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Thanks! I'll check out both the Oud and Leather.
Giving this "card case design in a folio size" idea one more go. Would this look bad? Mine would be in navy and not have the metal bits.
Thanks, JB. That leather looks really good (also the loafer model). Thinking about getting another pair of NSTs and was originally going for a more tan color, but now I'm wondering if I should opt for something closer to your loafers.
Been enjoying AdP's Colonia Assoluta for summer. Any other AdP lines worth checking out for fall? Leather, Oud, Quercia, etc?
Those look great. Do you know what leather is that?
I actually can't remember, but it might be from Tusting. I found the photos on eBay over the weekend and Tusting is one of my saved searches, so it could very well be from them.
Bellanie recently loaned me one of her briefcases to check out. This is a store display sample, so the design is a little flashier than what she normally makes for customers. It's a good example of her workmanship though. The case is made from navy Weinheimer Waprolux calf leather, which is what Hermes calls Epsom. If you're familiar with Epsom, you know it's a somewhat stiffer material. Holds it's shape over time, as the leather won't stretch or sag, although it also...
Many thanks, Concordia. That was really helpful.
That's been my experience with those makers as well, although Ambrosi gave me a higher rise than NSM.Do you find the A&S trousers give you anything in terms of style or construction that you can't get from other makers? As you noted, the price is a big high, so I'm wondering if the upcharge is worth it.FWIW, I like Steed's construction, and theirs hang the best on me, but the cut is a little full. Ambrosi has a nice leg line, but I agree the default is a bit slim. NSM is...
Thanks Concordia. That slanted on-seam pocket feature sounds nice. Does it look strange to have the side seam slanted at the top though? (Assuming I'm understanding you correctly)Anything notable about the cut? And have you tried NSM, Steed, or Ambrosi trousers by chance? (If so, any thoughts on how the cut compares?).Also, did John Malone cut your trousers?
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