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Scientists invent a darker shade of blackhttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/blackest-is-the-new-black-scientists-have-developed-a-material-so-dark-that-you-cant-see-it-9602504.html
Groupon has Macbooks for $1080, down from $1200. You can knock another 6% off if you go through Ebates (just Google Ebates Groupon to find the page). That puts it at about $1,000, which is about $200 off. http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-apple-133-macbook-pro-1?p=2 Not 100% clothing related, but kind of? I mean, you probably use this to buy clothing.
The pose and outfit make me think "Parker getting darker."
Terry's stuff is bridle. Mike over at Indigoshrimp used to rave about it, but I never saw photos showing how the leather aged in the way that other leathers age. I have bridle leather belts and like them a lot, but think of them as a much more "dressy" leather. I wear them with casual pants and sport coats or whatever. Saddle and harness leather gets used with jeans, and I like them for how they evolve over time. They look "rougher" in their evolution than bridle, if...
Any pics? I can't imagine how a bridle leather belt really ages -- at least not in the sense of how harness or saddle leather age. Maybe Terry's stuff is different.
I honestly can't imagine what kind of conversation I'd have to be having with someone for me to care about what kind of clothes/ shoes/ watch they're wearing. Maybe if he's giving me advice on what kind of clothing I should buy, but that's it.Networking always seemed really slimy to me, so it deserves a slimy word.
I don't run in rich and important circles, but this kind of thing strikes me as the sort of idea that people out-of-power have about how people-in-power work.I suppose to your analogy, I can't imagine ever networking with someone, and then leaving with the idea "well, he had on MMM GATs, so he's definitely someone I need to take seriously."
Give them the burden of having to justify $20k+ watches, and they'll flatten out in no time.
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