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Not if they're monogrammed for the benefit of the wearer's children.
Incidentally, this practice of trying to deduce what's appropriate "Wall Street dress" by a bunch of non-Wall Street bankers is about as weird as people who fetishize academic dress from movies they've seen about English professors.
In that case, I don't understand what's WSIMCBD. CBD with a bit more expression of personal style? Because that's also within the confines of CBD.http://www.styleforum.net/t/230619/cbd-waywrn-an-experiment/180_20#post_4229735It's basically tasteful expressions of personal style within the confines of a conservative business environment. Not just blue/ grey suits + white shirt + dark tie with repeating geometric shapes.
Actually, he has a shirt monogram that you can't see, which makes it WSIMCBD.
Mostly interested in a monogram of the emoticon
Well yes, it wouldn't be considered affected if nobody saw it (by definition). I do think they can come off as affected, however, on certain people (if seen). They're often used by arrivistes who wish to seem more blue blooded. Or by people who buy MTM shirts from China, and want to telegraph to everyone that their shirt is custom. A monogram is the cheapest way to make something look expensive, which is kind of the textbook example of affectation.That said, I think some...
Whoops, thanks for the correction!
This is the face I make after paying the bill.
I like them in the place Agjiffy describes, although I think even there -- unless you're the kind of person who has always gotten monograms -- they can come off as affected.That said, I'm all for enjoying clothes. So if they bring someone joy, so be it. That's certainly a more tasteful placement than on the shirt cuff.I get three different collars from my shirtmaker -- one a buttondown, which is straightforward, the other two slightly different versions of spread collars....
I think of grumpy i-Gentism is a kind of weird, obsessive hate against things that are popular on the internet (even if they have long traditions, wouldn't be noticed in real life, or are even in good taste). It's focused more on what's "bad" than what's "good." Less about a joy for clothes and more about a hate for people.Maybe I'm reading this all wrong, but I got a lot grumpiness in the earlier posts.But OK, maybe it was meant in humor and I'm reading it wrong. So we...
New Posts  All Forums: