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Probably a stupid question, DWFII, but do you know why it doesn't seem possible to get this same effect on suede? Calf ones have a really pretty pie-crust apron, but on suede, it's pretty much just a typical ridge.Is it just because the nap hides all the detail?
If it helps to know, I've sent some pretty badly stained clothes to Rave Fabricare in Arizona and they've always been able to take care of things. Their usual advice is don't pre-treat stuff, but instead just send it to them as-is. Prices aren't cheap, but they're also not bad.
My favorite picture of him is still this one:
Membership-Based Unlimited-Haircuts Salon Goes Bankrupt in Predominately Asian Cities
Just imagine then what kind of amazing haircut you could get if you went a whole year without getting one. Like with clothes, I say buy fewer, but better, haircuts.
You just missed this by one size. MA-1 in a size 1.http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATTACHMENT-A-W2009-MA-1-BOMBER-S-UNDERCOVERISM-RAF-SIMONS-/161537560358?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item259c638f26
So long as you're happy with the person who cuts your hair, I suppose it's all the same. My point was that one shouldn't write off expensive haircuts as being rip-offs. The place I go to doesn't offer booze, shoeshines, or shaves. It's the kind of place that mostly caters to women, but I've found that the technical skill there is much better than any barbershop I've been to. I go about once every three weeks.I lived in Moscow for a while and there was a salon near my...
I agree that, most of the time, you get a lot more "value" for your money if you go directly to makers (assuming they don't have to artificially inflate prices in order to appease their distribution channels). But not everyone has the ability to go directly to makers, especially if they live in a small city. There are some more options now with the internet, but it's still somewhat nascent.I was only making the point that marketing accounts for a small percentage of the...
I used to think this until I started going to hairdressers, instead of barbers. I don't care about free booze, shoeshines, or old-timey environments, but I've found that people who work in salons often have professional schooling behind them, while barbers are just guys with on-the-job experience. That professional schooling, in my experience, matters a lot. I pay about $85 now for haircuts and will never go back to $25 barbershops.
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