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If you're 18 or so, you probably aren't going to be wearing these shoes for too, too long and I think you can get a pair of nice looking shoes in that price range. As the others noted, they won't last too long (maybe a year if you wear them almost every day, maybe two if you wear them a couple of times a week). Bass, Clark's, Bostonian, Rockport, and Florsheim will all have stuff in that price range and I am sure you will be able to find a pair you like. Like I said,...
Never used moderntailor, but have used mytailor for shirts and suits. They always tell me 5-8 weeks and I have always received at 5 weeks. I like the punctuality, but, more importantly, like the work they do. For me, speed is important, but not as important as good work.
Depends on the job. If you're arguing in front of a jury, then it's probably too much. If you're running around a trading floor in NYC, it's probably fine. If you're hawking vacuum cleaners door-to-door, folks will probably be too preoccupied trying to get you off their property to notice your clothes.
I just bought a suit for my youngest brother. He will graduate this year and needs a suit for interviews. He is a 42L/34 and also expressed a preference for a more cutting-edge suit. I took him to Banana Republic and bought him a navy pinstripe. The jacket is cut a little short, the top button sits high, and the lapels are fairly slim, which gives it an updated appearance. It was on sale and cost about $250. The cut made him happy and the price made me happy. ...
Does anybody have any opinions on Orient watches? The maker is Japanese, the price is not that high, and the watch (at least the one in the linked photo) bears a passing resemblance to a Rolex Sub. http://www.discountwatchstore.com/im...ER00001B_R.jpg
Yes, sorry for the incomplete post. I'll take a picture of the wallet, at least, when I get back to my camera at home and will post it up thereafter.
While in Milwaukee for business, a quick trip to the Allen Edmonds store in Port Washington, and a short detour to Summer Fest, I happened upon a leather store in the Third Ward called Mitchell Leather. The store, owned by a Romanian immigrant with an engineering degree, offers handmade leather goods, including briefcases, attaches, purses, and wallets. When I say handmade, I mean that they are handmade on the premises. The owner, Jerry Mitchell, was an extremely...
I got two SG suits on sale a few years ago for $200 or so each, which I thought was a pretty good deal at the time. They lack a bit of shape for my tastes, though. I wear them occasionally, especially on days I know I don't have any client meetings and they work well for that.
There are quite a few reputable tailors in Hong Kong in addition to the ones mentioned quite frequently on these boards. I have used Master & Co., for 10+ years and have been happy with their work, especially at the price I pay. I cannot say for sure whether their suits and shirts measure up to the quality of the shirts and suits of other tailors, as I have never ordered from anybody else, but I have been happy with the quality of their product. I have ordered...
Undergrad: Harvard, applied math and history, 1995 Masters: Vanderbilt, civil engineering, 1997 Professional: University of Virginia, JD, 2000
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