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Yea, APCs are sanforized, and are known for stretching more than most.Just note, the tighter the jeans, the more you'll be at risk of crotch blow outs. But you can get those repaired fairly easily through Self Edge of Denim Surgeon nowadays. Costs about $40.
As others have noted, unsanforized denim will shrink; sanforized denim will not (at least not to any appreciable amount). Sanforized denim will stretch though. If I were you, I'd go a bit snug, rather than a bit loose. Even 3sixteens - which are known for not stretching very much - can gain about 1.5" in the waist after a month or two of wear.
How did you like that GW jacket, Moo? I've been thinking about ordering a couple more "traditional" horsehide or cowhide jackets, and am mostly considering Goodwear, The Real McCoys, and Himel Brothers.
Leaked ToJ video of Distorb changing his order at the last moment, after waiting in a long, long line.
I admit I'm not familiar with the law on this stuff. It does seem like an arbitrary application of it though. Sometimes I get hit with duties and customs, sometimes I don't. I have noticed, FWIW, that I get hit with duties and customs every time I buy Goodyear welted shoes from overseas, which to my understanding, is strictly protected in the US because of our manufacturers. I don't know if those same protections are up for clothes in general, but I imagine you're much...
We Asian people are smaller people, thus have smaller stomachs, and thus require less food consumption. Our houses can also be tiny, as we are tiny people.
Actually put more broadly, I'd be curious to hear people's estimates on how much they shop - as a percentage - from US retail operations. That is, of the online webstores you patron, how many are based in the US. And of those based in the US, how many are multi-brand boutiques, and how many are just brand shops (like Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, or whatever). For every US shop I buy from, I admit there are probably at least three or four overseas ones. And among the US...
I agree. This kind of problem seems to exist for Japanese goods too. In certain corners of fashion, you can find Japanese things pretty easily online, which pretty negates the need to ever buy from a US store (where prices are always about ~30% higher). It seems like the only reason why the problem isn't as big is because not many Japanese stores have English-friendly webshops.I'm curious, Greg, what do you think is the solution? As a person who's now neck deep in retail,...
Old Op-Ed from BoF about the closing of Atelier. Although not about classic men's clothing, I think the broader story about e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, and competitive pricing is relevant.http://www.businessoffashion.com/2013/12/op-ed-goodbye-atelier.htmlA good quoteI know @LA Guy is recovering from surgery, but if he's around to comment, I'd love to hear his thoughts.
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