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The lapels, buttoning point, buttoning system, quarters, sleeves, and collar are all really ugly.The most charitable thing I can say is that it's super dorky. There are a couple of 1940s/ 1950s movies where actors are wearing lapels like this, although not that buttoning style.I also don't think it belongs in this thread, which is essentially about elite American tastes from the 1960s to the 1980s. Nobody from that social group would wear something like this.
Those are God awful. Sorry.They also don't belong in this thread. "Good taste" here doesn't mean "hey, check out this thing I like." It's about a very specific point of view.
Yea, I emailed my contact there and they wouldn't tell me anything.Hard to tell from photos, but it doesn't look as slubby as this Press.
B Black & Sons' Matka came today. Absolutely zero slubs. It might as well be a silk hopsack with a prominent weave.
His suits were made by the Caraceni family (Augusto, Mario, and Domenico)
It started with SA, but all Italian tailors say it with that accent. It's hard not to smile at this point when you hear it in real life."For de pents, do you want-a belt loops or-a side buckles?"Too tightly woven for me, and it has those striations I don't really care for. At least not in a jacket.
A lot dry cleaners are pretty awful, so be careful who you send it to. Most focus on quick turnarounds and low prices, rather than quality and careful cleaning. It's just the nature of the businessRave Fabricare in Arizona does good work. I send them everything that I actually care about. For suede, they have a big vat of non-liquid checmicals that they dip the jacket in. Doing so will make the leather lose some of its "newness," but it's as gentle of a process as anything...
I just think it's something guys delude themselves with to justify their expensive purchases. And something stores/ brands tell customers in order to get them to swallow bigger tickets.I mean, it could happen, but it's so far down the list of possibilities that buying a pair of HS AF1s cause they'll last you until you're in your 50s seems ridiculous.The idea that resoling expensive shoes makes them cheaper in the long run than actual cheap shoes is equally silly. The cost...
Didn't you find a unopened box of bespoke shirts in your closet?
This doesn't seem to be unique for you though.
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