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Are any of your baller leathers SLP? If not, I'm not sure we can trust your opinion.A pass can also be granted if you own 11 Rubinacci jackets.
I don't think I've ever seen a $1,000 jacket made from materials that were genuinely crappy. Crappy meaning like what you'd find at H&M or some downtown, garment center, discount shop. When people say a leather is good or bad from one season to another, I take it to mean that they didn't like one vs another, not that it was genuinely crappy materials.You also have to factor in large-scale production (which, even on a niche, high-end designer level, is meaningfully large)....
What's great is how he describes the leather on his jacket as "leather that looks like, well, it would be on a $5,000 jacket."I hope brands start catching on."Hiroki Nakamura improved on Visvim's trucker jacket this season by using a denim that, well, looks like it would be on a $3,000 trucker jacket, rather than the denim that was used last season, which looked like, well, it would be on a $2,000 trucker jacket. Next season, he will introduce a new, innovative denim that,...
Anyone heard from Charly? I sent a few emails to the ToJ Gmail address to confirm that someone else now owns my spot, but I can't seem to get a reply from him.
Apparently, there's a green coat wallet called the 11 Eleven Wallet. http://shop.zimmermannkim.com/collections/featured-collection/products/the-11-eleven-wallet
The key is to unzip your fly and pull the tail through, so you reduce bulk.
Visvim swag levels kind of plummet when the clothes are set against a backdrop of Pirate's Booty Snacks.
Thumb comments are back! I hope this means @RJman will return.
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