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I'm happy to trust your judgement, since you have the tie in front of you, but for what it's worth, you can't check for the interlining by just peeking up the folds. You can either shimmy your fingers up the tie or pinch the fabric and pull both sides apart (as you would for a suit when checking for canvassing). The second is most reliable since the interlining can end quite high up on the tie.Most ties have padding and interlining. If by "unlined," we mean that the tie...
I don't think I've ever seen a truly unlined tie from EG Cappelli. The "unlined" versions are just lightly lined -- the lining ends higher up on the tie, but it's still there.The only unlined ties I've seen have all been from Vanda, which feel very unique. Without the lining, the tie can feel like an ascot, especially if it's made from silk.
I will pay $5 to see a photo of @Synthese shopping at Brooks Brothers.
Kind of an odd question, Greg, but are you able to get MTO Talarico umbrellas by chance? Where the customer can choose the stick and canopy? I assume not since it's such a small operation with little inventory management, but I thought I'd double check.
A friend of mine once had a similar problem on his Aircraft. I can't remember if his was Ventile or not, but he solved it by taping the seams.I assume to get it done right, you need to send it to a specialist. I don't know who that would be though.
Is yours actually soaking through? I don't have an Aircraft jacket in Ventile, but I have another jacket in Ventile. The material is meant to soak up water, but not actually allow water through. The membranes expand when it soaks up water, which allows it to be waterproof. It's a different kind of system than, say, Gore Tex, which is harder shell.It's also a bit more breathable, which is nice if you're active since your body's heat can easily dissipate.
In some countries, they actually use children to make swastikas. https://youtu.be/y1C2fxIVh2Y?t=2m50s
He's been designing for his brand and others since the '70s. There's some images floating around of old Nigel Cabourn ads with Jason Statham as one of the models. If you do a Google Images search, you can probably find them.Every once in a while, you'll see some of his old work pop up on eBay. Everything I've seen has been kind of generic '80s and '90s tech-y outerwear. As I understand it, he's always been a vintage collector, but it wasn't until 2003 -- when he launched...
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