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Not sure I understand that SZ piece. How is Grailed different from a B&S section of any fashion forum? Is it just because of the scale? Grailed doesn't have discussion threads for you to go on-and-on about "construction methods, dyeing techniques, and the nature of materials," but it's also not a discussion forum. My impression is that guys on Grailed also participate on forums. It's not so much replacing forums so much as supplementing it.
Tough call. I wouldn't have though stitched cap oxfords would be very interesting, but Vox's shoes looked really nice.Will at A Suitable Wardrobe had a post a few years ago about calf + buckskin spectators. I think RTW manufacturers only use reversed goat and nubuck, when they use suede at all for spectators. Not sure he ever posted a photo of his shoes, but that combination sounded interesting.
Curious if anyone here has the Chasse. If so, do you find the bellow tongue to be feel odd when the shoes are worn? Thinking about getting a pair of Chasse-like shoes made with a bellow tongue (just for fun), but my shoemaker warned that it might make the shoes feel a bit odd with the extra leather folded underneath. Anyone have any experience with the detail?
Just got back from meeting Nicholas. All of the shoes looked great, but I especially liked Andy's pair. Was a little iffy on going with that braided stitch for my shoes, but it does look really good in person (although, also happy with my split raised choice). Shoes without a sole look a bit funny -- a bit flat and elongated. Nicholas put a stack of leather under my heel and suddenly the proportions came together. Really excited to get them.
Brand is a good way to go, but you should probably first decide on what kind of leather jacket you want. IMO, quality takes second place to design. A double rider from Schott will look and feel very different than a double-rider from APC or whatever. First step is figuring out what kind of design you want.
Regardless if they're real leather, I would not recommend getting something from Be Edgy.
Agree, it's a shame. Hopefully we'll get a Fosters + Templeman comparison once both are done though.Not sure if this is redundant, since I already ordered a pair of Norwegians, but I really like @dopey's shoes and am thinking about getting something that's between that and JM Weston's Chasse.I've always liked the Chasse, but like @Grammaton Cleric, suspect it might not be very versatile. Wondering if I can get something like it, but just a touch less aggressive from...
That would have been a fun comparison. He's missing F&S on this trip though, so we'll have to wait six months to hear his thoughts.I think my and @dopey's Norwegians can be see in the back of that photo. Excited to try my shoes on tomorrow.
I bought mine on sale and was OK with the price. Also liked the color.I think it's a nice bag. I just think it's overpriced in terms of quality and other available options on the market. People tend to go over the top when defending their expensive purchases, so I thought I'd give the OP what I felt was a more level headed opinion.
I'm not saying it's just about branding. I was just saying it's not just about design. DBear's comment was "No other company does the same style of backpack in a better way, bam, why its popular" -- which seems to miss why something as simple as this backpack can command $700.
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