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Try Lear Browne and Dunsford, which is part of Harrisons of Edinburgh.http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/lear-browne-dunsfordNote, Harrisons will only sell to people in the trade. To buy as a consumer, you have to go through one of their distributors. For the US, that's Isles Textiles in NY.http://www.islestextilegroup.com/You can also try Ezio Giringhelli, although I don't know if they carry linings. It might be just...
Wish I could show this to my cat and make her understand how useless she is compared to other animals.
I think that's a great choice. Seriously, the briefcase I bought from him is great. If you have a question about his different leathers, you can give him a call. He and his team make everything in their workshop, and they're straight shooters. So if you're looking for something that will acquire a patina, he can tell you if X leather will be good. If you're looking for something that won't noticeably age as much, he can recommend Y. He has a range of leathers, so you may...
Some new arrivals at Neighbour http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/lemaire-mens?mc_cid=68a1a0f9b2&mc_eid=597346f44b
I don't really know anything about the company, but @unbelragazzo has a briefcase from him.
? http://neonouveau.ca/
Jonathan at Bandana Almanac works for Kapital and is happy to proxy stuff. I've bought stuff from him. The proxy fee is really minimal and he can help with sizing advice.http://bandanna-almanac.com/
Thanks!I just got the liner, but have been wearing it on its own as a jacket. Mine is the one with the tan suede front panels. A bit of an odd look, but I like it with really beat-up jeans and overdyed boots. Sort of like what you might see in a Kapital lookbook (or so I think in my romanticized mind).
Really like this shot of the samples. Esp the Norwegian at that angle, for some reason. https://instagram.com/p/8v3TKYI8TN/
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