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Like I said before, I think skin tone probably matters. But it's pretty far down the list of considerations.If you're choosing between two similar shades of brown, it's probably true that one shade is more flattering against the skin. But if you're choosing between purple and brown, your first consideration shouldn't be "which is more flattering" but something higher up, such as "what cultural messages do these send?" That's not a question most us have to ask because most...
I dated a white woman once. When an Asian guy dates a white woman, a little bubble appears above his head that says "Achievement Unlocked."
This is exactly what I'm saying about this skin tone theory stuff. Clothing is so much more about cultural norms and language, not just random things that you put together in mix-and-match ways (this color goes with that; that shape goes with this). You can't compare madras and seersucker sport coats to purple jackets because they come with very different social histories. They might be equally unflattering to someone's skin tone, but the first thing someone thinks when...
It's more tightly knit that I expected, which is a good thing. Quality seems pretty good, although I've only owned it for a couple of months (so I've only worn it a few times). I sized up, FWIW. Usually take a small and had to get a medium in this.Makes for a fun layering piece.
I bought a sweater from this season. Dug up some stockists and these were the ones that carried the model I wanted (cream zig zag sweater) [[SPOILER]]
Cleverley is releasing a new line of RTW shoes on Mr Porter next month. Styles that are seen in that movie.
Fecking StyFo Robot.
Yea. The fit was a bit big, cause he lost weight, but the shoulders were really nice. Rounded, slightly bold. If I were in NYC, I'd definitely want to try him out, after seeing that today.
Here's a rare pic of DBear out with his wife.
One white person has liked my post above. If the seven others can like it as well, we can have a sort of white person roll call, so that everyone is clear.FYI, this will be helpful for when people ask for swatch recommendations in this thread, so you know who's paste-y.
New Posts  All Forums: