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Rare pic of @gettoasty trying to make his pleated pants look more fitted.
Fashion is rife with people copying designs from each other. The only sin, IMO, is passing off as something that it isn't -- so someone trying to pass off a knockoff Gucci bag as an authentic. The practice of copying designs, however, is pretty much everywhere, and done by everybody.From what I've seen, you participate a lot on the Viberg thread -- a company that has essentially made a fortune off of copying mid-century workwear designs. Not that I'm hating on it (I own...
Don't have experience with this specific knit, so Greg or Kyle should prob answer. But FME, the higher the number of plys, the warmer the sweater wears. That said, I wear a 4-ply cashmere cable knit with an oxford shirt indoors pretty regularly, and have never been uncomfortable. A 6-ply shouldn't be too different. It will keep you a little warmer when you're outside though.
For those in Dallas, Texas, I got an email from Stanley Korshak that says @NickPollica will be doing a trunk show this Thursday, October 2nd. There will also be a Scotch tasting from 5pm until 7pm. Prob good to contact Stanley Korshak for specific details. https://www.stanleykorshak.com/
Thanks, Arno. I think you may be right.I was at a shop yesterday trying on navy overcoats. Should have looked at the front/ back balance. May go back to take a closer look. Thanks for the advice.
This problem sounds like it could be easily solved if you wear your boxers backwards.
Lookbooks are now called dissertations and trunk shows are called office hours? http://www.styleforum.net/t/406200/sebastian-ward-official-affiliate-thread/60_20#post_7404979
That's @distinctive, fwiwhttp://www.styleforum.net/u/11170/distinctiveHis line is DC Lewishttp://www.distinctivefootwear.com/dc-lewis-footwear.html
I think pleated chinos can look good. Gettoasty's just look a bit full. They fit well, but I would prefer a slimmer leg, personally.
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but since people have said this is a sort of "general bespoke thread," and @Despos is reading right now, I thought I'd put this here. I'm thinking about getting a navy top coat made. Single breasted with notch lapels. The problem with OTR top coats, I find, is that if I wear them open, the bottom kind of swings inward. Is there a way to avoid this with bespoke? Or is it just kind of inevitable? At the risk of enraging people...
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