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Recently received the dark brown French calf service boots, and they fit much tighter than my 3sixteen x Viberg Chromepak service boots. Which makes me think maybe different leathers - even on the same model and last - fit differently. These French calf boots, for example, have a piece of leather in the heel cup, which not only makes putting them on a bit more difficult (as my heel scrapes against the leather), but it also feels like it reduces the size of the shoes...
Really looking forward to that Frozen Waves coat coming. Great job to @gdl203 on somehow managing to bring that back.
That's really interesting. Do you know the reason why? I assume it would just be cosmetic - as reverse calf and sanded down full grain (I assume) will probably have different naps.
Hadn't know about Rosenrot. Thanks, @the shah. Anyone have other good blog recommendations? Thus far, the only real womenwear blog I read is The Cutting Class. Doesn't have to be anything avant garde focused, but I like that TCC and Rosenrot write smart things. Would actually prefer something related to men's clothing, but am happy to read anything. I also follow Gwarizm, FWIW, although I think that's a bit too far afield for folks on this forum (more '90s streetwear,...
Reverse calf is more durable, as the leather tends to be thicker and made from more tightly wound fibers. I just don't think split grain leather is some bad thing that will break down after three or five years. Most suede shoes are made from split grain leather, and I own some that have lasted quite a long time.
Just my opinion, but I think you're really overstating the weakness of split grain suede.
Just received an SLP jacket. Their clothes are so small, that their outerwear can be sent in tiny, tiny boxes.
I don't know what tannery they're from, but they're from Japan. FWIW, I had a wallet made once out of Japanese shell cordovan, and it seems to be the same material as this. A bit more pliable than my Horween stuff, and a little more mottling in color.
Thanks. And yes, I took the same size.AFAIK, they plan on introducing the Japanese shell cordovan in the coming coming months. Really nice stuff, IMO.
A bit of a confession: I designed those boots. I wrote about them today at Put This On, but here are some photos for the thread (cause we all like photos).
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