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I don't doubt that they're good. I actually like a lot of stuff in that genre. Have a Buzz Rickson A-2 and an RRL moto, which you encouraged me to buy. Also plan on getting that Thurston Bros Junya moto, once they get it up.I just think it's a mistake to go to Johnsons thinking that they'll you the same kind of thing as ToJ. Some ToJ designs seem closer to what they do than others -- like a brown calfskin 4-zip moto. Others seem much more unique -- like a black lambskin...
For a bunch of IT dudes, the ability to understand basic statistics in this thread is really bad.
So, Christophe Loiron (of Mister Freedom) made a Vietnam-War inspired collection for this Spring, which has pieces with these two patches on them. When I asked him about it on Twitter, he said that this collection is about the irony of war and imperialism. But when I asked him to elaborate over email, he declined -- saying that people who call him racist are trolls and that if that's the level of conversation we're starting at, he'll decline to comment at all. (It...
Hello gents! I wear a size 9D in Allen Edmonds' Park Avenues. What size should I take in the Yohji x Evangelion collab?
99% of A2s on the market are of "the same design," and yet most look very different from each other. You're underestimating what goes into making a garment look a certain way.I think I have six navy sport coats in my closet right now. All single breasted, solid navy wool, dark horn buttons, 3/2 roll, double vents, patch pocketed, welt breast, and notch lapel. Not a single one looks the same as the others.
I don't think so, but a lot of menswear designers are self taught. If they don't do avant garde stuff, or have a womenswear line, they can essentially learn a lot of things as they go. The technical things such as patternmaking are typically done by someone else anyway.There are a ton of sites to help support self-taught designers. Fashion Incubator is a big one.http://www.fashion-incubator.com/They have a forum too.http://www.fashion-incubator.com/phpbb/
No they won't. They specialize in a style, like any company. Any custom maker that claims they can make you anything is eitherawful at what they do (e.g. all the tailoring shops in China, where some guys stands outside the door saying "you want single breasted jacket? English style? Italian style? French style? I make you anything!")lying (e.g. many good bespoke tailors will say they can make you anything, but it's just a marketing pitch. They can't).If you don't already...
You're comparing apples and oranges. Slimming a Johnsons jacket down is not going to make it look like ToJ. Fashion design is about a lot more than making a jacket slimmer or fuller fitting -- there are tons of subtle nuances that contribute to a look.Johnsons makes nice stuff. If someone likes the look of Aero, Schott, and Good Wear kind of jackets, then they might also want to look at Johnsons. A lot of those makers can slim their models down, if that's what you want.But...
Thank You Baste God
That's impressive. Did you apprentice somewhere?
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