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Never really liked hacking pockets, tbh.Crescent is just crazy talk.
Mostly plain patch at the hips. Some flapped welt. No jetted, no flapped patch.I like the idea of a heavy sporting jacket with flapped patch. Barleycorn tweed like that sounds really nice.
Yea, I feel like there are so many great corduroy suits with flapped patch pockets. I didn't really understand how much of a difference a small ~14oz piece of fabric would add to the hips, but I ended up with plain patch anyway.Keep waffling on this flap welt/ plain patch thing with the houndstooth, but I think I'll stick with the second.
No belly Belly Little belly Lotta belly What feels like a bit of concavity (although I suspect this is just a straight lapel with a certain roll) IME, belly is partly about the cut of the lapel and how the lapel rolls. A somewhat straight lapel can look even straighter if you press the break a certain way (break being where the lapel starts to roll over).
I tried to get flapped patch pockets on a corduroy suit once with Steed. Edwin suggested the material would add too much bulk. Ended up getting simple patch instead.Not sure if the Abe Moon stuff might be similarly too thick. Was thinking more towards flapped welt. Although also leaning more towards keeping it plain patch.
OK, started. The General Lookbook Appreciation Thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/527847/the-general-lookbook-appreciation-thread/0_20
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