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I like:Avignon: Smells like church incense. Like you're in a Catholic church.Wonderwood: Opens with pepper and incense, but then settles into something that smells like pencil shavingsCDG2: Basically smells like wet ink. Like from an ink well. Bright and interesting.CDG2 Man: Sweet incense, vetiver, and leather. Warm and "outdoorsy."
Maybe of interest: 30% off CdG fragrances with the code BF30. Thought this was an especially good deal. https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/vendors?q=Comme%20des%20Garcons%20Parfum Personally like Avignon, Wonderwood, and both versions of 2.
Ugggghhh I want these so bad too. Let me know if you find them. FWIW, Synth told me they run a full size big. Other idea is to look for Officine Creative boots since they make them. I've searched all the usual haunts (YJA, eBay, Yoox, etc) and haven't found anything in my size.
I mean, liberalism has come to mean different things post 18th cent, as I'm sure you know. But it's reasonable to say that a lot of modern Western political thought is basically just competing strands of liberalism, including leftism (post WW2, anyway). I think there's a good argument, however, that this current right-wing movement is solidly anti-liberal.(OK, swear on my mother this is my last post in this thread cause I'm not going to get sucked into this discussion.)
I think there's an element of truth in this. It's the same in Russia, where early oligarchs who got rich after the break down of the Soviet Union are now using social norms as a way of feeling superior to the new oligarchs. They basically feel like the new money people are crass/ not as Western European as them. Which is crazy because old and new money in Russia is a difference of like 20 years. Basically the same dynamic there as how Boston Brahmins feel about people in...
I don't want to get sucked into this thread, but just a quick post:I don't think Trump is a white nationalist. And I don't think reasonable people are calling him a white nationalist. Nor are people saying that all his supporters are white nationalists. The issue is that Trump is stoking a lot of radical right-wing, populist, anti-liberal sentiments. (And I mean liberal in the small l sense of the word, like 17th and 18th century versions, which I assume everyone in this...
^ That seems OK, although it looks a little short. Kind of depends on your taste and how you plan to wear it. Personally prefer longer coats, but not everyone does.
Cream of a whipped corpse doesn't sound terribly great.
Some of those look good. Thanks!I'm mostly not into really "masculine" pendants, like dog tags or anchors or whatever.I like some of the simpler ring designs on there.If anyone else has ideas, I'd appreciate suggestions.
Anyone know of a good store for men's necklaces? Want to get something, but the usual places online (Mr. Porter and whatnot) don't have interesting pieces. Not really into Miansai kind of stuff. Anyone know if a cool local shop in their town? Maybe something that's easily missed online? @conceptual 4est had a great one back in the day with a silver twig pendant, but that company is sadly no longer around.
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