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That's how a lot of ready-to-wear patterns are made.
Since Nicholas isn't an affiliate vendor, I don't think he's allowed to talk about prices and whatnot. Prob best to email or PM him.
I think it's more that they don't currently have plans to come. I don't know if they've permanently crossed San Francisco off their list.I actually have six pairs of ill-fitting trousers from them that I don't know what to do with. They were made straight to finish and don't fit well, and with no plans to come to San Francisco, I'm not sure how this can be corrected.
Not nearly as bad ass as this though
Yeesh. His blog is about classic men's style, so he posts a bunch of old photos. Sometimes he posts pictures of what he's wearing, like a lot of people on the internet (and on this forum). The Fok quotes came after Fok made a comment about how Vox is second tier to Manton and Matt; how Vox is supposedly a luxury-brand wearing neophyte; and how he had a tailor before him. It was a reaction to Fok's original post, which came frankly unprompted after poorsod's post about...
Fortune has an interesting article today on IP lawsuits over textile designs. It's couched as "copyright trolls," although who knows how original those designs in dispute are. http://fortune.com/2015/10/07/patent-trolls-fashion/ Possibly problematic in menswear, depending on the bar for "creativity."
Absolutely nutty watch collection http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=3763171&rid=12582
Seriously, though, who cares?The bigger issue is the CM side of the forum. Vox was the most vocal about it, but I know a lot of people who left because they didn't like the direction, but didn't want to raise a fuss.Anyway, I realize this has been debated a billion times. And things are not changing. And lots of people see CM the same, or maybe even better, these days. Debating this seems kind of pointless.I'm just saying that ranking Manton, Matt, and Vox is really petty.
I don't mean those people were useful because they bought custom clothes (although those threads were exciting and interesting). I mean they contributed a lot to the discussion on how to dress (and often on garment construction, which was interesting in a nerdy way).People still talk about how to dress on the CM side of the board of course, but IMO the quality of the discussion isn't what it used to be.Anyway, this topic has been rehashed a million times, and I don't think...
This is obviously motivated by your grudge against him. He contributed a ton, and that Coherent Combinations thread was one of the best things posted on this forum.Anyway, no matter how you want to rank the hierarchy (that sounds ridiculous, btw), none of those guys post on CM anymore.
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