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Yea, I don't know. I interviewed Frank Clegg once and he said it's harder and harder to find good, quality leather nowadays.Jack Spade is a good description for some of those fabric bags.I have no idea how to grow a brand, but if they made those old Ghurka designs to original specs I would definitely buy something. Seems doable at their price point, but maybe there are a high marketing and real estate costs I'm not aware of.The Japan side of their business seems like it...
Fair enough. Thanks guys. Saved me a few hundred bucks.
The vintage chestnut leather is nice, but the mainline leather (which I think is topgrain) felt underwhelming to me. Especially at those prices -- $1000+ for a bag. Some of the new stuff also just looks too modern, like the company has somewhat lost its correspondent feel. Examples of the vintage line and new...
Grand opening, grand closing. Stopped by the Ghurka store in downtown San Francisco this weekend. Apparently they're closing up shop on Thursday. Had a chance to handle some of the vintage Ghurka bags behind the counter. Amazing how much better the old leather is to the new line.
Thanks!Are there any advantages to using powdered dyes?In order to get a really deep indigo color, would it be better then to do multiple, short dips, rather than letting the garment sit in the bath for a while? Or would doing that also risk getting burn patches?Also, the thing I'm hoping to dye is kind of expensive. Would it be a better idea to practice on a bunch of old t-shirts first? FWIW, those would be cotton and this thing I'm eventually hoping to dye is pure linen.
I like the Visvim ones the best, but only when they don't come with those patches they sometimes put on them.They're actually the same model, just one is washed. I agree though, I think the jacket would look better with more visible/ normal deck jacket pocketsWas leaning towards the non-washed version, but it looks like it just sold out in my size. Damn.
First, second, or neither?
Anyone have experience overdyeing something in indigo? Is the process difficult? Thinking about overdyeing a blue linen jacket, if it matters.
Did you take the Paris one?Was actually looking for that one myself.
Actually don't know who they were made for, but I found the photo on Carreducker's website:http://carreducker.blogspot.com/2012/03/unusual-upper.html
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