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Found this through Bengal Stripe. This company is remaking Russian reindeer (supposedly using the original recipe). Curious, I asked for a swatch a few months ago and just received it a couple of weeks ago. Thought I'd post photos here. Don't think it's really for me, but maybe someone here will be interested. I think this is the red version. Can't remember if they still have brown, or if they're no longer making it, but it's advertised on their...
Which Fatboy products do you like?
I like how all this hair style advice is coming after gettoasty has already shaved his head. I just imagine him reading along, completely bald.
Never tried Gatsby, but just started using Kevin Murphy Free Hold. The videos online for it look ridiculous, but you don't have to go super funky salon with it. I use it to add texture, volume, and put a medium hold on my hair. Feel like it's been so much better than the Kiehl's, American Crew, and Bumble & Bumble styling products I've used in the past.Going to try Super Goo and Night Rider. Those seem to have a stronger hold. Not that I'm unhappy with Free Hold, but...
I've always wanted to try that.+1000000000000 on the struggle life that is Asian male hair. Recently discovered Kevin Murphy products though and it's been like a different world.
I love that channel. They're kind of slow in between fashion shows, but really good during and after events, when they have those roundtables.Highsnobiety also has a really good podcast nowadays.
Thanks for the info, loarbmhs. Will see them later this month and ask more about the trousers.
That parka goes well with a sort of '90s vintage Polo look. Has a small community of enthusiasts and collectors, who have been into that ever since it came out (I know guys who used to raid downtown depots for that stuff).It's not with everything though. Shirt is kind of ugly, so it's not just about the Sportsman/ Polo/ early 90s provenance. It's a very specific look.
I think the thing that makes them decidedly not-Dovers is the lack of a pie crust apron though. AFAIK, @jerrybrowne is the only one with actual Templeman Dovers. The most recent pair looks especially good, IMO.
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