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Thought I'd share some pics from that Free & Easy issue @NorCal_1 mentioned a few pages back. (Thanks to him for tipping me off to where I could buy it). [[SPOILER]]
I'm as anxious as the next person regarding my order, but to be fair, the last deliveries were in late-June/ mid-July, which wasn't that long ago. There was joona who received a varsity, and that nepats guy who received a jacket after calling Drew a snake. I'm sure there are a few others, but those come to mind most easily.
Photo of Barima on Slate. Guy looks effing awesome, as usual
Molloy sells stuff in different weights, but IMO, almost everything they make is better suited to jackets and coats. Including that blue herringbone.Lots of people use Fresco here for trousers.I think they're less useful than brown and blue sport coats, but grey tweeds are nice. Donegals and herringbones are pretty easy to wear.
Prob just cottons, linens, and tropical wools. Dugdale has some good cottons. I like W. Bill's linens. And Smiths and Minnis are popular sources for tropical wools. As @tchoy mentioned, @~ B ~ also has a bunch of nice warm weather fabrics for sale right now, if you want to contact him.
The best of both worlds [[SPOILER]]
30" cuffs [[SPOILER]]
There have been a few bold dressers to pass through this forum, and many of them have a style that I admire (Tirailleur1, LabelKing, Barima, etc). Here's Barima in a purple sport coat, for example. I think he looks fantastic. [[SPOILER]] What makes their style work, I don't know. But I imagine a lot of it is just venturing out on your own with little regard for what other people say.But yes, people's taste on this forum -- and this thread especially -- tends to be a lot...
Is that month supposed to be suggestive of your openness?
AFAIK, only one StyFo member has posted pictures of himself in a swim suit, and he no longer posts here.
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