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Yea, both of those are really ugly.
I tried on the SLP DR a few months ago. Issues about discerning quality aside, I wasn't that impressed with the jacket. The leather felt plasticky and the shoulders were boxy. Every time someone suggests a TOJ alternative in here, the alternative either Isn't actually comparable (so Aero, Johnsons, The Real McCoys, etc. All make very different kinds of leather jackets from what ToJ specializes in) Sucks (House of Billiam, that Reddit guy, etc)
When you say Matthews and W&J had a one-bedroom, I assume you meant there was only one room -- not a two room situation where the living room was separate from the bedroom?
I've noticed that my tailor charges a pretty high mark up on his labor, which is why I provide him with my own outside tailor.
The material just felt very dry, thin, and scratchy. Not nearly as soft and comfortable as I expected it to be.That said, I have some of their Sea Island Cotton boxer briefs and they're some of the best I've owned (or even handled). So maybe it was just those voile PJs.
Don't know what their linen PJs are like, but I bought a pair of their Swiss voile PJs last year and really didn't like them.
For folks in NYC: do bespoke tailors usually book one-bedroom suites, or do they just get a one bedroom? That is, do the rooms they book usually have a separate living room, where they receive clients, or do they just meet people in the same room with the beds? I assume they have one bedroom suites, but given the high prices in NYC, I wanted to make sure. (cc: @Manton, @Grammaton Cleric)
Tailors often get wholesale prices, but I've saved $13.26 by supplying my tailor the cloth, buttons, canvasing, horsehair, felt, shoulder pads, and threads for my suit.It all adds up.
29 and -3 oz respectively.
Not sure if this is what you're looking for Ventura, but this is a photo from Duckie Brown show.
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