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A member here's shop. http://grunwald-true-style.com/ He also runs a nice blog. http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/ IIRC, fire sale was like $12/ meter or so. It was a great price.
Charming story by Bill Cunningham on the greatest fashion show he's ever seen. Versailles 1973, basically a showdown between French couture and American ready-to-wear A clip about the show.
No way, that episode provided me with so many laughs. Plus, I got heavily discounted SG chambray out of it when Grunswald sold his stock at clearance prices.
My favorite part of that video was the fire truck siren that went off after Foo burned the SG chambray.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieU0W994cOc
So it's secretly a poly blend?
Thanks! Just ordered a length along with some other things to try.For those interested, Acorn is having a sale until the end of this month. 25% off orders over 100 GBP with the checkout code HOT.Picked up some of that Leno, along with some Barbados and Zephyr for summer. Also restocked on some striped Kings.Cambridge also looked interesting, although @patrickBOOTH tells me the white version is a bit see-through. Seems to be an open plain weave like voile.
That Leno looks interesting. Does it have a sheen to it?
^ That doesn't seem like a comment about the fashion industry's wages being "shit" though. It seems more like a comment about the outlier that is the tech industry. Substitute the term "fashion industry" here for almost any industry and wages will look terrible when compared to Silicon Valley engineering jobs. For creative or creative-related fields, fashion doesn't seem that far off. Neither does it seem that far off from the median income for people who live in New York...
^ Rick Owens x Wang
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