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Not sure if this is the right thread since it's technically the expats thread, but has anyone tried A&S trousers? Thinking of getting a pair, but would appreciate thoughts on how they compare to other bespoke makers.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.I'm warming up to the idea of a navy zip folio. Definitely more than the "large-scale card case" idea that I was floating earlier.Also saw this design yesterday. Like the pen pocket placement a little better than your usual standard design, as it seems like it wouldn't press up against the folio's contents as much, causing bulk. Little bit of stitched leather on the bottom might help keep the sides from looking too plain.Bellanie...
^ I guess that's true. Now that I think about it, mine aren't any bulkier than similar weighted tweeds. For some reason, that sponginess makes me think mine have less shape, but maybe it's all in my head.
I haven't compared them to Shetlands in a similar weight. The only other Shetlands I've seen are lighter. It may be that the Lovat Shetlands I own are very heavy, so thickness + loose weave = extra spongey/ springy.
Yea, I had it turned into a sport coat. Tailoring was by Steed.That's a really nice cloth as well, but I don't think it's available anymore. It's a Lovat Shetland, so spongier and more loosely woven than Fox and Harris.Ah, yea. I think it's the same one.
120 Prince Street, between Wooster and Greene.Store open for 6-9 months, with a chance they'll stay afterwards depending on how things go.
Steed has W. Bill books. They bring the tweed ones, but their books don't show everything. If you want to get a swatch they don't have on their tours, you can order it through Isles Textiles in NYC. Steed can then get the fabric (even if they don't have the swatch).If your'e looking for a light tweed, Fox has something that I think is nice. For something more mid-brown/ dark brown, Huddersfield just released some new Harris Tweeds in that color. Both are heavier than ~280...
Not sure if you mean you're curious about my decision or something else. If it's my decision, I changed it because I mostly have patch pocket sport coats and was flipping through A&S' vanity book. Lots of flap pocket tweeds in there I liked, so I thought I'd go for something more "A&S"
Rothco is another cheap option, although Rais' suggestion above looks much cooler. You can find Rothco's online for like $30-ish. If you dont mind spending the money, my Master Piece is one of my favorite bags though. Bought a Rothco just to check out and try some distressing techniques, but never really got around to it. MP is obviously a lot better built. Better materials/ trimmings, cooler looking, lots of nice design features, etc.
Only thing I don't like about those lighter crepes is that they get pretty gross pretty quick. Not a big deal on the bottom of the shoe, but it's noticeable on the sides.
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