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For a guy who dislikes my site so much, you sure follow it closely.
Kind of interesting -- patchwork jeans coming to J. Crew SS17?
I wonder if this is because pB conditions the lining.
Just a random guess, but maybe that's due to moisture? I have old, old moccasins where that's happened. I basically use them as my house shoes, and sometimes I wear them shortly after coming out of the shower (when my feet are dry, but maybe not as dry as they could be). The lining around the vamp has gotten old and brittle, so it's flaked off in certain places.Haven't had that happen with any of my other shoes though.
I like Our Legacy's First Cut, which sort of fits that bill. Not sure I would call it a medium-high rise, but it's higher than APC NS. Reasonably relaxed through the thigh without being too roomy, and then tapered below the knee. Very minimal details (not even a back patch).Also have Chimala jeans, which are high rise (), but they're a much more relaxed cut. They also don't specify their models, so everything online is just "Chimala jeans," which is annoying. I think cuts...
I haven't had any issues with mine.
You can get relatively affordable fabrics through Huddersfield Fine Worsted. I would probably start there. https://www.hfwltd.com/ There's no master list for the tailoring shops that come through. If you see someone you like, you can ask if they visit San Francisco. But a lot of this depends first on your budget, and then secondarily on your style preferences. If your budget is around $3,000 for a suit, you can check with WW Chan from Hong Kong. They're probably the best...
San Francisco has good options for custom tailoring, but it's all through traveling options. Meaning, tailors from other cities come here to meet and fit customers. Happens about three or four times a year. The next big round of visits is in October. Who you choose depends on your taste and budget. For a suit, you would have to up the budget to at least $3,000, however. Maybe even a touch more. Los Angeles also gets traveling tailors, but aside from Rubinacci, they all...
Anyone have experience with Hermes' spa service? Particularly with their box calf leathers?
Yea, I think it's coming up in the next week or two.It's definitely a weird jacket. I've always liked the originals, but they're a bit too leather daddy/ rugged for me.
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