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Damn, I wish that was in my size.
Woah, Thom Yorke is all Rick'd out in his new video.
Holy cow, Pintrill is opening a brick & mortar in Brooklyn. How does a business like that generate enough sales to justify a brick & mortar?
Thanks! I really like those ideas.I may go for the second just because it seems a little easier to wear.
Lol, sorry, I thought you were trying asking some kind of existential question.Probably not stuff that's super denim-bro workwear-y, to be honest. Would maybe struggle to find stuff in the closet for the first. Maybe old slim-straight 3sixteen jeans, chunky sweater, and some Kapital zip boots?The second seems to go more naturally with the kind of stuff I have in my closet, but I'm also not opposed to the idea of trying new things out and exploring.
I don't know. I'm starting to think I like clothes.
I assume so. Here's Mitt Romney on his new line of artisanal pre-distressed dinner jackets.
Found this old article on John Lobb, and I think that's Nicolas in the window? Looks like he and his pal are texting a bird. http://kayburton.com.au/lifestyle/design/john-lobb-bootmaker-s-australian-origins
No, they have all sorts of leathers.I wouldn't let crust's character dissuade you. Just be careful about putting conditioner on it (or Reno'Mat). I also find that it requires a bit more polishing than other leathers in order to keep it looking its best. But if you put in the right care, it really does age in a unique and beautiful way. Hard to describe without resorting to cliches, but if you've seen an old crust leather shoe in person, it has a lot of character.
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