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I'm not really satisfied with point two, but again, I don't think anyone can argue with your preferences. If the broader point is that people should feel comfortable in their clothes, I agree. It just doesn't seem like a very novel point.
TBH, I don't think the average person has any idea what an "Italian" jacket even looks like, let alone something so regional as Neapolitan. If they were asked to describe an Italian suit, they would probably say something like: "super slim" or "the broad shouldered Armani stuff I saw in the '80s." Neither of those describe your typical Neapolitan suit, and neither refer to shoulder/ sleevehead treatment.
So the argument is:1. You're happy to wear Neapolitan, French, or whatever else kind of jacket outside of work (assuming you like the style, cut, etc). Even if it's very region specific.2. If you're going to work, however, you don't want to wear something region specific, even if no one would notice.3. However, you're OK with wearing details that people would notice.If that's the case, it seems peculiar, but OK. I don't think anyone would say you should have different...
OK, fair point about pagoda.If you have fish-like lapels, how is that different from a Neapolitan shoulder?
I understand what's a Neapolitan shoulder/ sleevehead. And I've seen Manton's article.I didn't say pagoda was regional; just that's more noticeable.Do any of your French jackets have fish-mouth lapels?If it boils down to you not liking Neapolitan suits, that's totally fine. I don't think anyone can argue with that. I was running on your previous argument, which IIRC, was something about how you would be derided in a NYC office if you showed up in a Neapolitan suit. I think...
Just to be clear: my point isn't that sport coats are odd, it's that they would look odd in a room full of suits. Assuming you work in an office full of suits, of course; I have no idea what people really dress like on WS.Argument remains the same if the office is full of dress shirts and chinos. In today's world, most offices are bifurcated between super dressed down bizcaz/ jacketless suits on the one end, and suit-plus-tie on the other. If your goal is to not be noticed...
You don't see many 3r2 pinstripe/ chalkstripe suits nowadays, but that might be a regional thing. Most striped suits I see are from the UK, where people don't request 3r2s as much. FWIW, Esquire -- an American magazine -- had drawings of them in the 1930s. [[SPOILER]] I assume Brooks made them with a 3r2 configuration in the '30s - '60s, but don't know for sure. Have a history of Brooks Bros. book at home I can flip through later.I don't think there's anything wrong with a...
That's just an opportunity for awesome outerwear.
Sacrilegious, but I'd take NYC over San Francisco. At this point, San Francisco real estate prices are ~25% higher than Manhattan, but with none of the benefits.
Does anyone have a photo that shows an accurate representation of JL's Tobacco suede? Images online show very different shades and colors. And does anyone know if the color has warm, reddish cast?
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