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Anyone by chance remember in what book Alan Flusser recommended TieCrafters? I can't seem to easily find the reference.
Personally, I'd accessorize with a Super Soaker.
Not sure I agree with posters who are saying Caustic Man has to go to "The Basics" before evolving into something else. If someone likes Rick Owens, it's not like they have to wear J Crew for five years before moving on to a wardrobe full of Rick Owens. Caustic Man, I think you just need to find things that inspire you. As Synth said earlier, I like that you're exploring new stuff, but I'm not sure what you're going for. Are you into the J. Crew kind of stuff? Or Our...
I can recommend a translator if you need one. Just PM me.
You're assuming that intellectual property is an ethical, rather than a legal, issue. Most people think of IP as a legal issue -- what laws should be in place in order to get the results we want (mostly having to do with the economy). Ethical issues have to do with what's morally right or wrong, regardless of outcome (so it would be ethically wrong to enslave people, even if it might be better for our economy).Even on physical property, ethical arguments aren't clear-cut....
If you caption these photos "Our Legacy/ Our Legacy/ Our Legacy," nobody would know whether you're lying and you'd get twice the thumbs.
EG's was a vest, from what I remember.
Sorry, just saw these questions.I'm looking at something in this range, maybe just a touch bigger.I think my taste in patterns runs slightly smaller scale that some members on this board and The London Lounge, so when I say a bigger pattern, I don't mean those really large checks you see elsewhere. The above is a nice in-between, I think, that would work for both suits and sport coats.When I say navy houndstooth, I mean something either in black/ navy or mid-blue/ navy.
Is Zizolfi the new cutter replacing Palermo? And is that now the name of the shop?
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