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I'm still fine in ~21oz tweeds indoors. I wouldn't layer knitwear under it, but I'm comfortable with the jacket and a collared shirt.
If you have the swatches in front of you, you probably know that Glenroyal is a smoother, softer tweed. It's sturdy, but it doesn't have the same springy-ness and coarseness of Harris. I suppose Harris a bit more like Shetland tweeds in that sense. Style wise, I think Andy is right that those sort of springy tweeds can look bulky when made up. Some days I like that look; some days I don't. I've never disliked the smoother Glenroyal types though. Either way, I think the...
Just saw there was a story about Nicholas at Manolo. The article is in Swedish, but it translates fairly well through Google Translate (or a browser plug-in, if you have one) http://www.manolo.se/artiklar/artikel/20160818/nicholas-templeman-bespokeskomakaren-som-ville-mer Some photos from the post, which I thought were nice. More in the article. (Also, very impressed that Nicholas wears French cuffs and a tie when making shoes! I'm sure he didn't just do this for the...
Prob James Hetfield.
Yes, made for him by Cleverley, I believe. They now have it in their Anthony Cleverley line.Edit: whoops, looks like Nicholas said it before me.
It might predate them, but as far as I know, that's an old McAfee design. Foster & Son has a version through their bespoke program.First three photos via Blue Loafershttp://blueloafers.com/shoes-2/foster-son-bespoke-shoes-4-finished-shoe/The StC version looks nice, but I wish I could see a few more photos of the design.
Anyone happen to have a pair of Mod 709? Found a few photos of it, but would be nice to see some side-angle views. Does anyone here happen to have a pair?
So many dead links now ...
Harris 520156 is nice. I like it better than the Glenroyal, personally. It's a larger scale herringbone.For Scabal, you should just contact your tailor. If he or she has an account with them, it shouldn't be something you have to track down.
Manton is also the one who started the Donald Trump thread in CE. So ... Illuminati?
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