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If you like 316's SL on the top block, why not just get that and have it tapered to whatever you want?
Just saw the (second to last) YSL biopic. So damn awful. I wish it weren't so.Trailer: [[SPOILER]]
Unfunded Liabilities is more orientated towards fabrics for bespoke projects. Not that other people can't join the convo and take the direction however they want, but FWIW, I think an SWD thread on fabrics would be more about interesting fabrications in RTW garments.I actually would be really interested in something like that. Have been buying a bunch of books on Japanese textiles, Navajo weavings, and American quilts. I've also been interested in learning more about other...
Don't like either of those, but that Arcteryx backpack looks like something you'd see at a computer science conference.
I've actually had really good communication with Charly. Much better than most small companies I've dealt with, and a ton better than any custom clothing operation. If he hasn't responded to your email, it's probably a fluke. Maybe just email him again? Sometimes things slip through the cracks.
For what it's worth, on Savile Row, you can get a suit made within three weeks. That includes three fittings and a lot more handwork, especially in constructing the chest (which is all handpadded). For something simple, such as trousers, you could have them made in a couple of days, as there's no need for haircloth, padding, or canvasing. Same goes for a bespoke shirt, and both the pants and shirt would include a fitting.Granted, this doesn't touch on the bottlenecks that...
Curious, do you know why he won't just turn this into a RTW brand then? Seems like a lot of the work is done: designing the jackets, figuring out the materials, grading the sizes, and building a reputation. Seems like you could just turn the patterns over to a factory, give them the materials, churn out a couple hundred of these things, and sell them to stores.Granted, the prices would probably have to be higher, since the store needs to take a cut, but I imagine a mass...
Wasn't Drew supposedly hoping to turn this into a RTW brand? There was an Instagram pic of him and some other people a while ago, sitting around a table designing new jackets.
What, you mean romancing a mill? Not at all. I was just making fun of my use of the term romance.I personally buy things just as much for their stories as I do for their construction and design.
Naples is great for bespoke. If you're interested in that, I can give you a list of tailors you can turn to, depending on what kind of things you're hoping to have done. Otherwise, here are some other suggestions: [[SPOILER]] I also did some write ups for StyleForum a few years ago, if you want to read about some of the shops above.http://blog.styleforum.net/author/dieworkwear/
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