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You use Coccinella? How do you like their work?
If I ever retire from StyleForum, I'm going to hang my pair of Dovers over a telephone wire. ::praying hands emoji::
That's a standard style, just not in their current catalog. It's the "Double Moccasin Bottom Birdshooter" (style #S8030-27), but made to a shorter 6" height, so you only get 7 eyelets.I'm having that same style made now, based off an old Ralph Lauren archive shoe. The original pair they made for me didn't fit well, however, so they're being remade right now.Photo of the original RL boots:
My Templemans
That may or may not be true, but every shill I've talked to gives the same excuse. I think they believe it, but they don't understand their own subjective biases and how they're affected by free products.Anyway, I don't know anything about difou or his/ her arrangement with Claghorn. I was only suggesting that people return products they review, as this sort of practice seems more and more prevalent on message boards and I think it's not the healthiest thing for discussions.
I don't think it would be too much hassle. The original manufacturer would just include a pre-paid shipping label (or email it). It's what I do with the companies that sometimes ask for my opinion. Companies seem perfectly fine with including a return label. I think some even appreciate it.I don't think the forum is better with companies giving people free products to post reviews. Getting a free item biases people's opinions.
For a more honest review, why not have people send the ties back after they're done seeing them? Seems like more and more companies are giving free products in exchange for people "reviewing" them on message boards, and I'm not sure it encourages the most honest opinions.
Oh whoops. Should have looked at the site. Article presented as this "do all" service, which seemed hard to believe (prob should have checked)Price still seems surprising though. $32 a week for: weekly tidy up (I suppose it depends what this means); grocery delivery; laundry pick-up and return; and "more" (whatever more means). I pay something like $15 for lunch delivery (per meal), which is like half of that weekly service. (Although I also gripe about it because that...
WTF you can hire a personal assistant for $99 a month? http://observer.com/2015/06/a-fixer-for-your-life/
^ Black jeans and black side zip boots?
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