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Supposedly will ship next week, so soon!
Collaborate and listen?
Maybe I'll trace my body on a big piece of paper and send it to Naples, like customers do for Chester Jefferies.
Yes, but my timer status is like this: [[SPOILER]] Your timer status is like this: [[SPOILER]]
Huh. That's surprising.Flying out to Naples sounds like more of an ordeal than flying out to NYC, which I originally didn't want to do anyway.
Thanks, deepitm. I actually just ended up buying the thing I wanted last month, as an SA told me it would be excluded from sales anyway (was a bottle of Guerlain's Derby fragrance). I appreciate the note though.
Do they not bring a tailor with them on their trips?
I don't doubt that you've seen them, but FWIW, I can only think of a couple of times where I've seen someone show that kind of attitude. Most of the time, it's just someone who can't afford to drop that kind of money on nice things, and they would like a reasonable and more affordable alternative. I do this all the time for things I like, but am not passionate about (most recent example is rugs, where I don't want to drop $50k on a rare piece, but would like something...
Moo, your obsessing over people's tattoos is way weirder than people actually having tattoos in 2014.
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