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Not sure if this has been posted yet. It's short, but sweet. Directed by O'Mast film director Gianluca Migliarotti.
No experience, but this company has $60 grenadines. http://www.maisondelacravate.fr/ Kind of on the narrow side though.
I think @tchoy, @Grammaton Cleric, and @badsha do. I have a length, but I haven't had it made into a sport coat yet. I can bring it if we end up meeting at some point.Unrelated, but does anyone have a source for a shepherd's check like this? Ideally something with the same subtle crimson stripe, although anything close would be appreciated
A$AP Patrick: "Everything is charcoal. Everything is charcoal."
This would have a lot of "cultural capital" in Moscow.
Wait, so you meant getting an A-2 with an actual *fur* collar, not just wool?
Chapal has a nice B3, but I think it costs a million dollars and you need to be all types of handsome to wear it.
Where did you get that leather you have with the narrower shearling collar? That one looks nice.
Well, no, you can't get a custom option that will look like ToJ. That's how ToJ was able to secure so many orders (and rip off so many people).For something like that, you'll want to scour OTR options. If you want something a little more workwear/ repro, there are those companies I named.Incidentally, I'm willing to bet that if you went to a bespoke tailor, you wouldn't get something that looks like ToJ either. There's a lot to be said for the work of a designer, the...
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