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I'm the same size in both MMM GATs and side zips, FWIW. Both run TTS for me, and I tried on different sizes to be sure.
I think you might be mistaken on this. I used to study Danish politics, and am pretty sure that the import taxes are somewhat normal for EU standards. So maybe 0-20%, depending on the class of items. Maybe as high as 50% if you're importing from some country like China, where there's an anti-dumping regulation, but a place like South Korea is an unlikely candidate.FWIW, I used to live in Russia, where there's massive import taxes, and even there, it's not that bad.
Don't know the model name, but I assume you can email EG. FWIW, when I ordered my Shannon, I just told them where I whether or not I wanted broguing. You can modify any of their designs.
That thing would destroy your clothes. Steam can take all the three-dimensional shaping out of a jacket, delaminate any fusing, and cause seams to pucker. Here's an Oxxford jacket, for example, recently listed on MyHabit.
I don't get it. So it does act as a steamer, or no?Edit: Apparently it is just a giant steamer, mixed with some chemical scents.http://laundry.reviewed.com/news/hands-on-with-whirlpools-swash-clothing-restorer?utm_source=usat&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=collab
I've reported this to the appropriate authorities.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/10787202/Inform-on-your-neighbour-if-he-grows-a-big-beard-says-China.html
That's cool, but when are we going to get hair styling tips from Antonio?
I think you'd be better off with a darker color, as walnut will stick out too much from navy trousers. Esp if you're also wearing a navy jacket and dark tie.IMO, light colored oxfords can be hard to wear, as they demand a light colored suit. Few men own those, so for more formal shoes, it's better to have darker colors. Light colors for shoes are better suited for more casual styles (such as loafers), and only if you have a light enough color palette in your closet to...
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