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Below are some photos of Vox's brown Frescos. The first one is the 518, and the others are from the run Slewfoot organized. Mine is closer to Slewfoot's run, but with less of a reddish cast. IMO, it'll go really nicely with cooler greys and blues, as well as any of the cream linens and olive chinos that someone might have in the closet.
Probably not, to be honest. They were reluctant to take on individual shipments like this, so I'm not sure I can get them to do even more specific individual shipping quotes. It's a pretty flat $47 fee, assuming you're ordering no more than 5 meters. After that, the shipping price might actually go up.
For those interested, the tobacco brown Fresco run is ready to go. Below is the swatch. It much like the run @Slewfoot organized, in that it's a 10oz cloth with a a mixture of yarns to give it some visual depth (dark browns mixed with mid-browns), but it has a slightly less reddish cast. I think it came out really, really well. Cost is $70/ meter (VAT excluded), and delivery will be $47 from the UK. If you've already PM'd me about this, wait later today and you'll receive...
Lots of brands to check out - Margaret Howell, Battenwear, Albam's house line, etc.Fisherman smocks are also worth considering, if you're into that style.http://www.merrowclothing.co.uk/Those fit huge, but people come out with smocks all the time.
Yea, they go 60% off, and then I think one more drop after that. I can't remember what their sale schedule is like, but many of the stores I follow seem to do price drops every three weeks. I think this one just started, so maybe in another two weeks?
I've been thinking about getting a pair of Chelsea boots soon too. What color are you thinking of M? I imagine black?I keep hemming and hawing on whether or not the style really suits me, but I guess you never know until you try. There are some die-hard enthusiasts for them though.
Thanks guys.Hm, this is really confusing then. The swatches I have here resemble the photos in@sevenfoldtieguy's post, where mink is a darker, slightly more reddish shade, while mocha looks a bit more like a "true" dark brown.Maybe we're saying the same thing though. @hoodog's comment that mink suede resembles G&G's mole suede makes sense to me. I suppose I just see that as having reddish undertones, not blue. (thanks for the additional photos, btw, hoodog).If anyone else...
Sorry to break up the CC Dover talk, but I was wondering if I could get people's opinion on EG's mocha vs. mink suede. I'm thinking about getting a pair of Chelsea boots in a brown suede very similar to these JLs below. From the swatches I have, mocha seems too light, but mink too dark. Between the two, does anyone have an opinion on which would be a better choice/ closest to the boots below? The swatches I have are unfortunately quite small, so it's hard to extrapolate....
Further reductions on select brands at TBS. http://tres-bien.com/
They're also going off the Julian calendar, so by Monday, they really mean Tuesday.
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