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There's a low upper limit on how nice a telescopic umbrella can be. Most manufacturers nowadays source the same materials, so it just comes down to having a special wood for the handle or whatever. Some use German metal ribs; some Chinese. But all of the non-obviously-crappy ones seem the same to me.Some options:London Undercover. Kind of a hip brand. Mostly sells on the strength of their creative canopies, which are aimed at younger fashion customers.Fox Umbrellas. One of...
Hm, I sold a $500 coat on eBay at the end of November. Buyer contacted me in January and said he hadn't received it yet. I checked the tracking and it indeed seems to have no update after December 8th or so, which is about a week after I shipped. I ended up calling the Post Offices in his area a bunch, but nobody has been able to track it down. Buyer seemed a bit laissez faire, which I chalked up to him being patient and nice. Ended up refunding him yesterday cause it's...
Long or collapsible?
Realize this isn't much of an SWD brand, but thought this story was interesting: Ralph Lauren just sacked Stefan Larsson, the company's new CEO, who was brought on to turn around the company's financials. Larsson came from H&M, and from his "Way Forward" outline, it sounded like he wanted to turn RL into a fast fashion brand. Remove three layers of management, close a bunch of stores, kill the more interesting design developments, re-focus on simple basics, and have a...
No other DR manufacturer has that issue though, including companies that mainly sell to motorcycle riders.
Suede is often the reverse side of leather. If you've heard the term reverse suede, that means the other side is basically a regular piece of leather.There's also split suede, but you can also have a split piece smooth leather.
For fuck's saké.
Suede is a type of leather, so I don't see why not
Do you mean the thing with the snap button?I'm talking about the distance from your neck to the edge of the jacket (the collar).The collar leaf can probably be shaped, but I think the collar gap is a problem with their pattern.
More of a dandy look, but Sexton pulls it off, as usual. SLPL in Donegal tweed.
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