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Cleverley is releasing a new line of RTW shoes on Mr Porter next month. Styles that are seen in that movie.
Fecking StyFo Robot.
Yea. The fit was a bit big, cause he lost weight, but the shoulders were really nice. Rounded, slightly bold. If I were in NYC, I'd definitely want to try him out, after seeing that today.
Here's a rare pic of DBear out with his wife.
One white person has liked my post above. If the seven others can like it as well, we can have a sort of white person roll call, so that everyone is clear.FYI, this will be helpful for when people ask for swatch recommendations in this thread, so you know who's paste-y.
Saw a bespoke Formosa suit today. It was really nice.
FYI, if you bought pants from Ambrosi at Wingtip on his last visit, he's back in town for today and tomorrow. Posting this here cause Wingtip failed to notify me of the fitting. So just in case anyone else didn't get the memo ...
Except for like eight people here, everyone is Asian.This is not an exaggeration.
As an Asian man, I can confirm this is a very Asian thing to do.
There are a ton of books, blog posts, and forum posts already written on the subject, and people put up photos for others to examine. I assume everyone has the capacity to judge an article equally.I don't doubt that skin tone plays some part, but it seems really minor -- "washed out" as they say by much bigger factors (social meaning of clothes, fashionable trends, wearer's personality, climate/ weather, etc). And to the extent that it matters, I haven't been convinced by...
New Posts  All Forums: