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I have a jacket in Minnis 0520. Wear it all the time. In fact getting a Delfino wool-hemp blend in a similar color. Will over at ASW also used to have some great posts about AF and AF-ish blue suits. I think I remember him saying it was his favorite summer suit color. Had some cool photos of Charlie Watts in a AF blue suit.
I like that. More than the Boglioli too, although they're apples to oranges
The guy all the way in the back, with the green tie, vaguely looks like a newly joined StyFo member with his robo pose, untucked shirt, and cropped head.
Dino was going to send my pants from NYC, but after some difficulties in communication (largely my fault, as I've been traveling and haven't had easy access to WiFI), I'm not sure that's going to happen. My sense is that they're not sure if they're coming back to San Francisco. I was supposed to get a fitting on my trousers, but they've apparently gone straight to finish (I assume because they don't plan on coming back soon). Somewhat bummed about that, but Mina and Dino...
I like the second one better on you. Normally like slightly extended shoulders on my jackets, but the top one seems almost too extended and padded. Although, I don't think you really even need extended shoulders on your build.
Meh, it's just one of those trunk clubs for guys who don't like shopping for clothes. Seems kind of harmless.The other day, I received a press release for gendered home cleaning products. That is, home cleaning products that specifically play to gender insecurities.Editing the marketer's name here, because I assume he'll be embarrassed about this years from now. [[SPOILER]]
Edit: sorry, nm again.
^ Finished product of shoes above. Nice swan neck detailing if you blow up the photo.
Thanks, RD! Am I right in thinking that BCK 076 looks a little more red in real life?
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