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Fair enough.RJman told me once that Lock uses offshore manufacturers for their non-Panamas. (I think I'm remembering that correctly). No idea if it's true, but I have two Lock hats and I like them.
What do you not like about Bates or Lock & Co?
Neil Steinberg has a good book about this (Hatless Jack). Hats have definitely been going out of fashion in North America, and most of the Western world, for the last seventy-five years or so. Part of it is that they're less necessary nowadays as people rely on cars and public transportation. Part of it is about how hats were seen as stodgy and conformist at some point, and post-WWII fashion valued the young rebel. Part of it is that fashion has become less and less...
Returns for store credit or exchanges only is the wackest thing in fashion right now
Maybe E.Tautz, Umit Benan, Lucio Vanotti, Second Layer, and Deveaux?
Thanks for snapping those photos!
I haven't sprayed a protectant on my suede five-zip, but I sprayed another suede jacket. I don't know if I would ever wear these out in the rain, tbh, but I think the protectant helps keep stains away (maybe from a spill or something).FWIW, I spoke to a cleaning expert who said spraying these things at home can be dangerous, since a glob of that stuff can spit out and stain the jacket. Prob best to heed that person's advice, but since I haven't had any issues spraying...
Stopped in on my friend Robert Geller to see if he's still telling people he's not that Robert Geller on Twitter. Was happy to see him being trolled by NMWA
Received a PR email about this and thought maybe someone here would find it interesting. Buck Mason has a somewhat standard/ generic looking DR coming out, with a pre-order price of $795 (down from $895). Maybe a good option for someone on a (relatively) tighter budget. No Man Walks Alone is also getting some leather jacket brand. Photo on their IG, but no brand info...
Isn't there room for both?Forgot to add, if I get de Redes, they won't be the original chisel toe model. They'd be round toe.RJ says this will make them camp mocs, but I don't really think the chisel toes are for me.
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