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Maybe we can help by making a spreadsheet.
I assume @LA Guy can help with that.
Lots of photos here of men in public bathrooms. I suspect half the forum is queer. The other half Republican.
Anyone have a recommendation for good, tightly knit, navy wool gloves? Looking for something on the the sturdy side -- so no uber soft cashmere or anything like that. Also, no logos, touchscreen fingers, contrast palms, or any other details. Just solid navy wool, if possible.
He should find out from Charly who actually owns that jacket and arrange for some kind of direct delivery. If it happens to belong to one of the people who told him to keep the jacket though, he should take their advice.
@klonowj, I think you should send it back. It's probably someone else's jacket. Obviously your call, but I think screwing someone else over is lame.
At this point, this is less about annoying fanboys and more about annoying members of the peanut gallery.
There's only one way to know for sure. [[SPOILER]]
Maybe after going "full bull" on a tailor's work you never experienced, it's not such a good idea to go "full bear" on a coat you never received.
Just say it's drape.
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