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They're Ten C's fishtail parkas.The navy one is on deep discount at Gentry. Extra 25% off with the code TAKE25, which makes it somewhere around $850.http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/ten-c/products/parka-1You'll have to live with the burden of knowing that almost everyone here thinks you should have bought olive though.
Would it change your opinion if the "black" one was actually navy, and the "brown" one was actually the color that Synth posted?
Trying to decide between these two colors. Anyone have an opinion? (They're the same exact jacket, FWIW. Just different colors).
Unfortunately not. Just have this one.
It's been years, so I no longer remember. With the service and shipping though, it ends up being something around a couple of hundred dollars. Don't remember exactly.
I bought that same jacket this season, but in blue oil cloth. The zipper is indeed pretty temperamental, but I rarely zip up my jackets anyway. Personally like the boxier fit, as I think it gives an interesting silhouette. One of my favorite outerwear buys this year.
I recently sold a lightly used pair for $850, although I had it resoled and recrafted. [[SPOILER]]
Try contacting Jon. He's proxies Kapital stuff direct from Japan. He's also good for sizing advice (FME, anyway).http://bandanna-almanac.com/
Thanks, guys.Joona, just to be sure -- so you can fit a size 52 shearling liner into a size 48 fishtail parka? I would have thought both would have to be the same size.Does sound like I need a 46 either way.
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