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Thanks! Any thoughts on how Tam Dao compares to Le Labo's Santal?
Any Diptyque's frags worth a blind buy on a bottle? FWIW, not really into scents that are heavy on rose or powder. Or anything too gourmand.
Let's talk about your tab management.
Had to look that up on WikipediaThis explains so much about my life.
Savile Row production is all in-house (at some firms anyway, and for the most part). Pair of pants there starts at $2,000.I think it's apples to oranges when you're comparing small-scale, in-house production to mass-scale, supply chain production though. There are too many moving variables. It has to be something like a suit manufacturer making all of its own suits vs someone who outsources, but targets the same market, has the same volume, etc. I imagine you could save a...
Hermes has seen increased production over the last twenty years and rapidly increasing prices. I assume that increased production means also an increase in employment (and, from what I can tell, quality has kept up).I'm sure there are a bunch of variables here, including higher prices for raw materials, but I assume the simplest and most obvious answer is that there's just a lot more demand now. There's more demand for Birkins, more demand for Common Projects Achilles...
I agree you usually get better value when you can buy direct from the manufacturer (assuming the manufacturer sells directly to the public, and does good design work). But I don't know if the business model is that different unless you're talking about haute couture or something. Didn't the designers you cited still use outsourced factories? And if not them, certainly at least the streetwear companies I used to work with in the 90s all did what people do now. They design...
Have to say, seeing more of these makes me hesitant again. Not that those are bad examples, but they remind me of how much variation is here and how easy it is to get things wrong. Also makes me remember all the terrible SBPLs I've seen.Do you think this is better with a belly or no belly?And do you have any photos off hand of them worn well in a more modern context? (ie no Cary Grants).
He said:"For that price he can probably get something much more "fashionable" e.g. Julius/RO/maybe even MMM. Would certainly be a nicer (slimmer) cut."Schott is a workwear brand. Maybe whoever he's talking to can get a better workwear-y leather for UO's price, but "slimmer cut" and "Julius/ RO/ MMM" is comparing apples to oranges.This is like having a thread about wool, and someone says "hey, where can I get a preppy duffle coat for $500?" Then someone answers "you can get...
Schott and RO are two completely different looks. Makes no sense to say that one is better than another.
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