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Ah, I thought we were talking about the preppy connotations of the 180 in France.If we're just talking about generic pennies, I love the style. Think I could reduce my entire shoe wardrobe to just chukkas, penny loafers, and Norwegian split toes.@jerrybrowne has a pair of natural-colored Horween shell boots in the works. Looks like they're modeled after Alden Indys.
Fair enough. I've heard the same from friends in France. I assume the 180s are the French equivalent of pastel colored polos in the US.Don't think the 180s mean the same thing here. At least I hope not.
No-no for fire jawnz, but OK for grails.
Don't think you can really say whether SR houses mark up cloth because almost every book is included in the base rate. Unlike Italian tailors, who will charge a base labor rate, but then add the price of cloth depending on what you choose.Perhaps more accurate to say that few SR houses will give you a big discount if you do CMT.
Personally not into oxfords with jeans. Or frankly wholecuts in general.Loafers look great with denim, even in "formal" colors. You just have to get ones that look casual enough. I only wear my EG Piccadillys with tailored clothing, but JM Weston's 180 loafers have a nice high side wall and rounded toe that makes them great for casual use. Have a pair in dark brown, but just bought some in black.Also like derbies, boots, etc with denim. Oxfords with jeans have a "rich dad"...
Schott makes Perfectos without the star. I don't know if they have it in the 519 fit, but there are a bunch of variations on the Perfecto (fit, star, no star, etc).My Schott doesn't have a star.
Long shot, but anyone ever pick up an issue of Selvedge Magazine? Wondering if it's any good http://www.selvedge.org/ Edit: Whoops. Nevermind. Found a trial issue here https://reader.exacteditions.com/issues/3586/thumbs
Yes to both, but I don't think you should dye the Heschungs brown. Tan is good under blue denim, IMO.I have the black version with the grey suede accents and gum soles. Never get worn. Think the ones you posted would be even harder to pull off.
I send stuff to Willie's Shoe Service in Los Angeles. They take mail-ins, do great work, and charge reasonable prices.https://www.yelp.ca/biz/willies-shoe-service-los-angeles
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