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Just depends on the popularity of the item. Lots of CP and MMM stuff sells out before things even get to sale season. Niche lines, like Blue Blue Japan, or mainstream labels, such as J. Crew or Gitman Vintage, will make it to sale. You just have to make a guess, I suppose.Maybe it's in my head, but I think a lot of Mr. Porter's stock doesn't make it to sale, and if it does, it's only like 30% off and you have to wait until the end of the season. I think they still have...
FWIW, I find that fewer and fewer things I want at MP make it to sale anymore. I mostly just buy at retail.
Which meal did you skip to save $3,000?
whoops, wrong thread.
Sorry if this is obvious, but is there a general cooking thread? I know about the "What Did You Eat Last Night" thread, but not sure if there's a place for general cooking discussions.
I love the absolute day-and-night discordance between your B&S ad and your posts in this ToJ thread.
New Posts  All Forums: