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I don't think brown shoes will look very good with a charcoal suit (assuming you want to wear the two together)
I don't think that section is really about highlighting small brands. It's almost all heritage focused -- brands like Alden, Barbour, Mackintosh, Drake's, Cordings, etc. I don't know if those brands necessarily have to show they've made it. I don't know why they enter into those partnerships, to be honest. Maybe they sell a lot of units, but J. Crew obviously brings them on board to look like they're a higher-quality retailer than they are.
I assume Simonnot Godard (not sure why there's an ampersand). They're a French weaver and they have a small line of pocket squares.
I know they have Solbiati linen. I've used it for a safari jacket. It has a slight sheen though. Shows up more in the jacket than it does in the swatch, but it's an otherwise nice cloth if you don't mind that aspect.If you get one, I'd be curious to hear what material you choose.
J. Crew apparently reached out to RW to borrow one of their jeans for a shoot. You can see it here (the jacket is J. Crew; the denim RW).https://www.instagram.com/p/BKTg3Rugy9S/Hartley is complaining that he was never credited or compensated for lending those jeans (don't know if that's standard protocol or not), and that later, J. Crew came out with their own patchwork denim. Seen...
Yea, they're great in the morning. I have a flannel one -- gray windowpane woolen flannel from Fox, with sewing by Ascot Chang -- but wanted something cooler and lighter for summer. One pictured below isn't mine, but mine looks the same. This one is by Budd:The blue dotted one is from Ascot Chang, but the silk is from Drake's.I also have one made from an indigo-dyed khadi cotton -- a kind of handspun, handwoven cloth from India, which at once point was the center of...
Finally got that silk dressing gown. Silk is apparently really hard to source; I don't recommend it. Ended up getting this one through Drake's, who requested it as a special order from one of their printers. Most tie makers get their silks printed in panels, which won't work for a garment. I assume these sorts of things are usually better rtw.
On balance, I don't think it's that big of a deal when high street brands rip off established designers. I know I keep referencing this, but Johanna Blakely's talk about this is quite good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLUzgWAEGjY (Also, I hate linking to things I've written, cause it seems gross and self-promoting, but here's a summary for anyone who thinks the video is too long: http://putthison.com/post/97144694933/are-you-wearing-knockoffs-when-we-think-of) The...
TBH, i don't think the value proposition in RW is about design anyway. It's all production process. They use vintage fabrics and a lot more handwork to get that sort of unique boro look. It's really easy for those sorts of things to look hokey on the mass market level. Which is why focusing on the J. Crew thing seems strange to me. They definitely didn't invent the idea, but the gist of their company isn't really about design, it's about production process. J. Crew can...
How many different ways can you make patchwork jeans? Those two look really different to me. Someone on Twitter brought up another popular patchwork jean right now: Vetements. Idea seems really broad to me.
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