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I love those belts with jeans. Even convinced Canta to buy one.
That collar looks like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting.
Please don't let him know the existence of this thread.
We've debated this a dozen or so pages ago.
I actually like Foo threads. Without him, we'd have people posting photos of Luca and talking about whether or not they like how he dresses, which is boring.Anyway, Gennaro is visiting HK next week and we'll have photos (hopefully), so that'll be something.
This thread was slow today. I hope @mafoofan is OK.
Arguing when it's twelve against two is something only Foo can effectively do.
"Homer, don't give up! They laughed at me the first time I wore jeans with a sport coat. I was the first wealthy man in America to ever do it, now they all do it!"
New Posts  All Forums: