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I assume the socio-economic make-up of the US is too diverse for averages to be meaningful. I mean, just on wealth distribution alone, the US demographic is so hetetrogenous across states that I'm not sure what someone's life in Alabama means for the average person in California.If you carry $5k debt in San Francisco, it's not that big of a deal. If you carry $5k debt in Alabama, it probably is. People on average here make a lot more money, even if their actual basket of...
Aside from the documentary on Bill Cunningham, the best fashion documentaries I've seen have always been from the BBC. Absolutely Fashion, The Secret of Haute Couture, The Perfect Suit, Secrets of the Superbrands, Savile Row, Perfume, British Style Genius, etc. British Style Genius is probably the one most people on this side of the board would be interested in, esp the episodes on designers and street style.
I think it's just Ancient Greco-Roman values in Western society. Vanity is bad; fashion is for women; things of the body are inferior to a life of the mind. Fancy cars somewhat have the same stigma, but they're not as connected to the body. And they're not as closely tied to femininity. Couple that with the fact that the price of clothes has bifurcated in the last twenty years. Couture and bespoke have died, but the price of everyday luxury goods has skyrocketed, while...
You could also try Kent & Haste or Richard Anderson. A couple of members on this board are Huntsman customers. I think @dopey still gets things from them. Maybe he can speak to his experience.
Really digging these loafers for Jerry. Never been really too big into the Lopez, but these look so great. Also like these oxfords, although I don't wear the style enough to commission a pair. Wish I did.
I think it's hard to know the quality of something without wearing it for a while (and having enough experience to draw from). Time will tell, essentially. Although, given the spectrum of what's on the market, I think it's also reasonable to trust certain mills. People can fight over whether they like Minnis flannel over Fox (or vice versa), but compared to what else is out there, they're both good cloths.When people start talking about quality in terms of weave,...
Do the same thing with my patch pockets, although the interior patch is hidden. Agree, it helps preserve the shape of the outer pocket, especially on looser weaves.
Why not? That's why I go to my tailors. For the fit and style.Suitsupply obviously has to use slightly more affordable cloths, from more affordable mills, but the quality is the same. Again, unless you're putting "characteristics" into quality -- meaning you favor certain weaves, weights, finishing, etc. But the idea of quality becomes less meaningful if you define it so broadly.There are some RTW companies that genuinely use poor quality cloth. I don't think Suitsupply is...
At the amounts Suitsupply is purchasing cloth, the price per meter drops dramatically. Maybe to $30 per meter (or less). It's not the same as what tailors are paying.Also don't think the mills they use offer varying levels of quality, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. By quality, I also don't mean characteristic (weave, finishing, weight, etc), but rather the quality of the yarns, etc.
Spend couple time together by reading through a few thousand StyFo pages on indigo dyed shibori, the arte povera aesthetic, how to proxy off Y!JA, working with traveling tailors, gemmed vs. handwelted shoes, and how to read identifying manufacturer labels on suits.
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