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Woah, wtf. Don't know if it's just the power of suggestion, but that is relaxing.
Actually just had this made, along with some blue striped cotton-linen pajamas. /cm post
This is true, cause only a baller could afford to have his bedsheets washed after every night's sleep.
Everyone should stop whining. The quality is amazing and once you receive your wrong jacket, you'll know that the wait was worth it.
Delete "more popular," but yes -- they give some garment they like to a professional pattern maker and start from there. Sometimes it's an exact copy; sometimes they tweak things here and there by just saying "widen the sleeve by xyz amount." You can go through a few samples until you're happy, then the pattern maker will expand it to your other size grades (going from S to M, L, and XL, for example)
That's how it often works with a lot of brands.
Yeesh. Probably shouldn't have skimped on the length then. Here's to hoping.
Curious to know what you mean? I have a length of Etna but haven't given it to anyone to be made up yet.
Why not just keep your regular light bulbs and look super cool with these?
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