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Anyone have a recommendation for a fragrance that's similar to L'Artisan Parfumeur's Dzing? I like the leathery, vanilla notes in there, but the scent stays too close to my skin. Looking for a new summer fragrance, but don't want anything too fruity. Suggestions?
That looks great. I have three jackets on order, and the black lamb MDR is the one I'm most looking forward to.
When did you receive it?
I've had some shirts made from Grasmere and like them. From what I remember, Carl has mostly said that Acorn is OK, but not amazing, cloth, which I would agree with. I don't really care for super luxurious shirtings anyway, TBH. Obviously all up to taste.
Were you the guy I bought it from? People really slept on that deal.
I read this as the opposite. That some jacket styles will not be delivered until November or December.
Issues regarding orders aside, my condolences to Dan and his family. Really sorry to hear about his father's passing. That sounds like a really difficult time and I wish them well.
Drew saw @ricesuit's measurements and changed his mind.
Quick sales notice. Acorn is offering free shipping on orders over 100 GBP with the checkout code SHIP. Code lasts until the end of September. http://www.acornfabrics.com/
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