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It's probably harder to resole those HS than your common Nikes. There are a few online companies that can resole sneakers. HS probably have to be sent somewhere special in order to get that kind of leather to match. Not even sure how it would work given that the uppers will have already been patina-ed. You probably have to be OK with a contrast sole.Resoling shoes isn't as difficult as people think, and you don't need a stitched on sole to do it. It's just that you can...
Have you tried using a square knot instead of a Granny knot?
Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" looks a lot like Our Legacy's lookbooks
Just grabbed the navy Schneider sweater. Thanks to Greg and Kyle for putting them up today.
No, they're different weaves. Dupioni is very tightly woven, with subtle striations. Tussah is similar, but more loosely woven. Matka is somewhere in the middle, and more hopsacky (so no striations).I'm a dirty man, so I like hopsacky stuff.
I don't think so. At least not good linen, but I haven't really worn a silk Matka jacket, so I can't say.Wish I could tell you. This vintage J. Press is essentially unwearable because of its bad alterations and condition. I only bought it to see how Matka would look as a jacket.
Thanks. I actually have some swatches from them on the way. Hopefully it works out, but I kind of wonder if most Matka nowadays just isn't as slubby as this Press. Paul at Winston seems to think so.
I just ordered of the website.
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