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I'm going to defer to PUA Manton.
Not sure if you addressed this earlier, Foo, but how do you like the fit of these finished Cleavs compared to your RTWs? Do you feel any difference?
Unrelated to anything, I like this fabric, Greg.
Nice write up, David. Is the cashmere tweed what's pictured in the first photo? Is it too thick to really knot, or just thicker than their regular cashmere and lambswool/ angora line? I like the grey version of that scarf.
The other kind of men in brown corduroy jackets, button down shirts, and striped ties
Are your shoes stepping on a book titled L'Ambrosi?
Nice find, CS. I already have the navy one, but maybe I'll call their shop tomorrow to see if they have other colors in my size. Many thanks for the tip.
I think the reasons why "classic men's clothing" and "women's fashion in general" have such different value structures and measures of quality goes back to the very gendered norms we have in society. At the core, it's OK for women to be into fashion. It's considered a "low" thing, as we live under Anglo social norms where "the body" and "vanity" are considered to be bad. It's OK to look at art outside of yourself (architecture, paintings, music, etc). Those are considered...
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