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I'd suggest looking at Elfa, Easy Closet, and California Closets (in order of price ascendancy/ fanciness)http://www.containerstore.com/elfa/index.htmhttp://www.easyclosets.com/http://www.californiaclosets.com/
I'm sure no one cares, but I just found out that Russell Moccasin used to supply their South 40 Birdshooters to RL during the '90s, so there's a high chance those were made by them. Going to order a pair in specs as close as I can get to the originals. Thanks again to ppl who gave suggestions.
Yelp is indeed pretty useless. IMO, you'd do better by asking some really high end boutiques in your area who they use. Maybe check with a few stores, and see if there's some sort of consensus.Otherwise, I wrote this for a blog once, and it might be useful (normally hate doing this, cause it seems so self promotional, but there's not an easy way to summarize everything)http://putthison.com/post/45348093360/finding-a-good-dry-cleaner-with-the-amount-ofHonestly though, for...
I'm always amazed at how many people on here are academics or lawyers. Genuinely makes you wonder how many criminal cases have been lost because someone's lawyer spent their time arguing on StyleForum on whether or not people should wear undershirts.
Greg and Kyle -- am I right in assuming that not all new things get posted in the "New Items" section of the website? When things land (not just restocks), so they sometimes just get posted on the maker's page? Should we be checking those in addition to the New Items page?
I'll admit, I think the whole world of fashion blogging is dirty. I don't think anyone can hold themselves up to some Gold Standard of integrity (like the old NYT model or something). It's just too hard to make money in this business, so there's always going to be a somewhat dirty relationship with brands. Even if we were to stick with the traditional modes of advertising (banner ads on one side; editorial on the other), sites typically don't have a big enough staff to...
I'm really happy to see that someone with a faceless, blurred out head was able to find someone who also had a faceless, blurred out head. TBH, gives me some hope.
More tl;dr stuff for the crapper. [[SPOILER]]
It has to do with liking a certain kind of '90s RL look. TBH, probably not something that's to the taste of most people on CM, but it's something I grew up with as a teenager, so I really like it.
On the Media has a nice 8min audio clip today on the blurring of the lines between online advertising and online editorial content. (Thought I'd post this here since we were kind of just talking about this) http://www.onthemedia.org/story/even-blurrier-lines/
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