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So few people care about Matches Fashion that even if you charged a proxy fee, Fok wouldn't ban you.
You mean the pointy one with the floating medallion?Do you know what's the one next to it, second from the right?
Someone here offered to proxy MP's Founder Sale, where people could get anything they want at half off. @jsimonovis413 PM'd the guy and found out he charges a 10% proxy fee, got upset that he could only get something at 45% off instead of 50%, and thus reported him to mods. Obviously the guy was breaking StyFo rules by charging people, so he got banned and then later fined. Our rule-abiding @jsimonovis413 would now like to know who else can break Mr. Porter's rules for him.
Anyone know if Vass has brown shell cordovan that leans towards the cooler side of the color spectrum? That is, any brown shell that doesn't have a hint of red in it? Cigar sometimes looks like a neutral mid- to dark-brown in some photos, but in others, it seems a bit warm.
The guy you got banned does.
I like Uniqlo and think of them (mostly) as a supplier of basics, rather than trend driven pieces, but aren't their collabs essentially just high-fashion designs using cheaper materials? It's basically what H&M and Zara do, except Uniqlo involves the designer.Which is why it's kind of weird for Lemaire to make that statement, IMO. The only time Uniqlo is really about fast fashion is when guys like him get involved.
Also, if it helps to know, Steed visits San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, NYC, Nashville, and Chicago. Maybe also Las Vegas in the future, but that's TBD. Travel schedule here: http://www.steed.co.uk/en/travel-itinerary/
Dudes could save money on a Steed sport coat right now by bidding. The going price is a bit below what Steed typically charges.
FYI, if anyone receives something with cat hair on it, it's probably a return from me.
New Posts  All Forums: