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Kind of interesting. A womenswear company creating a new category for basics: sleepwear. https://www.lunya.co/ Not the traditional silk or cotton PJ kind, but the stretchy kind of stuff that feels like an offshoot of sportswear/ athleisure. At the moment, it's just for women, but it would be interesting/ nice to see this develop for men.
They're almost always stocked at Sierra Trading Post. With their DealFlyer coupons, they come down to about $10-12/ pair. If they're sold out right now, they'll probably come back in a few months. It's been a regular item there for years.
Been looking at those. Do the high side walls mean there's a lot of room in the vamp? Meaning, a lot of room between the top of your foot and the uppers?
There's no real metric. You just have to ask the seller and trust his/ her opinion. Making fabric is more of an art than a science, to be honest. There's some "measure-able" stuff like Super numbers, and the weight of the cloth, but things like finishing and even dyeing is about the person's eye and experience.Some fibers will feel softer than others, but you already know that (cashmere or angora blends versus something like lamsbwool). Some will be loftier, but you...
Shoutout to anyone who thought "dark patterns" was about Rick Owens fabrics.
Damn. "Essence of John Galliano" must have been a hard sell after his crazy anti-Semitic rant a few years ago.
Not 100% sure what you're asking, but Super numbers refer to the fineness of the yarn. In Huddersfield, the traditional way of grading yarn was to see how many spools (or hanks) could be spun out of one pound of wool. So if a wool was 70s, that meant one pound yielded 70 hanks. As time went on, technology and consumer preferences eventually pushed that number up. So now we have Super 200s or whatever.Finer yarn can mean softer fabrics, but softness has multiple dimensions....
What adaptations did you want? Lower prices? They drive cabs around the city and IME do a pretty good job.The main thing Uber does is give you lower prices, which they're able to do because they squeeze the driver and avoid paying for licenses. That lack of license also puts the driver at greater liability (and gives you less safety).There are apps now for reg cabs. The main downside is that you have to pay a higher price.
All those guys who used to work manufacturing jobs should just apply to be Influencers and Curators.
I think most people only size down half a size on Viberg. I went with a full size down on Andrew from 3sixteen's advice and found they fit well. If you get the OSBs, I think the sole looks better when it's a bit thicker. They use a single sole. A good cobbler can add a treaded Vibram Topy on, however, which will thicken the profile. IMO, it makes the boot look better. Just make sure it's the chunky treaded Vibram, not one of those thin Topys. Personally prefer Viberg...
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