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For the price (< $400) it is hard to beat AE. The McAllister is my favorite of their bunch.
Imitation Italian countryside. Now, that's priceless.
"Care instructions inside garment" were introduced in the early Seventies. Looking at the back tag which has a style number (not 0117 incidentally) and the washing instructions, yours look like some sort of re-issue. I am thinking the 1992 generic re-issue which had coin pocket selvage, but that came with a crotch rivet and was in general a poor re-issue with a weird assortment of hardware, hence the moniker "generic". I think there was a release of the 501 in the late 60s...
I second the Omega suggestion. Good mechanical watches for a reasonable price. For both business and casual, you would probably have to get something with a steel strap, plus some water resistance. You cant' go wrong with a Seamaster. Or you can up the budget a little and get the Speedmaster instead, a true classic no matter how you look at it. (Get the Speedy Professional with Lemania 1863 movement and hesalite crystal, which is very elaborately finished and has the best...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnrswitch If the XX designation was dropped then why do some new STFs still have that printed on the label? That is just a marketing ploy by Levis in the late 80s to distinguish between pre-shrunk and shrink-to-fit denim. Apparently XX == supertough denim. I guess the two horse symbol isn't sufficient.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Isn't that Talon zipper quite rare? Not really. Talon still makes zips, as part of Tag It Pacific, and they have repro'ed some old Levis zippers, but probably not the 42.
Quote: Originally Posted by dondenim i think the xx means xtra strength. the denim is basically heavier for durability. The XX designation is historical, the Lot No. 501 was used as early as the 1890s (though not necessarily on a back patch) based on Amoskeag XX 9 oz. denim (based out of New Hampshire). The change to Cone Mills occurred ca. 1915, but the XX designation remained.
It depends on who you talk to, really. Collectors refer to 501XX Levi's as pre' 67 501s with hidden rivets, before the transition to plain 501 models (the transition models) starting from about 1967 without hidden rivets and with the XX designation dropped. 501XX, of course, also refer to vintage repros of the pre-67 models.
Difficult to say this one. You have offset belt loops, so it's probably mid to late 1950s but then again offset belt loops are on some models up until 1966. You have a paper patch which puts the earliest date down to possibly May 1955, although it could be earlier. We don't really know the exact year the slogan "Every Garment Guaranteed" was removed, probably somewhere between 1960-1965. You have a selvage coin pocket, so likely to be older than 1965 as well. So yes,...
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