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I suggest dry humping less abrasive surfaces.
Just don't sit like these guyshttp://mentakingup2muchspaceonthetrain.tumblr.com/
Ben Edelman would like 3x the updates he's owed from ToJ.
Hey Charly, Distorb just bought this jacket, but wanted to know if you could change it a brown goatskin A-2. PM him if you can. Thx.
Another possible great ending to this ToJ story: Harvard professor Ben Edelman -- unaware of the drama that has been transpiring for the past year and a half -- buys a spot for full leather ToJ.
Please, let's not fight. Let us instead come together again on how much we dislike Distorb.
In further adventures of bad product photography
Overeager Area Man Reluctantly Accepts That His 4-Zip Leather Jacket Will Now Have to be Turned Into a 5-Zip
I will give $5 to Drew if he can package Distob's jacket so that it's sitting perilously close to the backside of the packaging tape, just enough for a razor blade to perhaps nick it while opening.
New Posts  All Forums: