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In an attempt to reach the golden mean, I would take the two closest to the center.
It's fine.
Bought a couple of Caruso Sartoria Parma suits from you a few months back. One was a navy suit and the other was a brown-gray gun check. They are listed at 44, but you correctly identified them as being a little on the slim side (labeling them as 43/44). Just wanted to let you know the cut, for me, is phenomenal and I am glad I purchased them. Of course, purchasing from your site is hassle-free. Anyway, wanted to let you know you have a very satisfied customer. ...
Field is roughly in line with Steed, Hitchcock, and Mahon.
+1 for linen.
Metaphysically, *probably* not at all. Practically, they are versatile and look quite sharp with gray and navy.
Most of these offerings will likely to pucker, lose shape, and gain sheen over time depending on how often they get wet, how often you wear them, and how often you dry clean them. If you wear one of these suits twice a week for fifty weeks a year, you may get anywhere from six months to a couple of years out of it (though I am sure there are folks who will aver to having owned a less expensive hard-worn suit for much longer, I suspect they are the exception rather...
Excellent rec from Foxx. Two other local options in that price range are Filene's and the department store outlets. There are a number of Filene's throughout the region (downtown, Golden Triangle, Mazza in DC and a few in NoVa and Md). They sell a number of suits at various price points and in large numbers of sizes. The outlets are a bit farther out (Leesburg, Dale City, somewhere near BWI), but they will also have nice selection. Not sure whether they are jobbers,...
I use a guy in McLean for my suits and slacks: Roland Tailors on Old Dominion. Like many real tailors, he is relatively expensive and I am not certain he is really what you are looking for. For jeans and minor alterations, I use the dry cleaner on 17th and R NW. They are cheap and the results are *usually* good.
For the price, prefer H&H (admittedly slightly -- but only slightly -- more expensive), but CT shirts are just fine. You are not getting Finamore, but neither are you paying that price. Good value and you get to avoid the Pink Hole to boot.
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