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I think the politics of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan are a bit more complicated than that (especially Russia and China), but I don't want to turn this into a CE thread.Anyway, I think it's commonly known that Rubinacci is one of the bigger bespoke tailoring houses around. In Naples, tailors will talk crap endlessly on each other, but everyone respects Rubinacci. You get the sense it's partly because of the history of the firm, but also partly because everyone is in awe...
1,000 suits a year isn't that many, especially spread across three stores and traveling visits. I imagine most of their clients order a few suits per order, if not many more.Whatever one thinks of Kazakhstan's politics, I think calling their economy "blood money" goes a bit far. Should people on this board feel the same way about tailors' Russian and Chinese clients?
Whoever bought these in size 41.5, three curses to you.
That's legit. Drake's added the apostrophe when ownership changed hands from Michael Drake to Mark Cho and Michael Hill.
It's really frustrating. We might have missed an opportunity to hear from someone who could definitively tell us whether or not we should wear undershirts.
My blog is pretty terrible.
Manton is apparently a model for some Bangkok tailor http://www.thecustomtailors.com/custom_mens_sport_jacket__blazer
Actually, if you look at the beauty of this debacle, you will see it has many years on its shoulders.
This sounds vaguely sexual ...
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