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That's what they charge for custom runs.
It would be double width.I have an old piece of Japanese boro cloth here. I'm kind of hoping to get a navy tweed in that color. It's a very muted, dark blue. Thinking about having it made as a Donegal herringbone, but again -- I realize that $150 a meter is a bit pricey for some people. I just can't get the price down any lower.Don't know who I would go for the windowpane tweed. I'm currently working with HFW to get the right shade of fawn flannel, but that's taking a while.
I've actually been thinking about getting something like that woven. That and maybe a navy Donegal tweed through Molloy, but their prices are a bit high (something around $150 a meter). Not sure if people are willing to pay those prices.FWIW, I think that Moonbeam version is really nice though.
Actually, all these look a bit warm.Does Vass not have any cool shades of brown shell cordovan? Or at least shades that are a bit neutral?
So few people care about Matches Fashion that even if you charged a proxy fee, Fok wouldn't ban you.
You mean the pointy one with the floating medallion?Do you know what's the one next to it, second from the right?
Someone here offered to proxy MP's Founder Sale, where people could get anything they want at half off. @jsimonovis413 PM'd the guy and found out he charges a 10% proxy fee, got upset that he could only get something at 45% off instead of 50%, and thus reported him to mods. Obviously the guy was breaking StyFo rules by charging people, so he got banned and then later fined. Our rule-abiding @jsimonovis413 would now like to know who else can break Mr. Porter's rules for him.
Anyone know if Vass has brown shell cordovan that leans towards the cooler side of the color spectrum? That is, any brown shell that doesn't have a hint of red in it? Cigar sometimes looks like a neutral mid- to dark-brown in some photos, but in others, it seems a bit warm.
The guy you got banned does.
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