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To be fair, the Joker has a powered white face, so maybe purple just doesn't work with his skin tone.
I actually already bought the slate blue one last night. Probably should have asked the forum first.Though, I think it might look good with charcoal pants.
You have to understand though, Lordsuperb doesn't want to keep it understated. He wants something louder with more personality, so this kind of advice isn't really helpful to him.I said it earlier in the thread, but I just don't think the majority of posters here will be very helpful to him when it comes to choosing fabrics. So he basically has to strike out on his own and do what feels right to him.Will say though, I don't think loud sport coats pair well with the...
It's not the pattern. Lordsuperb's fabric has a lot more contrast, which will make the sport coat stand out more when he wears it. That generally runs against the taste of most posters on this board.
This is true. Check out my non-delivered ToJ. What do you think of the fit?
Just wear a poncho. I hear West America makes some good ones.
Eh, I don't think thin leather is necessarily bad. It's just a characteristic. Seraphin uses some of the the thinest leathers I've handled, and it'd be hard for someone to argue that they're a low quality maker (if you're unfamiliar, they make for Hermes).IMO, people often conflate "characteristic" with "quality" -- so things like suppleness, weight, grain, creasing effects, etc are all just characteristics of a leather (like leather being blue or red). It's hard for a...
What do you mean by poor leather?
There's something called Shoe Goo, but it's thick, sticky, and hard to work with. If you were careful with it using a toothpick as an applicator, it could work.Honestly though, I think you should just ride them out. They're not falling apart, and boots are meant to get beat up. Nobody is going to notice a tiny separation on that part of the shoe.
Looking to get another 5-zip. Slate blue or crinkly grey? (FWIW, I already have one in black lamb)
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