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Are you saying mensimageconsulting's knowledge of suits is solito?
I almost never wear business suits. Makes a lot more sense to me to have a jacket I'll be happy with 99/100 times, than have an ideal suit jacket for the one time every five years that I have to wear a business suit.Mine is made from a Smiths Oyster hopsack. I can't imagine anyone in real life can tell the difference between Fresco and Oyster hopsack by just looking at it. I barely can even when the two are in front of me.
Hi @luxire, just sent you an email at the address listed on your site. Need a really quick reply for something, so I'm also leaving a message here. If you don't get the email, please PM me when you can.
it's definitely the biggest check I've ever received.
I think I have six or seven suits/ sport coats from them, and then a couple pairs of pants. Most of it is fall/ winter stuff like corduroys and tweeds, but they also made me a blue Fresco SC that I really like.I'm sending them some cloth for a new SC, but I can't decide between a brown Donegal I bought from Molloy & Sons or that LL Agnelli glen plaid tweed. The check on that tweed is monstrously big and I'm kind of worried it'll look ridiculous on my 36R frame.That 18oz...
That's my BlazerSuitâ„¢ from Steed.
::StyleForum in the year 2020:: "Hey everyone, check out my new Smalto. Really amazing handwork on this one."
Next time, try posting your fit pics like this
Another fight!
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