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If you sign up for an online account you can earn points towards a future purchase. Their point system is actually really stupid, but if you're going to purchase stuff, you might as well earn points just in case you might use them at some point. Note that points expire after a year and certificates earned expire after 60 days.
Really just depends on your skin type and needs. Facial Fuel is their line for men, but I suspect it's just gender-ized marketing (stuff packaged for gendered stereotypes, largely because men are skeptical and/ or afraid of specialty grooming products). It's a good line though. Kind of all-purpose. I've used their FF moisturizer and scrub and like them.Then they have specialized stuff for different skin types/ needs. I've given up on the Facial Fuel moisturizer in favor of...
That shirt vaguely looks like something you'd see on Kickstarter.
Also too high for me, but not nearly as offensive as the blue DB posted above. I think it goes well with that kind of Phineas Cole look, which is inherently a bit aggressive. Just not something I would personally wear. I like Jean Claude Ellena's peak lapels at the top of this post, which are a lot lower set. I just haven't thought about how I feel about all the other details (belly, width, etc). Thinking about doing this SBPL thing on a tan wool gab suit.
Jesus, those look awful (sorry to whoever made them).
There are lots of theories online, although none that I've found very convincing so far. Whatever the reason, if you look at Amazon gift card prices on ebay, you'll see what I mean. Everything there sells for like 5% more than the card value. Compare that to other gift cards, where the buyer normally pays 90% of the card value.
If you listed that on eBay, you would get close to the full amount, even after accounting for eBay/ Paypal fees. Amazon gift cards there sell for more than their card value. That would basically give you cash to spend where ever.
It's kind of unpredictable. I've seen years where they drop prices a month after the first price drop; other times it's like two weeks (that's rare). They don't have a set schedule like some other stores.An aside: there's another sale at Kiehl's starting December 2nd. $20 off orders over $65; $25 off orders over $75; and $30 off orders over $100. I can't remember the code, but it'll be on their site. It's something like MERRY.
His stuff is pretty fire.
Anti Social Social Club. Basically a hyped streetwear brand started by a former Stussy social media manager.https://www.instagram.com/antisocialsocialclub/?hl=en
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