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You can get the material re-woven. It's basically someone reweaving the fabric, using as-close-as-possible matching thread/ yarn. Try French American Reweaving Company in NYC and Best Weaving & Mending online.
Try sending it to Rave Fabricare in Arizona.
Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Lawless Denim was featured in a story at Fox News http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/44547115-story
Best thread on capes:http://www.styleforum.net/t/308059/what-does-men-prevent-of-buying-and-wearing-capes-today/0_20
Just PM'd you James' email address.That's good to know. Worth highlighting for anyone who happens to still be in that window.Kind of still annoyed that we were arguing about whether Drew was actually delivering jackets a year into the delays, but nothing we can do about that now ...I received my jacket on the last round of deliveries, when Drew made that spreadsheet, but I'm still pursuing this. Really bothers me that he took this much money from people.
It would be great if you can go on record. Let me double check with him to see if I can give out his personal email address. If so, I'll PM you.
Does anyone have a link or something to a webpage that describes how to send something directly to a person's main Facebook inbox? Unfortunately not on Facebook myself, so I can't fiddle around. The person I'm having send the message can't find anything concrete. Regarding chargeback reference numbers: I messaged two people. One still hasn't gotten back to me; the other initially said he felt uncomfortable giving out that kind of personal information, and then later said...
Bumping this. We have six or seven orders in California, which means if just one or two more people join, we can organize a trip. Anyone interested? The cuts are really nice.
Looking to get these vintage RL boots duplicated, which I assume were made by Russell. The company confirmed that they used to produce for RL, but they said they made their birdshooter (I assume the South 40 in a 6" or 7" height? With just seven eyelets?) I'm wondering if the style might not be better as the safari PH boot, however. Given that the RL boot was meant to be worn more as a casual city shoe, the safari's double moccasin bottom seems like it would be less...
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