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You're comparing apples and oranges. Slimming a Johnsons jacket down is not going to make it look like ToJ. Fashion design is about a lot more than making a jacket slimmer or fuller fitting -- there are tons of subtle nuances that contribute to a look.Johnsons makes nice stuff. If someone likes the look of Aero, Schott, and Good Wear kind of jackets, then they might also want to look at Johnsons. A lot of those makers can slim their models down, if that's what you want.But...
Thank You Baste God
That's impressive. Did you apprentice somewhere?
There are a lot of things that can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. One of the most common, however, is sleep apnea. If you have good health insurance, it's worth going in for a sleep study. Maybe even if you have to pay out of pocket. Sleep apnea can cause all sorts of permanent damage to your brain and heart in the long run -- it's not just about feeling tired throughout the day.Sore shoulders and back can also be related to not getting enough REM sleep,...
Have you ever been tested for sleep apnea?
Beat me to it. Was just posting this picture.
There's a large community of home sewing blogs. Most are run by women, but some are run by men. This guy is prob the only one who would approach anything typically talked about on this forum. He's working to build an entire wardrobe for himself from scratchhttp://www.taylortailor.com/Of course, there's also Tutto Fatto a Mano, which is run by a StyleForum member, but it's a bit more professional in nature. He's a professional pattern maker for a large RTW suit manufacturer...
So I bought a pair of Zimmerli Sea Island boxer briefs. They are holy shit amazing.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure people are mad because this thread doesn't deliver.
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