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There has to be the discussion though. At least for me, what makes StyleForum fun is the discussion, which is nearly impossible to have on Tumblr or Instagram. At least not in the long, drawn-out ways you see on SF.This thread is actually a perfect example. Random Fashion Thoughts is pretty much just a chat room, and it's one of my favorite threads on the forum.
Isn't that Attachment leather also pre-distressed?
That's true. The designs were really nice and the MTO aspect was great.Anyway, I've always thought design trumps marginal improvements in construction quality, but since someone asked about the quality specifically, I chimed in with my experience. The earlier comparisons to Tom Ford and SLP were overblown, IMO.
Some fashion-y DRs that look interesting: Nonnative (this is old, but I recently just remembered it, so thought I'd post it here). Available at Coverchord (ignore how small it looks on the model; I think they gave him the wrong size) Beautiful People (I think only available in Japan. One of the stores being Shabby & Industrial, which is sort of like a Japanese Unionmade) More photos at Rroomm
I mean, on CM we're talking about a period of seven or eight years (meaning, what people reference as the "Golden Years" to present day). Social structures in the US haven't changed that much in the last seven to eight years.Again, the issue isn't discussing bespoke per se -- although I think those threads were fun for everyone on CM -- it's more about the discussions of how to dress well (in a classic sense). That seemed to be tied to the people who bought bespoke, which...
I guess for now? I don't know. I've worn it once cause I can't get any joy out of it. I'm still working on some things to pursue Drew for what he owes on these orders, so it's hard to wear a jacket when you're this annoyed about the whole situation.I'd like to think that my perception about the quality of the jacket isn't colored by the bad experience, but it really does feel kind of mediocre. Somewhat feel a little more confident since Fok told me the same years ago --...
I just think the guys who bought bespoke contributed a lot to the discussion of how to dress well -- it wasn't just info about how to buy bespoke stuff.Anyway, people blame it on the shift to RTW kopping, but I think it's just really difficult to find guys like Manton, Iammatt, Will, RJ, RSS, etc. Those guys just had a lot more grounded experience with the coat and tie look, came from a certain background, and had preferences that weren't just largely driven by what they...
Black lamb MDR. The three zip version.
Come on, you know it's not just according to me. The theme of "CM is past its Golden Years" comes up all the time there.I'm not talking about how the conversation has shifted to kopping. Even the discussion threads like Noodles Good Advice and The Lounge don't feel that interesting (at least to me). I think the thing that made CM special before was that you had people who were very well versed in the coat and tie look before coming to StyleForum. Some also had a lot of...
I guess not surprised in hindsight. IIRC, you were the only person who told me that the quality of ToJ wasn't as nice as other high-end leathers you've handled. I think the other stuff posted here was just hype.Anyway, nice designs; quality is pretty mediocre.
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