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The Pros and Cons of Going Vegetarian (from The Onion)Disclosure: I'm vegetarian
I just spoke with Shaun at Molloy today. We're still working out the logistics, but it sounds like a Donegal might be possible. Whether that's the barleycorn or something else, I'm open to ideas.I'm supposed to receive a few swatches from him for something else I'm working on, so maybe we can mull on this a bit. From my experience with the brown Fresco, it takes a while to get the colors right anyway, so I imagine if something happens, it won't be until later this year.
I'm just trying to not step on anyone's toes. That includes copying things that have been offered by Michael in the past, and I think are somewhat exclusive to him. If it's stock, then that's a separate issue. If someone else has less compunction about doing LL cloths, they're welcome to organize their own runs. As a person who recently organized a brown Fresco run, I can tell you it's a pain in the ass, which is why I respect Michael's work. Frankly, I don't want this...
Thanks for the suggestions, Sander. Both those look great. I'll have to shop around.
I more meant fabrics that are exclusive to LL, or by Michael's design. I don't think the brown barleycorn is, nor is the wheat herringbone. At least not from the Molloy runs.
IMO, questions like this are much better served if the OP just went to a store and handled some lambskin vs. calfskin jackets. Not all are going to be spec'd the same, but you'd have a better idea of the differences in these two leathers by actually touching and wearing something, than by looking at grainy, poorly shot Instagram photos on the internet.People describing the differences are also only really meaningful after you've handled something. If you haven't, all this...
I'm reluctant to copy anything that Michael has done, but maybe we can do a brown version, if people are up for it.
I'm actually in touch with Shaun over there and am supposed to email him about something else today, so I'll ask about this as well.
So you're saying he's only intolerant because of the way he was brought up?
Damn. Those look great to me.
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