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Damn, everything looks so good, despite Barney's terrible product photos. The price of the coat isn't even that bad either (relatively speaking, anyway).
Yoko Ono FW12
Some places do, but most places won't. You can start with Harrisons and HFW since they have a lot of popular stuff anywayhttp://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/https://www.hfwltd.com/
It takes a really, really long time for the cork footbed to mold.
That's a pretty serious button down collar.
I usually take a 36 or 38 in most things. Had to go with a 36 for the 5-zip.
Like the other poster above me, I was told that there are no stock sizes. I didn't really understand that, however, since even bespoke tailors work with block patterns. But FWIW, that's what I was told.
Crowdsourcing MTM measurements seems like a really bad idea to me, especially if you're getting that info from non-experts. I don't know if he would be up for it, but you might want to try PM'ing @mrchariybrown and seeing if you can privately pay him to generate numbers. Maybe he would do it for a small fee.
I've only had mine for a year, but the soles seem fine. The uppers are crappy though.
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