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Probably not, to be honest. They were reluctant to take on individual shipments like this, so I'm not sure I can get them to do even more specific individual shipping quotes. It's a pretty flat $47 fee, assuming you're ordering no more than 5 meters. After that, the shipping price might actually go up.
For those interested, the tobacco brown Fresco run is ready to go. Below is the swatch. It much like the run @Slewfoot organized, in that it's a 10oz cloth with a a mixture of yarns to give it some visual depth (dark browns mixed with mid-browns), but it has a slightly less reddish cast. I think it came out really, really well. Cost is $70/ meter (VAT excluded), and delivery will be $47 from the UK. If you've already PM'd me about this, wait later today and you'll receive...
Lots of brands to check out - Margaret Howell, Battenwear, Albam's house line, etc.Fisherman smocks are also worth considering, if you're into that style.http://www.merrowclothing.co.uk/Those fit huge, but people come out with smocks all the time.
Yea, they go 60% off, and then I think one more drop after that. I can't remember what their sale schedule is like, but many of the stores I follow seem to do price drops every three weeks. I think this one just started, so maybe in another two weeks?
I've been thinking about getting a pair of Chelsea boots soon too. What color are you thinking of M? I imagine black?I keep hemming and hawing on whether or not the style really suits me, but I guess you never know until you try. There are some die-hard enthusiasts for them though.
Thanks guys.Hm, this is really confusing then. The swatches I have here resemble the photos in@sevenfoldtieguy's post, where mink is a darker, slightly more reddish shade, while mocha looks a bit more like a "true" dark brown.Maybe we're saying the same thing though. @hoodog's comment that mink suede resembles G&G's mole suede makes sense to me. I suppose I just see that as having reddish undertones, not blue. (thanks for the additional photos, btw, hoodog).If anyone else...
Sorry to break up the CC Dover talk, but I was wondering if I could get people's opinion on EG's mocha vs. mink suede. I'm thinking about getting a pair of Chelsea boots in a brown suede very similar to these JLs below. From the swatches I have, mocha seems too light, but mink too dark. Between the two, does anyone have an opinion on which would be a better choice/ closest to the boots below? The swatches I have are unfortunately quite small, so it's hard to extrapolate....
Further reductions on select brands at TBS. http://tres-bien.com/
They're also going off the Julian calendar, so by Monday, they really mean Tuesday.
Nice jacket, but I think it needs a lot more quilting if it's going to beat the number of thumbs in Bear Jew's post on you.
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