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Actually, Rocky collaborated with Jeremy Scott just to woo people with crappy taste.
It would be reasonable to privately contact Drew through an intermediary if he didn't spend the last 1.5 years ignoring people who were trying to privately contact him through an intermediary.
My tobacco brown will never go out of style. It's a traditional piece of timeless classic that can be dressed up or down, with heritage heirloom quality that's both iconic and contemporary, giving you the perfect pop of color for that sense of effortless cool.
Well, @BostonHedonist, for one.
I think you have that backwards. Rocky doesn't choose his clothes to identify with fans. His fans choose clothes to identify with him.
Well, for one, some of ToJ's money went into that restaurant. Some of the things that were sold were sold on the premise that they were supposed to be a fundraiser for the restaurant. We give you money so you can do nice things with the restaurant, and in exchange, you give us pretty things. The second part of that deal never happened, so I think people are within their rights to contact Libertine.Second, whether you like it or not, it's impossible to tell the ToJ story...
Well, except I'm partly being paid to teach students and do research for my professor. Frankly, most of my academic work is for him, and often published under his name.Anyway, it's not even clear to me why Drew has taken so long to deliver these orders. I still think ToJ gets more slack on here than any other company who has had the same story. Nobody has had defenders a year into their delays. Now, 1.5+ years in, we don't have defenders, but people who don't have anything...
I'm pretty annoyed at Drew, but then I realized today that this must be how my advisor feels about me and my dissertation. "I'm going to send you a bunch of chapters this winter break, I promise." "Sorry, I have a bunch of data here with missing information, so I have't been able to send it." "Can you be more specific?" (said to avoid answering questions entirely) ::Poorly worded updates intended to be vague:: "Sorry, I've been really busy doing this other thing that...
Trying to push this convo forward: I think Drew said he's going to check some warehouse right now to figure out who has a "grey order" (jackets that have been made, but are missing tickets). It seems that the majority of people asking questions right now are wondering what's going on with their specific order. To speed things up, maybe it's best for Drew to just go through with his original plan and update people on the grey order stock. After that, if you don't see your...
Just FYI -- Drew's been asking for names or email addresses associated with orders, so he can give accurate updates. Meaning the name/ email associated with the Paypal payment, if you had someone else pay for you.
New Posts  All Forums: