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The ultimate idea: a four-in-hand necktie that doubles as a single suspender. No idea what to do with the back part of your trousers, but my ultimate idea is 50% there.
A more streamlined look would involve a vest-to-trousers onesie. Seems like something @unbelragazzo might wear on a night out on the town. Could also help with bow tie sales.
You could also wear it as-is with a monogrammed pink sweater for a preppy look
"A huge teddy bear fleece coat is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all a huge teddy bear fleece coat says this: 'I don’t bother you - don’t bother me'.” -Yohji Yamamoto
For tailoring, you could go with Lardini.
::Considering starting a Kickstarter campaign to buy your spot so we never have to hear from you again::
For the record, I don't have a problem with drag queens. Or even with really aggressive styles. I like what @brad-t posts on this forum, for example.But when you came in here saying you don't understand why people are banging their heads over ToJ, when they could just go to the store and buy an RO and SLP for $3,500 total, you left out the most important part: your SLP looks nothing like what ToJ offers. Neither does Rick Owens.And when you kept pushing me on it, I told...
The contemporary floor at Barney's is a good analogy. I think of the designs as akin to the stuff you see from APC, Ami, or Acne. Although ToJ often feels like it has a little more edge than those companies.Dude, get over it. You came in here telling people you don't understand why they're "banging their heads over ToJ" when you bought two "actual leather jackets." You then bragged about how you paid about $3,500 for them total, and how great they are ("extremely nice...
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