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It sounds like you have a lot of experience with brands and already know what you liked/ didn't like. You can try using Rawr Denim's jean finder, which can be helpful if you know what kind of measurements you're looking for http://scout.rawrdenim.com/denim Self Edge has something similar, but only for jeans they carry http://selfedge.com/ For what it's worth, I'm guy in his mid-30s and I wear 3sixteen SL-100s, Stevenson & Co's 767, and The Flat Head's 3009. They all...
I tried to get Mario (Jr) to send me some umbrellas for a long time. Pretty sure it's impossible -- or at least, it's not worth the time and headache at this point given that online retailers such as The Hanger Project and NMWA stock them. They also sometimes pop up on eBay, but not the single stick versions. Their direct prices are a little cheaper if you buy them when you're in Italy, but not that much cheaper than what's being offered online. At least not if you're...
I don't remember the weight, unfortunately, but it's heavy-ish. I'd guess maybe 13/14oz? It's from Solbiati.Can't remember what AC charged me, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $600-700. They supplied the fabric.I'm actually thinking of getting a green tweed version made up -- either Donegal or Harris. Leaning towards Harris right now, but I have some W. Bill Donegal swatches (supposedly) on their way.
I really like that fabric design. If I can find something like that, I'd happy take it over a dotted navy silk.
600-800 GBP doesn't seem that far off from what a lot of designers charge for outerwear these days, but advising a store to carry more expensive buys feels vaguely like that Seinfeld episode about Dream Cafe, where Jerry advises Pakistani restauranteur Babu on how to manage his business, and the whole place falls apart.
He also said this at his last show, which given the clothes, doesn't seem to make much sense:"This house is not the house of normcore and I am done with minimalism. This is why we will use hardcore styling."http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2014/06/jean-touitous-best-apc-quotes.html
I almost guessed public bathroom selfies.
Possibly the best use of the "I have a black friend" excuse.
I had this linen safari jacket made a couple of years ago. It has a reverse pleat on the back for movement; half belted back; long sleeve gauntlets so I can roll the sleeves up; bellow pockets (mostly just to push the design more into jacket territory); and little snaps on the corners of the pocket flaps, to help keep them laying flat. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was leaning towards the first as well, but wanted to get some second opinions. @lukejackson, yes the first is from Derek Rose. I was thinking of having something similar made through my tailor, so the photo will be more of a guideline. I like the contrast in pattern between the body and the lapels.
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