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My point isn't whether or not there are members here who own really expensive things. My point is to set some price mark where I think you can engage people on the forum, but also have it be high enough so that you get more interesting suggestions. $5k and below seems to generate good, but somewhat generic suggestions. Feels like if you open the door to $15k, you can get slightly more interesting recommendations (esp if you open it to vintage), but also make it so that...
Off topic, but @LA Guy, are you still planning to start threads on "best watches for under $10k?" I'd be interested to read reader's responses. Even under $15k might be good. Both for dress watches and sport watches. I feel like at $20k, nobody here (or very few) will ever pay that amount, so maybe $15k would make for a fun thread. High enough to get exciting suggestions, but not so high that it basically just becomes some absurd Robb Report reading or whatever. I think...
"Martin Margiela Would Like You to Join His LinkedIn Network"
I could be wrong, but I believe @gdl203 is getting some from Scott & Charters this fall. I own one that was rebranded for another label and really like it. It's lambswool, which is hardwearing, but also fairly soft.
Nitty Gritty drops http://www.nittygrittystore.com/
"Grainy" was just a term I used at the spur of the moment in that post. It's probably not the right term. I suppose I should just say wrinkly.To me anyway, veiny are those "just under the surface" lines you sometimes see on ToJ lamb jackets. They don't seem to always be there - so some jackets (at least from photos) seem more veiny than others. The lines on joona's jacket, however, seem different.I don't want to pose as a leather expert, so I welcome any corrections (esp...
When you shorten a shirt, you often need some extra material to replace the placket, otherwise the last buttonhole will be oddly too close to the hem (assuming you have a buttonhole already in a standard distance from the hem, which on your shirt, it looks like you do). In order to alter the placket, however, you need to have access to the original cloth. Sometimes it's fine if it's the same mill, but a different bolt. But depending on the weave and color, sometimes you...
Photo of Mark popped up today. Hard to tell if I'm right, but the jacket here looks greenish on my screen. I'm really liking the dark green Fresco idea.
I'd say The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men's Style by Nicholas Antongiavanni.
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