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Just a suggestion: when thinking about what parts of Liverano's suit you like, think about the overall silhouette, rather than just the area below the buttoning point. He combines a very rounded, slightly extended shoulder line with a concave lapel, so that you almost get a ) ( shape from the top of the lapel to the hem, rather than something angled like X. Here's Ethan and Gaz in their LiveranosPersonally, I think the three-roll-two works well for that style. One button...
It's less about something being a DR and more about the nuances of how it's designed and constructed. I find fashion-y interpretations on DRs to be a bit easier to wear than real-deal DRs -- like the kind sold by The Real McCoys, Lewis, Schott, etc. Unless you want to go for a full blown workwear look, or you actually ride a bike. The '80s punk look works well too.I still haven't seen a fashion-y DR designed as well as ToJs, but obviously ordering from them is out of the...
H&S Crispaire is actually pretty soft. Or at least not as scratchy as Fresco. I don't remember the weight, but it comes in a sand color.
Suit looks too slim, IMO, the rounded quarters look at odds with the other elements of that suit. It works on Liverano because of the overall roundness of his silhouette -- the way he cuts the lapels, shoulders, and the fullness he generally puts into his fit. This looks like a slim, sharp suit above the buttoning point, with an awkwardly open quarter just below. You might be better of going with whatever is the house style for the tailor instead of forcing Liverano...
I bought this vintage Belstaff on eBay a while ago for about $200. Made when Belstaff was still a UK brand.Lewis Leathers is probably the most famous UK brand for DRs. Worn by The Ramones, Lou Reed, The Sex Pistols, etc. Pretty much the classic rock 'n roll DR, although you kind of have to embrace that look to make it work IMO.There are also all those Japanese repro brands like The Real McCoys.
I was pretty impressed with the stuff I saw at Palermo, but I've heard he's retired. @unbelragazzo bought something from there last year, however. He can probably say something about it. I assume it was done by their new cutter. I was also impressed with some of the stuff I saw at Panico, but mostly as it was worn by older customers. I think he can give you a tighter and shorter jacket if you request, but IMO that sucks all the life out of his tailoring. If money were no...
I can't tell if the OP's username is supposed to be read "socially retarded" or "Social iRetarded," like the name of some social media app.
Those look great. Is there a reason why there's a side seam on these though?Edit: Whoops, looks like @bengal-stripe above might have answered my question. So is it just for a pocket of lining? IIRC, unlined Alden LHS loafers don't have that kind of construction.
Do you mean just a lighter weight version of the current tan fresco? Or a different color entirely?Actually working on a navy houndstooth fresco at the moment. Just received some initial swatches last week to nail down the scale. Will work on exact colors this month.
This just in: seersucker suit made of seersucker fabric seared sucker customer.
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