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I like the idea of a linen cardigan. I'm less into IM's shawl collar design, but FWIW, Ben Silver has a bunch on sale right now. http://www.bensilver.com/Linen-Shawl-Collar-Sweater,25872.html#.VNj2aLDF_bw
That sounds pretty fun, @jerrybrowne. Are you making any changes to the Dover design?
Inis Meain makes the best linen knits I've seen anywhere. The secret, however, is that they're not 100% linen. They buy a polyester/ linen blend yarn from Italy, and "dilute" the polyester mix by weaving in more linen. I can't remember the poly mix, but it's something really small, and made even smaller when Inis Meain adds more linen. So in the end, you have something like a 99/1 linen-poly blend. The added 1% is so useful though. My IM linen sweaters bounce back into...
Have you tried sizing up on your shoes?
Asian Man Rebukes Asian Stereotype Joke With Simple Mathematical Logic
Just because it can mean other things doesn’t mean Yamamoto is wrong (or that he was making something up for the sake of romanticizing fashion). Black has a long history and its come to mean many things — some of those things being contradictory. In ancient Rome, black was the color of mourning and death. Later, throughout Europe, it came to mean evil and witchcraft, but also religious devotion and purity (think of the uniforms of nuns and priests). In the Middle Ages, it...
My post was more a comment on how Simon is using a size 1828347273812773273771282812737173 font.
Can't tell if this going to make me look like Snuggles. @OccultaVexillum, I like the first one, but think AKOG makes much more interesting outerwear.
What do you consider "expensive basic casual clothes" and what are you comparing them to? Like Velva Sheen t-shirts vs. something from Target? Nigel Cabourn vs. The Gap? J. Crew vs. Costco?
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