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When did you order them?The grain on Joona's jacket seems unusually pronounced. TBH, they look like parts of a hide that should be cut around, not used for a jacket.Some lambs in the past, which is what I understood lamb to look like (maybe slightly more veiny, but not grainy per se):
Curious, have people who bought lamb in the past seen this much grain in their leathers?
I like tea core stuff for boots, but agree that the true blacks tend to look better for jackets. FWIW, that HB for SE Kensington was a brown/ black.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Himel-Brothers-Kensington-Leather-Jacket-Horshide-Shinki-Cafe-Racer-Size-42-/171322335429?ViewItem=&item=171322335429&nma=true&si=Hn%252FbSLi7SEasEipM4riAx1bWn%252FQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557http://instagram.com/p/mqOmnwKT6V/http://instagram.com/p/mqOwI2KT6e/For Distorb, Ironheart,...
Price drops at Bureau Belfast https://www.thebureaubelfast.com
There was a Diamond Dave Buco repro that flew under the radar on eBay for a bit. Really great price, but was unfortunately not in my size. I've also liked Lost World, but like with Kelso, the "reps" can be ... quirky.That Californian looks great, btw.The RRL I have is a dark brown cowhide cafe racer. No distressing; four zip pockets; gold colored zips. I really like it.Actually really like some of those Grizzly repros, but not sure my skinny, academic self has the...
Adroit, you own the RMC Buco repro, correct? Do you own any other leather jackets? I think I might hold out for that StyleForum x Thurstons project for a black moto, but I wouldn't mind maybe getting another leather jacket like this TFH piece you pictured above. Seems like we're interested in some of the same leathers. Do you have any you'd recommend, besides that RMC? The TFH piece at SE looks tempting, but I'm curious if there's anything else I should be...
They usually do three price drops. I think they're only on their first one.
For Christ's sake, please change your avatar back to the old horrible one.
Yea, the HB jacket I saw at SE seemed to be a special make. It was stiff-ish, but fairly thin, which gave me some concerns on how it would age. Other HB jackets in there seemed like the regular thick stuff you see on GW and RMC, but the black cafe racer they had was different.On the upside, it didn't feel like it needed to be really broken in at all. Was just a thin enough leather.
That looks great. SE used to have a Himel Bros piece I admired, but they've apparently replaced it with TFH stuff. Haven't handled the FH leathers in person, but all the other TFH stuff I own are favorites within their category.
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