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It could be, but it seems slightly less likely to me than the other answer. Also, I assume a man like Franzo Grande Stevens has all his clothes handwashed by virgin maidens wearing cashmere gloves.
Wearing a corduroy suit today and these photos came to mind.I think I know what happened. The pants and the jacket were made by two different tailors. The jacket maker used the fabric with the nap of the fabric pointing down. The pants maker used the fabric with the nap going up. This is what's causing the two different shades.If you have a pair of corduroy pants, you can easily see this if you fold the pants (like you would when you place them on a hanger, or over the...
GFE also pays top dollar and is literally fuck you money.
Saw this thread had an update from Marco and was half expecting it to read: "You guys pay 300k for a patternmaker in the US? Ridiculous! Here in Naples, I can get a patternmaker for 30k!"
Great post by jefferyd on his blog regarding this issue. http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2014/11/of-cutters-designers-stylists-and.html
My aunt made really good money as a RTW pattern maker. Considerably more than the salaries I've heard of for Savile Row cutters. I've never cut anything important in my life, but bespoke and RTW still seem like different skills to me. I would also wonder why high-end bespoke cutters then don't just migrate into RTW if the job is essentially the same, but the pay scales are so different.
No idea, sorry. Might want to email Pediwear.FWIW, I find the mule slippers to be a lot easier to put on if you plan on slipping in and out of them all day. They're the ones without a back. The ones with a back are called Grecians.
I have a pair of navy Derek Rose mule slippers, but they're uncomfortable as hell. Always thought they'd break in, but they haven't. It's their "Morgan" model.Similar to those, however, is Drapers. Pediwear is having a sale on them. 10% off with DRAPERS10http://www.pediwear.co.uk/draper-of-glastonbury.phpAlso have a pair of Town View Moccasins camp mocs. Those are supremely comfortable (after they've broken in), but I wouldn't call them sleek.More SWD-ish, I like the idea...
Not sure I understand your first sentence, but you might be right that the difference between the two aren't that big. For some reason, in my mind, the two jobs seem to require different skills.jefferyd would probably be best suited to answer since he's done both. And FWIW, AFAIK, Thomas Mahon drafted all the patterns for his MTM line.
RTW brands don't employ cutters as we're using the term here. They have pattern makers. I suppose the two do similar things, but the process is very different. A RTW brand is creating a paper pattern for a standard size -- although that pattern is sometimes tweaked through the company's MTM process. A bespoke cutter is creating a pattern for an individual person, and then honing that in through a fitting process.My aunt was a patternmaker for Christian Dior and some other...
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