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Dab a little semen behind your ear. Maybe he'll come back.
I have the FW14 version and it fits bigger than the Cameraman and Surface jackets I've owned. Took a 48 in Cameraman, probably could have gone 46 or 48 on the Surface jacket (but went with a 46). Could only take a 46 in the FW14 Aircraft and there's still plenty of room in there for a chunky knit.If it helps to know, I'm a size 37 chest.
Don't think zippers break in. FWIW, I had an old Belstaff DR, made back when they were still a UK brand, and the chunky zipper wasn't the smoothest. But I rarely wear my leather jackets zipped anyway, so it didn't really matter. Two way zippers are usually finicky at the bottom. Don't know if that's what you're referring to when you say "needs to take some practice." Frankly find them kind of annoying most of the time. Don't think I've ever really used the two-way...
That shirt is actually kind of cool.
Friend on Twitter said he realized his Pokemon Go name should have been "pokements."
Just dab a little narwhal semen behind your ear to attract women. The pulse point helps with projection.
Couple of people have had that done: Hosni Mubarak, Narendra Modi, etc. Very CBD (conservative bad dictator style) Mubarak: Modi:
It's not as red as burgundy antique, but it's redder than dark oak. If you want the county grain equivalent of dark oak, get walnut country calf. It's not a perfect match, depending on the shade of dark oak (which has varied a little over the years), but it's closer than mahogany.
So in business accounting terms, literally "unfunded liabilities?"
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