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It's more the case with wool, but I wouldn't iron cotton or linen trousers either.Note, throwing steam into your trousers like that is very controversial. A conversation for another day, but if you're interested, you can search for JefferyD's posts on the CM side of the board.
I like the darker brown pair, personally. The color is more versatile, and being a blucher, I imagine it might be better for you. Most men chose oxfords - where the eyelet tabs are sewn into the shoe - but don't wear suits enough to justify them.FWIW, neither of those are particularly well made. They use really cheap leathers. Have you considered maybe something like Russell Moccasin's camp moc? Same kind of style, and while the leather isn't fantastic, I think it's a...
No, those are just pressed into your trousers. You don't iron them in, you press them. And pleats are a different thing.Take your trousers to a dry cleaner, and they can press them for you. If you want, you can also try pressing them at home. There are tutorials online, if you want to look around. Simply though: you take a press cloth, put it over your folded trousers, and press them in. The key is to press, not iron, because if you iron your trousers, you will create a...
Edit: nm, see a decision is already being made.
Another legend in a brown fresco.
The jacket works well as a sport coat as well.
I imagine the possibility of doing the tobacco Fresco just depends on whether or not there's enough interest among NMWA customers. For those unaware, I'm doing a 10oz run of this cloth, which is similar to a run that Slewfoot put together a while ago, but it's slightly less red.Note, I'm closing the window for orders on this on July 11th, so if you want a suit or sport coat made from this, you'll have to organize enough orders here soon.
A bit of an aside, but Bengal -- I was wondering, do you happen to know of any other notable archival styles from Edward Green that aren't in the catalog? I'm aware of the "City boot" they made for Asprey, and the Herrick. Are there others? Specifically ones that might be available for MTO (though, I'm aware the Herrick is probably not available for order).Thanks in advance.
Prob nothing new that everyone hasn't already heard of.ASW for CM stuff, although they don't really publish anymorehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-suitable-wardrobe/id441590442?mt=2Menswear House, which is very #Tumblr focused.http://menswearhousepodcast.tumblr.com/(Note, they used to have more episodes, but they deleted them for some reason)I also like Thread Cult, but it's more orientated towards the sewing community. Still, even for a layman like me, I find some...
Huh, the co-founder of Carson Street Clothiers is going to be on a new Bravo show about singles. http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/the-dish/sneak-peek-at-bravos-new-series-the-singles-project
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