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Yea, that's what I thought when I saw it. Not complaining though cause I liked that mag.
New Canadian fashion mag looks promising http://www.intelligencemagazine.com/ https://www.instagram.com/intelligencemag/
I see what you mean.I just assumed that Bill's Khakis appealed to a very specific kind of "fashion unconcious man" (to use Nick's words). So basically older, upper-middle class guys who just want something to wear on weekends. I guess like JL Powell, but with less "rugged man" undertones. I would think that for basics such as that, there's always a customer.
Just to push the convo -- as I have no opinion either way -- but wouldn't appealing to the 35-50 demographic (or whatever Bills Khaki's demographic was) just mean that you get the new group of people getting into that age group, just as the old ones are leaving? Why are brands targeting older customers necessarily more at risk of losing their base than brands targeting young ones? I would assume brands that appeal to young people are more at risk since young people have...
Thanks, Horns! Always coming through with the good advice.
^ This is really helpful. Thanks, Greg.
Hey look, @jefferyd in a RL promo! (1:40 mark, for those who want to skip)
Anyone have experience with Le Labo's line of solid perfumes? LN-CC is having a 30% off spring sale (checkout code LNSPRING30). The code applies to Le Labo, but they only carry the solid line. http://www.ln-cc.com/en/men/accessories/fragrance/#
The M1 and M2 cuts were a little dowdy (especially the M1), but the M3 was pretty slim. I think they may have modified the M3 cut a few years ago to make it even slimmer (that's what one of the SAs at The Hound told me, anyway).
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