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I'm aware, but my point is that tariffs are so ridiculously high on imported goods, foreign products are still more expensive in Russia than abroad.There are some people who smuggle stuff into the country, past customs. But they're still paying for the stuff using the ruble, which doesn't go very far.
I've always wondered how much clothing advice has been given here while the poster was sitting on the toilet.
Don't you have hipster friends? I assume this is the kind of stuff you guys talk about.
Anyone feel Brooklyn Nine Nine isn't that funny this season?
I don't understand this. If you had USD in Russia and were buying smuggled goods, you can maybe get some really good deals. But Russian rubles won't get you anything good abroad, and within Russia, everything is like 3x the price of what it costs outside of the country. Which is why anyone who has money in Russia does their shopping abroad (except for oligarchs, who don't care about paying $1,000 for a iPad or something).I lived in Russia for about a year and a half. A...
Mackintosh coat. If this is the bonded cotton model, the deal is pretty good. 42% off listed price with the code TIMESUP Pretty sure this is the Dalkeith model, which typically retails for $1,000+, not $850, like on Peterman. http://www.jpeterman.com/Mens-Outerwear/Favorite-Scottish-Coat
That actually sounds kind of fun.
Those look great. I'm always really surprised by how lightweight those Flyknits are when I put them on. Really impressive construction and technology, esp for the price.
The Hill Side opened a fabric shop. There are some Japanese madras shirtings in there, and some Molloy & Sons Donegals (including a navy). Prices on the M&S Donegals is surprisingly good. http://fabric.thehill-side.com/collections/everything
Have you visited their site recently? I visited a few months ago, and IIRC, was able to order back then. Visited again recently and I think the store part of the site has been taken down? I don't think they're taking orders at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: