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Anti Social Social Club. Basically a hyped streetwear brand started by a former Stussy social media manager.https://www.instagram.com/antisocialsocialclub/?hl=en
He works on Mt. Vestuvius
when you can't kop assc
Dior Leather Oud today. Terrible and great at the same time. Stinky, civet-y, leathery, smokey, oud-y. Wouldn't want a whole bottle of this stuff, but it's weirdly nice every once in a while.
I've seen it during early sale seasons. I think the idea is to cut down on the shipping and possible returns process, which could kill them in terms of profits. If you return a $1000 item when it's 30% off, they'd rather sell it at that remaining 30% window than lose $200 when it drops to 50%
I'm not really sure, to be honest. That looks nice, although I feel like my opinion sometimes changes depending on how much of the jacket is shown. The proportions for a PL sometimes looks off to me without that big sweeping line of a DB.I'll try to dig around later for some photos and post them. Feel like a lot of stuff is at play here -- belly vs no belly, space between collar and lapel, width, etc. Not sure I've thought about this enough either way to have preferences...
Tender has cool black wool chore coats. Not really long, but could be cool depending on how you style it. Available at Standard & Strange, although they don't seem to have the item up on their website at the moment (it's in-store though)Basically this, but in black woolhttps://standardandstrange.com/products/type-950-jacket-woad-herringbone
That's cool. Let's just remember to update it to 2017 in November of 2017.
I'll leave it to you and/ or Jerry to decide. I don't think it's that crucial, although MTO encompasses all sorts of things that I think is better for other threads. Like Vass, EG, etc -- all those are have MTOs. For some reason, I think of this thread as something else.That said, I don't really care either way. The 2015 thing just seemed dated/ misleading.
That looks great! Is that from them?I like the proportions in the second photo.
New Posts  All Forums: