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^ Black jeans and black side zip boots?
I think that's the same as the black one I have. I like it. Zippers aren't as shiny as some other models, which may or may not be something you like. Kind of more gunmetal than bright silver. Leather is slightly on the thinner side, but I wouldn't call it thin. Jacket is medium weight.
The package deal is nice, but it's not like staying in Naples for a week + suit would cost you more than $5,500 if you went to another tailor and hotel. It's just icing on the cake if you plan on using Rubinacci.
Do a lecture on how to meditate on things you hate with a passion, then sit there silently while staring at the audience.Leave it up to them to wonder what you're thinking about.
Do a lecture on meditation and just sit there silent.
It does look a little more angular than whnay and foo's stuff, but it doesn't look too different from iammatt's. A little hard to tell though cause the Bloomberg photo is at an angle and David is far away.
TBH, the main change I'd like to see is the price. I can't remember what I paid for my box, but it was somewhere around $300. They're apparently now $900, or on sale twice a year at their factory seconds warehouse for $500 or so. That's a lot to pay for a shoe shine box. Years ago, when I originally found them through nutcracker, I asked if they could make a case of my own design. I was quoted something like $1,000-1,200 for the job, which I thought was too much for this...
You're a history grad student, right? I'm sure you've read What Is History? by E.H. Carr.Events are multifactorial, which means they have multiple causes. It wasn't just bad policy that caused the famine, it was a combination of droughts, floods, and bad policies (which were really more about agricultural polices, not industrial policies)Bad weather today wouldn't wipe out millions of people in China because they've successfully become the world's manufacturing center....
Yes, by definition, bad attempts at industrialization are bad. My original question above says: "Do people not think that conditions have vastly improved since China became the world's factory?"Since they've become the world's factory, they're less susceptible to famine. When people bemoan the awfulness of made-in-China production being all over the place, they should think about how much that sort of industrialization has improved the lives of ~1.5 billion people. It's...
I don't know what you're talking about, but my point is that industrialization has made the Chinese economy robust enough that you couldn't have that same famine today. I'm very familiar with the history of the famine and The Great Leap Forward. The point is that you couldn't have that famine today because of their heavy industrialization and new trade ties. Droughts and bad weather don't wipe out 30 million people in advanced industrial economies.I don't buy suits from...
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