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Luckily for you, from what I've seen on B&S, there's no one cheaper than a StyFo member.
Not sure if this is the kind of thing you're looking for, but Asprey will have really nice ones. Antique/ vintage models in mint condition can run in the thousands, but I've seen a few cases go on eBay for between $200 and $300. They had a few scratches, but I think that just adds to their character.Labelking also used to have a blog, and if I remember correctly, he had a (real) tortoiseshell cigarette case.Some by Asprey:
SSENSE markdowns. Now up to 70% off. https://www.ssense.com/
More seriously - what about Rimowa? You don't like them? I've always thought they looked great and were well built without screaming "rob me" when you travel.
I hear that if you ask Charly nicely, you might be able to get a canvas tote bag.
Thanks. I'm OK, but my friend was with me, and got his shoulder dislocated in the scuffle. He also lost his laptop, but luckily backed up that morning with Apple's Time Capsule.I had a lot of .jpgs of clothed men that I valued.
Got robbed at gunpoint yesterday. Lost my laptop Last data backup was two years ago.
I grow more suspicious of your character every day.
I recently bought a nice suede jacket, and am hoping to wear it out without it looking beat to hell after a week. Am wondering if it's a bad idea to spray a suede protector on it, like one would use on shoes? Does anyone know? (cc'ing: @DWFII and @patrickBOOTH). FWIW, the suede protector I normally use is from Allen Edmonds, which I understand doesn't have any silicone. Are there issues with using suede protectors/ waterproofers? Sorry if this question seems out of line...
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