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Yea, but they were recently bought up by LVMH, who's trying to make bigger profits. The problem is that bootsonline and Nunger are undercutting RM Williams' own online shop prices, as well as their international retailers such as Mr. Porter. So you can't have someone selling $340 boots or whatever when everyone else is forced to retail them at $500 or so. They're supposed to crack down soon, either forcing everyone to an international price or just cutting off certain...
They're slightly more of a chisel toe, but I like RM Williams' Craftsman. About $340 if you go through one of the Australian shops like bootsonline.com. Prices are about to go up any week though to about $500. The company is trying to reposition itself as a luxury brand.
If someone had proof that he never intended to make or deliver the jackets, I wouldn't have a problem with putting in the work to see if a criminal case could be made. I don't take any pleasure from the idea that Drew could get into legal troubles, but I also really don't like how he's ran away with hundreds of thousands of dollars, with not even an apology to the people in this thread. His only posts in here have been: "stop calling my restaurant you pricks, you don't...
Brown rusticalf sounds good. I'll see what she thinks of the idea.
I don't know, but that's from like four PDFs. Each PDF is a sort of a build out on a theme. I think you subscribe to the service and get reports like this, it's not like each report is sold as a standalone.To be fair, those are just the menswear reports (what Jian makes today). I'm sure they have other services, it's not like the editor creates all the content. Maybe the other stuff is more "technical."99.99% of consulting.
Basically.Here are some excerpts from previous reports. It's not really that different from magazines talking about "what's hot right now." [[SPOILER]]
The 99% article makes things seem a lot more nefarious than they are. Hapiscal had a good article back in the day about how trends happen, which tied in some of these trend forecasting reports.
From what I can tell, Charly didn't know anything about what was happening. He's located in the US, far from South Korea's operations, and was basically in the dark like the rest of us.I admit, I have questions about what Dan knew, but I've reached out to him a few times and haven't gotten replies. He worked alongside Drew day-to-day at Libertine. It seems strange to me that he didn't know jackets weren't being made since he was supposedly in charge of production and/ or...
Wanted to update this thread. I've confirmed through other sources that Libertine is indeed shut down, after unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer for about a year. This was Drew's biggest financial asset. He had about a 33% shareholding in the restaurant, which we now know was bought with our money. When he was kicked out, he tried to sell those shares, but couldn't find a buyer. Shortly after he was kicked out, the other Libertine owners also tried to sell their...
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