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Chapters are actually arranged alphabetically.
edit: whoops, misunderstood the direction
An old Schott Perfecto.
I've heard of people spraying things down with really diluted vinegar, or sometimes diluted vodka. Vinegar is a common cleaning agent. Presumably the vinegary smell also goes away. I assume the vodka stuff is just to use a non-harmful alcohol to kill off any germs or bacteria. Just a guess though.So far, my plan is:1. Hang this jacket outside a few days, so it gets some direct sunlight.2. Wipe it down with diluted vinegar. Maybe also diluted vodka.3. Condition the...
Hey guys. Anyone have a suggestion for how to get a dusty, old smell out of a vintage leather jacket? Recently bought a vintage leather that I really like, but it has a sort of vintage-shop smell. I know about the diluted vodka and vinegar tricks. Will give that a shot this weekend, but does anyone have any other suggestions? (cc'ing @SpooPoker since he may know)
Bought a vintage leather jacket but it has a slight dusty smell. Anyone know how to get rid of it? I've heard of the distilled vodka trick. Might try that, but would welcome other suggestions.
That looks really good. Am I wrong in thinking that you raised the buttoning point from the house style?
They're still working within a house style, like all tailors. You can change things at the margins, but it's generally a bad idea to make them stray too far from their specialty.
I feel like that kind of stuff only really works for super rail-thin guys, tbh. Basically guys who look like the owner of that company. If you have wide hips or any kind of tummy, that silhouette will make you look heavier than you are.
Hm, gave them a ring. So it looks like the suits are made in Nepal. It is a full bespoke service, although they start with a muslin fitting. Slightly unconventional for suits, but I assume it helps them nail down their pattern when the factory is so far away.Forgot to ask who drafts their pattern (someone in the US, in-house, or overseas), but the person on the phone confirmed that it's hand drawn from measurements, not produced via CAD.
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