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Yea, that seems dumb.
Is Totokaelo located in an area like Maiden Lane? The stores on Maiden Lane are all big luxury brands like Hermes, Montblanc, Prada, etc.Opening a store in NYC doesn't seem that crazy to me. Or at least, if it is, everyone is making the same mistake. It seems like any time someone opens a new shop in the US, it's in NYC.
Wait, is $150k/ month the real figure? That seems crazy.
So which of those three words did you use to find that auction?
So it looks like Asian people both hate and love the untouchables?
I use Denim Therapy and like them. Used SE once and they didn't back the repair area with reinforcement, which meant new holes showed up six months later. Maybe it was just that repair job though (they may back other jobs, I don't know).As you prob know, SE only takes walk-ins (no mail ins). And the woman who used to do their repairs recently started her own repair business, Indigo Proof.Denim Therapy takes mail-ins and backs repairs with a strong fabric. Denim Surgeon...
Anyone find it curious that there's always only one Japanese chef per table at Benihana? Wonder if this speaks to a national character.
I don't know, but LC denotes that it was made for the European market. My understanding is that those jackets are typically not produced in Schott's US factory, although they're made to standards approved by Schott.I imagine you could contact them directly and ask.
I think fashiony DRs are everywhere at this point. If you want to get niche, there are a bunch of Japanese brands: Nonnative, Beautiful People, Addict, Seveskig, etc.http://www.styleforum.net/t/71625/leather-jackets-post-pictures-of-the-best-youve-seen-owned/14520_20#post_8070455http://www.styleforum.net/t/71625/leather-jackets-post-pictures-of-the-best-youve-seen-owned/15820_20#post_8432836Don't know if they'll carry it next season, but a fashion DR seems like something...
Overhyped brand for class-anxious consumers, IMO. Designs are inspired by second-hand clothes and rocker-rebel cliches, but marketed towards guys who are deathly afraid of actual second-hand clothing and nonconformity. You see it all the time in that thread. Someone will recommend a more affordable version of what's obviously a super generic SLP design, and then people jump down his throat for it not being "the real thing." SLP is the fashion equivalent of soccer moms...
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