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I liked these: [[SPOILER]] Tommy Ton admittedly mostly shoots peacocky fashion insiders, but I don't know ... I think this stuff is more enjoyable when you don't take it necessarily as direction on how you should dress, but rather as inspiration on what's going on in the fashion world and how some people are having fun with clothes. A lot of what Bill Cunningham shoots is very peacocky -- even in a Pitti Uomo way -- but his reports are also really fun to watch. If you take...
I like the more street style stuff Tommy Ton has been shooting lately. He's done some nice work around the various London and Milan fashion shows too.
Howard Yount and Panta are my favorites on that list. I haven't tried Rota, but they also sound really good. I think NMWA does a MTO option sometimes on that, which is a nice plus.
Someone (@sipang?) should make a Lemaire thread. Maybe with links to these various runway threads, list of stockists, possible interviews, etc.
Damn, that looks great. Hm, on closer inspection, it doesn't look like it's boucle? Seems like some kind of complicated, woven tweed or something.
Don't want my comment to be misconstrued. I've been enjoying the Pitti coverage, but was just building on the comments before me. Still think it would be nice to see some other articles on StyFo -- unrelated to tradeshows -- but the posts on tradeshows have been fun as well.
Damn.So what was the solution?
Asian Afro is welcome to pay for my clothes. I will give him personal reports of how nice they are.
"Yes, Mr. Fan. These gloves are made from 100% leather."
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