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He lives vicariously through other people. His shirts and suits usually wrinkle. He is right-handed. On every continent in the world, there are people with his same first name. His hands feel quite rough. Cuba imports nothing from him. Mosquitos bite him purely out of disdain. In museums, he is not allowed to touch the art. His business card simply gives his contact information. He has never won any awards. He bowls underhand, but with both hands, like a granny. He...
Big thanks, Crat. Tha't's a great photo. When you say bad lighting, do you mean the small spots with glare, or are the colors on the picture slightly off as well?
Does anyone know how EG's country calf leathers map onto their regular calf colors? In other words, is there a country calf version of chestnut? Or something similar to dark oak?
I personally prefer the Shannons with blind, but it's a matter of taste.
It is kind of amazing how everyone unanimously respects Rubinacci. Not because he doesn't deserve it, but because the trade is so petty, and everyone is so quick to bad mouth each other. The only exception is Mariano and his company.
Thinking about getting a BlazerSuitâ„¢. I already have a couple of year-round blazers in the closet, and a navy fresco in the works. Thus I'm leaning towards a slightly heavier, fall/ winter fabric. Flannel seems like it will wear through too quickly, especially since the Blazer part of the Suit will get much more wear. Any ideas for fabrics? Maybe just a slightly heavier serge? Also doesn't have to be a fall/ winter appropriate fabric. Really open to anything.
As great and beautiful as the food was, as an Asian man, I couldn't bring myself to take photos. Just too self conscious that way.
Besides blind, there's agatine and matched agatine. Agatine is just untreated brass (or, on rare occasions, painted some contrasting color). Matched agatine is when the metal is painted to a color that closely matches the leather.
Don't know how I missed this thread, but I've been wanting something like this for a long time. Thanks for the OP for starting.
Another fine use of a primary colored tie.
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