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They had this great idea for an online system a few years ago. Basically, customers could log in to their website using customer-specific accounts. Then they could see the details of their latest order and photos of their jacket or pants being made. I thought it was a great idea -- partly to engage the customer, partly to help with online promotion, and partly to make sure the customer's specs were the same as what was written down (so you could double check and make sure...
If you drop by to see Steed, send them an email first. Their main location is in Carlisle and they're only in London on certain days. You'll want to make sure they're at 12 Savile Row before dropping by. You can see examples of their work on Voxsartoria's blog (one of their clients). http://www.voxsartoria.com/tagged/steed
Steed shares a space with Chittleborough & Morgan. I really like their work, but they're not going to give the OP a Neapolitan suit. Solito is probably the best bet. Caliendo's price point is well above his budget.
I noticed that as well, but couldn't tell if maybe the jacket just didn't need some straightening given how the hem looks.If he really does need to adjust the left side, he could have the tailor adjust it without adding padding. It would just require taking it up at the shoulder line.Alternatively, if there's room, the tailor can let right side out so that it drops down. With a shorter jacket like that, I think that would be the better move.
I'm hesitant to put too much weight on a few photos, but I think the jacket could use a little more length. The right sleeve might look short because your shirt sleeve was cut for a watch. Maybe you're not wearing one in the photo? If you put a watch on, the shirt sleeve will probably ride up a little. The back of the sleeves look a little messy, but maybe that's due to how you're standing. Trouser pleats also seem to flare out unnecessarily, but maybe that's also due to...
Can I ask if you represent these brands? You've been posting things on here that seem to ride the line between impartial enthusiast and stockist/ brand promoter. It's hard to tell who on here has commercial interests nowadays.
He drew it for me. I met his nephew on StyleForum and he put me in contact his with uncle. I told him about how much I admired his work growing up as a teen and asked if he would autograph my jacket. He agreed, so I sent it to him and told him to write whatever message he wants. Had to look up contumacy when I got it back.
FWIW, mean streaks have a "crayon-y" kind of look. Like the yellow tag at the top of this picturehttp://www.ethersock.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ethersocks_new_york-graffiti-2396.jpgNot sure if that effect works for what you're doing, but something to keep in mind.
They're not really about fashion brands, but ProLiteGear reviews performance clothes. Maybe they'll have something useful for you?https://www.youtube.com/user/ProLiteGear/videoshttp://www.prolitegear.com/Here's one on the Squamish hoodie mentioned upthreadhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh4Y3pmJsBQ
Just a guess, but I think it's to help dull and dry out the leather? Maybe strip off any finishing.It's done with a mean streak, which is a kind of dry paint pen.http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-763W/Paint-Markers/Mean-Streak-Paint-Marker-WhiteThere are acrylic paints specifically made for leather though, if you want to paint or draw something more involved. This was done with a mean streak cause that's what's used on trains.
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