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Do these organizations or institutions have some intellectual property right to the arrangment of their colors? I'm not an IP-er, but would be surprised if they did.
Since it will be on your wrist, I think the people you are meeting with will notice either. I do not think there is a substantial difference in statement between the Patek and the Rolex (deferring to people who know substantially more about watches than I do as to the difference in quality). Both tell the folks with whom you are meeting that you have had some financial success, which I take to be part of the message you seek to convey. If I had to choose, I would...
Two choices: (1) hire a housekeeper to come in once every two weeks, which may be cheaper than you think; (2) Learn to love it. We did (1). She irons and steams. It is nice.
pm sent on 54eu
Given the lapels and bold stripes, I would cuff the bottoms if it were my suit.
"Maybe next time you'll buy the f***ing cookies."
I think they look very sharp.
I do occasionally wear paisley ties to work, but not to hearings. My wife hates the pattern, but I like it. I am not a fan of Madder-dyed ties, which seem very dreary to me. The tie pattern that I am seeing more of these days is the pattern that looks like a branch with flowers. I would put that pattern in the same camp as paisley. It's a little bit on the "fun" side.
Number 2.
I do not receive regular compliments on my shoes. The two that have received recent compliments are a pair of shoes I do not wear very often, but which my assistant loves -- Moreschi Baltimore in brown -- and a pair of EG Robertsbridge in burnt pine. WRT the latter, our GC stopped me in the hall the other day and said, "I like those shoes. They remind me of a pair my father wore." If he were the sarcastic sort, I would have assumed that was not a compliment.
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