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Unrelated to anything, Kyle told me solid navy will be among the linen swatches for Inis Meain MTOs, which means a navy linen crewneck will be available. Rather excited about that.
Something not commented on often by men who love classic style: the surprising number of instances of unusually short ties in the first half of the 20th century (even on men typically trotted out as icons of classic men's clothing). It's a style carried on today by Bryan Ferry
It's not to my taste, but I don't think it's done with the intention of trying to fool people into thinking you don't care. The look may have originated from that, but it's a purposefully done detail at this point that's obviously just a fashion statement within a small circle of people - no different, frankly, than any other fashion statement done in any circle of people, at any point in history.People here just don't like it because they have hyper conservative tastes,...
Actually just received it, and emailed Kyle my dumb ass question(s).
Anyone have Kyle's email address, so I don't have to bother Greg with every dumb question I have?
Not sure if this has been posted yet -- apologies in advance if it has -- but I thought some people here might be interested in Simon Crompton's interview with Mark Dunsford, where they talk about Harrisons acquiring W Bill http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/03/w-bill-and-smiths-sold-mark-dunsford-interview.html#.Ux6kjuddUmU
Almost anything, no? Chinos in khaki, navy, or dark green; flannel trousers in grey or a light enough fawn; calvary twills in tan; corduroys in a dark enough brown, etc. Seems like a really versatile color.Hm, I might have to bow out then. Looking at my 82 last EG Shannon, I think the shape isn't for me, at least for a chukka. I have a pair of Saint Crispin chukkas on their classic last. If that's like the P2, I'd be onboard. Otherwise, I think you're right that 202-style...
If we're talking about EG's mink suede, I would prefer Vass' medium brown, FWIW.
Thanks, Moo. Can I ask if you're particularly tall? I know flight jackets traditionally run a bit short, but I'm wondering if yours was especially short because of your height, or because you just didn't like the style.My alterations tailor told me once that he taught John how to sew. He's actually a flight jacket fanatic himself, and rather well regarded in the "repairing flight jackets" trade. No idea if he was exaggerating on that though.
Yea, that's probably the most misleading angle for any kind of clothing - the fit of a jacket, the shape of a shoe, etc.I welcome more photos, but think I'd be happy with the F last, personally. Wouldn't be against a P2 chukka though.Just for fun, here are some NMWA pictures of Vass' medium brown suede. I think it would make for a great chukka.
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