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Does look a touch low.Personally wouldn't dictate measurements to a tailor, but if you want something very specific, maybe it's a good idea. I would just tell him you want a lower gorge, talk about the general area, and let him decide what would look best.If your Solito suit is too slim for your liking, you can probably let it out. Bespoke suits have a lot of inlays.
Realize this is obvious, but there are many versions of blue suits.
Hard to judge those things online since small changes in the camera angle can make things look higher or lower than they really are.FWIW, the length looks good to me. Don't know how the buttoning point really looks cause your hand is in the way and the camera angle looks slightly high. That said, I like mine at my actual waist. Tried lowering it once on a commission many years ago and ended up regretting it.Only thing that seems weird to me is raising the buttoning point...
That Ciardi jacket looks pretty good. Gorge is a little high for my taste, but that's just a stylistic thing. Thanks for sharing the photo.
Are you talking about actual upscale brands producing in India, or the stuff on eBay where some seller in India promises to make a duplicate of an upscale brand's design? (e.g. their listing will have a bunch of designer photos but nothing of their actual version)Personally haven't seen any high-end leather made in India. They're usually made in "Italy" (to the extent that label means anything, as things are often produced offshore and finished in Italy), the USA, China,...
^ You guys are like a week away from posting Dragon Ball Z shirts
^ Almost bought an LL Bean tote bag last week with the monogram GOSHA. Decided against it, but only because I have too many bags.
I mean, it's not the end of the world if he wears a black corduroy suit to a wedding. If that's all he has, he can go, drink, be merry, and socialize like a normal human being. Some people may think it looks strange, but normal people don't put as much weight on clothes as people on this board. And once everyone is drunk and dancing, nobody will care.I assume whoever invited him would rather him show and be part of the celebration than not come just because he was going to...
I like corduroy suits, but black corduroy sounds bad. Casual, sporty fabric; formal, somber color. If the wales are fine enough, it might even look like velvet (insert other great Seinfeld clip). Also a weird choice for a wedding in July. FWIW, Christopher Waltz wore a black, Bedford cord (or maybe pinwale?) suit to the Jimmy Kimmel show two years ago. Combo wasn't terrible, although I don't think it's terribly good either. He gets away with it because he's Christopher...
I'm already on the next trend: oversized pant legs
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