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Did you also get the trous? I like that suit's silhouette and think it would work well on your frame.
Hm, tough call. I don't any alterations tailor that would be good for something like that. I wouldn't call Zolton closed minded. He invited me to Maas & Stacks' opening many years ago. Said he was friends with the owner. He also taught the guy behind Good Wear Leather how to sew (Zolton himself is a big leather jacket enthusiast). He's got Lightning and Free & East magazines laying around the shop. So he's definitely a bit more of a menswear enthusiast than your average...
Some guy posted a review of SLP jodhpurs on Reddit. Fit pic of the boots with a ToJ QDR http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/2x8z10/saint_laurent_paris_london_20_cropped_jodhpur/
Maybe I should check out the rft threads. It just seems like a lot of people hate on the lookbook threads (usual criticism of "who would wear that," "that looks like something I could make," and "is this a joke"), but when you go see what gets upvoted in WAYWT, a lot of the fits are interesting. Almost feels like two separate communities in there.
Is it just me, or is there a really big disconnect between the usual threads started at MFA and their WAYWT threads? Seems like the threads are all about Uniqlo/ J Crew/ Target/ Suit Supply/ Clarks, but the "Best of WAYWT threads" aren't like that at all.
A more accurate title for this thread: "The New Official ToJ Thread -- Updated Complaints, Etc ..."
Depending on what kind of look you're going for, you can get vintage leathers for like $150-300. They'll usually have a more rugged, "classic-ish" sensibility -- so it's not a "fashion leather" like ToJ or anything avant garde like RO -- but they can still look great with beat-up jeans and some rugged boots. I bought this a while ago for about $200. It's an old Belstaff from when they were still an English company. Ended up selling it cause it made me look too much like...
I like the new title for this thread.
Picture of the people behind MMM in a 2001 issue of Vogue
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