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My dude, didn't you just post a Junya Watanabe fit? $2.5k is like half of your outfit.(I like that fit, btw).
A3 = the Ralph Nader of tie swatches.
Greg's suit was actually the same color as his kids' suits, but this was on the second day.
Can't really make out the fabric, but isn't that flannel? Not sure there's a summer equivalent.
Caccioppoli and Holland & Sherry have some 9/10 oz plain weave cottons.
IRO MDR-ish looking leather. The ToJ version was popular, so maybe this will be of interest to some people. http://www.iroparis.com/us_en/onome-16539.html Personally dislike the belt, but it looks removable. Brand also looks very Hedi/ Kanye trendy, which may turn some people off.
The only reason why I mentioned it in here is because I'm now pretty certain he doesn't have anything.The reason why I don't talk about the stuff I'm doing, despite people like ter calling me a fraud, is because of the last sentence you wrote.Despite Drew not having much at the moment, I think there are other things we can do.
There are a ton of fake sites like this, especially for high-end clothing. It's all just a way for them to get your credit card info. The giveaways are 1) ridiculously low prices 2) product images taken from somewhere else 3) inventory being crazy high (2,781 pairs of Guidi boots available, even though they probably don't even make that many in a year) 4) no real contact info (when you click on their contact page, there's no number you can call or address you can refer...
Yes, I would not recommend buying Edward Green shoes off Mr. Wholesales dot com.
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