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I don't know, but that's from like four PDFs. Each PDF is a sort of a build out on a theme. I think you subscribe to the service and get reports like this, it's not like each report is sold as a standalone.To be fair, those are just the menswear reports (what Jian makes today). I'm sure they have other services, it's not like the editor creates all the content. Maybe the other stuff is more "technical."99.99% of consulting.
Basically.Here are some excerpts from previous reports. It's not really that different from magazines talking about "what's hot right now." [[SPOILER]]
The 99% article makes things seem a lot more nefarious than they are. Hapiscal had a good article back in the day about how trends happen, which tied in some of these trend forecasting reports.
From what I can tell, Charly didn't know anything about what was happening. He's located in the US, far from South Korea's operations, and was basically in the dark like the rest of us.I admit, I have questions about what Dan knew, but I've reached out to him a few times and haven't gotten replies. He worked alongside Drew day-to-day at Libertine. It seems strange to me that he didn't know jackets weren't being made since he was supposedly in charge of production and/ or...
Wanted to update this thread. I've confirmed through other sources that Libertine is indeed shut down, after unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer for about a year. This was Drew's biggest financial asset. He had about a 33% shareholding in the restaurant, which we now know was bought with our money. When he was kicked out, he tried to sell those shares, but couldn't find a buyer. Shortly after he was kicked out, the other Libertine owners also tried to sell their...
Drew lost his biggest asset about three weeks ago, which was about a 33% shareholding in Libertine. That was the only thing we could go after, so I'm trying to figure out where to go from here.I've been meaning to update that ToJ thread but have been waffling on whether it's a good idea. Anyway, I guess I should.
I don't know if he has to square it since he didn't create this environment. He's just working within it, complaining about what's happened to a thing he loved. If you say his work contributes to that environment, then arguably everyone in fashion is somewhat guilty because everyone contributes it to some way -- the journalists, editors, designers, financiers, shop owners, distributors, etc etc etc.Maybe everyone is culpable in some way, but since guilt is so widespread, I...
I know what you mean, and I struggle with the idea of fashion journalism as well, but in actual policy, I think Jesse has a really good sense for media ethics. There's stuff I've disagreed with him in the past, only to come back and realize that he's right. I don't think he's strident in actual policy, but he takes media professionalism really seriously. Whether he and I would disagree on the idea of "fashion journalism," I don't think he's been wrong about how to create...
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