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Browsing chain stitching artwork on Instagram and found thisPossibly the most impressive heritage cred.
1000 tips of my fedora I give onto you m'lord.
It turns out, Fran Lebowitz has an account on StyleForum under the name @BostonHedonist
MMM just opened a boutique in San Francisco http://www.sfgate.com/style/article/First-look-Maison-Margiela-opens-on-Maiden-Lane-6156715.php
Maybe the company has an update on their blocked Instagram account.
Hm, I have a few Shun Premiers. Does this apply to them as well? I know they're Japanese, but they don't seem that fancy. I've been using a honing steel on them for years.Was actually going to take them to a local butcher shop to have them sharpened. I assume that's a no-no as well? Using that Edge Pro or Edge Pro knockoff seems like a bit more work.
*tips fedora
Was it one of those thin, flimsy ones? I feel like that wouldn't happen on a crunchier knit.
Rubinacci used to market their dotted knit ties as having dots sewn-in by hand, rather than machine, and that supposedly made them more durable. That always seemed more like a marketing line to me, but I've also never seen dots come undone.Regarding the cheap, flimsy ties, I think I know what you're referring to. The Knottery sells some Chinese knit ties, and they're a bit limp, soft, and thin. I assume someone handling one of those would consider it cheap and poorly...
New Posts  All Forums: