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The AE ad should really be an open letter that reads:"Hi, remember when you first discovered StyleForum and were all about AE Seconds? And then you moved onto other fancy schmancy fucking brands by asking random strangers what size you might be if you took a 9D in AE Park Avenues? And then you pretended like you never wore Allen Edmonds at all? Well it's time to return to your roots, you snobby asshole. Rediscover America by buying another pair of Wisconsin-made factory...
If Allen Edmonds puts a big background ad on StyleForum, I really wish they would design it so it had a 360 degree welted border.
So people have a reference, here's the original pic of Vox
Yes, but if Fok removes it, he risks ripping out the canvas rib that supports the feather.#gemming
Those shoes are actually worth exactly $723.71, which makes them a steal at $710.Some people are surprised to learn that worth can be objectively pinpointed to an exact price like this, but it's true.
I vote 2
StyleForum is basicallyAsians and JewsLawyers and academicsGuys named Matt
::nth year grad students walk into the lounge::::see fresh, new grad students cheerfully talking amongst themselves::::recognize no one::::snarl with all the cynicism that has built up in their ABD bodies::::cheerful young grad students look on, confused::::nth year grad students leave::
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