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I think it's interesting that mall brand retailers are doing slightly oversized coats with rounder silhouettes. They're all over that H&M video. Club Monaco also has this for fall [[SPOILER]] I feel like that's new for high street brands.
This might also be a good thread to talk about capes, but I can't remember who participated in those previous threads.
Have you considered getting a blue sport coat with sequins? Or having them put on? I feel like that would make you look even more spectacular when bungee jumping.
The video they released for the collection looked pretty good too.
Whoops, sorry.I think the jacket goes well with grey, tan, and brown pants. It's not as versatile as black, but it's more interesting and spring/ summery. I like it better than some of the other non-black colors MM puts this design out in, but it's really just a matter of taste and what else you have in your closet.
I don't have Instagram. Do you need an account to see all the comments? If so, can you take a screenshot?The term "working with" is probably open to interpretation, but I do know that the two are in touch and Drew has been involved with their company in some ways.
Always room for accessories
FWIW, this is the photo I was sent of the swatch. The color is a little too orange and saturated for me, but if it's actually closer to your photo, that's perfect.
Obviously don't go out of your way, but if you're able to get a shot with a better camera, that would be really appreciated.
Damn, well now I don't know what to believe. The color looks so different in all the photos I've seen.
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