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That feels like a gothninja version of J. Peterman.http://www.jpeterman.com/Mens-Apparel
Anyone recognize this tweed fabric on Prince Michael of Kent?
=(I really like them. They are kind of boring, but they often feel a bit more substantive than other shows. Although some also just feel like chit chat between industry insiders.
Toto founder Jill Wegner was recently on a Capsule panel about how small, independent retailers can compete in today's market. American Fashion Podcast has a nice recording of the talk. http://fashionmediacenter.com/afpod/2015/02/038-capsule-panel-the-independent-mindset-the-american-fashion-podcast/
Curious to know how this works with luxury clothing goods, as prices are set all the time. Alden, for example, specifically excludes any of their core models from being discounted.@LA Guy, do you know?
@bengal-stripe definitely knows more about this than me, but in addition to what he said, I think I remember reading somewhere that the remaining leathers are harder to get to. Essentially, those bags are all over the sunken ship and they've taken the "lowest hanging fruit." The stuff that's left requires a bit more risk to fetch out, so few people are willing to do the work.
Another tie company. Apparently running some kind of "pre-launch" promo with free shipping (includes to the US). Prices are middle-of-the-road at $90. http://www.hnwhite.co.uk/
I bought a few a couple of years ago. The ones I have are 58" long, although that might not be representative of new ties. Since Paul over there runs a custom business, he might also be able to make you a bespoke tie if you're enamored with a particular fabric. I say give him a call. He's very charming on the phone.
That fabric is really nice, but it's probably better for suits than sport coats.Pros and cons between lighter and heavier weight fabrics: heavier will drape better, but it's also warmer (that could be a good or bad thing). Really a matter of preference, although most people on this forum lean towards heavier fabrics when they can. An 18oz flannel would be quite warm.Worsted flannel will be a little harder wearing than woolen flannel, but some find woolen flannel to be a...
New Posts  All Forums: