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I suppose my thing with color theory is: it seems like the easiest thing to prove, but I've never come across convincing evidence of it (despite style writers including a chapter of it in every single book). Often times, when they try to show photos of the effect, they'll include two completely different images. For example: X guy in a navy suit, and then Y guy in a tan suit (or whatever non-navy color). But obviously, when you present two different people, in two...
Fall/ winter with suits or sport coats.
Do you not like Jamison's corduroy suit earlier?Admit I'm not terribly convinced by skin tone arguments. Here's Jamison's original golden tan cord suit photo:Here he is in mossy greenAnd something more like a wheat tanNo changes have been made to his skin tone (or anything else in the photos, except for the color of the suit). His complexion seems pretty much the same in all three to me (ignoring the ugliness of some of the colors, as I'm not the best at...
It definitely softens over time.8 wale is too wide, IMO. 16.5oz sounds good though. That's the same as what I used for my suit and I like it.
I like it in concept, but never really wore the two wide wale pants I've owned. There's this idea of a frumpy, wide waled pants, old Shetland sweater, ratty OCBD, tassel loafer guy that I've always liked. I just never really actually dress like that, even if the idea has a weird comfort to it. Like those dudes in Ben Silver catalogs.
Thanks, Gus! I might look into that LP. It sounds really nice.
Do you find the cashmere affects durability at all? I was looking at cashmere-cotton originally, but wasn't sure if the cashmere would make things more fragile.Mossy green sounds great, btw.
What color are you getting? I've been thinking of getting another corduroy suit and considering either a rich tan or dusty olive.
I have a suit in Hunter Winterbotham cord. Nice and plush, but like any pure cotton corduroy, it doesn't drape very well. If you're OK with that, Brisbane Moss also has some nice corduroys.@GusW has a cord jacket that's a cotton/ cashmere blend. I assume the touch of cashmere not only makes it softer, but may also help it drape better.If you have the jacket and pants made by separate people, be sure to specify the direction of the nap. Most tailors will make the garment...
^ Make sense for those purposes. I think a less snug fit might be more interesting though. Barbour Liddesdale is kind of an old stand by. Maybe not the most exciting suggestion, but still a solid choice, IMO. Mackintosh also makes something they call their Waverly jacket. I have one and like it. The sort of thing you can wear with dress pants or jeans. At the very least, a less snug fit would allow you to layer in some more interesting knitwear, which would give you more...
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