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We've debated this a dozen or so pages ago.
I actually like Foo threads. Without him, we'd have people posting photos of Luca and talking about whether or not they like how he dresses, which is boring.Anyway, Gennaro is visiting HK next week and we'll have photos (hopefully), so that'll be something.
This thread was slow today. I hope @mafoofan is OK.
Arguing when it's twelve against two is something only Foo can effectively do.
"Homer, don't give up! They laughed at me the first time I wore jeans with a sport coat. I was the first wealthy man in America to ever do it, now they all do it!"
SC with tieless BD is great. Sorry, but 99% of the time, SC with jeans is awful. I think I've only seen Vox, tchoy, and slewfoot wear it well on this board. And I've seen it worn well zero times in real life.
Try wearing it without any clothes underneath.
Found something at NMWA's site being sold somewhere else at 50% off, but with their extra mark up, shipping, and taxes, it somehow ended being more than NMWA's price minus the SF discount. Amazing.
You may have already seen this, but if not:http://blog.metmuseum.org/alexandermcqueen/Some of the pieces are really beautiful. If you click "selected objects," you'll find that some of the pages have audio, which will tell you more about what you're looking at.I don't care to debate the definition of genius, but he really was an incredibly talented designer.
So I said to the Manton,"You promised me Manton,that if I followed you,you would walk with me always.But I have noticed that duringthe most trying periods of my lifethere have only been oneset of footprints in the sand.Why, when I needed you most,you have not been there for me?"The Manton replied,"The times when you haveseen only one set of footprints,is when I carried you."
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