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I'm a chino.
"Ughhhh, I'm so drrrunk. But hold on, I don't want to ruin my chinos."
FWIW, I like this, but would probably ditch the hoodie.
Hm. The words jeans and chinos here seem like really big terms that represent many things. You can have very smooth cotton chinos, like the poplin-ish stuff Brooks Bros. sell, or the really rugged workwear variety that's sold by Left Field and Mister Freedom. Jeans can also be very workwear-y or generic. Seems like a lot depends on what we're talking about here, and what other things you mostly wear.I wear jeans with leather jackets a lot, but again, leather jackets can...
The order of these two photos is actually reversed. First he was like "here, you deserve this." And then he was like "no fucking way, it's mine. ::sniff::"
Do you mean for casualwear? As in, not stuff meant to be worn with traditional tailored clothing?
Atelier is apparently coming back http://ateliernewyork.com/last/
Jesus. I feel terrible about myself now.
I'm interested in the interior design of bathrooms, and Classic Menswear gives me the best survey of what other people are doing.
Parker doing parkour?
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