine yarns like Q500, GIZA45 and BabyIsland, Sea Island & Baby Cashmere: http://www.emilcotoni.com/quintessence.html/ I've written also some articles about yarns, of course in German, but you can read it with the help of the translator in different languages:...
Filoscozia® fine handpicked yarn with a high quality standard: Further information: http://www.filoscozia.it/en/prodotti
Thanks a lot for your interest in fine yarns! The surcharge from Merino to Cashmere will be 300 %: Merino 25 € - Cashmere 100 € per pair, both in NM 2/28 if you buy the socks from a good sock brand (w/o extra charge for the famous brand). The problem is that the sock retaillers don't announce the exact data of the yarns because the most buyers ask only for the name of the yarn like 100 % Merino and that's why you can be very happy if you could get a 2-ply Merino yarn in...
The socks
Free shipment via DHL to Germany for all min. orders of 100 €, to Europe and worldwide min. order 150 €. http://www.urban-finesocks.com
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