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Mary Choi had an article a while ago back at Racked.com. It was ostensibly about the female equivalent of fuccbois (so, MA-1 bomber with overly-long sleeved sweaters and white Air Force 1s cause "you're bae AF"), but it was really about how people dress according to algorithms these days. Not sure if it's really more true of this era than any other, but her point was that people don't take fashion risks as much anymore -- they just want to look "correct" according to...
Pretty amazing light activated coats. Sound activated clothing: Gaze activated clothing (linked to eye tracking sensors) More info: http://www.yinggao.ca/interactifs/living-pod/
Hedi Slimane is leaving SLP. http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/kering-confirms-hedi-slimane-exit-from-ysl Oh God, I can't wait to see the SLP thread implode with all the size 34R guys killing each other like it's Battle Royale.
Between the crazy ranting and "I date models" bragging, there's more than a zero percent chance that Jacques Hyzagi is Donald Trump's freelance pen name.
I think he's talking about thishttp://observer.com/2016/03/elle-on-earth/
Nominating this for worst product name in history.
Please keep comments about Donald Trump and his wives to the CE section.
Thanks, dan'l. Just replied.
Just a friendly reminder that I'm closing orders this Friday. If you're interested in ordering, please contact me soon.
+10000I like the free flow discussion here. It feels much more like a community than spinning everything off into "advice" threads or whatever. (Presumably to boost SEOs)Also, tbh, don't know how I feel about new thread started under my account when I didn't actually start a thread.
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