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Camoshita SS16 http://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/camoshita2016ss/
Camoshita FW16 http://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/camoshita2016aw/index.html
I have a sweater from them that I really like. Not super fancy or anything, but it's held up well. Not sure what else to say about it.
I take the same size in the 202, 82, and 64.The 64 is wider in the toe box than the 202 though. I like it with jeans.
If you're looking for a true Ulster, you're probably looking at bespoke. With fewer men wearing tailored clothing, there are even fewer buying tailored overcoats. Polo coats and simple topcoats remain, but it's harder and harder to find other styles. That said, if you're just looking for something with an Ulster collar, you can probably find one at a traditional shop. Maybe check O'Connels or something. A lot of those old trad clothiers have deadstock. Some designers also...
I like all the suggestions mentioned above -- olive, stone, raw denim, etc. I would just add navy (like raw denim, but in a more tailored form).Regarding that Ring Jacket, I assume they had the fabric custom woven for them. That's how a lot of ready-to-wear manufacturers operate.Fabric on that RJ looks good.
You just tell there where you'd like material added/ subtracted, and how many millimeters.
Raf is taking these childhood themes a little too far.
Tailored jackets are made by Belvest now.
Why would they think that when O'Shea is seemingly only interested in fashion forward brands (e.g. Vetements, Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane, etc)?I actually can't think of a non-fashion-forward company he's interested in.
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