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StyleFarmers as sellers: "Why is everything so underpriced?!"StyleFarmers as buyers: "Why is everything so overpriced?!" [[SPOILER]]
I don't know, but one of the weird things a fashion brand has to balance is maximizing profit while not being too ubiquitous. If everyone is wearing EG, some EG people will probably stop buying. And EG has to make a decision on which kind of customers they want to court. Some are more likely to stick around than others; some more likely to be seen as "influential" than others.That's not really the case in things like, I don't know, Apple computers or whatever. Fashion is a...
I agree with this as a stylized model, but the price of fashion has skyrocketed so much in the last five years that it's hard to not say there's a bit of cash grabbing. And if you say the market determines what is fair value for the designer's work, then there is, almost by definition, no such thing as an unreasonable price (so long as its sustainable).The prob with fashion is that there's a weird relationship between price, designer, and consumer appeal. So Hedi Slimane...
Cheaper ramen pin: Pintrill for $12. 20% off with the code BF20. Prob expires today though.http://www.pintrill.com/products/noodle-bowl-pin
You can buy this $500 music note pin from SLP and show how creative you are(30% off right now too)
I feel like it's easier to rely on "trad" brands for simple things like shirts, pants, and maybe even shoes. But it's hard to get anything interesting in outerwear outside of chore coats, milsurp, or whatever. Even knitwear can be tough unless you're talking about CM styles.
That's a really bright blue for a suit, but if you want something like that, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino's 1936 is close (it's a hemp/ wool mix, so maybe too casual for your purposes). H&S Crispaire 332027 is kind of similar, I guess, but not as vibrant of a color. If you want a nailhead of the same cloth, see 332020. Mid-grey is everywhere. Crispaire has a black/ white puppytooth. 332004.
I'm thinking about commissioning a single-breasted peak-lapel sport coat, or maybe a jacket as part of a casual suit. Probably a summer cloth. They seem so easy to get wrong, however. And more often than not, I think single breasted jackets look better with notch lapels, rather than peak. Anyone have thoughts on how to get these right? cc'ing @unbelragazzo since I know he's commissioned something like this recently. Some photos of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena in a beige...
I wish I could still buy clothes at the prices I used to complain about.
This one from a recent J. Crew catalog is kind of amazing
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