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If I remember correctly, Kirby at The Hanger Project once mentioned to me that this kind of thing can happen, but I've never heard of it actually happening.
Don't know of a quick fix, but you could just get the canopy replaced.
Being ethnically Chinese, I can confirm for you that most things made in China are loud.
Thanks for that, Concordia. I've seen Ambrosi's trousers, but admit I haven't noticed anything special about the taper. I'll try to pay a bit more attention next time. I also like longer tails and higher collars on shirts. Kabbaz once mentioned the latter in some YouTube video. I think it's more of the extra button that the length allows, as he said that clients could see what a difference this makes by simply pinning one's own existing shirt below the last button. In...
Curious, what about your Ambrosi trousers do you like better than NSM's? Also curious about what you had changed on your Ascot Chang pattern, if you care to share.
Hm, Manton's "donkey flannel" is nice, but in my mind, I was thinking of something in between these two shades for Unbelragazzo's tan/ sand flannel [[SPOILER]]
"Can't wear LB shorts cause my knots won't be gripped"
Maybe you can compensate by going commando? The fabric on your underwear has to be at least 2oz, I imagine.
I'd be in for a couple of meters on the sand/ tan flannel. Would be good to keep a stash on hand just for future orders, frankly, as getting just the right shade has been so difficult.
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