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I haven't tried that specific coat, but I tried a long version of the Ring coat a while ago and thought it was nice. Think @ManofKent said he thought the long version was better anyway. I can kind of see that.
Meeting with Cleverley next month. Was going to order a pair of simple wingtip derbies, but spotted these on the Cleverley site this morning. (Site was redesigned a couple of months ago, btw, and looks pretty good). Think I might do these instead, but in dark brown calf. Like the subtle pipe stitch detail along the cap, facings, and counter, but don't know if a more traditional brogue design might not be more wearable.
Yea, looks like a take on formal wear trousers. I like 'em.
Camoshita SS17. Some Armani vibes here with the dropped button stance on the suit, thin belt with the DB, and baggier pants. Overall silhouettes are still a bit slim tho. Actually think the whole Armani tailoring thing is going to come back soon.
Maybe he had multiple homes.The Duke of Windsor used to have a swatch book representing all his clothes to remind him of what he had at his other houses. That way, he knew what he had to bring with him when he traveled. Presumably you don't have to do that if every one of your homes has 8 of the same exact grey flannel DB suits.
Yea, probably all different from collecting. And yea, Frank had all of his in the same grey flannel.
Jean-Michel Frank is said to have owned 40 of the the same exact, grey flannel double breasted suit. 4x2 configuration, peak lapel with no belly.Serge Gainsbourg also used to own dozens of pairs of Zizi Homme Repetto jazz shoes. Supposedly, he had sensitive feet and wanted shoes to be comfortable straight-out-the-box. Jane Birkin bought him his first pair, presumably in the 70s, and he went through 30 new pairs every year since until his death in 1991.
Most daunting shoe collection I've ever seen was Jun's, an old school Japanese blogger who used to do a site called Cobbler's Web (he actually started again). This is just the bespoke part of his collection. No idea if this is all of them either. But about 65 pairs of shoes here, and all bespoke -- some exotics included. He also has a lot of ready-to-wear. Some of the bespoke is from the 1980s. Guy has been into clothes a long time.
Assuming you mean the loafers I posted, no clue. I just found the brand today.FWIW, I assume the shoes are made by these guys.
Nicely's Motos look a bit better, but for anyone interested, I just stumbled across these. Ships from the US, on sale, and looks like they'll take returns.
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