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Stopped in on my friend Robert Geller to see if he's still telling people he's not that Robert Geller on Twitter. Was happy to see him being trolled by NMWA
Received a PR email about this and thought maybe someone here would find it interesting. Buck Mason has a somewhat standard/ generic looking DR coming out, with a pre-order price of $795 (down from $895). Maybe a good option for someone on a (relatively) tighter budget. https://www.buckmason.com/singles/black-leather-motorcycle-jacket No Man Walks Alone is also getting some leather jacket brand. Photo on their IG, but no brand info...
Isn't there room for both?Forgot to add, if I get de Redes, they won't be the original chisel toe model. They'd be round toe.RJ says this will make them camp mocs, but I don't really think the chisel toes are for me.
Even more "non-American StyleForum member.""You pay X amount for pants? I pay half that! All you have to do is hop on a plane and fly to Naples/ London/ Paris."
Maybe of interest to people in San Francisco. Britex is having a sale this coming week. 50% off all fabric purchases between $50 and $250; 30% off all notions and remnants. Sale is happening Monday Oct 10 and Tuesday Oct 11 from 10am till 6pm. IME, the store is good for more casual shirtings. Not so much for men's jacketings and suitings. But if you're interested in material for shirts and pajamas, it can be worth stopping by. Also a good source for buttons, although I...
I guess so, but what's he going to do now? Go back to being a buyer? That has to feel like a punch to the ego.
Actually feel kind of bad for the guy.
Seeing Cleverley in a couple of weeks. Anyone have an opinion on their de Rede loafer vs a regular penny loafer? Somewhat leaning towards suede, fwiw. Although Will's pigskin loafers also look nice.
Whatever Rais has is probably a lot cooler, but MWC makes cheap military-style watches.https://mwc-watches.myshopify.com/collections/classic-range/products/matt-olive-drab-1960s-pattern-european-military-watchI also like the unabashedly cheap look of Swatches. The Rebel line is nice and minimalistic.https://twitter.com/jeffstaple/status/777984098837168128Those are about $75 in-store, but you can find them for like $50 on eBay and Amazon. MWC is $55, but a little cheaper...
Found this through Bengal Stripe. This company is remaking Russian reindeer (supposedly using the original recipe). Curious, I asked for a swatch a few months ago and just received it a couple of weeks ago. Thought I'd post photos here. Don't think it's really for me, but maybe someone here will be interested. I think this is the red version. Can't remember if they still have brown, or if they're no longer making it, but it's advertised on their...
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