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Hope @Andy57 doesn't mind me posting this image here, but this is a nice shot of his non-split toe Norwegians, originally pictured up thread. Thought I'd share the image since it shows the shape and details of the shoes better. Also some recently finished shoes posted on Nicholas' Facebook page a few weeks back.
Thanks, everyone! Some great options to explore.
You're welcome to email me or call me. If you email me, I can give you my phone number (or I can call you, since I think you're international). I think it would be easier for us to communicate that way.My email address is this Styleforum handle (dieworkwear) at gmail.
Yes, Dan worked alongside Drew at Libertine. Back in the summer of 2014, I started suspecting that some of ToJ's money was redirected to Libertine and Drew didn't have money to actually produce jackets. I have to imagine that, if I thought of that in the US, Dan must have known something was up in South Korea. Especially since he could see if the jackets were actually being produced, where the investments were coming from, and whether the restaurant was actually...
Oh right, I think it is on the dashiki. Googling around, it seems some come with slightly shallower necklines, but they're still all patterned and bright.
Anyone know the name of this style of neckline/ shirt? Really like the design, but the asking price is a bit expensive. Wondering if there are alternatives. Feel like I've seen the neckline on a few African shirts, but basic Google searches aren't pulling up anything.
I realize you're trying to help, but a lot of this armchair commentary really just confuses things for people in this thread. Unless you've been talking to lawyers, or have real info, maybe don't speculate?
As someone mentioned up thread, Daniel worked with Drew at Libertine. AFAIK, he still works at Libertine, and should know what happened to Drew's shares.TBH, I don't understand how he could work alongside Drew for ~2 years and not know 1) no jackets were going into production and 2) Drew wasn't getting enough of a return from Libertine in order to produce jackets. I feel like he must have known something was up before us and that we should have been alerted, but there you...
He profited $400,000 because we gave it to him within a year. That wasn't money he saved up. He blew it by dumping it all into Libertine. He's actually awful at business.Anyway, I'm speaking more with a lawyer about this at 3pm. I'm still working on this, but it would be nice if someone could convince Daniel (or any of the Libertine guys) to be cooperative. Frankly, I don't think what I'm asking violates any South Korean laws. I'm just asking what happened to Drew's...
Well, I definitely encourage people to take whatever action they think would be good. Just remember that the situation right now is: Drew has very little money or assets. So all the shaming in the world won't give him $400,000 to return to people.Supposedly he sold his shares in Libertine -- or is at least divested from the company -- but no one at Libertine will confirm these details with me, including Daniel at Falcon Garments. Really disappointed in that, to say the...
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