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^ That doesn't seem like a comment about the fashion industry's wages being "shit" though. It seems more like a comment about the outlier that is the tech industry. Substitute the term "fashion industry" here for almost any industry and wages will look terrible when compared to Silicon Valley engineering jobs. For creative or creative-related fields, fashion doesn't seem that far off. Neither does it seem that far off from the median income for people who live in New York...
^ Rick Owens x Wang
Came in here hoping to see a "POLO BY TALPH LAUREN" label.
Just check with your local agenthttp://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/agents
Standard & Strange has some stuff in the back of their store (not online). If you can't stop in, maybe they'll do a phone order.
Honestly, for all the thousands of dollars I've spent on cutting-edge outerwear, storm-welted boots, and single-stick umbrellas, I mostly stay inside when it rains until it's dry enough to go out. Or I take a $20 cab.
Jesus Christ.
So then, what's the point of this technology? Is it just for when the DWR finish wears off? I think you can coat anything with DWR, no?
There was some talk on the SWD side of the forum about how some Ventile producers finish their jackets with a durable waterproof coating (DWR). I don't know how that affects breathability. FWIW, I have a Brooks England Ventile cycling jacket. The fabric is supposed to "soak" up water in order to swell up and close, thus preventing moisture from actually leaking through. However, when my jacket gets wet, the water just rolls right off. You don't see any dark spots, as...
That would be great, Baron (and much appreciated). If he or she declines, but knows someone who might be up for an interview, that would be great too.
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