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Just wait a few days and you'll have a denim wallet with shitty fades.
This forum so far hasn't been very successful at finding out anything about style, but now that we have Chicago Manual of Style citations and bibliographies, I think we have a fighting chance.
No, this thread is just a big paone.
Steed is particularly good cause you get that intersection of women who are sexually attracted to an Anderson & Sheppard cut, as well as women who are carnally drawn to an Edward Sexton styling.
This would have been funnier without the comma.
Have you tried first telling these women about the history of the drape cut, the Duke of Windsor, Frederick Scholte, and Anderson & Sheppard? And maybe showed them some print outs of A Suitable Wardrobe?
Were you able to get this through NSM? I asked for it on my orders, but wasn't successful.
Tira just wants to know if he should really wash his jeans in the ocean, but he's too embarrassed to ask us.
Rawr Denim is also popular. http://www.rawrdenim.com/
Yes, and frankly, it's usually a marketing point between Neapolitan tailors, not between Neapolitan tailors as a community and those in England or France. It's just sniping between tailors who live and work near each other, and often their clients, who like to bicker on the internet about how their Neapolitan commission differs from someone else's Neapolitan commission.
New Posts  All Forums: