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Inventory. They closed though.http://www.inventorymagazine.com/
How about Outlier x Bills Khakis: E. Tautz x Bills Khakis: Yohji Yamamoto x Bills Khakis Lemaire x Bills Khakis Second Layer x Bills Khakis Nigel Cabourn x Bills Khakis
Would have liked to see a Bills Khakis x Rick Owens collab.
Seems like this heavily depends on what's already in your closet. If you're literally starting from scratch, I would consider getting a navy suit that you can break into separates. Maybe a Fresco or hopsack suit. It's a controversial thing around here since some people (rightly) feel this will make the jacket neither fish nor fowl (depending on your design choices), but for a guy who rarely wears a suit, this might be the best way to get the most out of your money. Why...
I really liked that site. Jon Moy is now writing for Highsnobiety. Jeff Carvalho and Jian DeLeon also have a pretty good podcast over there (assuming you like the kind of streetwear/ fashion topics they cover). http://www.highsnobiety.com/tag/jon-moy/ http://www.highsnobiety.com/podcasts/
hey, it's aeglus!
Haven't been into dressy, CM-ish leathers in a while, but these photos of Stoffa's flight jacket look good. http://stoffa.co/
Yea, that's what I thought when I saw it. Not complaining though cause I liked that mag.
New Canadian fashion mag looks promising http://www.intelligencemagazine.com/ https://www.instagram.com/intelligencemag/
I see what you mean.I just assumed that Bill's Khakis appealed to a very specific kind of "fashion unconcious man" (to use Nick's words). So basically older, upper-middle class guys who just want something to wear on weekends. I guess like JL Powell, but with less "rugged man" undertones. I would think that for basics such as that, there's always a customer.
New Posts  All Forums: