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Where did you get that leather you have with the narrower shearling collar? That one looks nice.
Well, no, you can't get a custom option that will look like ToJ. That's how ToJ was able to secure so many orders (and rip off so many people).For something like that, you'll want to scour OTR options. If you want something a little more workwear/ repro, there are those companies I named.Incidentally, I'm willing to bet that if you went to a bespoke tailor, you wouldn't get something that looks like ToJ either. There's a lot to be said for the work of a designer, the...
Assuming the TOJ comment wasn't a joke -- no, TOJ isn't around anymore.Almost everyone offers A-2s nowadays. In addition to the Lost Worlds suggestion Gus made, you can get MTM through Good Wear Leathers, Aero, Eastman, Bill Kelso, etc.Most of those are on the workwear/ classic/ repro side of things. I haven't seen good fashion-y options outside of ToJ, but I assume you wouldn't like that stuff anyway.
To get a fuller fit, I suggest using language that a Japanese tailor will understand. Maybe ask for a "Totoro fit" or a "Godzilla fit." (Or in their case, an "aaahhhhhhhhhhhh Godzirrrrrraaaaa fit.") Source: I've been to Benihana.
When it's done.I know the party line is that bespoke allows you to hone in on the cut through the various fittings, but ... I just don't think that's true. It's true for the tailor, as he or she knows what's going on. But aside from commenting on whether the length is right, I don't know how much meaningful feedback a client can give at the fitting stages. I mean, it's a half-made garment. You can maybe move your arms and pretend to give feedback, but -- the lapels are...
I want to hear more about this leather jacket you're looking to get made, which I assume -- or hope -- is casualwear.
I like Our Legacy's washed jeans. They come in a very slight tapered fit they call First Cut.http://www.ourlegacy.se/shop/denim/first-cut-light_-vintage_-wash_-blue
It's hard to judge these things at the basted or forward fitting. The blue suit looks fine, and is probably a good indicator of what the Solaro will look like once the tailor is done.
The idea of Topy-ing a leather SC sole makes me sad.
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