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Has anybody run across Saint Fleur shoes in Rome? I happened across the store during a family vacation and wandered inside. I bought a pair of loafers a couple of years ago during a family vacation. The pair I bought are walnut colored with some darker antiquing on the toe. Someone, presumably the maker, wrote on the inside of the shoe that they were FAM. I am curious to know whether anybody else has run across the store or has experience with the shoe. I don't know...
My Dad bought this many years ago before Rolex sued Tiffany. I have had it for a couple of years. don't wear it often, but it provides good memories.
Bought a pair of loafers of this brand in Rome not far from the Lattanzi shop. The pair I purchased were penny loafers, walnut colored with a bit of antiquing, claim to be f.a.m. Dress shoes on hand were definitely on the fashion forward side. Prices appeared to be in €300-500 range. They also had some nice looking, thick ties that looked to be six-fold.
I have one that I bought about a year ago. It is quite a slim fit, especially in the shoulders and across the chest. I ended up going a size up on my suit and having it taken in. That route didn't work out as well as I had hoped.
For what (little) it's worth, I am also in the real edition (see my name about two-thirds down the list). Just paid my credit card bill. It was $43.13. "Playing the Home Game Edition(Those of you who are trying, but did not 'officially' sign up) * niidawg3 (Possibly going to the dog house, pending outcome of call from Italy)(Jan only) * jdldore"
MOL -- Still trucking. Second fitting for a suit (for cloth I received three months ago) is in the middle of next month, but no payment will be due until the end of March at the earliest. That is my only outstanding liability. My wife is thrilled.
Why not? My wife sat me down for her version of an intervention night before last anyway.
+1 on Mytailor. Nice folks, easy to work with, highly responsive. If the emails I get from them about DC trips are any indication, they are likely in the SF area every eight weeks. Haven't ordered from them in a year or so, but, at that time, I think there was a four-shirt min. Prices might be a little too high for someone just out of school, but they are not especially expensive at the basic level IIRC. Quote: Originally Posted by...
I bought a pair of EGs from Leather Soul over email. They are extremely professional -- a pleasure to work with. I have purchased from Sky Valet before, but I live about a short drive from the store. I do not know whether they will sell over the internet. They are also excellent.
I love the Kent Wang bicolor knit ties. I have one in pink and burgundy. I wear it on warmer Fridays in the spring and summer. I have to say that I think the brown tie looks especially good next to that suit. I also like your composition choices wrt 1 and 2. I am not a big fan of aqua and think large paisley ties often look quite loud, but you have done a great job of turning down the volume. In all, very sharp.
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