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Eh, I don't know. There are a lot of interesting arguments for "high brow" art. Clement Greenberg defended modernism, for example, by saying that abstract art was the only way art could survive in a post-photography world (no more painting horses and bowls of fruit, art was now all about asking conceptual questions no one could answer). He also claimed that "commoner" art was kitschy and prone to political manipulations (see fascism).Obviously not without its own...
Those look awesome.
All those things you mentioned though are part of why SLP is so awful -- the taking of vintage/ rocker/ grunge styles and turning them into this exclusive, luxury look for the class anxious. The fancy showrooms, expensive locations, marketing campaigns, etc. All for marketing stuff that you can find in a vintage shop or Hot Topic. I'm sure they could make that shirt sell for less than $700 (there are a ton of luxury brands with much better made items on Union Square, and...
Others may have better suggestions, but FWIW, you can always send them back to SC to have them restained/ recolored. I had the same problem with some crust leather boots a few years back and SC nicely fixed them for me.
Maybe Fioravanti, Mr. Ned and Ercole?I agree though, there aren't that many options.
All mine have been true to size.
Someone posted a Steed MTM suit here that I thought looked nice.Maybe one thing to consider is how much post-delivery service they're willing to do on a bespoke vs. MTM garment. At least for me, I sometimes want things adjusted here and there after wearing the garment for a while -- sometimes adjustments that can't be easily done at a local alterations tailor. It's nice to be able to send things back if you need to, and have things adjusted for free.
I don't know the exact numbers, but at least a few years ago, it was closer to $2.5k vs $5k.Even if it's $3k vs. $4.3k though, a 50% difference feels significant to me.
? Last I checked, Rubi was almost double the price of Steed.Unless you're in Chicago and want to use Despos, or in NYC and want to use one of the tailors there, there aren't that many other options though. If you want good bespoke tailoring, most of what you'll find comes from traveling tailors.The one commonality of all those houses you listed is that they're small and independent. Small makers have a harder time weathering through storms in a city -- a few orders drop...
Agree, the scent thread is really helpful and the people there are super nice.For suggestions, maybe Knize Ten? That's very leathery, smokey, and woody. Cuir Mauresque is also super smokey.If you're up for a leather scene that's a bit softer, I like Chanel's Cuir de Russie and Robert Piguet's Bandit.
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