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Quote: Originally Posted by butkusrules My Tailor HATES Oxxford. He says that the pants are near impossible to tailor correctly because of their one piece construction. Anybody have any problems shortening the waist of OTR Oxxford? Yes. My old alterations tailor told me Oxxford pants could not be tailored properly. A second tailor ruined a pair of Oxxford suit pants (although I live in DC, I did not sue for multiple millions). It took...
Field's, Geoffrey Lewis, and Highcliffe Clothiers will all make you trousers. All do very nice work. I use a tailoring shop in McLean called Roland's for my alterations. They also do MTM suits, SCs, and slacks. Have not purchased, so not sure of price or quality.
Vox -- Very sharp, good call on the jetted pockets
Quote: Originally Posted by cmeisenzahl 1. No, I would not make that sacrifice. 2. I am not convinced it really makes a difference for the environment. +1
Yes. In the same vein, do we know what the Month Eleven Acquisitions are yet?
The quality is similar when comparing apples to apples. That can be a little tricky, as Isaia has a number of lines. When you make that comparison, I think you will find that the attention to detail is roughly similar. The difference lies in the styling. I have a strong preference for Oxxford's very classic, conservative American styling, but I am sure many feel differently. Try on both. In particular, look carefully at the lapel placement, the armhole height and...
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor +1 +2 AL makes good prods. Nothing wrong with JAB blazers, but nothing great about them either. Of course, since they are MIC, don't be surprised if one of them causes you to become tremendously ill one day.
Tarmac's right on the money. When you write your cover letter, every sentence should be focused on what you can do for the recipient and not what the recipient can do for you. Also, short and to the point is better. Assume the recipient will spend approximately one minute on your enclosures. If he spends more than that, he is either interested, a really good guy, or doesn't have enough to do.
Is the guy in the picture wearing shoulder armor? He is not an animal!
I like Hartmann for durability and ingenuity in creating space, but it's no value. To be honest, I reach for my American Tourister travel bag just as often as my Hartmann if I am not traveling with a client. I bought the bag at Target (or Wal Mart, can't remember) in 1996. Looks like hell, but still going strong.
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