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Yes, you would need a shoulder pad to hold the wadding.Depending on how the shoulder pad is cut and wadding shaped, you can get a minimally padded shoulder line (what we think of as a "built up shoulder/ structured shoulder," but with or without a shoulder extension. Without that wadding the end of your shoulder line would just collapse after where your natural shoulder ends.Patrick Johnson once showed me a completely deconstructed sport coat. It didn't have any...
Not all jackets have wadding. I tried for years to get them in my NSM jackets, but was unsuccessful.
Tan suit and DB are Rubinacci suits on IammattLast photo is early Liverano on maomao.If you look up any photo of maomao, you'll see a soft extended shoulder. I think he requests an extension on all his jackets -- Corcos, Liverano, Paone, etc.
Shoulders are made up of both padding and wadding. Padding is what goes over your shoulder line. Wadding is the cushy material that gives it some structure. You can have a minimally padded shoulder with a slight extension using wadding. Without the wadding, the shoulder line would just collapse at the end.Here's some hand-shaped wadding:Liverano would be a popular example of a soft, extended shoulder. Iammatt's Rubinacci jackets on this forum would be another.I really like...
You've prob seen this, but 7x7 does a "must eat" list every yearhttp://www.7x7.com/the-big-eat-2016-100-things-to-eat-in-san-francisco-before-you-die-1787312188.htmlI feel like there are so many delivery services now in the city, there must a place that will deliver you good food in whatever short time you have to eat lunch. That way, you and the Steed guys don't have to be limited to whatever's close to the hotel.
It's like reading Donald Trump news every day. You look it up just to go wtf??
What place is that?
Turns out, Lemaire/ Schneider are just the J. Crew/ Club Monaco of Japan.
Still on a US steak run?
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