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Haven't tried the 613S, but the 519 is something like a compromise between the (regular) 613 and slimmer fitting 626.The regular 613 is just a traditional fitting Perfecto. Some people find they need to slim the arms down, but it depends on the look and feel you want. The 626 is a slimmer fitting jacket off-the-rack, but it has a longer body (which @0JSIMPS0N likes). 519 is a kind of in-between model -- like the 626, but with the length of the 613.I liked the 519 fit, but...
Can I get your guys' opinion on these two coats? First is vintage; second would be new. The second one is also longer and (I presume) comes with better trimmings, but it won't have the beat-up character of the vintage jacket. Am fine with also hearing they both suck.
If your shoes are made from crust leather, I wouldn't recommend it. I once ruined a pair of crust leather SC shoes with Reno conditioner, and Reno'Mat seems only harsher. The problem is that you can strip the top layer of the crust leather right off, leaving a rough patch. You could also permanently discolor the leather (meaning the actual leather, not just strip off polish that you can reapply later).I talked to Phillip once about this at a trunk show, and he said he...
I don't remember the exact price, but it wasn't very much. Shipping isn't included, so that will add to your cost. Sort of the problem with any non-US company, so not that unusual if you're used to buying from European brands.They do a great job with the uppers though. Just be specific about what you want.
You need to have a partner for that to be useful though. Maybe a little more relevant for StyleFarmers: a jacket that will hug you every time someone likes your photo:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/15/like-a-hug-jacket-embrace_n_1942421.html
I've found SC does a really nice job with uppers. If you don't want them to heavily darken the toe caps, you can request that. IME, they're very attentive to details, so long as you're specific about what you want. The light burnishing isn't too different from what EG provides. Although, if you don't even want the light burnishing, you can also just ask for a restoration and polish.
Don't know if this has been posted before in the thread, but this is a fun watch. Lots of leather pieces (originally found the video on Rosie's blog, IIRC)
Buzz Rickson x Bills Khakis
Really cool piece from Junya (AW07). Was on @Rosenrot's webstore, but is now sold out.https://rosen-store.com/collections/outerwear/products/jun-1020?variant=19481158663Actually made from a coated cotton, but looks a lot like the kind of leathers (material wise) you'd see at M0851 or something. [[SPOILER]]
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