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I bought a pair of EGs from Leather Soul over email. They are extremely professional -- a pleasure to work with. I have purchased from Sky Valet before, but I live about a short drive from the store. I do not know whether they will sell over the internet. They are also excellent.
I love the Kent Wang bicolor knit ties. I have one in pink and burgundy. I wear it on warmer Fridays in the spring and summer. I have to say that I think the brown tie looks especially good next to that suit. I also like your composition choices wrt 1 and 2. I am not a big fan of aqua and think large paisley ties often look quite loud, but you have done a great job of turning down the volume. In all, very sharp.
I like 3 and 6. 5 looks fine; it's like every tie my father and brother wear. I didn't like tie 7 until I saw your outfit. Looks great like that. I can't wear tie 1 colors, but it's a nice counterpoint to the shirt you are wearing it with.
They are not my style, but I am a lawyer and generally play it on the safer side. They are bold and would suit a bold personality. I do not think #5 is "stupid" at all, but I like to watch and play tennis. If you like them, then you should wear them comfortably.
I was not aware of that. I have only worn mine on Fridays, thinking the more open weave looked more casual. I like my grenadines a lot, so I am happy to know I can also wear them on more formal occasions. Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S Are you confusing them with knit ties? Grenadine ties are formal woven ties, not casual country ties like the knit ties. Grenadine ties can be worn effectively with the most formal of suits, and the black...
I have noticed that as well. It is not my preference. I like harmonious, but colorful ties because they point in the general direction of the face. I could be totally wrong about this untested, sense data-driven notion, but it strikes me that the striking color should be in the center and pointing up rather than in the pocket. It could almost go without saying that's not what she said. That said, all 7 ties in the pic above are nice though a little boring. But...
+1, especially on Fridays during the colder months. Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia I love grenadines.
I like the second tie and think the third one is okay. I think the color and horizontal pattern on the first one makes it harder to wear. For what it's worth, my general rule on ties is that I give them to my brothers or Goodwill as soon as I realize I am avoiding wearing them. I do a spot check (which takes me about a minute) every six months or so and weed out the ones I don't wear.
Both of those shoes are beautiful. Agree on the waist -- very nice!
Burgundy or a darker brown in the winter if you live in a four-season climate. I do not see why a lighter brown wouldn't work in Spring and Summer.
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