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Wow... that's a huge steal!...
I live in the DC area. I was in the same position five years ago that you are in now, though for me it was a job change with a requirement that I wear suits four days a week. If all you are looking for is suits, shirts, and ties, I recommend that you start at Filene's (my favorite is the one on Connecticut near M). The store sells a number of very nice suit brands including Oxxford, which is my personal favorite. The store also stocks a large number of longs, which...
AE used to have Thayer in suede. I have a pair. Might want to check that out.
If you can find a different model on the #8 last, you should get that. If the Delray is a great fit for you, though, then go for it. Bicycle toe aside, I think you will find that very few people notice that you have the same shoe. In Allen Edmonds, I prefer the dark browns to the lighter browns, as I find their lighter browns to be a little too orange for me. That is total personal preference, though, and you may really like the lighter browns by AE. In terms...
Agree with Vintage Gent if the color looks good on you. If you have a medium or high contrast complexion, you might want to skip it or make a sportcoat. If you have a low contrast complexion, though, (e.g., light brown, blond, or red hair/light brown, blue, hazel, or green eyes/light skin) I think the DB would be immensely striking.
For clarification, my wife and I go to about thirty "events" per year. I can't recall the last time we saw one that was "semiformal." Those instructions are not clear and I would either call and ask or have my wife call and ask, because what you don't know in those situations actually [i]can[i] hurt you.
Can't you call and ask?
I would definitely wear a tie -- can always take it off if I am the only one wearing one. As for shoes, either black or burgundy.
I tend to avoid spread collars, as I have a rounder face, so I have to admit that I don't often worry about substantial tie space. That said, give a Shelby a whirl and see if that fills it up a bit more.
Not personally a fan of horizontal or vertical tie stripes, but congrats!
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