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You're back! Good to see around. You should post more often in CM.
Kind of fashion related? Ireland apparently has rules for what you can call artisanal (or who you can call an artisan) http://consumerist.com/2015/09/01/mcdonalds-cant-use-the-word-artisan-to-describe-limited-edition-burger-in-ireland/
Chester Mox makes really nice custom leather goods.http://www.chestermox.com/blogAll hand saddle stitched. Prices are really competitive for the level of work, although I assume a leather tote will cost you a bit.I also like Frank Clegg Leatherworks. I don't know if they do custom, but they sell totes.http://frankcleggleatherworks.com/leather-bags/totes.htmlJW Hulme has some that are a bit more heritage-y lookinghttp://www.jwhulmeco.com/travel-totes-s/129.htm
I also love the rumpling. Lends a really nice, charming look.
No, it's a really small company. At the moment, it's just him, although I think he's looking to hire someone to help with trunk shows by the year's end. He does all the designing, product testing, materials sourcing, etc etc etc. He used to be the Director of Product Development at Isaia and then left to start his own company. Wore these models for two years to test the materials out and whatnot before releasing them.
Stoffa started a new line of MTM leather jackets today -- three different models available in lambskins, suedes, and peached cottons. Kind of more Italian feeling than what we usually talk about here, but really nice looking stuff IMO. http://stoffa.co/pages/outerwear Note, I know the owner of the company, but am obviously not connected to the label or project in any financial way. All proper disclosures and whatnot.
Sorry, I just realized there's a difference between keeping something open, locking it, and deleting it. I think you should keep it open, but if you decide to close it for some reason (really hope you don't do that), please don't delete it. I plan on using this thread for evidence when we pitch things to news outlets.
I think the thread should be kept open because it's still useful for organizing things. I was just in contact with someone in here who helped me get more info on Drew (not James, although that's another example of how we could lose touch with someone if this thread were to close). Don't know if changing the title of this thread is a joke, but I really do think it's a bad move to advertise Falcon and Luxire projects in here. People already got the message that you guys are...
Yea, that looks a bit too small. Also not a fan of that leather. It looks too heavily distressed IMO.
Will PM you with one in a few days.
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