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It's apparently TOH-toh-KYE-ohhttp://design-milk.com/visit-totokaelo/
Fucking hell those are nice.
Maybe outside of our usual CM wheelhouse, but I've been really digging Lemaire. He does some trousers like that. FW15's collection looks particularly amazing. http://hero-magazine.com/shows/lemaire-fw15/
People have been predicting that slim would go out of fashion for years though, and it's still here.
They've always been 95 on sale. The designs don't seem any different to me -- some classics mixed with more whimsical pieces. Personally, I'm glad to have a tie company that extends a little beyond the usual strips, solids, and foulards.
Not really a fan of full-strap loafers, but Alden has some regular penny straps built on their Copley last. I actually like the roundedness of the Alden LHS though. I just think I would just end up wearing it with casualwear.I also really like Westons. I picked up my first 180 pair not too long ago. They're hell to break-in, but they look nice.
Those vintage A&Fs sound awesome.Do you mean you wouldn't wear your Weejuns with anything too Euro-y, or that you don't think black loafers go well with Euro-y jackets?I'm kind of in between the EG Picadillys and Alden LHS (the second being inspired by @emptym). The Aldens would definitely be more trad, but I feel like I would wear the Picadillys more with tailored jackets.EGs [[SPOILER]] Aldens [[SPOILER]]
Some stuff on sale at La Garconne at 50% off. http://www.lagarconne.com/store/category/0-2503-2503/LEMAIRE-/view-all
I don't think you need a crease. The suit there looks pretty good, actually. I would just leave the jacket unbuttoned.
You can press your trousers at home. All you need is an ironing board, iron, and something like a dish towel (cause you don't want to press a hot iron on against the actual wool). TM Lewin has a video about it.Edit: Huh, looks like they don't use a press cloth. I think having a press cloth is safer, but maybe it's not necessary? Pressing a super hot iron against really fine, silky wool seems like a bad idea to me though. Or at least scary. [[SPOILER]]
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