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The reason why I like the fit is precisely because he plays with proportions. Sometimes things can be interesting because they don't fit in these basic, somewhat pseudo-scientific rules about what makes XYZ thing aesthetically pleasing. For example, people on this side of the forum mostly try to achieve a V shaped silhouette with a suit jacket or sport coat. That is, broad shoulders and nipped waists. Pseudo-scientific justifications are often given about how this is...
Custom Tapered.
Try these guyshttp://www.moessmer.it/home_en.htmlhttp://loden.steiner1888.com/en/materials/schladminger.html
Stories about how slim-fit trends are out trend harder than actual non-slim-fit clothes.
Area Man Predicts Trend Almost Half a Decade Before It Happens
Nope. Still like it. (Ignore choppy Photoshop work and assume there's some pant leg stacking, which I can't create in Photoshop) Pants would look better if they were thicker and had a little stacking, like this
Longer pants and different colored socks and that guy would look great. 99% of us are wearing pocket squares in 2015. In every day contexts, we look like we're trying harder than him.
This season's E Tautz collection has some Jnco-level jeans.
Yes, the chest is meant to be a bit fuller fitting. If you don't like that look, you should probably not go to Steed.Vox's suits are a modified version of Steed's house style. I don't know anyone who offers an OTR version of what Steed does, even in the modified Vox form.IMO, you're better off trying a bunch of other suits and seeing what works for you (both for your body type and preferences), rather than trying to get on OTR garment that will make you look like Vox. You...
You should probably know that Vox's jackets aren't very typical of Steed's cuts. You should view @Slewfoot's photos in the Anderson & Sheppards Expatriates threads for a more representative sample. If you were to go to Steed and say nothing on your first commission, they would look more like Slewfoot's jackets than Vox. @unbelragazzo and Slewfoot might know better than me, but I don't know if Steed's MTM is that close to their house style. I can't remember. I vaguely...
New Posts  All Forums: