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Most daunting shoe collection I've ever seen was Jun's, an old school Japanese blogger who used to do a site called Cobbler's Web (he actually started again). This is just the bespoke part of his collection. No idea if this is all of them either. But about 65 pairs of shoes here, and all bespoke -- some exotics included. He also has a lot of ready-to-wear. Some of the bespoke is from the 1980s. Guy has been into clothes a long time.
Assuming you mean the loafers I posted, no clue. I just found the brand today.FWIW, I assume the shoes are made by these guys.
Nicely's Motos look a bit better, but for anyone interested, I just stumbled across these. Ships from the US, on sale, and looks like they'll take returns.
Pretty good. Hard to get suede wrong.I also have these, but the leather is a bit more wrinkly. I like it more than my regular black MMM side zips though (the ones with the thinner soles). Leather on those feel thinner and more plastic-y.
I just bought these, which have a slightly square-ish toe. More than any of my other Margiela zips. Elevated heel, but non-Cuban. Boot comes up a little higher on the calf.
The trunk show ended yesterday at 3pm (mine was the last appointment). Strange he didn't email back, as Agyesh is usually prompt about that stuff. I did hear, however, that the two-day show was all booked up.I was told that he plans to make San Francisco a permanent stop though, so he'll likely be back soon. Might be worth emailing to get a sense of dates.Ended up ordering the bomber in dark brown suede. Wool overcoating selection was great though. The new navy boucle is...
Wore mine yesterday, actually.I don't know. For guys who like tailored clothing, you end up with a few navy sport coats in the end anyway. Fresco does well as part of a rotation, IMO.
Chris Despos thinks Fresco is too suit-y for a sport coat. He's prob right, but I wear it as suit separates and think it's fine.If you're going for a sport coat only fabric, then there are probably better options. As a BlazerSuit, I think Fresco II is fine. Same with Fresco III.
I have a jacket in 516 Fresco II and think it would work as a blazer. Was just flipping through the new Fresco III book yesterday. Some nice cloths in there -- a bit firmer than the sample I was given last year. Softer than Fresco II, but has a nice, firm finish. Difference between the two is marginal though. Really more of a matter of taste. If you're OK with Fresco II, then III would also be fine. Mohair would also work, I think. Not sure about that Mock Leno.
Yea, EG has a side zip model (also called Memphis), although it's now discontinued. Didn't know they made for Massaro.Agree, I don't know if there's any practical benefit to bespoke, although I like the process and appreciate the craft. Bought my first pair last year and really like them. FWIW, they're the most comfortable shoes I've worn out the box, and I think you can get better shaping -- esp through the waist -- than ready to wear. But I also really like RTW shoes.I...
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