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Thanks, akatusuki.Does this go for the down liner as well, or is the shearling thicker than the down?
Anyone have the fishtail parka and can comment on sizing? I'm a 36 chest and can't decide whether to get the 46 or 48. Not 100% sure if I'll get the shearling liner in the future, but would be curious to hear if that kind of decision should affect what size I pick.
Thanks, Tony. @Slewfoot mentioned those to me a while back. I have some of their fabrics for some trousers I was hoping to get made. Do you have any experience with how their cottons as a summer sport coat? Little afraid of the weight, but the difference does seem small.
Because Kanye.
I've never traveled with more than three pairs of shoes -- two packed, one on my feet. Unless you count running shoes, which I sometimes bring for long trips.
Really? From what I've seen, Esk is mostly in the $700 mark. Except for one cardigan, I think most of my IM knits were $200-400. One was brand new for $75.
Thanks, Roger. I forgot about that. I think you mentioned it to me before. Will send a note to my tailor.
Some early pics maomao's store. Apparently, he'll be carrying Formosa and Cappelli, among other things I assume. Looks really nice. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone have a suggestion for a good mid-weight olive green cotton? Hoping to get a summer suit made. My tailor suggested this lightweight cotton from Cacciopoli, but I'm a little unsure of it. Would prefer something in the ~12oz range.
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