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You have to get people to read 100,000 pages of SF posts to condition them to the idea of paying $1,000 for a "dope cosmic wonder knit that was throstle spun from Japanese yak hair and hand dyed in beetle juice indigo dye."Then they become too poor to afford anything else and have to resort to free, mass-produced coffee found in academic lounges and cheap hotel conference room presentations.Seriously though, I only have so much time and money for artisan goods.
Thanks, L. That's my impression of Santal as well -- a little too harsh for me, although it seems to be really popular. Was looking for something creamier, so I'll give Tam Dao a try.Thanks again.
They do, but they're not really set up like your typical traveling tailor. They only visit once a year (twice on the east coast), so trips are more meant as a way to expedite orders for people who are able to make it to London.That said, if you're willing to wait a year for a fitting, they're happy to take an order. That's what I'm doing, although I may be picking up the jacket in London next spring, rather than having it delivered.
I have a jacket on order with them. A single breasted, A. Moon tweed that's being cut by Danny Hall. Agree that Colin is very nice to work with. Very friendly and responsive. Can't really say much about the order yet, but the fitting went well. Jacket was a little slimmer than I expected, but Danny said he would let out the chest. Otherwise seemed great.
Really digging this store lately, Loit: http://www.theloit.com/ They're doing 40% off with the checkout code BLKFRILOIT. Shop carries brands like Lemaire, EG, Blue Blue Japan, Spalwart, Chimala, Visvim, etc. Code also works on fragrances, including CdG Parfum.
Damn, 2Many, I'm really sorry to hear that. I wish I knew what to say, but I wish you the best.I work for a website that posts eBay roundups twice a week. If you decide to list the shoes on eBay, drop me a PM and I'll include the links in our roundup. Hopefully it'll drive some traffic to your auctions. You have some nice shoes.
Thanks! Any thoughts on how Tam Dao compares to Le Labo's Santal?
Any Diptyque's frags worth a blind buy on a bottle? FWIW, not really into scents that are heavy on rose or powder. Or anything too gourmand.
Let's talk about your tab management.
Had to look that up on WikipediaThis explains so much about my life.
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