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Rothco is another cheap option, although Rais' suggestion above looks much cooler. You can find Rothco's online for like $30-ish. If you dont mind spending the money, my Master Piece is one of my favorite bags though. Bought a Rothco just to check out and try some distressing techniques, but never really got around to it. MP is obviously a lot better built. Better materials/ trimmings, cooler looking, lots of nice design features, etc.
Only thing I don't like about those lighter crepes is that they get pretty gross pretty quick. Not a big deal on the bottom of the shoe, but it's noticeable on the sides.
I don't know about Harris specifically, but you can get a 280 gsm tweed. I've been working with a mill on some samples and have some 280 gsm tweed in front of me, actually (the projects I'm working on won't be that lightweight, but the samples were sent so I could see some finishes).
Most fabrics are measured in gsm, which is grams per square meter. In that case, the width doesn't matter since it's already accounted for in the fabric width/ length.Some cloths are measured in g/m or glm, which is grams per linear meter. In that case, you would have to pay attention to the width of the fabric.
I think you may be talking about two different things.Belly is how the lapel was cut -- whether there's a curve or not.Roll is about how the lapel rolls over, which is determined by the canvas and how the jacket was pressed.You could have a very straight lapel (ie no belly) on that jacket and it would have the same roll. Just trim off the curve. Similarly, you could have a lapel with a lot of belly and little roll.
Bespokemon Go?
You misspelled pantsing.
You're a legend.
Just regular flapped pockets.
Not that anyone cares, but I ended up changing that houndstooth Abraham Moon order to flapped pockets. So thanks to everyone for the discussion.
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