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Damn, well thanks for the correction.
Maybe worth mentioning that the winner can write off their donation as a tax deduction which, if you bought directly from Steed, is not possible.
Well, if it worked both ways, then there wouldn't be price dumping in the first place.
That can be a big deal though, depending on the price of the thing you're buying. I don't know if this technically qualifies as price dumping, according to WTO rules or whatever, but in practice, it kind of is. A lot of people on this board will seek out European shops purposely for certain things, because it's cheaper overseas. Common Projects is an easy example. Who buys those from a US store?
I don't really care for the dandy-ness of that design, but beyond that, having a cashmere blend in that light of a weight seems odd to me.
I do.
nm, learning to not engage in these debates on StyFo. Anyway, I'm going to try to get him out, if anyone's interested.
Don't they have to just fill out some application to deduct VAT across the board for oversea customers? I guess it could be an involved process, but it seems like you're missing out on a lot international business this way.I was looking at Shoes & Shirts in Maastricht and Degand in Brussells. Neither will deduct VAT.
You wouldn't believe it, but it was Solito.
Oh that's right. I think you have to be at one of those stations though to get your refund? Weird that this EU store is telling me I have to go through them for a VAT refund, rather than just get it deducted automatically, when I'm buying online
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