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^ Someone white should take a fit pic of themselves on a bed with shoes.
It might look good with a huge parka zipped up to the neck.
I like it with those olive pants. Don't think it would look good with blue jeans, assuming that's what you were considering.I think brown leathers aren't popular on this thread because we don't have many workwear enthusiasts. Except for @ChrisGold. If you went to FedoraLounge or DenimBro, you'd only see brown leathers.
Plot twist: the reverse of this MM half-zip is actually a MM 5-zip.
Wilkes Bashford for as long as I've known is huge. Way bigger than The Armoury, NMWA, Carson Street Clothiers, and Sid Mashburn.If you visit the store today, they're also somewhat diversified. It's not just a place where you go to get tailored clothing.
Those are all different types of stores though. Wasn't LB always much bigger? Feels like the wrong kind of comparison. Large "boutiques" such as Barneys and Mr. Porter are pretty diversified in terms of inventory. And I don't know if LB actually sold goth ninja stuff. I assume Ambulance Chaser is just using that as a phrase for stuff he doesn't like. Within the realm of clothes a rich dude in his late twenties through mid-40s might wear, a lot of what LB sold seemed...
Also, I've been talking to the guys at Libertine, who have been really helpful. To the guys who wrote on their Facebook wall, it would be good if you contacted Libertine and worked with them to see how we can remove those posts. It's not just that they're not at fault; it's also that it would be useful to have their cooperation in the future. Taking down those posts would be a nice show of good faith. I'm hoping they return the favor when the time comes. If you email me,...
I received my jacket, but I'm still working on stuff. Obviously, this shouldn't preclude anyone else from working on things. I don't think people should look at me as though I'm the solution to their problem. I'm working on things because it really bothers me that Drew has ripped off so many people. Others are just as able to look into what recourse might be available to them or the group. They can also email me, if they want, to help out with stuff. Don't PM me though,...
You guys should do a Star Wars Challenge.
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