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All Shetlands are naturally itchy. Should be fine if you wear it over a long sleeved shirt though.
Embrace the slouch!
Personally like the Harris Wharf better. Just think it has a more interesting cut. Contrasts nicely against skinny jeans, but probably can be worn with something a little fuller. And you can layer.Plus, it's longer, and I think longer coats look better.
I'm minimalist in my minimalism.
I think the article was about the size of a wardrobe though, not design aesthetic. [[SPOILER]]
Jesus, the guy wrote about how his father's suicide affected him, admitted his unhealthy addiction to clothes, and you're assuming he sold all his clothes so ... he could buy more clothes? And he's just some rich, privileged prick?The article talks about how he had a closet full of stuff, but he basically only wore jeans, t-shirts, and some other simple basics. Maybe that previous wardrobe didn't have enough of those basics. Or maybe that list is a mix of some new things...
For what it's worth, a lot of that American consumer culture has created jobs abroad. For all the talk of Chinese sweatshops, the country went from literal famine (like, cannibalism-level famine) to one of the biggest success stories of economic development in the 20th century.There's a book by Alexander Gerschenkron called Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective, which talks about the importance of not just economic growth, but the speed of economic growth, given...
Yea, maybe. Minimalism has definitely been trending for a while, esp after Kondo's book.It's also possible though, that in specific cases, someone picks up on a trend/ idea and uses it to live a healthier lifestyle.I can't really speak for Sean specifically since I don't know him. Also don't think we can infer too much about him from a small article, although I thought it was brave of him to write about something so personal in a major magazine.I think the broader issues...
Cool/ heavy article by S.H., who some may remember from circa ~2011 online #menswear days http://www.gq.com/story/how-to-edit-your-wardrobe
Zespas look nice, but they also look like a mashup of Achilles and Stan Smith.
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