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I know Mister Freedom isn't most people's bag here, but speaking of all these great places, apparently MF's SS15 collection is titled "Saigon Cowboy." Kind of excited
Local Area Man Very Carefully and Gently Places His Maison Bonnet Eyewear Frames on Beside Table Before Engaging in Rough and Passionate Sex.
I assume everyone is coming from @jefferyd's blog, which is a popular site for tailors (and non-tailors)http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2014/11/shears.htmlI also forwarded a notice to my tailor to see if he would be interested. If he is, I'll certainly let you know.
Jeff, I heard that you guys might be carrying the Koji designed Saint Crispin's split toe derby (model 508) as a RTW offering. Is that true? If so, do you know what the price would be for US customers? These would need to be delivered to California.
Foo, your post seems to imply that Gennaro might run away with people's money, which seems ... a little unfair? And a strange turnaround after having said that you think highly of him?I think it's true that dealing with international traveling tailors comes with some problems, but there are plenty of small, cutter-run operations that serve people very well. Implying that Gennaro wouldn't seems baseless.
The 10 Year Anniversary party was in San Francisco.
I wonder how many people clicked this thread because it's titled "$1000 Shoes," only to see that we're debating Loake.
I agree, DWF, but sometimes a dude is new to clothes and just looking for an accessible way in. That includes both time and money. Meaning, he doesn't want to have to read really long posts about construction and wade through all the technical details. He also doesn't want to spend a lot of money.People have limited time and resources, so they allocate to the things that are important to them. If, at some point, he decides he's really interested in shoes, he can learn more...
New Posts  All Forums: