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What place is that?
Turns out, Lemaire/ Schneider are just the J. Crew/ Club Monaco of Japan.
Still on a US steak run?
Could be that Edwin thinks I already have fat hips.
Another caustic man claiming he was being sarcastic.
I don't know if I would even say it's a tendency. If you flip through Rubiancci's vanity book, you'll find bellied lapels, straight lapels, and even concave-looking lapels. Similarly, you can find the same variation in old SR photos. Even more variation if you include non-SR tailors in London, esp those who cater more fashion-forward clients, such as Thom Sweeney.I don't really buy those kinds of arguments, so I don't have much to say about that.
Live a little in a Duke & Dutchess of Windsor Sotheby's catalog?
Few people make bellies like that anymore. Most bellies are in the first group of photos -- slight, but there. Except for modern DBs, which are often cut with heavier/ more obvious bellies.The second photo you quoted is Hardy Amies in a Tommy Nutter suit, which is an outlier. The first is probably old A&S (new A&S doesn't look like that). Those look dated because they are.There are some guys wear heavier bellies today. See any photo of Luciano Barbera. IMO, the cut suits...
Never really liked hacking pockets, tbh.Crescent is just crazy talk.
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