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Assuming I understand what you mean, your tailor should be able to adjust for this by picking up the dropped side at the shoulder seam.
I have the 20L. It's OK, even if ridiculously overpriced.Is there something you specifically wanted to know about it?
LOL at the idea of social science having settled something.
Buttoning just the top button is very strong #streetwear maneuvers.
Hmm...Nico and Jake are actually super nice guys.
"He trolled for comments on Reddit, using the feedback to make instant updates."The mistake between trolled and trawled here is excellent.
My favorite awkward girl + rapper interaction
Nigel Cabourn designed a parka like that with Karrimor last season. I think it works better in a non-leather.Best "Bag-Garment" award still goes to the Pilko Pump Pants tho
Sometimes there's another button to help tighten the cuff, but it's mostly just for decoration. Not all raincoats have them, FWIW.
Don't understand why anyone would be opposed to Fresco for a sport coat. I use mine all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: