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The CM version of SWD's obscure brand abbreviations is needlessly typing out every detail of a garment.Alden for Brooks Brothers No. 8 shell cordovan boots on the Plaza Last/ Panta Heritage Neal Salt and Pepper Donegal tweed trews with one piece back/ Napolisumisura sport coat made from old run of Carlo Barbera for H. Lesser 10oz gun club wool/ Rubinacci Victory square
Sometimes, sinnedk, I think your heart wears a fedora, even if your body wears Rick.
Foo shops for a Japanese wife. Winds up with a Jewish one.
When I tried it on, it had a really boxy cut. I think the zippers are meant to accentuate that.
"Hey guys, I'm doing sprezzatura right now."
Those could be good, but if your budget is limited, you'd probably be better off getting two pairs of boots instead of a fancy pair from Carmina. Water and snow are hard on boots, so you want to give them a day of rest in between each wearing.Meermin's boots can be had for about $200 nowadays with the Euro to USD exchange rate. Just get something with a studded Dainite or Commando sole.
Glenn Belverio has a few posts about LabelKing on Diane Pernet's blog. Apparently LabelKing took Belverio to a North Korean restaurant.http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2011/05/north-korean-cuisine-showgirl-couture-in-beijing-by-glenn-belverio.htmlAn excerpt:
I don't really understand what you're saying, but I think you're fedorable.
Tell her you're an Influencer and a Tastemaker, and you got them for free.
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