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TBH, I don't think the design looks that great, regardless of color.
"VisvimThe Reality: You talk about hating John Mayer because he’s not authentic but deep down you burn with unbearable jealousy."LOL
Would this person like a new friend?
It's from Ed, but I'm pretty sure it's sold out.
I had dinner with UrbanComposition recently and he wore this sport coat with denim, which I thought looked pretty good https://www.instagram.com/p/BJGq4lKDk2z/?taken-by=urbancomposition https://www.instagram.com/p/BJJC01XD-AS/?taken-by=urbancomposition Not sure that's really a year round cloth, but it might work three seasons in San Francisco.
You need a minimum of 60m, which is roughly 20 people signing on.
Thanks, Chris. I have a friend who recently had some gab trousers made. Maybe I'll see where he got his cloth and check the front and back sides, as you suggested.
Thanks, B.
Anyone have a good recommendable source for tan wool gabardine? Smiths apparently used to have some, but no longer does. Looking for something in a sandy beige.
I am grateful for the weather in NYC.
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