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Those are pretty cool.Looks like they were inspired by Regency-era dress. Beau Brummell used to wear pants like that.
Definitely yes on that shirt.
Do you whip that cape dramatically around yourself when making an exit?
I ended up buying these white painted Margiela side zips on the strength of @notwithit, @Synthese, and @Fuuma. Thanks to everyone for the feedback though!
Casual Friday at Big Five law firms now is all sashiko chore coats, nonnative side zips, and capes.
If you mean the blue and white striped thing underneath, that looks like your standard Bengal striped shirt.If you mean the green thing, that's a fisherman's smock (or their take on it, as traditional ones typically don't have chest pockets).Lots of nautical-inspired companies have them. Armor Lux, Saint James, etc. Also some vintage ones floating around here and there on eBay sometimes.
AFAIK, you can taper from the inseam. That's how a lot of raw denim guys do it, so they preserve the selvedge.
Just bought a pair of Dickies last week. High rise, full leg. Thinking about getting them tapered for a carrot fit, or maybe just leaving them full and pin rolling a bit.Chris Gibbs at Union Los Angeles apparently buys cheap Dickies gets them tapered.
The Knottery sells them for even less Wu and Drake's use the same tiemaker.
One of the main communitarian critiques is that it's hard to build community around liberalism, and that liberalism discounts the importance of community when trying to achieve end goals (civic life, democratic participation, etc). I don't really understand what in Rawls you think addresses that. Essentially, taken to its ultimate end, liberalism eats itself -- to super liberal means not achieving the things you wanted to achieve.Just look at voting. To get people to vote,...
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