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Had a suit made by an Italian tailor, got caught, and got into a lot of trouble. My devout wife was actually angrier that I did it on YK than she was about the amount I spent. Now I have to check in with her before spending over a specific dollar threshold. Approval:denial ratio has been 3:1. Lesson to be learned: pretend to enjoy services more.
Great thread. I have learned a lot. It's nice to see an exchange in which the exchangers have definitively more experienced eyes than I do. So, thanks for that part of the thread. From my relatively untrained perspective, it's a nice suit. Looking carefully, however, there does appear to be a reflection of a unicorn in the bottom left corner of the photo. Am not going to comment on the haircut, but, Mafoofan, please thank your friend for selflessly defending us...
Arc'teryx, Sugoi, Toyota
Pairs of regularly worn dress shoes in M-F rotation: 13 Approx. miles walked on pavement each work day: 1 Approx. body weight: 200 Typical life of leather sole: 3-4 years
Excellent post, Cogburn. Brings to mind a moment early on in my in-house career, in which I paired a purple check shirt with a solid purple tie (I had not, to that point, worn a suit and tie more than twice a month). One of the company principals popped in, did a double take, and asked, "did we just hire Grape Ape?" I learned a lot from that interaction.
Great collection. Especially love the wingtip monks!
Be a trendsetter -- try a monocle.
1. Anywhere you would get any other jacket. To me, a corduroy sportcoat is generally made of cotton and is generally a casual sportcoat. Keeping those two thoughts in mind, I devote a concordant percentage of my wardrobe budget to it. 2. A color that flatters. 3. Look for whatever you look for in other cotton jackets. I have a dark brown cord jacket that I bought at Dockers on sale for $9. It won't last long and it isn't tailored, but it looks nice...
One pair of bespoke shoes. Am doing research now. The pinned list of high end shoemakers by von Rothbart has been a helpful starting point. Please feel free to send PM if you have ideas, experience, or knowledge. Will probably not order until early Spring.
The Filene's at Connecticut carries Oxxford, Hickey (not sure which lines), Zegna, and Canali along with the usual suspects. It also carries some Louis of Boston closeouts, which appears to include Armani (again, not sure which line) and the occasional Brioni jacket. I purchased an Oxxford there during one of their suit sales. The price, including tax, was circa $800. I have not purchased another suit brand there, but, during a suit sale, I think you should be able to...
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