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@unbelragazzo recently interviewed Luca Rubinacci for StyleForum, and in the interview, Luca commented on how Rubinacci helps clients achieve a distinct and personal style. I commented that I think this is mostly a marketing pitch, and that no good bespoke tailoring house really works like this. It's kind of like how perfumers say that a scent changes on your skin. Kind of true (to a degree), but this is mostly a way to make the average person feel special and uniquely...
Just to push the convo forward a bit, I'm going to say I disagree. Only because Luca presents Rubinacci as a place that will help you achieve your unique, personal style. I don't think this's really true.A ton of luxury industries try to sell people on the idea of infinite customization and personalization, and that such customization will help people revel their "true" and better selves. You see this in fragrances, for example, where perfumers say that scents change...
"There is the price you pay. The price you told her you paid. And the price you pay when she finds out the price you paid." - Joe Soucheray
ASW once had a blog post about a guy who would buy bespoke shirts ten at a time, but then mess them up and stuff them in laundry bags before taking them home. Just so he could pretend to his wife that they were old.Kind of makes me think -- if the woman ever looks at old pictures of her house, she must wonder how all those closets got so full when her husband never buys new clothes.
I hope the movie is 54 hours long.
"This thing? Oh, it's from eBay. You wouldn't believe how low the prices are on there. Crazy, really."
What did Martin do to Snuggles?
My gut is for brown. Is there a reason why you'd prefer grey/ charcoal over some shade of brown?
I'm lucky in that regard
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