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I was told that everything in their lookbook will be available. Not everything is stocked yet, however.
Hm, back looks like it could be cleaned up and waist let out, but I like it otherwise. Would be curious to see what it looks like after adjustments.
I like and use Steed, which Cleav mentioned above. If by "not too classic" you mean "not too fusty," I don't think they're fusty. If you're looking for something a little more fashion forward, however, I don't think they do that.You could also check out Thom Sweeney and Timothy Everest. They might be more up your alley. The first does slightly trendier cuts aimed at younger, classically-minded customers. The second has a long career in designing for ready-to-wear and has...
The Japanese, they're just like us! https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/japanese-retailers-hurt-by-discount-seeking-shoppers
Some tailors end up sourcing the work out in these cases. It seems he's not doing that, which is nice.
The stuff I've seen is slimmish, but slightly swelled in the chest. Little to no belly on the lapels, slightly dropped buttoning point, and a slightly longer body than what I've seen from Liverano. Very softly tailored.It's a nice cut. Really distinctive. I don't know his client base, but the look has obvious appeal to slightly younger guys (younger than 50 or whatever), who want something traditional, but a little different. Something with a bit of "spring" or "snap" to it.
Keith Haring signed Perfecto you bitches. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Keith-Haring-Kenny-Scharf-ORIGINAL-painted-on-Schott-Leather-Jacket-signed-/232039872564?hash=item3606a77834:g:uFIAAOSwa39Urhrs
How do you discreetly strike someone in the face and break their nose?
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