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Shiny tie with Isaia pin logo, monogrammed pocket square, tall cutaway collar, shiny mother of pearl buttons, and blueberry plaid suit make it look like anything but effortless.
I imagine if you're in NYC, you can just stop by. Otherwise, I call and request swatches. Ellen, the woman who runs the operation, is super nice. Prices are a lot more expensive than Atlantis though. So instead of $5/ yard, it's something like $20. On the upside, there's no minimum.The Weejun bought some deadstock stuff. RTW, but they patterns look great.http://www.theweejun.com/deadstock-bleeding-madras-shirts-nice-little-haul/Leith's madras is supposedly...
I like and wear Atlantis' madras, but I don't know if I'd call the fabric "good." Granted, madras is kind of a crappy cloth to begin with (kind of the point), but you can get better woven stuff elsewhere. Rosen & Chadick, FME, has nicer options, even if they're limited in their range of colors. They also don't always have them in, so you have to call and check every once in a while.Off the rack madras shirts from any of your major fashion brands will also be made from...
I agree that merino and cashmere tend to be better on the low end. IMO, cheap cashmere is rarely worth the price, and mostly just a marketing strategy to get people to buy some product. Though, I've never tried Uniqlo. Quality of cashmere depends on the material (how long the fibers are), how the yarns were spun, and how the sweaters are finished. Most cashmere nowadays is heavily milled, so they feel cloud soft. This really weakens the fibers though, which make them more...
For you, I imagine something like
This is true in more than one sense.
I hope they didn't brutalize you with a $10 shipping fee.
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