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Reverse calf is more durable, as the leather tends to be thicker and made from more tightly wound fibers. I just don't think split grain leather is some bad thing that will break down after three or five years. Most suede shoes are made from split grain leather, and I own some that have lasted quite a long time.
Just my opinion, but I think you're really overstating the weakness of split grain suede.
Just received an SLP jacket. Their clothes are so small, that their outerwear can be sent in tiny, tiny boxes.
I don't know what tannery they're from, but they're from Japan. FWIW, I had a wallet made once out of Japanese shell cordovan, and it seems to be the same material as this. A bit more pliable than my Horween stuff, and a little more mottling in color.
Thanks. And yes, I took the same size.AFAIK, they plan on introducing the Japanese shell cordovan in the coming coming months. Really nice stuff, IMO.
A bit of a confession: I designed those boots. I wrote about them today at Put This On, but here are some photos for the thread (cause we all like photos).
I can tell you're not going to get a tote.
I have. I've been lurking Fedora Lounge a bit, where there a lot of Aero fans. That Sheene someone mentioned a while back looked really good.http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?77235-My-new-Aero-:slayer:Sheene
I don't live in DC, but here in San Francisco, beer fests are the least diverse events in this city. And that's saying a lot.
Hermes shopping bags sell on eBay for ~10-15 bucks a piece. True facts.
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