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Might also be worth checking Walmart for jawnz now.
This was the NMWA version.
Walmart is really stepping up their streetwear game these days.
@Synthese, don't really have anything that hasn't already been suggested. Scott & Charters and The Armoury are nice for that CM kind of cardigan. Drake's are made by the same people who make for The Armoury, but they just use different materials. Inverallan is nice. I also like RRL, as you know. Eidos is good for those belted styles. I don't think that style works on everyone, but I think you could pull it off.Kanata is good for cowichans. Self Edge has a cowichan-style...
How do you like it? I wanted one of those for the longest time, but after ordering from japan and losing the jacket in the mail, I sort of gave up.Does the sizing run TTS? And does the collar stay on the neck, or does it hover slightly away?
Not until I get samples, unfortunately.
Yes, I'll be a group run, like the others. Will post a photo of the sample once I get it. Working with a different mill on this one, which I think will be really exciting. They do interesting work.
It'll be a triple windowpane green tweed. One of the Scottish estate district patterns.
Working on samples now, actually. Hoping to get something in a short bit.
That's really kind! I'll keep that in mind.
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