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Fair enough.
Sorry, jumping in without fully knowing what's going on. I assume people are taking suggestions for a GMTO. Anyone interested in a remake of the Nigel Cabourn x Viberg Apsley boot? The model is coming back this fall, although I don't know in what colors. I'd be interested in something like this in some kind of dark brown leather.
I've had that vamp issue before on a pair of EGs. It also softened up, although I found that later purchases were better when I just sized up in width.The pinky toe thing, however, doesn't sound like it's going to resolve itself. I feel like you may need a different size, or maybe that last just isn't going to work for you.
Are you suggesting that the language of dress is social and that aesthetics is not ruled by reason, law, and science?
No, but similar. Darker brown leather in smooth cowhide, rather than a tan, slightly distressed leather (from what I remember). Also no dangly zipper pulls. Mine's the same model, but just different materials. Made a season before that tan one you linked.
Yea, a brown cowhide one from a few seasons back.
I just want the fabric.Ideally, I'd like to find something with some cool provenance, but is cheap. Also should be vintage. Would like to send this to someone and have it turned into a bag.
Weird question, but does anyone know where I can score some vintage military tents -- or specifically, vintage military tent fabric -- with cool provenance? Besides scouring eBay?
I don't think that's true. Drake's doesn't, for example. Very few "big" producers offer handrolled/ handstitched edges. In fact, I can't think of a single one.
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