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Southern Area Man Surprised to Not Find Arabs in Seersucker and Madras Whilst Abroad
Abraham Moon 4904W/D2?
Hm, I hadn't thought about zippers. I don't know if they can work with zippers, but what about those old English/ SAB designs?
I think bellies look good on DBs. Straight edges look too sharp.On an SB, I can go either way. A slight belly can make the lapels feel a little more elegant, IMO. Straight edge more modern. The concavity you see on Liverano/ Corcos only really looks good because of how they cut their quarters -- that's more about the overall silhouette than a general point about lapel design.One downside to bellies: some might feel they're a little dated (maybe scarred by lasting influence...
Really? I dig that sashiko cafe racer.I do like that 70s coke dealer jacket a little more. Those photos are apparently just of the production sample. Final model has more pronounced notch on the lapels, exposed fur under the pocket flaps, and a more standard cuff.I don't think there's going to be a US stockist for that one. Otherwise would have been cool to try out.
For anyone interested, I've been testing this out in 50 degree weather. Actually not bad and quite wearable. Figure 30-40 degree will be fine.
I really like Proper Cloth for custom casual shirts. Pretty sure they have band collar and popover options. Prices start at like 89 bucks or something, but I feel like a lot of the good fabrics are more like 150-ish.They have ready-made sizes, or you can either submit measurements of your body or best-fitting shirt. I went with the last option and got good results. Free remakes too on your first order.(disclosure: they sponsor a site I work for, but I'm a full-price paying...
Just my opinion, but I think sometimes this board overthinks these things. To a degree that sometimes outfits come out looking a bit stiff and contrived. I suppose the ties look somewhat autumnal as a collection, but if you just think of natural pairings, they seem fine. Brown Matka with a cream or navy suit Burgundy Matka with with a tan suit (something with a grayish cast, rather that yellow) Green Matka with a tobacco linen or brown wool suit Yellow Matka with a navy...
Thinking about getting another folio from Chester Mox, this time in a more casual color (maybe navy, green, or tan). Bellanie was nice enough to send me some leather swatches. Can't decide on a design though. Thinking of: Something like these folded-over strap designs. The first is actually an old Salvatore Ferragmo garment bag; the other a Brooks Brothers briefcase. Mine would obviously be scaled down. Some sort of tucked-in design, like these card cases from...
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