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NYC and San Francisco. I gave Gennaro our list of preferred dates (I said after April 25th, with early May being more ideal). Also gave him a list of recommendable hotels and price quotes for rooms at each one. I'm just waiting to hear back from him on what he decides in terms of dates, times, and locations. Will update everyone here when I get news.
Still selling a full leather spot. PM me for details.
Did you also get the trous? I like that suit's silhouette and think it would work well on your frame.
Hm, tough call. I don't any alterations tailor that would be good for something like that. I wouldn't call Zolton closed minded. He invited me to Maas & Stacks' opening many years ago. Said he was friends with the owner. He also taught the guy behind Good Wear Leather how to sew (Zolton himself is a big leather jacket enthusiast). He's got Lightning and Free & East magazines laying around the shop. So he's definitely a bit more of a menswear enthusiast than your average...
Some guy posted a review of SLP jodhpurs on Reddit. Fit pic of the boots with a ToJ QDR http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/2x8z10/saint_laurent_paris_london_20_cropped_jodhpur/
Maybe I should check out the rft threads. It just seems like a lot of people hate on the lookbook threads (usual criticism of "who would wear that," "that looks like something I could make," and "is this a joke"), but when you go see what gets upvoted in WAYWT, a lot of the fits are interesting. Almost feels like two separate communities in there.
Is it just me, or is there a really big disconnect between the usual threads started at MFA and their WAYWT threads? Seems like the threads are all about Uniqlo/ J Crew/ Target/ Suit Supply/ Clarks, but the "Best of WAYWT threads" aren't like that at all.
A more accurate title for this thread: "The New Official ToJ Thread -- Updated Complaints, Etc ..."
New Posts  All Forums: