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I really like the idea of paying $50 to be stoked again and again.
Rooney too.
I think the core value of Grailed is the interface and the fact that the guy behind it filters out bad stuff. So it's supposed to be just "grail" items (though, that has weakened a bit with its growing popularity). So when you essentially lift that interface, you're kind of taking their whole sauce.I get that the guy behind Grailed broke forum rules here (possibly even laws), but I don't know if it's the same thing as what that other guy did. Some guy basically knocked off...
My sense is that the OP wasn't totally honest about what happened. Seems like they copied most of Grailed's interface. Not just words like Buy it Now or whatever.http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashion/comments/2h8akm/i_built_a_new_secondary_mens_platform_for_me_and/ckqftul
Looks like someone built a Grailed knock off and immediately got hit with a DMCA http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashion/comments/2h8akm/i_built_a_new_secondary_mens_platform_for_me_and/
That scarf is so beautiful. There was a company -- name I no longer remember -- that was selling traditionally made Vietnamese and Laotian scarves to the fashion crowd. I always wanted to buy one, but for some reason never did. How was the food?
Shibui in NYC. They just closed up on the 15th, and are seeking a new store location. One potential spot in NY, and another in AZ (surprisingly). Don't really know why they're losing their current location, but it's sad to hear they're going through such troublesIn any case, their move means that a lot of stuff is being sold at discount. The original price for this fabric was $900. No idea if that's inflated or not, but I paid $525.Kimonoboy has some nice stuff too, but...
Received my boro fabric today. Hot damn so awesome, and I can't wait to line some jackets with this. Will try to post pics at some point.
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