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I think the thread should be kept open because it's still useful for organizing things. I was just in contact with someone in here who helped me get more info on Drew (not James, although that's another example of how we could lose touch with someone if this thread were to close). Don't know if changing the title of this thread is a joke, but I really do think it's a bad move to advertise Falcon and Luxire projects in here. People already got the message that you guys are...
Yea, that looks a bit too small. Also not a fan of that leather. It looks too heavily distressed IMO.
Will PM you with one in a few days.
I have a Fresco with shirred sleeveheads. It's super light (in terms of the effect), but that's also how I requested it. Mine is a 9/10 oz Fresco.
Really? I wear 16oz tweeds in San Francisco. I don't find it too hot, although a lighter version probably would be more versatile.Will definitely let you know when I get the sample. Hoping to get an answer from Molloy too this week, so all three samples will be done at the same time.
It'd be cool if the podcast can interview people in the fashion industry. I've been listening to some of the shows at American Fashion Podcast, but it's not specifically menswear related. http://fashionmediacenter.com/afpod/
Not sure, I suppose it depends on the exact tweed, but probably something like 15/16oz? I was thinking of a tighter weave with a hard finish, but the couple of mills I emailed haven't responded yet.
Samples for the brown silk/ linen blend and navy houndstooth Fresco are being run up now. I'm waiting to hear back from Molloy about whether they're interested in doing a sample on the navy Donegal, given the level of interest that has been shown so far.I don't think there's enough interest for the tan flannel, at least at Fox prices. I tried to do something through Huddersfield, but the color on the five samples they ran weren't right. Also don't think there's enough...
Little iffy about that as a sport coat, although Will had a triple navy windowpane that basically looked like a thick windowpane from afar [[SPOILER]] Anyway, maybe I'm wrong about the windowpane thing. These look good. [[SPOILER]] Not really into this, but it's the Dook, so ... [[SPOILER]]
Try opening the seam up a little by unbuttoning your fly.
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