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I received my jacket, but I'm still working on stuff. Obviously, this shouldn't preclude anyone else from working on things. I don't think people should look at me as though I'm the solution to their problem. I'm working on things because it really bothers me that Drew has ripped off so many people. Others are just as able to look into what recourse might be available to them or the group. They can also email me, if they want, to help out with stuff. Don't PM me though,...
You guys should do a Star Wars Challenge.
Haven't read the article yet, but part of the problem is that poor countries have very little control over their states. In order to get a strong government, you need taxes, and in order to get taxes, you need a robust economy. That's the catch-22, and part of the logic of why "defenders" of sweatshops say this is just part of the path towards growth. Whether that's true or not is of course open to debate, but it's certainly true that poor countries don't have much ability...
His "please remember that @robertgeller hates fashion and doesn't want to be mentioned with in any tweet about that world" got retweeted a bunch, which of course encouraged people to tweet at him more. My favorite so far is
You should ask them if they'll price match the price you have in your head.
What is it that you want?
I like Crompton's jacket, and have been thinking about getting something casual from Taub, but unless you're wedded to the idea of getting something from a certain cutter, why not go RTW? I feel like casualwear is more often than not better off the rack. Clothes have a lot more wiggle room in terms of how exacting they need to be for fit; designers have a lot of experience creating unique and interesting designs; and obviously you can get stuff for a much more economical...
Area Man Satisfied With How He Incorporated His Hardcore Roots into His Business Casual Wardrobe.
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