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TBS introducing a house label http://www.style.com/stylefile/2014/04/tres-bien-spring-collection/
Holy crap.
Big congrats, Stitchy.
I'll only believe numbers that have been confirmed by Stephen Wolfram.
TBH, I'm no longer believing anyone's claim about what week they're on.
I've recently gotten into a Japanese brand of t-shirts called Barns. Loopwheeled, uniquely curved chest pocket, more natural feeling/ rougher yarns, interesting subtle textures, and very short, trim vintagey cuts. Much more interesting in texture than the mass produced Hanes stuff I have, and much more stout than American Apparel. I think it looks good with the kind of stuff I often wear these days (jeans, leather jackets, and the like).
The extra 20% off is for shoes with bird poop on them.
In firm but gentle hands, a solid stick Talarico could be used for disciplining.
New Posts  All Forums: