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I use a guy in McLean for my suits and slacks: Roland Tailors on Old Dominion. Like many real tailors, he is relatively expensive and I am not certain he is really what you are looking for. For jeans and minor alterations, I use the dry cleaner on 17th and R NW. They are cheap and the results are *usually* good.
For the price, prefer H&H (admittedly slightly -- but only slightly -- more expensive), but CT shirts are just fine. You are not getting Finamore, but neither are you paying that price. Good value and you get to avoid the Pink Hole to boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lovellum Is he good? If so I may need to keep him in mind...Georgetown is really the closest I can get to any reputable shops. Yes, his work is superb. He is also quite nice. The shop was named as a bespoke outfit in one of the Boyer books in the early 90s. Son now runs it. Quality still excellent.
I am not a big-timer. Of my ten or so suits, one is OTR, two are true bespoke, and the rest are MTM. Love 'em all equally, though my OTR, which I keep as a reminder of my Fat Albert days, is a bit of a, ugly, big-bellied, red-headed stepchild. Half of my shirts are MTM, the rest are OTR. Two pairs of shoes are MTM. My Tom Ford shoulder plate is custom made. Everything else in my closet is OTR.
I found him while doing initial research on options for custom suits a couple of years ago. Must have signed up for emails from him. Am sure someone has reported on him here, but I have not used.
Can't say I disagree.
FWIW, got the following this morning. Don't live in England, so could not take advantage if I were so inclined. I've got some exciting news! And a special offer for you! But first; the exciting news... The Savile Row Tailoring House of William Westmancott Is about to re-launch! And this could be great news for you, because it gives you the chance to get a bespoke Savile Row suit for around half the cost of other tailors on the...
Is a typical pair of shoes constructed of elephant leather made from baby elephant or from adult or elderly elephant?
I go occasionally. I don't think it's a bad store, but there are better options out there. The one on Conn Ave is most convenient to me. They have a few Oxxford suits and the odd shipment from Louis of Boston has some nice stuff. I found a mistagged Kiton shirt there a few months back. Bottom line: if you live farther out than Ballston, don't come in just to poke around.
I would never post this during football season, but are there any other Dores basketball fans here? Any thoughts on how good they might actually be? I was able to catch the South Carolina, Tennessee, and Auburn games on internet radio and was really impressed. Ogilvy is continuing to improve, Beal is deadly on the perimeter, and Taylor is phenomenal. They are playing the Wildcats away tonight. I'd be shocked if they were to win, especially after Kentucky's...
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