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Not sure I understand what you guys are saying. Women haven been wearing pant-suits for decades. It's not novel to Asia. Probably shouldn't even really count as "menswear on women" since it's just "womenswear on women," although I understand this thread has kind of become just about women in suits.
If it's just for a hood, can't you buy a gently used Liddesdale off eBay for cheap and use the back panel for fabric?
Feels like you're conflating two separate views. On the one hand, you're talking about what people should expect if they make certain life decisions. Study English Literature -> expect to live in the boondocks. On the other hand, it feels like you're making general statements about how cities should plan, which is separate matter.You can be a single agent reacting to circumstances -- and it's true, if you don't have highly-sought-after skills, you will have to adapt in...
Your comments on Vox and housing lately make me think you really hate old people.(this is a joke, please don't ban me)
I think there should be some protections -- like you can't kick senior citizens out without some kind of big payoff or something. I realize this might then discourage landlords from renting to senior citizens, but I don't know. It's been heartbreaking to see so many Bay Area senior citizens being forced to move out of homes they've been renting for 30+ years, just because some 25 year old Google employee wants to live in a hip and gentrifying area.Anyway, I don't know what...
You could always shorten the 58" with a double four-in-hand. Assuming you were hoping for a shorter length, of course.
That Sara Barner stuff looks good. Kind of see that going more with your style.Maybe also Kika NYC? She trained under Barbara Shaum, who's a famous leatherworker in NYChttp://www.kikany.com/store/small-market-bagFeel like this might be too heritage-y for you, but there's also this tote at Kaufmann Merchttps://www.kaufmann-mercantile.com/collections/accessories-gifts/products/leather-and-english-brass-convertible-tote-brown
You're back! Good to see around. You should post more often in CM.
Kind of fashion related? Ireland apparently has rules for what you can call artisanal (or who you can call an artisan) http://consumerist.com/2015/09/01/mcdonalds-cant-use-the-word-artisan-to-describe-limited-edition-burger-in-ireland/
New Posts  All Forums: