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I can tell from this post you're a Reddit GYW/ EMF guy. amirite?
I assume you mean traditional suit jackets and sport coats worn to work environments. If so, there are a lots of country coats like Ulsters, Lodens, Balmacaans, etc. I don't know if they're any more "hard wearing" than a well made mac, but they're more rustic, which is realm of picking up shit in the field.
How about a mac?
I don't really get the poo-pooing of marketing here.My enjoyment of a clothes is deeply tied to how something has been designed, how it relates to a larger conversation of fashion, and how it connects to ideas (heritage, values, image, etc). All that is very intangible and can be built up through marketing.I mean, I go to bespoke tailors largely for the romance. Not because meeting old men in hotel rooms is romantic (although, it can be), but because of all the ridiculous...
Which one? @StyleforumRobot or ?
FWIW, I like the Wallace & Barnes line. I feel like when J Crew upgrades their fabrics and materials (which W&B seems to do), a lot of the stuff can compete with "higher end" brands. In this case, W&B compares well to RRL IMO.A lot of J. Crew stuff is also not really meant to be sold. It's more for public image. Tons of companies do this -- offer some ridiculously extravagant item that they know few people will buy, just so they can up their image. They have a Cowichan...
FWIW, I say that as a fairly mediocre quality guy.
[[SPOILER]] Do I win anything?
I suggest dry humping less abrasive surfaces.
Just don't sit like these guyshttp://mentakingup2muchspaceonthetrain.tumblr.com/
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