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Naissance FW16 https://hypebeast.com/2016/2/naissance-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-2
I suppose that's true, but then I don't know what we're taking as the standard for personal expression. Something totally new and completely uninfluenced by your peers, culture, trends, etc? That seems like a somewhat unrealistic bar to meet, and not what people mean when they say they use clothes to express themselves.To make an analogy, people use other forms of communication to express their character -- creative writing, music, art, etc. I don't think we expect those...
The Acne one is meant for a more fashion forward look. The body is intentionally loose and oversized, and the lapels small to exaggerate the body. I like those kinds of coats, but they have to be worn with the right things to look good. I wouldn't pair it with more traditional clothes. For a more traditional look, O'Connell's is a good bet. Canali is also nice. You can also just browse thrift stores. Overcoats hold up pretty well over time, so it's not hard to find a...
FWIW, that's a Crombie Great coat from their FW13 collection, if SKM wants to look it up. Lots of photos of Nick wearing it at New York Fashion Week that year.
Can't it be both? Fashion as both constrained by social pressure and an expression of personal identity?The line about clothing being constrained by our age, race, religion, class, gender, etc seems strange since it's a double edged sword, no? We're both constrained by those things, but fashion is also how we express our allegiance to them (they're part of our personal identity). Within those confines, there's also great personal expression -- the people find ways to show...
I bought an RLPL leather jacket a few years ago. Have since sold it cause it didn't get enough wear, but as far as those lux-CM leathers go, it was one of the best I've seen in terms of quality.
“Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: 'I don’t bother you - don’t bother me, mom.”
I love the cut of their jackets.
A seven-zip.
My chest measures 37". I wear between an XS and S in most things, or 36 and 38. I took for a 46 EU for this navy five zip.
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