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Thanks for the update, Charly.Do you have a suggestion for how I can get confirmation that my spot has been transferred? The only thing I can think of is calling Libertine, but if you can give another suggestion, I'd appreciate it.
I like her, but she's not as fedorable as you.
Let me the first to thank you for your honesty.
So from a scale of one to "novels of Trollope," you'd give her about a "paintings of Leighton?"
How does Monica Bellucci compare to the paintings of Leighton, the novels of Trollope, or the maidens of the Renaissance Faire?
Given that StyFo Dudes seem to want free writing from ASW, and StyFo wants traffic, maybe StyleForum should license some of the material from ASW's archives.
Hey Charly, I don't know how else to contact you but to reply to your post here. I realize you don't want people PM'ing you (and I haven't). I hope replying to you in this post counts as fair game, since people have been conversing with you in this thread for a while.Someone bought one of my spots and I'd like to get some kind of confirmation that this person now owns my credit. I've sent a few emails to the ToJ Gmail address, but haven't gotten any replies.I realize that...
edit: nm. signing off.
Those photos are pretty bad, but if you Google around, they don't look terrible, actually. I wouldn't buy or wear them personally, but for a guy who likes that Viberg model and can't afford to shell out $600, it's not a terrible suggestion. I don't think the guy was saying the two shoes are of the same quality, so I don't know why people are getting upset. He's just saying the style looks vaguely similar, which they do. Better photos...
Well, FWIW, I've asked people on the forum if I could use their photo, and while the majority say yes, a couple have said no. I get the impression that some people don't want to have their photos be seen outside of this forum or have them live in a space where they don't have any control (ie a place where they can't take the photo down if they wanted to). Some also just don't like certain fits and don't want them to be seen outside of a WAYWT context.Anyway, I don't think...
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