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I take my jeans off whenever I move. Really prevents fading.
As sipang said, that's basically a Budapester shape, so most of the Eastern European/ German/ Austro-Hungarian shoemakers will have some version. Try Vass, Ludwig Reiter, Materna, Buday, and Massschuhe Stefan.Panta/ edmoral on this forum sells Buday; NMWA sells Vass. Both have MTO programs, I think. Just look up their Budapester last.Ludwig is a slightly more modernized version. Still high side walls, but less exaggerated in terms of shape.Some more niche makers...
Just embrace the fades. Denim looks so much better broken in. Harder to wear them with sport coats that way, but it looks great with casualwear.
Yea, I agree. That's the main thing holding me back. There's a lot of tan on there.
I don't know if I'd go as far as to say they're warm. Mine is a heavy cotton, and it isn't lined, but feels cozy because it's so enveloping. I wear mine with a thick sweater when it's like 60 degrees out and find it comfortable. For 40 degree weather, you'll probably want something warmer.That said, there's so much space inside you can heavily layer. Looks good with a lot of layering, IMO.I'm 37 in the chest and took a size 2. Also tried the size 1, but think these look...
I also need some capital in my life. I like it so much, but have never owned any.
Yes/ no? (kind of like it because it looks like a half-cookie-boot, half-Wallabee, but don't know if it might not be hard to wear)
I have a short version, made from the material show in the first photo (napped olive cotton). Really fun to wear, and does feel cozy. Kind of like throwing a blanket over yourself.
Really? Mine fit better when I move my hand.Some gloves are better than others, but I find when gloves don't have quirks, they essentially pull away from your palm when you stretch out your fingers. When there are gussets in between each finger, you get slightly less pulling. The area basically conforms closer to the curve of your hand.Did you ever order gloves from Causse? I was looking to get something from there. Sent emails to about five French makers asking if they...
I bought a pair of gloves from them a few years ago. IMO, you're better off with stock sizing than their MTM. More likely to get a better fit that way.Small thing, but I don't like their hand stitching along the points on the back.It's basically a machine stitched back with some decorative top-stitching, as opposed to other makers, who actually use (better looking) handsewing to create the points (the three lines on the back of the gloves). Top pair above is Lavabre Cadet;...
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