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I have the tan woven ones here, which I think look a little better than the open weave kind.I like them in theory, but they haven't made it out the house yet. Though, I guess summer just started.YMMV.
FWIW, that's often a good thing with Panama hats. Don't know where Borsos are exactly made, but the best Panamas come from Ecuador. Cheap ones are from China. [[SPOILER]]
The expression on his face suggests otherwise.
Have you tried washing your feet in hot water and throwing them in the dryer?
So it was a trip to dismayland?
Does anyone know what material these boots were made from? I believe they were originally sold by Superdenim, but I can't find any info.Am hoping for another dark brown service boot to be released, and these looked pretty good [[SPOILER]]
Wearing Inverallans naked is actually how I exfoliate.
I also tried that jacket on at Barney's, but found that I really liked it. A bit "basic" when compared to more innovative brands such as nonnative and Ten C, but still a nice jacket, and great for the price. The removable liner makes it better as a fall/ winter piece, IMO, where the faux shearling can give you a bit of a buffer zone so you can play around with whether or not you want to layer it with chunky sweaters.
I mostly wear crewnecks. IMO, a simple merino one (like the v-necks we're talking about, but with a different collar style) won't have that baggage of making you look like you're trying to "dress up." I feel like I've seen too many guys think that dressing up is putting on a collared shirt and v-neck, and it's created a stigma that I just can't shake from my head. As you said, it has a quaint "nice boy look." (At least when worn alone with a collared shirt and chinos).More...
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