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I think casualwear is hard because people -- especially men -- have this feeling like they shouldn't stick out. Or dress too different from their peers. Which means, unless you're in NYC and hang out with a fashion crowd, you're probably being pulled to some really low equilibrium. Jeans, t-shirt and ugly sneakers. Or chinos and a polo. Or whatever other terrible variation that's mostly out there nowadays. A tailored jacket somewhat gets you out of that conundrum because,...
Ha, yea, I love that stuff. Picked up my first Kapital piece from Standard & Strange last year. I feel like a lot of that stuff is hard to appreciate online, cause it looks so goofy. But then you go, try it on, and you end up falling in love with the weird, hippie, hobo thing.Can't say I wear this stuff as well as some people on this board, or the Kapital guys themselves, but I admire the look.Camper dude style is a good description.
Hm, maybe. I do remember him saying he was going to get a slip-on.Those tassel loafers look so great. I've had a pair from Allen Edmonds for years and never really liked the color. The ones above look perfect.
Those fleeces only really work if you wear them in an SWD-ish way. Like Kapital hippie hobo, world traveler. I like them, but i someone were to wear them in a CM way, it would just look dad-ish. Was at the airport recently and saw a girl in some old fatigues, a South American looking alpaca knit with frayed raw seams (knit was slightly oversized), and hiking boots (like semi-techy-ones, not Danners). Some flannel shirt layered underneath. Full crunchy hippie, and...
Good grief, these look amazing. Are these yours, @jerrybrowne?
As far as I know, they're still lasted for the 202 and 606, just not any of the other lasts.I don't think all shoes will get that deformation. It probably depends on your exact size, the shoe's last, your shoe trees, and the kind of material used for the uppers. I've found some of my shoes have deformed like that over the years; others have not. It's a little more obvious on ones that I rarely wear because the rest of the shoe is pristine. On really beat up shoes, who...
You mean in how it doesn't have a very defined waist or open quarters?It does hang a bit like a painters jacket. Some guys get theirs tailored like a regular SC, but I think it then just looks like an SC with weird lapels.TBH, with some exceptions, I just don't think CM styles work that well for casual looks. I mostly wear SWD-ish stuff when I'm not in a tailored jacket, but I also understand that stuff doesn't suit everyone's taste.
Am I wrong, or are more stores doing Chinese New Year promotions this year? Feel like I've seen a couple, whereas before, I don't think I've ever seen a non-Chinese retailer structure a sale or anything around the holiday.
That's a good point. I hadn't thought of that. I own one of the Justo Gimeno Tebas and don't think it would work for a guy your height.You could get a shirtmaker to do a similar style. I just think the shoulder padding and fusing are important. I have a shirt jacket from Ascot Chang that I like, but since it's basically built like a shirt, it doesn't have as nice of a shape as the Gimeno Teba.
Was just going to suggest that. Their new travel jacket looks similar to the Teba, a Spanish design. Justo Gimeno, which is the brand of Teba carried at The Armoury, is nice. Slighlty padded shoulders and fused chest, which I think gives the coat just a touch more shape that purely unstructured shirt jackets.Photographer Jonathan Becker, who Grayson Carter once called the best dressed man he knows, wore a Teba to a premiere some time ago.Somewhat of a stylized shot here,...
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