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Definitely possible. Everything is made upon order (meaning, they don't have anything on stock, so things are made when someone purchases something). That means you can get small changes made at no cost. That includes changing the leather, leaving off the company logo stamp, and getting a monogram (if you wanted one).I have a card wallet that's similar to that dogleg model. Have had this for years, so it's developed a nice patina. No logo, no monogram. Wallet is made from...
Have you tried micromodal? It's much more breathable than cotton, wears cool, and really soft. The only problem is finding a maker who uses high-enough quality micromodal that doesn't pill. I switched almost everything to Tommy John a few years ago and find them to be pretty good.Good SIC can be even better, but I find it very hit and miss. Bought a few from Zimmerli. One is was nice; the others not so great. When it's good, it's a lot softer than micromodal, but a lot...
Cool custom DIY piece from Tay Trong From his FB album (with a ton of DIY projects) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206049046214528&set=a.4048618703163.2131287.1512815973&type=3 Also a cool feature on him at StyleLikeU, for those who haven't seen it http://stylelikeu.com/profiles-2/closets/tay-trong/
That's super awesome.
Under there?
Those shoes look awesome. Do you know if they're handwelted or Goodyear welted? And does he create a custom last for you, or does he use a standard last based on your size?Are the shoes also put through some kind of finishing process? I don't think I've seen a custom maker get that sort of toe spring and washed leather effect before.
Cross posting from a new Chester Mox Appreciation thread I just made: a new bespoke folio I recently received from the company. Made from black boxcalf for the exterior, then a combination of Rusticalf and Alcantara "suede" for the lining. Fully hand saddle stitched.
Don't think there's a thread on here for Chester Mox. They're one of my favorite leathergoods companies and I thought I'd start an appreciation thread for them. For those unfamiliar, Chester Mox produces handmade leathergoods out of Southern California. There are two co-owners -- a husband and wife team -- where the wife produces all the orders by hand. She graduated from an apprenticeship program a few years ago, where she was trained by a former Hermes craftsperson. I...
I really enjoyed the piece. Over the years, these kind of creative writing takes on bespoke tailoring are the only ones that stick in my mind (and frankly the ones I enjoy the most).
*makes homemade paint splattered GATS*
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