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I'm curious to know how many people who are indignant about Gustin's copying of Filson are indignant when they see copying happening elsewhere too.http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/2zltie/gustin_blatantly_copied_filsons_iconic_256/cpk7virhttp://putthison.com/post/97144694933/are-you-wearing-knockoffs-when-we-think-of
No, it was inspired by me buying some pants from Salvatore.
I've thought about that, but1. IMO, that should really be used as a last resort. Once something gets posted on Tumblr, for example, it can't be taken back. Especially if it gets reblogged or picked up by some other website.2. Once something like that goes up, you've really lowered Drew's incentive to push any more jackets out.In other words, putting stuff up on blogs is kind of an end-game move. I don't think people should air this too publicly until the end of this year....
I don't know anything about South Korean law, but the amount that Drew took in orders is way beyond the scope of any kind of small claims court. In the US, this would just be a class action lawsuit filed by a lawyer, who would then take a nice chunk of whatever amount is awarded.
Local Area Men Carefully Gauge How Strongly Worded Letter Should Be To ToJ Owner Drew Keith
Maybe we can help by making a spreadsheet.
I assume @LA Guy can help with that.
Lots of photos here of men in public bathrooms. I suspect half the forum is queer. The other half Republican.
Anyone have a recommendation for good, tightly knit, navy wool gloves? Looking for something on the the sturdy side -- so no uber soft cashmere or anything like that. Also, no logos, touchscreen fingers, contrast palms, or any other details. Just solid navy wool, if possible.
He should find out from Charly who actually owns that jacket and arrange for some kind of direct delivery. If it happens to belong to one of the people who told him to keep the jacket though, he should take their advice.
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