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I'm wearing a suede jacket and it's pouring outside. Feeling like that episode of Seinfeld.
If you like those Caminandos, there's also Garment Project. Just from a superficial look, the quality seems to be about the same.
Eh, I don't know. Not crazy about the leather or shape. Not bulbous enough to be fun and interesting; not sleek enough to feel cool. Kind of feel likes something you'd see at Nordstrom.That said, I don't think they're terrible. Just think you have better options.
Might be dry by the time he lands in the US.
Just be sad, like us.
Yea, the stuff looks really good to me. I don't know what his RTW are like, but the bespoke is all made to West End standards -- custom last, hand lasted, hand welted, etc. The designs are a lot more casual than what you'd get out of a traditional shoemaker though.
For those interested, Nicholas is coming to the US in four weeks.His tour schedule:
On the off chance anyone is interested, I talked to this guy last week who does custom shoes. One of his more popular models is a side zip, which I think looks really good. The problem: he can only meet clients in London, and you have to have two in-person meetings since the shoes are bespoke. There's a chance he might come to NYC and LA though. If anyone's interested, let me know. I'm hoping there might be enough interest in the states, particularly LA, to convince him...
Derbys look like they're made out of corrected grain leather, if that matters to you at all. Dinkelacker will be a little nicer, but I think they're also a very different shape. More exaggerated toe, slightly clunkier, etc. Trickers could be another option. Still chunky, but not as pricey as Dinkelacker. Uppers also made from full grain leather. Love side zips, but not into those...
Is that meant to be worn outside like outerwear? Just looks like a traditional dressing gown.
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