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Found something at NMWA's site being sold somewhere else at 50% off, but with their extra mark up, shipping, and taxes, it somehow ended being more than NMWA's price minus the SF discount. Amazing.
You may have already seen this, but if not:http://blog.metmuseum.org/alexandermcqueen/Some of the pieces are really beautiful. If you click "selected objects," you'll find that some of the pages have audio, which will tell you more about what you're looking at.I don't care to debate the definition of genius, but he really was an incredibly talented designer.
So I said to the Manton,"You promised me Manton,that if I followed you,you would walk with me always.But I have noticed that duringthe most trying periods of my lifethere have only been oneset of footprints in the sand.Why, when I needed you most,you have not been there for me?"The Manton replied,"The times when you haveseen only one set of footprints,is when I carried you."
Saying some rich old dude has the money to buy nice clothes, but doesn't necessarily care about how he dresses doesn't seem that unusual.Here's some other pic of him, when he's not wearing a business suit: [[SPOILER]] In any case, I really want a corduroy suit now in this color:
It could be, but it seems slightly less likely to me than the other answer. Also, I assume a man like Franzo Grande Stevens has all his clothes handwashed by virgin maidens wearing cashmere gloves.
Wearing a corduroy suit today and these photos came to mind.I think I know what happened. The pants and the jacket were made by two different tailors. The jacket maker used the fabric with the nap of the fabric pointing down. The pants maker used the fabric with the nap going up. This is what's causing the two different shades.If you have a pair of corduroy pants, you can easily see this if you fold the pants (like you would when you place them on a hanger, or over the...
GFE also pays top dollar and is literally fuck you money.
Saw this thread had an update from Marco and was half expecting it to read: "You guys pay 300k for a patternmaker in the US? Ridiculous! Here in Naples, I can get a patternmaker for 30k!"
Great post by jefferyd on his blog regarding this issue. http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2014/11/of-cutters-designers-stylists-and.html
My aunt made really good money as a RTW pattern maker. Considerably more than the salaries I've heard of for Savile Row cutters. I've never cut anything important in my life, but bespoke and RTW still seem like different skills to me. I would also wonder why high-end bespoke cutters then don't just migrate into RTW if the job is essentially the same, but the pay scales are so different.
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