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I don't know. I tried two custom Shetland sweater knitters years ago, and the results didn't turn out that great. Basically companies where a few women were operating handframe "looms." (So not two knitting needles, but as "artisanal" as you can get for Shetland sweaters). I prefer my CM RTW Shetlands, or even designers who use traditional makers.There are lots of people out there doing cool work though. I've been in contact with this woman, who does handloomed scarves and...
You'll want to check on the Streetwear & Denim side of the board, but I think those might be Rick Owens. If not, he makes something...
.That seems like a good price for a shearling coat, although only you could say if you can pull it off stylistically.
If you've never bought from them before, you can set up an online account and use the code GRANDOPENING for 20% off. Applies to everything full price, including CdG frags. Code expires at the end of this month though, FYI.Just want to say I like the name "CM Ninja"
Thanks guys. Looks like The Loit coupon wasn't good for online Diptyque orders. Had to call it in, and I couldn't before the store closed. Sad times. Tam Dao, Philosykos, and Oud Palao are on my list now though for TPC samples!Haven't tried Santal 26. Should I? I've only been looking at the fragrances I can wear out, tbh.
Wow. http://jalopnik.com/fiat-heir-lapo-elkann-arrested-in-new-york-for-faking-h-1789449049
You have to get people to read 100,000 pages of SF posts to condition them to the idea of paying $1,000 for a "dope cosmic wonder knit that was throstle spun from Japanese yak hair and hand dyed in beetle juice indigo dye."Then they become too poor to afford anything else and have to resort to free, mass-produced coffee found in academic lounges and cheap hotel conference room presentations.Seriously though, I only have so much time and money for artisan goods.
Thanks, L. That's my impression of Santal as well -- a little too harsh for me, although it seems to be really popular. Was looking for something creamier, so I'll give Tam Dao a try.Thanks again.
They do, but they're not really set up like your typical traveling tailor. They only visit once a year (twice on the east coast), so trips are more meant as a way to expedite orders for people who are able to make it to London.That said, if you're willing to wait a year for a fitting, they're happy to take an order. That's what I'm doing, although I may be picking up the jacket in London next spring, rather than having it delivered.
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