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Maybe he meant the British use of the term
Think of it as a leather penis.
The belted DRs in this thread mostly suck, but that doesn't mean belts always suck, IMO. Belts look good on certain jackets. It just so happens that the more rugged, slightly vintage/ retro styles are poorly represented on SF.
If I know anything about StyleForum, this is probably more like "any StyleForum member who shows up at his restaurant would ask for a free meal/ beer."
Found a cool Tumblr for Brutalism. No longer updated, unfortunately. http://concreteproof.tumblr.com/
Curious -- has anyone with a suede ToJ applied some kind of treatment to their leather? I've owned suede jackets in the past and didn't pay too much attention to their upkeep, but recently bought one that was kind of expensive, so I'd like to take care of it. A dry cleaning expert I talked to advised me to not apply any kind of waterproofing or stain repellant spray. According to him, those risk staining the jacket if you apply it unevenly. Which, TBH, I thought was odd...
My parents have used California Closets. It's really nice, but expensive. (Price depends on how big your closet space is). If you're OK with spending that kind of money, you can also look into Closet by Design. They do the same thing.Easy Closet gives you a similar look, but they use cheaper materials (particle woods) and require self installation.Both offer you some nice customization though, which helps you maximize closet space.
I'd suggest looking at Elfa, Easy Closet, and California Closets (in order of price ascendancy/ fanciness)http://www.containerstore.com/elfa/index.htmhttp://www.easyclosets.com/http://www.californiaclosets.com/
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