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Local Area Store Manager Sees Peacoat Return Exactly Ten Hours After Its Purchase.
That just kind of sounds like you bought a pair of Timberlands right after the '90s, wore them for a bit, and haven't really worn them much since.
lol(I'm Chinese and Vietnamese)
Hard to pinpoint exactly, but when you try those things on in person, they feel like actual motorcycle jackets (well, cause they are). It's partly about the cut and material. I like them a lot, but I don't think I could personally pull one off.Anyway, Aeglus has a bunch of photos of himself wearing that jacket in different ways. I like the one above, but I think there are even better pics on his Tumblrhttp://aeglus.tumblr.com/tagged/TOJ
That's probably one of the most classic designs out there, but updated in a way that's better suited to guys who don't ride motorcycles. It's based off of Lewis Leathers' Lightning model, which was big in the 70s and 80s rock/ punk scenes. Also famously worn by Iggy Pop and Steve Jones.It's fine to say that you think it's too busy, but I think that this board sometimes misses a really rich history in classic leather designs, which biases people against things like...
I promise this is my last post on the matter, cause I don't want to take over Meermin's thread with IP talk, but there's a really good TED talk about this by Johanna Blakley. As she argues, the practice of knockoffs makes the world of fashion more interesting, not less. [[SPOILER]]
What's the modern twist? The fact that they're using a different last and different materials? That's the same here.This stuff happens everywhere, and people eat it up when it's done by revered labels. One of Nigel Cabourn's most signature pieces, the Everest Parka, is a straight replication. Japanese repro brands like Buzz Rickson, The Real McCoys, and Toys McCoys are also just straightforward reproduction houses (this time, not even new materials, as they try to copy...
Rare pic of @gettoasty trying to make his pleated pants look more fitted.
Fashion is rife with people copying designs from each other. The only sin, IMO, is passing off as something that it isn't -- so someone trying to pass off a knockoff Gucci bag as an authentic. The practice of copying designs, however, is pretty much everywhere, and done by everybody.From what I've seen, you participate a lot on the Viberg thread -- a company that has essentially made a fortune off of copying mid-century workwear designs. Not that I'm hating on it (I own...
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