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I don't know what you're talking about, but my point is that industrialization has made the Chinese economy robust enough that you couldn't have that same famine today. I'm very familiar with the history of the famine and The Great Leap Forward. The point is that you couldn't have that famine today because of their heavy industrialization and new trade ties. Droughts and bad weather don't wipe out 30 million people in advanced industrial economies.I don't buy suits from...
I love that second-to-last photo. Also convinced that I'm definitely getting a DB now with my length.
I don't understand how anyone worried about those conditions thinks they would improved by boycotting those countries' exports. Fifty years ago, thirty million people died in China from a famine (within a short three year period). There was literally cannibalism in China because people had no food. Do people not think that conditions have vastly improved since China became the world's factory? Every successful post-war development story has been about heavy...
. Whoops, nm. Misunderstood the quoted post.
Next up: YMBAPE crashing the next StyleForum anniversary party.
I have some Viyellas. Can't speak for all cotton-wool blends, but mine are more on the casual side of things.Probably depends on your office dress codes. Open collar button-ups in non-crazy patterns seem passable in most offices nowadays.Don't know how much warmth they provide, but they look good under tweed and corduroy.
For something like that, it seems like you'd want someone who can do more casual styles. Maybe even some kind of finishing (pre-distressing, washing, etc). Maybe someone like this guy, but at a more affordable price https://andrewmcdonald.com.au/ He does custom shoes in a casual, semi-Guidi sort of style.
I think he's talking about David Frommer, who goes by DWF on this forum. He makes bespoke shoes, and is willing to do remote fittings, but his prices are a lot higher than $500/ pair.Ron Rider does RTW shoes, made in Italy.OV, I think you're probably best with a DIY project. For $500, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who's willing to do a custom pattern and use good leathers/ quality construction. $500 is already a good deal if you can do a MTO, nevermind a totally...
I remember the line as being a totally innocuous, Southern California-inspired casualwear label though, no? It was like the most generic clothing ever.
Interesting to see a suit cut by Andrea. I think he cut some things when Gennaro was still at the company, but as far as I know, this is one of the few photos of a post-Gennaro Rubi suit. The photo at the end makes the lapels look slightly Tautz-ish, but David showed me a head-on photo yesterday. Lapel is more of a gentle peak. The shoulders also look slightly extended without the droop that sometimes happens on softer jackets. Suit looks nice.
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