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Actually haven't made it to Uniqlo. Some of the pieces looked cool, but the women's stuff seemed so much more interesting. Menswear side felt a little dull in comparison, so I didn't go.
I can't say with absolutely certainty, but I'm pretty sure he's been booted out. I've had several people stop by the restaurant at various times to check, and he's never there. And I've asked people who know the situation there and who I think are trustworthy. By all accounts, it seems he's been kicked out.He still owns 33% of the company though. Not sure if that means he's still taking a share of the profits, but he's removed from the day to day operations. He's currently...
I'm familiar with the book, but am looking for something with more slubs and irregular character. The sample is being run right now and I should have photos soon.
Dark brown. Should be very matte and slightly slubby. Fabric is slightly inspired by this jacket on Taka
It's basically a dressy enough slip-on that you can wear them with suits. If you live in an place where you have to take your shoes on and off all the time (East Asia, Russia, etc), they could also be more practical than monkstraps or lace-up shoes.Mostly though, I think I just like them for their look, although I don't know if I've seen them enough with suits to have a strong opinion either way.
I tried getting a custom run going, but there wasn't much interest.Currently working on a navy houndstooth Fresco, navy Donegal tweed, and a brown silk/ linen mix though. Still working through some sample runs, but hoping for something solid and finalized soon.I may try to push for that green tweed again later, as I really want a sport coat made from it myself.
@nicelynice, shell cordovan is really water resistant. A really long time ago, Ron Rider on the CM side of the board conducted an experiment using American shell (Horween) and Japanese shell (I think it was Shinki). He made two bags out of the materials and filled them up with water, IIRC, to show that shell can hold water for days (and thus, also keep water out). Horween performed a lot better than Shinki though, in terms of actually holding the water. At least from...
Obneauf's is sticky, IME. Even in light layers. Seems like if you put that stuff on a bag, it's just going to get all over your clothes and/ or contents.
I dig that.
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