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Is that meant to be worn outside like outerwear? Just looks like a traditional dressing gown.
I think Burberry plaid is now registered as the official tartan of Chinese people.
I wear grey ones.
New interview with Raf of an interesting passage:I've always thought of those things as cheap and easy ways to increase profits, but maybe a more generous view is that they allow people on tighter budgets to have a connection with a brand.
Imagine trying to create an intellectual movement around the British slang word for fart.
Thanks, guys!Actually PM'd Parker a couple of weeks ago and he said he didn't think he'd be the right person for the job (one of the first guys who came to mind). Will PM @artishard116. Didn't know he was a programmer.Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
I was born in Vancouver you ding dong.
Anyone have a recommendation to a good online web designer, by chance? Would be a paying gig. Need help redesigning a site I work for. Prefer someone who's had experience working with fashion-related sites (or related industry, like music or the arts). But any rec would be appreciated.
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