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That's correct. You used to be able to pick up pre-Antonio Eidos jackets on Yoox a few years ago, but those have been long sold out. They weren't the same things as what's being offered now anyway.It's owned by an Italian company, made in Italy, often constructed from Italian fabrics, and uses Italian styling. Dirnelli's argument seems to be that Eidos is mainly sold in the US and that the designer is Italian-American, rather than italian-Italian.To me, this is like saying...
BBL, going to pick up my Indian food in Berkeley.
Sorry, but ...
I like the classic design. The only problem with the elastic is that, over time, it can develop this wavy, lettuce-leaf edge. I've heard you can get it replaced though.
Last I checked, which was a couple of years ago, the answer was no.
I like Susan Scafidi's take on cultural appropriation.http://time.com/2840461/pharrell-native-american-headdress/I don't think that article Naka linked is about cultural appropriation though. I think it's saying that when non-Asian people wear kimonos, it touches on issues dealing with Orientalism. Which is ... kind of true?I don't know if this means people shouldn't wear them, but it's hard to get away from those kind of stereotypes and historical legacies. When people...
Wearing a Niche field jacket right now from NMWA. Prob should change my StyFo name to "Buy Workwear"
That's basically what Instagram has turned into -- covert ads for brands and stores. Basically lookbooks/ paid advertisements trying to pass as selfieshttp://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/trends/a10949/how-bloggers-make-money-on-instagram/
You don't need to get an experienced catalog model. You just get friends, or maybe models who are looking to build their portfolios. Or you get a cross promotion going with someone -- like a musician, artist, writer, blogger, editor, or whatever. There are lots of ways you can get free models. They're not going to be the same person who models for J. Crew's catalog, but you don't have to choose between doing something like what Mr. Porter puts out and doing nothing at all.
New Posts  All Forums: