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Same with this Kingsman suit (Kingsman now seems to be just a Mr Porter house line)
This might be a dumb question, but why don't more stores do lookbooks? These two shots from Mr. Porter are like night and day. They're both showing an Oliver Spencer jacket, but the styling and photography of the "lookbook" (actually just a photo to accompany a feature on William Gilchrist) is so much better than the product shot. Assuming you know someone photogenic, and can hire a photographer for like $500, wouldn't it be pretty low cost for a store to put together a...
I think I understand. Do you mean -- when you cut the chest straight, and the shoulder is on the bias, you get more movement in the shoulder because of the flexibility of the canvas?
Incidentally, I've heard that if cut the chest on the bias, then the shoulder is straight. Or if you cut the chest straight, the shoulder is on the bias.Is there a reason why someone would want more shaping in the shoulders? I get the shaping on the chest part, but I don't really under what it means to have a jacket that's strongly shaped in the shoulders.Is it better for people with very forward pitched shoulders?
I was so embarrassed to ask for triple patch pockets and three buttons on the sleeve on my last order. I had to pretend I hadn't decided on the details yet and told them I would email it in, just so I could hide my shame.
::insert awesome photo of RSS::He meant the canvashttp://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2009/02/drape-part-2.html
Kind of wish Foo had asked Cleverley to copy his Plaza lasted Alden brogues.
I don't think they have any fun at all.You can try to make fun.
FUN is just another crust leather. Comes from a different tannery than CRU, but it's been discontinued. AFAIK, any FUN colors are now just the same, but in CRU.
I like the idea, although I imagine it'll just get really grungy at the ribbing.Rick Owens DRKSHDW had a one a few seasons ago. Forum favorite Kanye wearing it:
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