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I feel like I need to be a homeowner in order to get the full monty. The idea of a guy in the Bay Area wearing a full monty dressing gown as an apartment renter who lives with a tuxedo cat sounds like a set up for a sitcom.Yours sounds great though (being that you are not a pleb like me).
I did. Not sure why I gave up on RTW. I tried on some Derek Rose ones and they were too big for my 36" chest, so I kind of just figured it would be easier to go bespoke. Ascot Chang is giving me a fitting with this, so I can adjust things if need be.The Turnbull & Asser ones are awesome though.
Ah, I plan to wear it only over pajamas.ASW has some really nice silk ones.https://asuitablewardrobe.com/silk-dressing-gownsRecently handled one. Looking back, I'm not sure if it wasn't a mistake to go forward with this Fox Flannel gown, rather than just buy the one ASW is selling.
Would lining it with cotton flannel make that much difference over woolen flannel? Not disagreeing with your suggestion, just not sure of it.A dressing gown is admittedly a bit anachronistic, but men still wear cotton robes (I think). FWIW, Budd Shirtmakers still makes them, and The Merchant Fox sells them as RTW.Mine is being made by Ascot Chang.
There are plenty of overcoats with low buttoning stances. Luca Rubinacci seems to favor them. If you Google around, you can find other photos as well (maybe Google "The Sartorialist overcoat" or something). It's too early in the morning here for me to dig up photos, but I may try later.Personally, I think most single breasted overcoats look better worn open, so a lower buttoning point matter less anyway. Double breasted overcoats typically look better closed. But you can...
That space is meant to be covered up with a scarf.
maomao's opening a store! http://beijing1980.tumblr.com/post/104473721661/two-years-ago-i-had-an-idea-inspired-by-one-of-my
Don't know who Kevin Smith is or what's Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, etc. Actually not that informed when it comes to TV. Haven't seen The Wire, Mad Men, Sopranos, Firefly, or lots of other stuff.I've seen Batman the Animated Series though. Great show.
New Posts  All Forums: