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Atelier is apparently coming back http://ateliernewyork.com/last/
Jesus. I feel terrible about myself now.
I'm interested in the interior design of bathrooms, and Classic Menswear gives me the best survey of what other people are doing.
Parker doing parkour?
Not sure if this is the right thread to put this, but FYI -- on the SWD side of the forum, there are some links at the top of the page that goes to key threads. WAYWT, Random Fashion Thoughts, etc. The WAYWT thread link doesn't work. It just brings me back to the SWD front page. Could be my computer? The actual link looks like it should go to WAYWT.
I would like to know what search terms StyFo robot used to find threads about yachts and nose hair.
Jesus, conceptual. Really sorry to hear about your dog. Hope she recovers quickly, and glad she wasn't more seriously injured.
Please stop spamming every fashion community out there. You guys have been on Reddit spamming, and it's because you're fishing for more click throughs for your affiliate links. You've done this before on StyleForum, and really - @LA Guy should just ban every link to your site, as he's done for other people who do this kind of thing.I emailed them about this, and their reply was: "We’re just a site trying to reach out to potential readers. We don’t think we’re spamming, if...
Did you buy your fabric from a man named Gianni Cerruti? If so, I have your answer.
I actually left Garden Grove as a teen and haven't been back much in twenty plus years. The general rule though is to avoid places that look like the boba tea equivalents of Vietnamese restaurants. The few times I've been back, I've noticed more places catering to a younger crowd, and those seem to serve less tasty food. Honestly, growing up, all the best places were restaurants with hard to pronounce Vietnamese names, or places named "Pho" and then some number.
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