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I'm already disappointed now though, so at least we'll have a coherent combination between Monday, Tuesday, and the rest of the week.As far as I understood earlier, WS is moving back to suits.If an office is mostly chinos and button-ups, I think SC look a little out of place anyway (although, again, I don't think that's the end of the world).If the office is mostly SC + trousers, then this fits in, but I don't know many offices like that.If the office is largely...
No, I agree with the pocket square. In 2016, it makes a statement, sometimes one that you don't want to make in a workplace. I personally wouldn't wear one in a permissive work environment, let alone a conservative one, although I also don't think it's the end of the world if people know you're interested in clothes. If you're genuinely good at your job and talented, I don't think a pocket square is going to throw your career off-trajectory.I suppose if you don't have a...
I'm just not understanding how this differs from CBD and why you think some things are acceptable and other things aren't.If you're mostly working in a suit environment, a SC + trouser combo is going to stick out more than a folded white linen pocket square (which I don't think someone should wear in an WS office anyway). Nevermind a SC with pagoda shoulders and triple patch pockets. If you're in an office full of button-ups and chinos, the same outfit will draw equal...
Would you say more places are suited up or dressed down?
When you say some places dress down, do you mean1. Mainly people in SC + trousers2. Mainly people in button-up shirt and chinos3. Mainly people in casualwear/ sportswear (including being able to wear jeans)4. A mix of all the above
Wait, really? You would wear an unusual SC + trouser combo (pagoda shoulders, triple patch pockets, peak lapel SBs) in an all-suit environment, and you think a folded white linen pocket square is too dandy? And a little shirring on the sleeveheads of a suit would raise eyebrows?
So, what I get from this:I-Bankers: suit and tieLawyers: suit and tieClients: can show up in something more casualAlternative investment firms: rangesIf this thread is ostensibly about how to dress for a WS job where your precious bonus won't get deducted, why do we have SC + trouser combos? The first two are suit-and-tie restrictive, clients are outside the discussion, and alternative investment firms are largely permissive.
I've never worked on Wall Street, but are SC + trouser combos actually acceptable? I would have thought a typical work uniform would be a navy or charcoal suit. Probably should cc' @gdl203 since he actually worked there.
Bad trouser and jacket combo; peak lapel, one-button SB jacket (although, that seems just as dandy as your pagoda shouldered, triple patch pocket choice yesterday); and most of all, a really ugly tie.
Not if they're monogrammed for the benefit of the wearer's children.
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