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That's legit. Drake's added the apostrophe when ownership changed hands from Michael Drake to Mark Cho and Michael Hill.
It's really frustrating. We might have missed an opportunity to hear from someone who could definitively tell us whether or not we should wear undershirts.
My blog is pretty terrible.
Manton is apparently a model for some Bangkok tailor http://www.thecustomtailors.com/custom_mens_sport_jacket__blazer
Actually, if you look at the beauty of this debacle, you will see it has many years on its shoulders.
This sounds vaguely sexual ...
Maybe they sourced their leather from Simonnot Godard.
Every time this ad pops up on StyFo, I think it's @emptym All ethnically ambiguous looking people look alike
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm less concerned about the width of the face, and more about the height. Are all pilot watches about this thickness (roughly 10.5mm to 11mm)? Even vintage ones?For shirts, adjusting the cuff is no problem, but I'm afraid that opening the cuff up means that it'll be too loose when I'm not wearing a watch this thick. Am I overthinking it?
New Posts  All Forums: