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Does anyone here read Korean? I need something small translated. If you can email me at dieworkwear at gmail that would be appreciated. Found someone, so nm.
He puts in a little more handwork than other trouser makers, and has some interesting styling details. I mostly like him for the way he cuts trousers though -- the fit is nice and slim, with a slightly higher rise. He also does pleats very well,
I ended up selling both of mine, but the derbys I received were made from corrected grain leather, if that matters to you. Wish I kept the boots though.
I went TTS for APC shoes (have owned both their derbies and boots). By TTS I mean I took my Brannock size.
Asian boyfriends were consdiered the fashion accessory of the year in 2000.http://www.newsweek.com/why-asian-guys-are-roll-162073
I've been in touch with Luigi about the tour and told him I would make the announcement here, but it looks like he already sent out the email. Anyway, I didn't want to say anything until things were settled with people who have outstanding orders, as it seemed better to set the books straight with those people before moving on to new clients.Since he's already announced it, people can of course just contact him directly for appointments. Just thought I'd explain why he...
Well, white women who are even able to date Asian men are probably living in a coastal state. And probably either in or near a big city. So all those things -- preferring someone who's less religious, more educated, and more liberal -- are true for everyone in a big, coastal state city. You could change the phrase "Asian men" for any kind of person, and it would still hold true.
Part of the mark up in China might have to do with high import duties. A lot of luxury Western goods in China are about 30-40% higher than you'd find elsewhere. I don't understand the comment about how bespoke goods can be copied.
No, women don't seem to appreciate that my jackets are drape cut or that my sweatshirts are loopwheeled.Well the dating market is great if you're an Asian woman. Just not so great if you're a guy. *There was some study -- I think out of an NY university? -- that showed marriage preferences for women. Everyone preferred endogamy -- except for Asian women.*Oh, I get it, you meant her parents. Some of us get lucky.
Asian men: admired by menswear enthusiasts online, ignored by women in real life.Please, trade me into any other ethnicity.
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