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So is the argument here that ToJ just needs to target a different kind of forum customer? Cause Vass seems like it's still heavily relying on forum type people -- just a different kind.@LA Guy and @Fuuma: TBH, I don't really understand your guys' overarching arguments. ToJ is not suffering from overly nit picky customers. If anything, people here been slavishly fawning (people comparing these to Tom Ford and SLP or whatever). It's suffering at the moment because it...
Yea, but as you know, Vass had a huge problem with getting distribution for a while because of their B2C model. I also think you're comparing apples to oranges (or in this case, handwelted, custom shoes to machine-made custom jackets). I buy that Vass' prices are undervalued in the market. TBH, I don't buy that ToJ is. Quality wise or in terms of costs to produce.I've already said in another thread that I think discussions about leather jacket quality is mostly mumbo...
Pretty surprised I'm wrong tbh
I don't understand. There's been a huge boom in B2C businesses that are essentially doing what ToJ does -- self-measured MTM garments targeting the non-super rich customer. Just look at dress shirts, for example. Or take MTM out and just look at B2C brands like Gustin and Meermin. They seem to be doing pretty well.It cuts off wholesale, but that's a different kind of business with different obstacles altogether. You need to show at tradeshows, develop relations with reps,...
He means the patterns used to cut the various panels of a garment.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pattern_%28sewing%29#Patterns_for_commercial_clothing_manufactureIn Drew's MTM, those are probably adjusted through a CAD program, and then printed out and used to trace over the fabric/ leather.
Arizona Ice Tea?
If you bought the name though, you might not get it for 1.5 years.
Coats are perhaps the least well defined of any category in classic men's clothing, so terminology is pretty loose. Ulsters are traditionally country garments made from tweed and have patch pockets, but that's not always the case. The only things that I think are truly essential are the half belted back, double breasted design, and most of all, that signature collar. You can see though, this could veer very easily into certain polo coat designs. Anyway, nice looking...
Edit: nm. petty arguments in threads suck.
I spend most of my time joking around on here, but seriously -- what a shit post to disregard people's concerns over what's been a 1+ year delay on their $800 jacket (multiplied by however many jackets they've ordered), and then slide in some high-and-mighty, classist and ageist attitude. Lots of "struggle kids?" WTF?The freakouts and conspiracy theories here have been ridiculous, but your post is the worst.
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