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Quote: Originally Posted by LanceW ...anizer itself is great. You can add your own fields to each category to keep track of whatever details you like. I need some outfit combination feature that is missing in the program. Call me clueless
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT Well it's only a database, with some pre-defined field names. One can easily change 'Skirts', 'Dresses' and 'Handbags' to 'Suits', 'Shirts', 'Ties', 'Sport jackets', 'Blazers', 'Trousers', etc. In fact there are many database applications which can be used as wardrobe organiser and catalogue. These field names are added manually, not pre-defined. It seems you're making all kinds of assertions without ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmillan The Kim Komando Show recently recommends a free software called HomyFads. That's the only FREE program available I know of. Here is the download: Thank you. Will give it a try.
That's quite nice!
Rummaging through the wardrobe has always been a headache to me. Think it would be nice to take some photos, then browse for what you want on the computer. Any software program can do this for me? Free programs are preferred, if possible.
Selena is great. I'm a big fan of her
I like Gaffigan, also
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