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I like Nike's Dri-Fit shirts for running.
I prefer tech/ activewear to have more details, personally (e.g. Gyakusou). As is, that line just looks like it's selling black t-shirts and shorts with random Xs on them.
Saw that company the other day and wondered if they could get in trouble for using what's essentially become Margiela's logo.Although, I guess they're small enough that maybe it doesn't matter.
I know they Mexican and Asian food, although I don't know what the second exactly means since that's a very diverse field.I was looking at Italian just because it seemed like a safe bet. Maybe that's a bad assumption?
Hi guys, I'm looking to get a friend in LA a Christmas present. Thinking about a $150 gift certificate to a restaurant, ideally something near Silverlake or Monterey Park (witihin 30 min drive, anyway) Unfortunately, I don't know the area well and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation? From Googling around, I saw some recommendations for Bestia, but don't know if that's a good or bad option. FWIW, the couple has kids. Might be good to get a place that's kid...
Just noticed today that young Bruce Springsteen vaguely looks like Antonio.
I assume part of the upcharge is for all the service you're getting, including being able to return the shoes if they don't work out.IMO, for first time Vass customers, it's very useful to have that return option, since Vass shoes aren't always sized consistently. I take a 42 in the P2 lasted Alt Wien, but have to size down to a 41.5 in the P2 lasted Theresianer. Same last, but different sizes.
Would be great if, seconds after comment thumbs were taken down, a full background Allen Edmonds click-through ad came up.
What a thumb tease.
Ah, I thought you meant Raphael Raffaelli. Didn't know about Rafel Shearling.
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