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I think it's charcoal on charcoal for me. I don't know if Greg answered earlier, but is the sizing advice offered big enough to layer sweaters? I'm a size 36 coat, and saw that I should take size III, but wanted to make sure I'll be able to layer thick knitwear underneath.
Anyone know approximately what weight was the outershell wool on the original FW11 make ups?
Oh shit.
I appreciate that Moo shows us his manicure in the last shot too. (but seriously, nice jacket)
Only the quick dress well.
They're from this past season. From the original item description, they were titled "Meleze Suportlo/ Laine; Moro Morflex." I gather that laine means wool, so I assume suportlo is French for some kind of leather? I believe moro refers to the color.Would anyone else in this thread have an interest in doing some kind of group MTO?I took a size three in that hooded Schneider cardigan.
Greg, do you think there's any way to get these Heschungs some time in the future, or no? I know they're probably not doable for this round of MTOs, but am more enquiring about future possibilities (maybe a group MTO, if there's interest) [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: