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Wow, just noticed your signature.Is Synthese turning CM?Kind of explains the dad jeans.
I've never bought cloth on eBay, but a friend has and supposedly had a good experience. I don't do it because I've been disappointed by so many swatches online. You see something you think is nice, get a swatch, and it turns out the color isn't right (so many sellers don't bother to color correct images); the pattern isn't the scale you assumed; or the hand isn't what you expected. I find it helps to buy from people who can give you more information. Ed here is good --...
Anyone by chance know if Barney's includes fragrances in their end-of-season sales? Or is their Purple Card event the best time to buy?
For anyone in NYC, Luigi is returning to the city next month. The trunk show will be held on April 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Location is at the HMS International offices (730 5th Avenue in Suites 502 and 503). If you're interested, you can email Luigi directly at luigisolito (@) yahoo.it
Speaking of denim, anyone have a recommendation for skinny-ish black jeans with not-too-low of a rise? I tried on N&F's Weird Guys and liked the leg line, but not the seat. A friend suggested I check out RgT's Stanton and SK fits, but the local shop is sold out. Not looking to get anything too skinny, but also not looking for slim straight-legs.
That's a spalla camzodiac killer.
I don't know how swatches are made, or if the process is the same for every custom swatch order. I do know that some are piece dyed in a bucket, depending on the project at hand.The Fresco here actually hasn't been put through any finishing process, although that doesn't matter for photo representations. In person, it doesn't have the same hand as regular Fresco since getting that finishing on such a small piece wasn't possible. On a full run, the houndstooh Fresco will...
Whoops. Stand corrected.
Aren't those John Lobb London, not Paris?From the photo, they look like they fit you better than the last pair, but I'm not crazy about the style. The wing also looks slightly off to my eye, but maybe it's the angle.Might be good to spoiler a long line of pics of the same shoe, btw.
I think he meant how the coats hung off the shoulders like opera coats or shawls.Some of the pieces were indeed pretty ugly, but I still loved the outerwear and reconstructed floral dresses.
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