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This one from a recent J. Crew catalog is kind of amazing
I really like Stutterheim. Not all raincoats/ rain jackets have to be below the knee, IMO (parkas aren't even thigh length). If you're not caught out in a downpour without an umbrella, I'm not really sure it makes that big of a difference.
Do you mean something like bespoke casual clothing? Or MTM/ MTO casual clothing?I would love to see more of that, personally, but I imagine prototyping is an important part of the RTW design world (that is, anything that's not strictly traditional suits and sport coats or whatever). And to get something really interesting, you'd need prototyping along with fittings.There's are million custom accessory makers though, especially in leather goods. Market is mostly...
Huh, they're still around http://www.nudiesrodeotailor.com/ Looks like they're mostly trading on the name though. Lots of old photos of previous tailoring, with some Nudies coffee, upcoming bar, and t-shirts. There's a link for asking about custom clothes, so maybe they're trying to start it up again. Will always love that StyleLikeU interview with Label King
Sole on the first looks cool, but prob too funky for me. Second is nice, but I want boots with a concealed/ non-exposed zipper.Great finds though!There's an old NN side zip model with shaggy suede that I really like. Would love to get that in brown, but haven't seen something pop up in my size.
I really like the wonky shape of previous seasons' designs, but this one looks too much like Uggs to me. Maybe it's the flat Cristy outsole.
I think most people should avoid colors that look like flesh.
When you found out about the Mr. Porter sale two hours too late but copped anyway
For those looking for tan NN side zips, I thought these looked pretty good. I want a pair with a concealed zipper, but these could also be nice. http://snakeoilprovisions.com/collections/footwear/products/lucchese-jonah-roper-boot-maracca-suede
New Posts  All Forums: