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Anyone have experience with RRL's chunky handknit cardigans? Do they stretch much with time? I'm a pretty reliable size small in the whole line, but today tried on one of the cardigans and it was just a bit too snug on me. Felt like I should go up a size, but the SA said that the handknits stretch with time. Always a bit unsure how much you can rely on SA advice, as so many of them seem like they're just trying to get product out the door. Anyone have first hand experience?
If it's a white shirt, you can mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together until you get a paste, and then scrub that stuff on with a toothbrush. You can also use OxiClean -- either by mixing it into a paste with water (like the hydro peroxide and baking soda), or by mixing it with more water and letting it soak with your shirt in a bucket.If your shirt is colored, you'll obviously want to test this carefully in an inconspicuous place. Underside of the hem or cuff or...
I don't think they sell to the public, but Moessmer makes some good Loden. I have a coat made from their fabric and it's held up pretty well.
Later that week, StyleForum member Sinnedk was photographed while walking to his nearest crowded pub. [[SPOILER]]
Don't think I've ever been to a crowded bar where something has happened to my clothes. And I've been to plenty of crowded bars. Personally, I just send my stuff to Rave FabriCARE if it gets stained. If they can't clean it, then I just sell it on eBay and get a replacement. Not really sure if there's any other solution.
Are those the ones made from original box calf? If so, that's pretty awesome.
Tell them you're going to go see your probation officer.
Local Area Blogger Enjoys Three Minutes of Riding His New Motorcycle Before Dying
I actually really want one, but everyone I know who owns one has told me that I need to expect that I'll crash at least once. Supposedly it's just kind of an inevitability. Is that true? Don't want to die.
Maybe they're suggesting that their clothes were put together using dubious methods and lots of second hand materials.
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