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INFO FOR POSSIBLE US TOUR Alright, everyone. I'm hoping to organize a US trip and I need to get a headcount of who's interested. Gennaro is considering flying to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City -- but the possibility of him coming out obviously depends on how many orders we can drum up. If you're interested in ordering something, let me know what city you're in and what you think you'd like to order (a suit, two sport coats, a pair of pants, whatever). I'll...
Speaking of small sized knitwear, this sweater is great as a layering piece, and surprisingly available in small sizes. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/oxalis-crewneck-sweater-in-black-and-white-fuzzy-knit-wool-mohair.html The blue is also really nice. A bit more subtle in its texture http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/oxalis-crewneck-sweater-in-dark-blue-fuzzy-knit-wool-mohair.html
I know AV threads are integral to SF's revenue stream, but I'd like the forum to be a bit more selective about who gets one. Esp on the CM side of the board, it almost feels like the entire main page is nothing but AV threads (I know I'm exaggerating, but the impression is perhaps more important than the truth). It makes visiting the main page a bit of a turn off -- there are ads on the side, ads in the background, and essentially ads where active threads are listed.I also...
I assume then that you don't visit porn sites.
Apparently coming to Urban Outfitters:
I think you misunderstood GC's comment here:To which you said:GC was talking about the collapsing right side that everyone made a fuss over a dozen pages or so ago. You then started talking about evening out shoulders/ shoulder padding/ natural shoulders, which nobody before was talking about. I now just realized that iammatt was then responding to your point about evening shoulders. But that doesn't address GC, Despo, and David Reeve's point.Anyway, there are two separate...
Yes, everyone agrees on that. Nobody is talking about evening out Matt's shoulders.Again, the issue brought up a dozen or so pages ago -- when @David Reeves called Matt's suits "dog shit" -- is that the right side of his jackets are collapsing a bit. I don't see why the solution is to build up the shoulder, rather than just cut the right panels of your jackets so that they're correctly sloping. Shirt makers do this all the time.
Mariano actually asked Matt to lift his right shoulder up a bit when taking fit pics, but he didn't listen.
Look at the waist on the right side of Matt's jackets here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/436054/gennaro-paone-former-head-tailor-of-rubinacci/1300_20#post_7535001
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