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Lolz at ppl who think driving a 3 series BMW is balling. There are ppl who drives a Prius who's wrist watch cost more than your car. Think your $4000 rim is balling? Ppl spend more than that for a bag that they probably use for few times. Go spend some time with the wealthy people and you will know how silly you look.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR My RL travel duffle: Love it, great design, which line of RL is this from?
Hey Rach, can you share with us on some pointers on how to tell good leather from bad? Or do you have a site/book that you got the knowledge from? Thanks
human centipede
Hey first waywt DAY Leo +j Rolex GMT2 Alden ravello LW and Night Zara Goat Skin Jacket Uniqlo Vintage Silver Bracelet Gap
Haha will do, I don't really follow b/s because I live in hk and most seller don't like to deal internationally, but I will keep an eye out for ur items.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc The shoes are genuine. they are also genuinely unattractive, but they are real. All of those markings are in line with what I've seen on any of my GA items. Glad you got rid of the shoes; I mean, now you've got a very basic wool sweater that cost you a fortune (haha). BUT, it's at least more durable than the other. Avoid going to the Armani store. I think it's bad for your pocket book. Haha...
Heres some photo, sorry i am too lazy today for a fit photo, plus its just a normal navy sweater. I thought the description was so over the top but i gotta say, its very very comfy, but for its price it better be...
Quote: Originally Posted by A.L.Z. ARe you sure those are genuine? There is something not right....I would imagine Armani uses Blake construction....yet those look like "artificial look like Goodyear welting" edges....very popular with the Chinese fakes, I'm told... also, who the hell writes 100,00% vitello? They would say 100% vitello... it looks maybe even like a "Chinese who lives in Italy and knows how Euros write their decimals"...
i wish i can return it, but 60% off comes with a price.. oh well, i will try to make it work, maybe i will find a fit that makes this look good!
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