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Working is for plebs.
So much good stuff on Rosenrot's Instagram http://instagram.com/therosenrot/
Best hairstyle on this board goes to @NickPollica. It's too bad that if I tried to copy it, I would look like a K-Pop star.
I take some comfort in knowing that brad-t will never see this, since he hasn't left the warm, velvety womb that is SW&D in five years.
Oh, it's on now, StyFo Robo.
Could just be how they look in that photo. I liked how they look here.
Just to throw some ideas out there: Ludwig Reiter: Possibly redundant, given Vass, but I like their styles. Casa Fagliano: maker of bespoke polo boots in Argentina, although they also have a line of casual ready-to-wear shoes. Foster & Son: Not exactly hard to get, but you have to contend with international shipping or attend one of their trunk shows. The RTW models I saw were quite nice. They're not made by F&S, but some of the models feature old Peal/ Terry...
New Posts  All Forums: