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Serious comment: I was working on the same thing with a trainer, and then got very worried that it would ruin the fit of my bespoke clothes, so I stopped.
I have a raw silk tie from him that I really like
How to get your ToJ:
If it's MTO, you can order it without the thistle. I just placed an order for one through Skoak, and they didn't mention any problems with this request.
"Saying you are done buying clothes is like saying you are done receiving blow jobs." -@edmorel
I don't have an opinion on whether or not complaining will actually get Drew to do anything, but complaining about how people behave on the internet seems even more pointless.
I imagine people are hoping that enough complaining will get Drew to do something, which is not too unlike what you're trying to do with your complaining.
Yes, back here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/6780_20#post_7025827There will be some RTWs in the store though, for those who didn't get in on the MTOs.
I think he said a few pages back that it'll be a mid-Sept delivery (thereabouts).
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