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Anyone have experience with pigskin? @jerrybrowne tells me they're hard to break in, although Will said his were reasonably close to calf. Anyone else have experience? I kind of like the texture.
#hip hop heritage brand
Some of the best dressed men from the '50s and '60s wore knit ties with suits. Cary Grant, Peter O'Toole, James Bond, Paul Newman, Marcello Mastroianni, etc. [[SPOILER]]
Author linked the whole track pants/ jogger/ sweatpants + fur trimmed parka trend to Sean Jean. Calls it a hip hop aesthetic, although back then, I think Sean Jean really was the only company doing that sort of thing. They were maybe more velour, but the idea was basically the same.I said it was savage cause Sean Jean was one of the corniest brands back then.
Story in the Washington Post connects Vetements and Yeezy to Sean Jean:1) Had no idea Sean Jean was even still around (apparently they do $400 million in annual sales2) That was savage.
I have the Marathon Trails and took my regular/ Brannock size
I don't imagine smooth calf would have any advantages over suede (or vice versa) in terms of versatility. Depending on the kind of apron you get (if you get one at all), the stitching might look a little different though given the difference in nap and fiber structure. I like the idea of an alligator penny, but imagine that won't be as versatile. Always liked these on Will.
@nicelynice, I like those wrinkly Minotaur raincoats better.
Want to see you race around on the SuitSupply scooterhttp://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/campaign?c=racecase
Gotta find that sheep in Needles Rebuild cause you know he'll be a virgin forever.
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