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*orders Pardessus trousers*
There are a bunch of really affordable tailors all over Italy. The problem is always getting them to travel. Few are willing to go abroad, and those that do need to cover extra costs. And if they set their prices too low, they're at risk of bailing on customers once they lose one or two orders. Things can get unprofitable really fast if you don't have the right margins, which doesn't make things safe for customers.TBH, I don't get people who come on to this board and say...
By the way, did you get a chance to see any other tailors in that area? Even if just for a peek? I've heard there are a bunch of tailors within a few blocks of each other -- Arrigo, Coco, Veloce, Ragusa, Macchia, Savoca, Gorgone, etc. Would be curious to hear what you thought of their work.
Jesus. So, is the shoulder line on the on the cream DB exactly the same as the navy SB? It looks a little more padded and extended in the photos, but I don't know if that's because of the lighter fabric. Also, any more SF-robo pose photos of the two jackets with a collared shirt?
There was some discussion a few pages back. Just do a search for seersucker.
Oh yea, then the ones I suggested are definitely not it.That looks like a nice color though.What about that Delfino we talked about? Distributor price is really high, but you can probably just go through your tailor. Assuming the new color works for you.
I have a pair of tan Finnmeresco pants. It has some nice heathering to it, but it's not as porous as Fresco (and the weight is still 9/10).If you're going to take a look at Finnmeresco, you might as well also look at H&S's Crispaire. 332033 is a bit more yellow than Fresco 519; 332035 is a bit more grey. There's also a tan nailhead in 332015.
Then why come to this board and constantly ask questions?
I think it's hard to say much at this stage. Aside from the length, the jacket just isn't far enough along yet.The length looks nice though. And the tailoring seems clean.Shoulders are often cut a little wider at first, so they can be narrowed-in during the fittings. A lot of tailors draft their patterns like that (although I think Edwin aims to cut something a little more accurate from the go -- some tailors really just rely on the fitting). I also find that I prefer to...
New Posts  All Forums: