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I don't think is in the NBA.
Vintage ones typically cost about $50-100. Little more, little less, depending on the condition and how "curated" of a shop you're buying from. Fancier vintage shops = fancier prices.But there's probably not a single thrift shop in the US that doesn't have a rack of them. They're also all over eBay, and sites like this.Fedora Lounge has a good thread for how to date vintage peacoats, if anyone cares about "historical accuracy."The BR coat is nice in that its 1)...
$750 in the US (available at Self Edge, and probably Blue in Green in NYC). About $550 in Japan.
I agree with GDL that it should be Melton wool, and ideally in the 30-36oz range. In the low 20s, you're essentially just making a double breasted jacket with strange buttons and lapels. Why do a peacoat custom though? There are so many RTW options, and the thickness of the fabric gives the coat its own structure (so you're not likely to get a bad fit). I have the same Buzz Rickson coat as GDL. If I can be honest, I think the price is crazy given the number of vintage...
Are you trying to apply it to sale items? I don't think the discount code can be stacked on sale items.
It's always in GDL's signature, I believe. This month it's SF10JUL.
If your main concern is fit, and you don't plan on wearing this often, one idea is to just get some Hawaiian-esque shirting and send it -- along with a shirt that fits you well -- to any online MTM shirt tailor who can copy it for you. Proper Cloth, Cottonwork, and Luxire all do this kind of work. Essentially, they copy the fit and cut of your shirt, but make a new one from any fabric you give them.You can find Hawaiian-esque shirtings easily by Googling "Hibiscus fabric"...
They're only carried in Japan, AFAIK. Some links:Their online storeFacebook pageTheir websiteA better version of their website (IMO)
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