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Not really a fan of full-strap loafers, but Alden has some regular penny straps built on their Copley last. I actually like the roundedness of the Alden LHS though. I just think I would just end up wearing it with casualwear.I also really like Westons. I picked up my first 180 pair not too long ago. They're hell to break-in, but they look nice.
Those vintage A&Fs sound awesome.Do you mean you wouldn't wear your Weejuns with anything too Euro-y, or that you don't think black loafers go well with Euro-y jackets?I'm kind of in between the EG Picadillys and Alden LHS (the second being inspired by @emptym). The Aldens would definitely be more trad, but I feel like I would wear the Picadillys more with tailored jackets.EGs [[SPOILER]] Aldens [[SPOILER]]
Some stuff on sale at La Garconne at 50% off. http://www.lagarconne.com/store/category/0-2503-2503/LEMAIRE-/view-all
I don't think you need a crease. The suit there looks pretty good, actually. I would just leave the jacket unbuttoned.
You can press your trousers at home. All you need is an ironing board, iron, and something like a dish towel (cause you don't want to press a hot iron on against the actual wool). TM Lewin has a video about it.Edit: Huh, looks like they don't use a press cloth. I think having a press cloth is safer, but maybe it's not necessary? Pressing a super hot iron against really fine, silky wool seems like a bad idea to me though. Or at least scary. [[SPOILER]]
The sleeves in the first one actually look fine if you regularly wear a watch on your left wrist. That will push the sleeve cuff up a little. The trousers could probably be a little longer though, I agree. Second photo's sleeves look a touch long. Most of all though, it seems like the waist and chest are a little tight (the jacket is lifting away from you in the second photo). Both suits would probably look better if you unbutton your jacket.
He could hire a body painter.(disclosure: not Dior Homme)
Why not approach this from the other end? With enough eating, any suit can be slim fit.
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