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It has to do with liking a certain kind of '90s RL look. TBH, probably not something that's to the taste of most people on CM, but it's something I grew up with as a teenager, so I really like it.
On the Media has a nice 8min audio clip today on the blurring of the lines between online advertising and online editorial content. (Thought I'd post this here since we were kind of just talking about this) http://www.onthemedia.org/story/even-blurrier-lines/
Email from UPS: Hi Derek, you have a package coming tomorrow. Scheduled Delivery Date: Thursday, 09/11/2014 Estimated Delivery Time: 01:45 PM - 05:45 PM NO MAN WALKS ALONE, INC.
Sorry, I should be more specific.I mean something that's basically exactly the same as those boots, not just in the same style. I know I'm being picky here, but it's a really specific design I want. Looks to be a triple vamp construction with no uplifted piece of leather on the toe (just a fulll wraparound). About a 6" shaft, and tan, pebble grain leather.These RMs are the closest I've seen, but the side profile is just too...
Thanks for the suggestions so far, everyone. Unfortunately, the quality of LL Bean's footwear doesn't seem that great to me, so I've avoided them. NEO and Quoddy don't have that exact style (I'm looking for literally the same exact boot), and Oak Street is nice, but where Russell is too clunky, OSB is too sleek. I do have those same OSB boots you linked though, and really like them (although, mine are all leather, rather than canvas and leather). They're just not exactly...
Anyone have an idea where I can get a pair of boots like these? The photo is from an old issue of Free & Easy, which features vintage Ralph Lauren clothes. Not sure if these are RL boots, but the style seems common enough that I should be able to find them from another maker these days. Just not sure where. I contacted Russell Moccasin about their Premium South 40 Birdshooter, but I'm not exactly sure they'll make the kind of boot I want. Their boots look a lot...
Oh, I didn't even notice the single belt loop.Assuming there were more belt loops, is the height of the waistband so tall that a regular 1.25" dress belt would look out of place, you think?(Though, on second thought, I guess then you'd have the awkwardness of empty belt loops)
I like that waistband on the trousers, but can I ask -- does it effectively make it impossible to wear a dress belt with those pants? I've been thinking about asking for something similar on some trousers I'm hoping to have made, but am unsure if it will just mean I can never wear a belt.(I assume the height of that waistband is much taller than what's traditionally done).
I can confirm. I haven't been happy with my meaty thighs.
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