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Hm, Manton's "donkey flannel" is nice, but in my mind, I was thinking of something in between these two shades for Unbelragazzo's tan/ sand flannel [[SPOILER]]
"Can't wear LB shorts cause my knots won't be gripped"
Maybe you can compensate by going commando? The fabric on your underwear has to be at least 2oz, I imagine.
I'd be in for a couple of meters on the sand/ tan flannel. Would be good to keep a stash on hand just for future orders, frankly, as getting just the right shade has been so difficult.
That's some really cool Holland & Holland silk, Simon. I'm not really one for wacky linings, but I kind of like the idea of a tweed jacket lined in that.
I love Moo's black Johnson.
I forgot how great this thread was.
As I understand it, you can only write off your clothes if 1. They're required for your work 2. They're too outrageous to be civilian clothes 3. You've never worn them in your personal life There have been a number of famous court cases for this. One with a lady who worked for a fancy boutique, and had to buy stuff in order to work as a sales associate (ie had to buy suits in order to sell suits). She somehow proved that she never wore the clothes in her personal life,...
I had the exact same experience with the Panax model, FWIW.
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