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That's an important part of the equation. I know lambskins, for example, can range anywhere from $5 to $40 per square foot. (without bulk orders). I don't know how much leather is required for a jacket (kind of hard to compare since animal skin isn't used or cut the same as woven fabrics), but to give an example, I require 2.25 meters for a sport coat, assuming a standard width fabric (59"). That's about 36 square feet. Multiply that anywhere from $5 to $40, and that's a...
With some powerful hip moves, that loose belt could be a good "Excuse Me" flag
Do you know if Bergamote 22 or Santal 33 have been reformulated? I was actually just going to go to San Francisco to see about picking some up.
Yes, but you guys were pushing for him to keep the jacket before even knowing that. That seemed really shitty to me.
My impression is that knit ties are mostly of the same quality. They just differ on characteristics:1. Material: Some of places, such J. Press and Rubinacci, use softer silks. Other places, such as Charvet, Lands End, and Drake's, use crunchier silks. Neither is better or worse; they're just different. Then you have cashmeres and wools, which might get into issues of quality, but those aren't as common as silk.2. Weave: Drake's and Conrad Wu are a much tighter weaves than...
If they just made the wrong jacket, then I think it's up to him whether he wants to send it back. I suppose it depends on how bad he wants his correct order.If it's a misdelivery -- that is, Drew sent someone else's jacket to him by mistake -- then yes, I think he should arrange for some kind of direct delivery to the correct owner.I don't know. $800 isn't the end of the world to me, so I wouldn't want to screw someone else over for such a (relatively) small amount of money.
You don't have to go to Charvet for that kind of weave. Lands End sells the same thing for like 1/4th of the price.IMO, the best thing about Drake's is the shape of the knit, not the actual weave. It's wider than Charvet, but narrows more dramatically at the neck, which allows you to get a small knot.
Well, it's appreciated. In the last year, I don't think anyone has voiced the opinion that nothing can be done, so thank you.
Why are you so insistent that other people shouldn't try to figure out how to get their jackets? I mean, I get it -- you don't think anything can be done. But if you have no skin in the game, why keep throwing peanuts from the gallery?
Classics come about through copying though. Penny loafers were Bass' interpretation of Norwegian mocs (they changed it by adding the penny strap), but the penny loafer became a classic when dozens of other brands copied it. Alden invented the tassel loafer, but that in turn became a classic when dozens of brands copied it. Same goes for riveted jeans (originally Levis'), oxford cloth button downs (originally Brooks Brothers), and seven-fold ties (Robert Talbott). These are...
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