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I assume that's not what the OP meant though. From his post, I assume he just means there's a left-right balance issue.You can kind of see the issue in the photo. He has a heavily dropped right shoulder, but the hem (as is) is aligned. There's also some slight pulling just under his right lapel. My guess is that -- if he were to unbutton his coat -- the right side would fall. What he mistakes as a misplaced button is probably just a non-corrected right drop.This happens...
Maybe one thing to note -- the back side of the straps and backpack are now lined with a stretchy jersey. Wish they used a tougher fabric, but I haven't had problems with my backpack yet.Still think it's ridiculously overpriced for what you're getting, but that can probably be said of the entire Visvim line.
They stopped using corduroy for the straps a long time ago -- I assume because of those problems with wear.Mine is holding up fine.
GQ article on Re/Done -- a brand that's taking old, vintage Levis and tailoring them for more modern fits http://www.gq.com/story/re-done-vintage-levis-501-jeans-factory-tour http://shopredone.com/ They also recently did a collaboration with Hanes, where they took old Hanes t-shirts and made them a bit more tailored. The line only seems available for women at the moment, but maybe they'll have a vintage-y, LVC kind of cut in the future for men. I like the idea of...
Assuming I understand what you mean, your tailor should be able to adjust for this by picking up the dropped side at the shoulder seam.
I have the 20L. It's OK, even if ridiculously overpriced.Is there something you specifically wanted to know about it?
LOL at the idea of social science having settled something.
Buttoning just the top button is very strong #streetwear maneuvers.
Hmm...Nico and Jake are actually super nice guys.
"He trolled for comments on Reddit, using the feedback to make instant updates."The mistake between trolled and trawled here is excellent.
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