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Funny enough, I was actually thinking about getting a CM version of this Valextra folio.The price on the Valextra is crazy. $1800 for a machine stitched item, which seems ridiculous (even though I like some of their other cases). Thought maybe I could get a hand stitched version for half the price.That belt looks nice. I might send them an email to see if they can do a dark brown version of a thinner, 32mm dress belt. Maybe something nicer than the Brooks Brothers belt I...
Really? I read that same interview and thought it was nice to see someone be so refreshingly honest.It's probably the ugliest part of fashion, but the democratization of anything inevitably makes that thing feel less special.Raf's comment was partly about that, but also about the speed in which designer fashion is now produced. It's more and more like fast fashion nowadays -- more collections (pre holiday, pre fall, pre whatever), more clothes, more people wearing it, more...
This is going to be so fire.
Unfortunately at my tailor's right now for a small adjustment. I think I might get it back next month though. Can PM you photos when it comes.
IIRC, bespoke by Formosa, using a special run of navy wool seersucker from EuroTex (although they're a merchant, so probably woven by someone else). AFAIK, that cloth is no longer available.
I have a jacket from that book, which I think is fairly conservative in its speckling (#34579).
Tempted now to buy something from OP's ebay acct and leave negative feedback. "Meh, came in white envelope and not yellow."
^ Would love to see a side zip boot in that same snuff suede.
Not sure I understand that article.1. The old fashion cycle is continuing as it always has, it's just that some collections are now going directly to the floor after being on the runway. This feels more like it's about shifting the whole production cycle back, rather than forward. So you still have design -> prototype -> production, but now it's just that runways happen after production, instead of between prototype and production, no? Everything else still happens, it's...
That looks great.I think that's 5602 in that book, which is a brown and gray check. So both?
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