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Pokemon Go also encourages sicker raw denim fades.
I don't know about that specific weight, but all the usual names have nailheads. Smiths, Lesser, Harrison, etc. Just check Harrison's website.
Really blows. Sorry to hear how things turned out.If someone is interested in picking this up, they could message some of the artists who collaborated with Levi's on their painted leather jacket show.http://explore.levi.com/news/style/oil_leather_21_hand-painted_biker_jackets/There were a lot more people involved with the show, but that page shows some of the names. All independent artists, so I'm sure they're reachable. They could probably tell you what sort of paints...
I like sharkskin out of the three. Never been crazy about small scale herringbones. They take on an alternating stripe effect when seen from a few feet away.Also think nailhead looks better than birdseye, but just a personal preference.
Those look great. Is that the new Duke in crup?
For catching Pokemon tho.
Logsdail has done a bunch of work for movies. He made the suits for Wolf of Wall Street, American Gangster, The Good Shepherd, Great Gatsby, Frost/ Nixon, and maybe a dozen more. He also has a very active Twitter account, where he post his work (or someone on his staff does, anyway). A couple of blogs have interviewed him, such as The Simply Refinedhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDPM8rdVgVwChris Depos has a very good reputation on this board and others. Some of his...
Have you tried searching around for the term "bundeswehr sportschuhe?" Usually stuff on eBay, Amazon, or just other sites. Some that I found:http://www.ebay.de/itm/BUNDESWEHR-SPORTSCHUHE-NEU-BW-LAUFSCHUHE-SNEAKER-HALLENSCHUHE-WEIs-TURNSCHUHE-/321819424968?var=&hash=item4aedeeb8c8:m:mAQCj_dop6QVZ6DVaL6AOMQhttps://www.bundeswehr-und-mehr.de/stiefel-und-schuhe/schuhe/sportschuhe-sneaker/original-samba-bundeswehr-sportschuhe-bw-hallenschuhe-weiss/a-1936/You can also search for...
Highsnobiety on the original MMM GATshttp://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/07/23/margiela-german-army-trainer-rare-sneakers/
That jacket doesn't have stripes. It has a herringbone weave, which -- when small enough in scale -- looks like what you see in that photo.The "dressiness" isn't really about the herringbone, however. It's about how a charcoal tailored jacket is almost exclusively only done for suits; rarely for sport coats. Would have been easier to wear if it were in a more casual color (navy, brown, olive, etc).
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