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I'm thinking about selling off all my cardigans and v-neck sweaters, as I never wear them. Anyone find these useful? I don't like how they look when worn alone with a collared shirt, and also don't like how they look layered underneath a sport coat (they often look so fussy). Anyone have good examples of them being used? One that comes to mind is Bruce Boyer, but I don't feel like I can pull off the look as well as he does.
I don't follow his show very closely, but from the few I've seen, it just seems like he's perfected the art of sounding indignant on the internet. A lot of political commentary nowadays is basically just that - whether for the left or right, it's people stoking other people's indignation.I could be wrong about him, of course, as again, I don't follow his show very closely.
What's with the hostility against @Atgemis? He makes nice bow ties, and while I don't wear bow ties myself, I appreciate what he does. If you don't have any interest in his products, just ignore -- like everything else posted in here that doesn't fit your taste. I get that he's more CM than SWD, but this thread has kind of becoming the unofficial SF sales thread, given that the CM one is kind of dead. I've posted CM-ish stuff here before (Edward Green sales, IIRC) and no...
New AW14 photos, courtesy of End [[SPOILER]]
I really like Bentleys for just browsing, but good God are their prices inflated. FWIW, if the OP is OK with dropping that kind of cash, Foundwell is good to check out as well.http://www.foundwell.com/Fancy, antique cigarette case kind of seems like it'd be their thing.
That's my guess as well. To be fair, I find a lot of brand managers, retailers, and marketers to rely on hokey, fluffy language. If you're not actually in the trade of making things, it can be difficult to say why something was made the way it was, since so much of production is fragmented and removed from the retail end.
I think C&A posted some images of silks that had very, very strong white backgrounds, but other than those, most of the silks I've seen referenced seem to be in some hazy "middle ground."I do think, however, that if you're charging this much for ties, you ought to have some way of explaining to your customers how you know something was originally hand printed 50 years ago or whenever. "I can feel it from my passion," just doesn't cut it. Again, having spent a bit of time...
Np. Will do.
Yes, after the 70% drop, they usually give a 20% coupon before everything closes up.
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