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Impossible to find these during the Northern Hemisphere FW it would seem. Preferably NWT but light wear would be acceptable, too. Shipping will be to NZ. Help a brother out
Glad to hear you finally got the refund!I'm still waiting for the situation with my refund to be resolved. Spent NZ$50 to send the package back to them with tracking. It was received on January 20. Since then I've sent three emails following up to no response. I don't really know what else to do at this point. The inexplicable delay and lack of communication leaves a real bitter taste. It seriously feels like I've been fleeced out of NZ$300. Anyway, let's hope that posting...
Bloody hell! Small brand or no small brand, that is incredibly poor. It would make me reconsider ever buying through the store again to be frank!
Ah that's a shame. I guess I can expect a refund to take up to two weeks, what with the time it takes to ship from NZ to NY. I won't throw my toys out of the cot just yet as I've had generally good experiences the handful of times I've ordered through the store in the past. I suspect you're right about the smallness aspect, too. In my experience shipping confirmation can be a little slow coming, although to their credit they do always kick into gear when you contact the...
Does anyone have any experience sending stuff back to the Patrik Ervell webstore? They messed up my order and sent the wrong size. The size I ordered is now out of stock. I've asked for a full refund and reimbursement for the international shipping. Very disappointed with the mistake - but shit happens I guess.
This was the response I got regarding international shipping. Paypal seems like the way to go. Hopefully they offer a partial refund to anyone who was overcharged.
The international rate was $99 when I tried to check out just now. It goes without saying there is absolutely no way I can afford as much.I sent them an email to ask what the deal is. Will let you know what I hear back.
We all know the shirt. Ervell's signature club collar button down in a versatile shade of blue. To be slightly more specific, I want to buy a summer season iteration of the shirt, for which the cloth is typically lighter and the blue is often paler. Ideally the shirt would be new with tags. However, offers on shirts from the colder seasons, and shirts with light to moderate wear, will be considered dependent on price. You must be willing to ship to New Zealand. *...
I recently bought these in 32 from a member here. They fit too tight around the thighs, so I'm looking to size up. Make me an offer. Shipping would be to NZ.
After either colour way (or both) from SS11. I would also consider the same jacket in tobacco suede if the price is reasonable (I remember it cost a fortune at retail). Pending measurements, I'd probably be after an M. Open to trades for Ervell (I have knits and a FW10 flannel formal blazer in 38) or other.
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