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I think you're right about the bespoke shoe threads. Nowadays though, many of the bespoke make-ups feel more rooted in classic style than the MTOs.
I know this is going to make me sound like a grump, but so many of the shoe threads on here feel so much less classic these days. Two-tone shoes, crazy colors, nutty lasts. All the EG guys talk about is two-toned zug Galways with dandy combos. The Vass thread doesn't even feel like it's about an Austro Hungarian company anymore (some of those makes look more Italian than Italian shoes). And everything is just buy buy buy, kop kop kop. It's like the Alden thread, but with...
It's not necessarily about the system though (assuming you mean the system of international trade as it relates to clothing production). The things that people feel bad about have a lot more to do with foreign governments and those countries' own internal politics. There are countries who benefit from low-wage clothing production, but they're able to do so because they have better governments in place. Vietnam benefits a lot as one of the main producers for Nike. China has...
Nice interview with Cathy Horyn http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/bof-exclusive/bof-exclusive-cathy-horyn-system
It's a great jacket. I've been wearing mine all the time now that it's too warm for winter outerwear. The weight of the fabric is perfect for spring weather.
Yea, I was thinking about getting that.The book is Scottish Estate Tweeds by Johnstons of Elgin.Subconscious StyFo conditioning.
Edit: You know what, forget it. I'm unsubscribing from this shitty thread.
I don't think so. At least not that I can remember. I pressed the issue in this thread a few times, and then we took it to email. Sometimes he takes a few days (3-5) to respond, but I feel that's pretty reasonable.
Huh, this site is great. Do they actually sell cloth, or do you essentially use this as a directory and go back to the original distributors?Edit: Just saw they sell lengths. Thanks for the link!
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