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Honest to God, for a while, I used to think PB worked as a hairdresser.
Rosenrot just did a podcast with Care Tags. http://the-rosenrot.com/2014/07/rick-owens-palais-royal.html http://thecaretagsshow.tumblr.com/post/90269958343/episode-13-gracia-rosenrot-on-commes-des-garcon I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I usually like their podcast, and one with Rosenrot seems like a bonus.
Speaking of which, that run of brown Fresco I've been organizing is ready to go, if anyone is interested. Below is the swatch. It much like the run Slewfoot organized, in that it's a 10oz cloth with a a mixture of yarns to give it some visual depth (dark browns mixed with mid-browns), but it has a slightly less reddish cast. I think it came out really, really well. Cost is $70/ meter (VAT excluded), and delivery will be $47 from the UK. I'm collecting orders until July...
FME, they're a bit slouchy by nature. There are some made with a teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy touch of polyester, which helps them retain their shape a bit better. Think of how polyester is added to socks, for instance, in order to counter the tendency for wool or cotton to stretch out.I own two linen sweaters from Inis Meain, and like them a lot, but they're the only ones I've come across that don't get slouchy after a while. They're basically like wool sweaters, but are...
No, this is the W&B shirt below. I was just citing some new RRL stock at End
I actually bought that J Crew Wallace & Barnes shirt @NorCal_1 mentioned. It arrived yesterday, and I'm pretty happy with the purchase. The problem with most of J Crew's things (FME) is the fabrics. They're often cheap and flimsy, but the W&B line seems to step it up. The fabrication on this shirt seems just as good as any of my RRL shirts, and it has flat felled seams and triple stitching. As NorCal said, it's very RRL in nature, and a surprising deal for $30 shipped.End,...
I guess the Passagio Cravatte affiliate thread is shutting down, which means all the posts will be gone. Figured I'd save this somewhere, since it was one of the more useful posts out of the whole thing.
Most of those suits will come with really slim trousers, so when you size up, all you need is to make sure the thighs fit OK, and then you can have your tailor let out the waistband. All suits (that I know of, anyway) have an allowance for adjustments.
Nothing serious here, but I thought this was amusing. A blog post from Steedhttp://www.steed.co.uk/en/blog/so-i-was-in-mcdonalds/
Below are some photos of Vox's brown Frescos. The first one is the 518, and the others are from the run Slewfoot organized. Mine is closer to Slewfoot's run, but with less of a reddish cast. IMO, it'll go really nicely with cooler greys and blues, as well as any of the cream linens and olive chinos that someone might have in the closet.
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