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I'll put in $5 to the StyFo charity auction if we can collectively win the David Reeves suit prize, pass it to Foo, and hire someone to tape the process of those two talking about how the commission should look.
OMFG, someone please start a TV show where comes in and tells a tailor how to properly run his shop.
^ Bumping this to again gauge interest. Anyone else interested in ordering, and if so, can you tell me if you're in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or NYC? Those are the three cities Gennaro is thinking about visiting. We have a handful of interested customers at the moment, but not enough to actually get him out here.@pocketsquareguy? @emptym? @Parker? @Grammaton Cleric? Can't think of the other people who have expressed interest in the past, but if anyone else is thinking...
Roseanne was one of the best TV shows ever, but for some reason, never really gets mentioned in TV discussions. Worth revisiting if you haven't seen it in a while.
Was it veiny?
[Scene: London House, Main Floor. Fitting Room with Mafoofan and Gennaro Paone]Mafoofan: Looks great, Gennaro. Can you cinch up the waist and chest though? I'd like it a bit tighter throughout the body actually. Maybe here and here. Also, for the 4x1 double breasted I'm ordering, can you position the buttons a bit lower? I know you said it won't look good, but I'd really like that old-school style. Really, let's try it like that first and see. Maybe shorten the jacket a...
NM, debating this against Matt feels somehow crazier than Matt's claims. I'm not going to get caught up in this thread.
The only thing Gennaro Paone has gained from this thread is the desire to not work with mafoofan.
Who are the Neapolitan tailors who visit the US right now? NSM is the only one I can think of and their prices are very similar to Gennaro's. Their cut is also a world apart from what Gennaro makes, so I'm not sure if there's any similarity in what they do besides the fact that they're both based in the same city.The people who don't like iammatt's suits will probably not order. I've always liked his clothes and have been in touch with Rubinacci for a couple years about...
I'm not going to ask Gennaro to commit to regular visits for the next 12 years, so people can order 12 suits, but thank you for your suggestion.Also, I was not quoted $5,000 when I enquired about organizing a Rubinacci SF visit. I was quoted something like $6,500. So yes, not $8,000, but more than I'd like to pay if I'm not working with a tailor.
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