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StyeForum Member Mafoofan Settles 1000 Year Old Debate on Truth in AestheticsNEW YORK CITY — Numerous sources confirmed Monday that a newly published forum post by StyleForum member Mafoofan finally and categorically settled a 1,000 year old debate on truth in aesthetics. "Beauty is about contrast and, also, not standing out," wrote the runner-up in Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man in America contest. "There are higher truths in aesthetics and they flow from these five...
Yes. Nothing crazy, violent, or even harmful. Just general mischief.I do have some crazy stories that came out of the experience though, including being in a 100mph+ car chase with a truckload of white skinheads wanting to kill me. But I'll save that for when we meet.
I'm surprised, Foo, that you think of dress as both a language and some kind logical pursuit with an ultimate truth. I think of it as much more the first. The way we dress communicates certain things, which are couched in social meaning, history, and context. A white shirt and white square means something very specific. With the right things, it communicates seriousness and sobriety. The total combination of that outfit -- a dark suit, dark tie, white shirt, white square,...
I actually had a stint in juvenile hall as a youth. Not sure if that will or will not surprise you.
That sounds either very high school prom DJ or street corner pimp.
This works only if you think about dress in a purely abstracted form, however, without consideration for current practice, history, and norms. White square plus white shirt is very much a norm -- with long history -- so deviation necessarily makes it conspicuous, thus violating your first and most central rule.It's fine if you think it looks inherently bad, but it can't be because you think it's conspicuous. That could only be true if you were the first to try such a...
This is great, thanks!Leaning towards the Raf Simons, but that Cheaney Yang Li looks really good too.
Yea, I was looking at those Heschungs, but they're sold out in my size. I'd prefer something with more discrete stitching though. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Fairly casual. Hoping to get something I can wear with dark grey trousers, white shirt, and some kind of very casual top coat. Or a Schneider overcoat I bought from NMWA.Obviously, the cheaper the better, but I'd like to spend no more than $750 or so.Also, am I wrong for not liking a lot of designer brand shoes cause they're made from corrected grain leather?
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