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That one looks dangerously dad-ish. Possibly even Steven Seagal territory.
Thanks. Also a photo of a bomber jacket over a hoodie that actually looks pretty good. Although I don't know if I have Geller's good looks to pull that off.
Or a top knot.
That's what I'm afraid of with the leather jacket over a hoodie thing.I can see how it would work with different pants and shoes, but with my wardrobe -- regular slim fit jeans with MMM 5-zip and hoodie feels very d-baggy.
Recently bought this Margiela hoodie and like it, but is there any way to layer with a hoodie and not look like a douchebag?
Probably not feasible, but: Unionmade made a special pattern/ fit for leather sport coats through Golden Bear (a bit shorter, slimmer fitting, etc). Regular GB leather sport coats are awful, but the ones at Unionmade were kind of nice (in a semi-Barena-fit way). I assume that paper pattern is exclusive to Unionmade, but if not, Golden Bear takes custom orders and you can maybe enquire with them. Even if it turns out well though, they don't have the sort of dark vibe of...
Anyone able to look up (relatively) basic information in Japan? Obviously don't have to be located in Japan to do this, although I imagine it might be helpful to know how to read Japanese (I assume; I don't know for sure). I need to find some basic business information about ToJ's business structure, which should be public information. If you're able to help look up this information, please email me. My address is dieworkwear at gmail. Do not PM me because I may not get it.
Might be good if one person volunteered to look into this. Maybe @Spaghettimatt? @LA Guy sounded like he has some good contacts.I assume it's going to take a little investigative work to really get a definitive answer, not just a bunch of people calling Paypal and then giving up when they're turned away. Might be a dead end, but Fok's story about Fedora Lounge guys sounded promising.
The arc is just called a belly, so those would be bellied lapels.
Thoughts on made-to-measure leather jackets?If anyone remembers, I made a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post a while back complaining about my son purchasing several thousand dollars worth of custom leather jackets from South Korea. I've basically spent my time working extra hours at the office so that he can afford them. Being a bit of a skeptic, I've looked into the forum literature and found evidence for these being both a good deal and a complete scam.Does anyone have...
New Posts  All Forums: