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Just my two cents, but a lot of the guys awkwardly crowbarring Liverano quarters into their non-Liverano suits are going to regret it in five years.
Hm, they're not short like those, but Anonymous Ism has some grey/ white ones this season.https://www.eastdane.com/slub-crew-sock-anonymous-ism/vp/v=1/1558130860.htm?folderID=20262&colorId=10192Here's a grey and black one, but with white and red stripes at the tophttp://needsupply.com/low-guage-high-crew.html?adpos=1o9&creative=50932502375&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CjwKEAiA8K20BRDetNv3p6DNhXwSJADSwa3t8auffr6TXvLzn41jgTT9KB8jgeO5Sv9r6iGi5Lb_XRoCeSfw_wcBYou can...
Don't know if these have been discussed yet, but some cool photos of Viberg's repro of George Mallory's boots. More photos and story here: http://viberg.com/blogs/journal/82828356-the-mallory-boot (cc'ing @zissou since he might be interested)
Hm, when I think of Florsheim gunboats, I mostly think of the shell cordovan model.
Yea, mine is the navy quilted one.I'd say it's good for 35-55 F weather.
I actually decided to just keep it as is for the winter months.FWIW, I recently changed the lining on another jacket, but kept the quilted padding inside. Just changed the material from whatever it was before (I think it was some thin cotton) to a much thicker cotton.It definitely changed the fit, but it was somewhat marginal. Wouldn't say it's exactly like sizing up or down, since grading sizes kind of involves changing everything, but the body will obviously get roomier/...
I haven't been following the Falcon stuff, but a lot of the old ToJ stuff had inconstancies with the leather (I assume because they were buying whatever was left at jobbers).Vansons, on the other hand, have collars that stand off the neck. I think it's an issue of poor fit, but others disagreed. You can read the discussion we had here.http://www.styleforum.net/t/387175/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto/1820_20#post_7911036If it were me, I...
FWIW, I feel like shell cordovan gunboats would fit better with your wardrobe. Both leathers would look good either way though.
I wouldn't think the shininess has anything to do with it. Neither are as dressy as calf, but depending on the style of the shoe, they can work with suits.Shell cordovan looks heavier to me, even when the silhouette is the same. If it were me, I'd prefer pebble grain.
I made a joke about how someone should do a rewind chargeback on sin's proxy service. It was a dumb joke, so I erased it.Anyway, the insurance company thing makes sense. If it's just coming from them, seems like fair game. I was under the initial impression that the company was charging back stores, which really seemed lame.
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