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I think you need to keep in mind that the last delivery was six weeks ago. Although I wish production and deliveries would pick up pace, six weeks isn't that long ago.
Yea, I don't really buy the idea that news is the new news either. IMO, most people have fairly straightforward relations with clothes (and fashion). They just want to look good at the office and what not. But it is interesting that BoF has blown up so quickly. I get the impression that much of their readership are people who are not in the fashion industry.
I feel that this link might be useful to you. http://westknits.com/index.php/2013/11/swants-tutorial/
Kind of tangentially related, Rachel Seville -- the blogger behind Pizza Rules -- had a good post today on the transformation of womenswear blogs (Seville's blog, incidentally, is one of the ones that I think is doing really good work now. Obviously a bit "industry driven," cause she works in the industry, but great to follow if you care about industry related stuff. It's clearly not being made cause Seville is being paid marketing dollars or whatever).Anyway, the meat of...
Now at your local mall, Zara's gothninja collection: http://www.zara.com/us/en/man/zara-dark-collection-c666501.html
I suppose I just question the enthusiasm and sincerity of the person behind that kind of content, so I lose interest in reading or following the site.You see this a lot more on the womenswear side of blogs, where you have more sites dedicated to how someone wears something. About eight years ago, things were a lot more enthusiast driven. Women posting things that they bought and felt looked good. Now it's mostly just bloggers getting free stuff, and then posting them in...
I don't dispute that some of that stuff can be really fun to read and watch. I just think the internet is full of stuff like that, and if you want that kind of content, you can go almost anywhere. The space for genuine, enthusiast-driven content, on the other hand, is continually shrinking, so for the small areas where it still exists, it's worth preserving.
New Posts  All Forums: