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I'm not sure if we're disagreeing. That's the same as what I said.
I think they do OTR fits as well. The link I gave seems to have an OTR option along with MTM. (Although, it looks like the fabric is sold out. Maybe it'll return?)I gave them the measurements from one of my dress shirts. The fit didn't come out exactly the same, but after the free remake, it was good enough. A lot better than most online MTM shirt companies I've tried.
Not really the same, but Proper Cloth had this Japanese slub weave that's kinda-sorta similar.https://propercloth.com/dress-shirts/japanese-blue-slub-weave-52906.htmlYou can order swatches on their website. I think it's like three for a dollar. They're an online MTM company, so you can basically get whatever collar style/ details you want.
RLPL suits are actually more like $2500, so I'm exaggerating. Don't know what their MTM would be, but outerwear often nears $5,000.I don't really get uber-high-end RTW suits either, but if the jacket fits well, there's no real reason to go bespoke.
I don't think they're preparing to end the label. I think RRL just doesn't fit with the company's new strategy (there's more in the article) and it's likely that it'll get cut at some point.The subline might be Ralph Lauren's pet project, but I assume he cares about the larger health of the company than a subline.
http://www.wsj.com/article_email/struggling-ralph-lauren-tries-to-fashion-a-comeback-1465272240-lMyQjAxMTE2MzAwNzIwOTcyWjBasically sounds like RLPL will stick around as a loss leader to give everything else a halo ($5000 suits made to help sell $10 pony-logo polos). The bulk of the company will probably be focused on making trendier Polo line items and basics, as well as lower-end brands, since that's where the bulk of the revenue comes from.Between D&S and RRL, D&S fits...
So inspired to see Eric Glennie make it to Pitti Uomo.
Thanks, guys! I was looking at that BBJ indigo shirt as well. Saw it at the NMWA trunk show and really liked it. Maybe I'll give that a try. The Tender shirt has a nice color, but the fit is a little too aggressive for me.
Plus, you know, they said they were looking to cut RRL. Prob the biggest clue.Only carried in Asia, as far as I know. You would probably have to go through a proxy.Belief in Moscow ships directly to the US though and their website is in English. Never ordered from them beforehttp://www.beliefmoscow.com/en/webstore/brand/10-old-joeOther stores tend to have more interesting collectionshttp://www.phaeton-co.com/?mode=cate&cbid=1367938&csid=1http://oldjoe.jp/#stockistStevenson...
Given everything that has been said -- shorter production times, emphasis on getting people to pay full price, refocusing on basics, scaling back luxury items -- I would imagine RRL goes out before D&S.
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