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Actually just thought about this more and don't think SLP cared about authenticity. I think you're right in that authenticity is dead, at least in the sense that nobody cares about provenance or nerdy details anymore.But then if that's dead and nobody cares about "high minded" design, maybe that O'Shea is right in that interview. Fashion is just about being "cool" at the moment. In the most boiled down, core sense of the word.Honestly seems a little depressing.There's a...
I added 3mm on mine and they're mostly fine after two dozen wears. Really could probably live with it, but it would be nice to have these not uncomfortably tight for so long.3mm is noticeable though, esp if you only get it done to one of the shoes. Which is why I'm hesitating to add 2mm more.
I like this line, but I'm not sure what it means (sounds cool though).Like Vetements doesn't care about authenticity in the way circa-2000 hipsters cared about authenticity?That's probably true. So is the referencing of low brow stuff just ... I don't know ... a middle finger to the fashion industry then? And a wink to their fans? A way to create a meme?Or is it just following SLP, who referenced "low brow authencity" in a way that genuinely seemed more hipstery? As in...
Yea, that doesn't look good to me.
Those look like dots to me. Or at the very least, not lines in the sense that Pete's jacket has lines.
^ Hard to tell given the low lighting, but I think a 46 would have been better. FWIW, I'm 5'10", 145 lbs, and 37" chest. I wear a 46 in the newer 5-zip models.
Yea, the runway show was a couple of weeks ago.http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-menswear/balenciaga/slideshow/collectionGosha also had some tailored looks at his Pitti showhttp://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-menswear/gosha-rubchinskiyDon't know if this might signal anything about the return of tailored clothing for streetwear/ high fashion designers, but the Demna stuff looks unwearable.
Gitman Vintage/ Epaulet prices don't seem bad. Those are like $200? Seems like a good deal at that price. I thought you were looking at it in terms of Visvim's usual ~$500 for a button-up.Far from an Aloha shirt expert, but that sort of print seems like the sort of thing you'd see anywhere (don't mean that in a bad way). @shoreman1782 would probably have a better idea of what else might be good. I've only recently started wearing Aloha shirts.
I like it, but the print isn't that different from brands you could buy at a much lower price (if that matters to you at all).
I'm all for jokes, and that tee was basically a fashion meme, but the whole line just feels annoying in the same way SLP is annoying. Maybe not that bad, because SLP is basically Hot Topic, but the stuff that makes it into stores is just as stupid.This is despite what I thought was a kind of cool first runway collection.The Balenciaga men's tailoring stuff looks really ugly too. Maybe a more interesting look will come out of it once people actually start wearing it, but as...
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