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If you pick up a book, it might be worth distinguishing whether the book is about creating one-off patterns for a single person (ie something a bespoke tailor or at-home garment maker would do), or if it's for creating ready-to-wear patterns for a mass of people. As I understand it, the two processes are very different. A bespoke tailor can leave allowances in a garment and will rely heavily on the fitting process, whereas RTW makers have to get it right before the pattern...
+1I didn't know James was looking to crowdsource the financing for his work, but I agree with everything above. Plus, online crowdsourcing for media seems a lot more honest than the old traditional model (which is to rely on corporate dollars), and the new traditional model (which is to create advertorials). Asking people to pay for stories they want to see created is about as honest as it gets.Just to be clear, I'm not taking any money from anyone, but I don't begrudge...
Nice find, I hadn't seen that.The woman they ran into was Joohee, who is Drew's girlfriend. Her saying that Drew is "just an employee" isn't entirely fair. They live together and essentially share assets (practically speaking, even if not legally).IMO, that's why it's useful to publicize this, so that future investors, business partners, employers, and even employees might think twice about working with Drew. A quick Google search will turn up all sorts of stories about...
Not that I know of. It was an afternoon radio show; not a podcast.
It hasn't been ten years. Dopey was just making a point.
The dart at the back is used to help add shape. One is pretty normal, but two are sometimes seen on trousers for guys with big booties.
The story hasn't come out, but James still plans on publishing it. If anyone here would like to go on record and talk about their ToJ order for the story, let me know. You can email me at this StyleForum handle (dieworkwear) at gmail. I can then pass your info along to James.FWIW, James recently did a radio story on ToJ. He and his team also stopped by Sam's Hot Chicken. The restaurant is definitely run by Drew and his girlfriend, in case anyone had any doubts.
Too Narc Dad?I was also thinking Victory Sportswear/ Hersey, but they look even more Narc Dad.
I realize this is splitting hairs, but anyone have an opinion on which color is better? To @ericleavitt, I like the second shoe the best, and maybe the black boot, but the first would also go well with EG stuff, I think.
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