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Still one of the best clothing-related clips on YouTube.I've always liked the Steed jacket that was made for Glenn O"Brien.
That's happened to a few of my dress belts. I've since worn Brooks Brothers and haven't had any problems. I think they retail for about $125, but go on sale fairly regularly around $100.
TBH, the greater crime is how ugly that jacket looks.
Agree, they do look nice. I just rarely find them on my feet.I suppose after a certain number of shoes, versatility becomes less of a concern anyway. If they put a smile on your face when you put them on, that can be reason enough to buy for some.
That's the theory that led a lot of people, including me, to drop $1,500+ on them.I found there's no real time where I would rather wear a dress boot, but not regular oxfords. And no time I would want to wear a boot, but not just a regular, more casual style. They end up being neither fish nor fowl, and add a dandy element to your outfit without actually being more elegant.IMO, the winter thing is overstated. If the weather is really foul, I end up wearing more casual...
FWIW, I ordered that boot a few years ago. It gets almost no wear, and I think the other people who have ordered it (back when dress boots became a thing on the fora) have the same experience. Nicer in concept than in practice.
Hey Metra, do you know how this case was put together? And do you have contact info for any of the attorneys or organizations who worked on this case? (Feel free to PM me the info, if you don't want to post it publicly). I'm working on something similar and I would like to get some info.
I heard from a friend that the man running place is planning on closing it soon.
I haven't tried them, but a friend uses Dege & Skinner and likes them. They visit Boston several times a year. http://dege-skinner.co.uk/tailoring-visits/usa/ Napolisumisura also visits, although again, I haven't tried their shirts. http://www.napolisumisura.com/ Not sure if they visit Boston, but Ascot Chang tours through the US twice a year. I've been using them for a few years now and like their work. Starting price is around $175, but the good stuff mostly starts...
New Posts  All Forums: