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Allen Edmonds' Last 8 fits a higher instep. Try on the Delray or the Rawlins. You might find them comfortable. I recommend you try getting sized at a retail outlet the first time, as opposed to jumping online to try shoes on. Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor both carry AE selections.
Wear whatever you want, just bring the confidence... and $300 just in case....
He does the work himself. The $4 an hour girl is a DL extra. He also offers MTM shirts and suits, but I know for a fact he outsources that work.
One thing I have always wondered is why the design is always one large hole followed by two smaller holes placed vertically. Is there a reason for that? Does anybody branch out?
I use Roland's Tailors in McLean. Korean couple runs it and it is located on Old Dominion. Nice folks.
The looks predicted by Hardy Amies' ABCs of Men's Fashion.
I have been wearing Allen Edmonds for almost 15 years and, personally, I like them. I still have my original pair. Aldens are great shoes, too. Can't go wrong with either one. Allen Edmonds has an Ebay store that sells their factory seconds, which are shoes with minor cosmetic defects. I have a couple of pairs and have never been able to tell what defects caused them to become factory seconds. You can also find their shoes on the Allen Edmonds website. I was on...
2 pairs G&Gs. Paid retail. Normally wear AEs, but I like my G&Gs a whole lot.
A couple of the style and clothing books mention this and the occasional horizontal button on the shirtsleeve (can't remember which off the top of my head). The books state, perhaps cynically, that it's more of a "look at me" feature than anything else, as it takes extra work and is difficult to do except for by hand. Not sure if that's the case anymore. Can look it up if someone is actually curious. As an aside, I actually think the MTM Land's End shirts are great...
Mid- or gray-blue blazer and white shirt should look good. Alternatively, mid-gray jacket and ice blue shirt would be nice. I think the issue that has people a bit troubled is that the combination of pinstriped pants with a patterned jacket is going to look very busy. If the stripes are really bold, maybe forgo the jacket and wear it with sweaters and shirts. I almost always wear a plain white shirt when I wear an odd pair of striped pants with a colored V-neck or...
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