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Asian men: admired by menswear enthusiasts online, ignored by women in real life.Please, trade me into any other ethnicity.
In case someone's interested, Epaulet has a black Vanson cafe racer that kinda looks like the Board Racer ktown bought. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/epaulet-x-vanson-trident-jacket-in-black-heavyweight-cowhide Use the discount code Thirty-Off-Sale-July2015 to knock another 30% off and the price is about $350.
Slightly more interested in the Subway sandwich video. I'll raise the stakes to $10 if the footage includes Noodles demanding a refund after he's eaten 10" of his 11" footlong sub.
I have a crisp $5 here for anyone who can post a vid of Noodles measuring his 12" Subway sandwich order.
I would like to trade Bobby Jindal and Noodles out of the Asian community. Representatives of other ethnicities, please PM me with offers.
It really bothers me that you pretend to be so dense. Do you really think that the "only way would have been to measure with a tape ruler?"When normal people get a new piece of clothing, they try it on to see if they like it. If they do, they keep it; if they don't, they return it. It's not rocket science.You either tried it on and decided you liked it, or didn't try it on at all. Either way, you had the garment altered and wore it around for a while. Now that you decide...
Thought this was a kind of fun photo. Found on Voxsartoria's blog, it's Roger Moore in side zip boots.
Fair enough. I don't follow this thread, so I'm probably hopping in at a bad time. The only other post I've seen from Noodles was one where he made a mean-spirited remark about someone's gender identity, which I found off-putting. That, combined with this interaction with NMWA, are my only real interactions with the guy, which is why I said what I said.
Ignoring chargebacks and threatening to take legal action against Greg goes beyond having an online persona. Why do people feel this is just some fun, cutesy thing?
Whether you initiated or not is beside the point of whether you were aware of it. When I travel, sometimes my purchases raises red flags with my credit card or bank, and I'm always sure to clear it up, so that a vendor doesn't have to deal with possible chargebacks.As for the legal threat thing, yes -- if it's not obvious to you, telling someone you're going to seek legal recourse is a threat.Everyone here treats you with soft, cutesy terms, and I don't understand it....
New Posts  All Forums: