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There have been a few bold dressers to pass through this forum, and many of them have a style that I admire (Tirailleur1, LabelKing, Barima, etc). Here's Barima in a purple sport coat, for example. I think he looks fantastic. [[SPOILER]] What makes their style work, I don't know. But I imagine a lot of it is just venturing out on your own with little regard for what other people say.But yes, people's taste on this forum -- and this thread especially -- tends to be a lot...
Is that month supposed to be suggestive of your openness?
AFAIK, only one StyFo member has posted pictures of himself in a swim suit, and he no longer posts here.
We're three, maybe four, colors away from making a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
I think the idea of considering skin tone in dressing is way overrated, but as they say -- YMMV.
I think we probably have different tastes. I would go for brown or grey, but I imagine you would consider that too boring.
Agree with Arch. As for the red sport coat, that'll make you look like a hotel doorman, IMO.
Anyone have an opinion on when a flared skirt would be advantageous? I know some houses offer this as part of their house cut, but I've never seen a sihlouette where a tighter skirt wouldn't look better. I think @dopey uses some tailors who cut a flared skirt. Would be good to get his thoughts. Anyone have an opinion?
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