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I wouldn't think the shininess has anything to do with it. Neither are as dressy as calf, but depending on the style of the shoe, they can work with suits.Shell cordovan looks heavier to me, even when the silhouette is the same. If it were me, I'd prefer pebble grain.
I made a joke about how someone should do a rewind chargeback on sin's proxy service. It was a dumb joke, so I erased it.Anyway, the insurance company thing makes sense. If it's just coming from them, seems like fair game. I was under the initial impression that the company was charging back stores, which really seemed lame.
Seriously, zero surprise that you did this a bunch last year.
+1Also really doesn't seem fair to the store, who missed out on an opportunity to sell the item to someone who wasn't going to cheat the system (and thus have better margins to stay in business).I get that everyone wants stuff, and wants to pay the lowest price possible, but IMO it's good to think about how to support the stores that are giving you a better marketplace (better products, "curation," service, or whatever that might be).
Feel the same way about both of them, although I like the stronger Los Angeleno vibe in Dana Lee's designs. Sort of that looser, boxier cut that you imagine someone wearing on Sunset Blvd with leather sandals.Anyway, I'm more likely to buy from any of those lines than Dries Van Noten or whatever, but I feel like there's a difference between where you spend your money and where you might draw inspiration. It's hard to get excited about a line that does super basic,...
I have a sweater from them that I really like, but overall, I wish the line was more interesting. Sometimes they do really cool fabrications, but a lot of the line feels striped down and minimalistic. Sort of like Our Legacy in that sense.That said, I like some of OL stuff too. It's just that, both lines are so basic that it's hard to feel swept away.Example: Lemaire is really minimalistic, but the cuts are so interesting that you really get inspired. Hard to feel that way...
Kapital documentary now online. https://vimeo.com/149834723
Just say you're getting free products to review now that you're an SF Onsite Legend."Oh wow, Nigel Cabourn sent me a free coat to review! And Esk Cashmere! And RRL! And Needles Rebuild! And Sunny Sports! And Viberg! Oh wow!"
New Posts  All Forums: