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Welcome to StyleForum, loicfoto.
I actually find East Dane to suffer from the same problems. They carry some nice stuff, but the mix of brands is confusing, and the presentation isn't terribly appealing.On the upside, I assume this will mean it'll lead to good sales.
I've seen sixteen pictures of Distorbiant, and while I know his family describes his skintone as Bright Whiskey, his color looks different to me in every photo.
103% of ToJ's customers are Asian. It's like FUBU of Asian clothes.
Curious, @LA Guy, what about Himel's leathers do you like better than ToJ? I've never handled a ToJ (although I have a few on order), but I've handled Himels. I agree, they're very nice. Is it mainly the weight and toughness of them that you like, or how they've been tanned?
Whoops. Meant mine are 23, not 22. I agree 22 isn't that appealing. 23 is nice, but admittedly not that versatile. At least FME.
I have 22 as a pair of trousers. I like them, but agree with Unbel that the color works better as a suit.Think of 19 as khaki chinos. That's how I think of this color anyway. Here's an example of a pair of flannels I bought from Howard Yount. I've found them to be really, really useful. Second to only mid-gray, and better than light gray, IMO.
Is that photo color corrected from the first one you showed me? If the colors are accurate on this one, then I agree, the top left is the best.
I think of pricepoint as being that "price and the prices around it," no? As in:"Alden's outclass other shoes at this pricepoint."Seems to be different than"Alden's outclass other shoes at this price."The first is kind of a vague "around this price." The second is a very specific price.
EG is my favorite shoe brand, and I buy more shoes from them than any other company. But, I'd trade my Galways or Shannons in for a pair of these walnut shell cordovan service boots.
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