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oops, dbl post.
Anyone know where I can get a non-pointy side zip boot in brown suede? Specifically one with a non-exposed zipper? Non-exposed meaning something that doesn't show like this:
Wearing Invasion Barbare today. Can't tell if I really like it or think it's generic, but the bust-bottle they have is God awful.
I suppose pushing the schedule back would benefit people using local tailors and CMT MTM programs. That would be a nice plus.I agree, the turnaround time for traveling tailors is less than ideal. Some tailors don't even visit cities four times a year, so depending on who you use, you could be waiting 1.5 years to get something back (that was my schedule with one of the tailors I used to use). It's crazy, but depending on where you live, sometimes a local option isn't...
I told Cantabrigan the other day, if I ever retire from StyleForum, I'm going to post a picture of strung-up Dovers hanging off a telephone wire.
Not at all, I appreciate the feedback. I was talking to someone else about this today, actually.So, production time is 3-4 months. I'm not sure I can cut that down much since that's how long it takes to produce the fabric. Most people, I think, use traveling tailors, which is 9-12 month turnaround (assuming three fittings, bespoke, etc). That means a minimum of 12 months turnaround from when people order their fabrics (meaning, the soonest they can wear their commission)....
I don't know how anyone can quit this forum.
Samples should be ready by start of next spring. I'm working on some tweeds for fall/ winter right now, but still trying to find the right quality/ mill.
No plans at the moment, but I'm working on navy and olive versions.@DavidLane has a hopsack jacket from that same Mirage book.
Their NYC store opening landed them two NYT stories and a BoF feature. There may have been more, but that's at least what I caught. The 8,400 square foot space was also five stories high, so a lot more space than the actual square footage...
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