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I have a short version, made from the material show in the first photo (napped olive cotton). Really fun to wear, and does feel cozy. Kind of like throwing a blanket over yourself.
Really? Mine fit better when I move my hand.Some gloves are better than others, but I find when gloves don't have quirks, they essentially pull away from your palm when you stretch out your fingers. When there are gussets in between each finger, you get slightly less pulling. The area basically conforms closer to the curve of your hand.Did you ever order gloves from Causse? I was looking to get something from there. Sent emails to about five French makers asking if they...
I bought a pair of gloves from them a few years ago. IMO, you're better off with stock sizing than their MTM. More likely to get a better fit that way.Small thing, but I don't like their hand stitching along the points on the back.It's basically a machine stitched back with some decorative top-stitching, as opposed to other makers, who actually use (better looking) handsewing to create the points (the three lines on the back of the gloves). Top pair above is Lavabre Cadet;...
I think quality is sometimes too much of a vague word.It just depends on what you're going for. If you want a stiffer denim, then maybe you want a mid-weight jean or something. If you want something that fades/ ages nicely, then maybe you want raw. If you want comfort and something super slim, maybe you want a stretch blend. If you want something that stays super dark, maybe you want something dyed with indanthrene as mentioned above, or made with some kind of hard-to-fade...
The cut has been around forever (see Jim Morrison), but the '90s stuff was started in womenswear by McQueen. Eventually bled into menswear as things got trimmed up.
A beanie like this would make you look older.
It sounds like you just want dressy jeans, which is fine. And jeans that last long, which is also fine. But you've misunderstood why people buy raw, selvedge. Yes, the fabric breaks down. That's kind of the point.If you just want dark jeans, there are lots of options out there. No reason to pay $300 for a pair that's purposely built to fade nicely.
Agyesh is incredible at designing fabrics. This wool, silk, cashmere boucle looks really good. Still want to get that DB overcoat in this natural, undyed wool herringbone.
I thumbed this post just for the commentary.
Replicating a charcoal suit with a light blue shirt and dotted navy tie seems bold. I wish you luck.
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