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AFAIK, yes.
I can't speak to every title, obviously, but of the titles I've own multiple copies of -- in different versions -- they've more or less been the same across the board. I have found that the latest versions of Roetzel are better than old ones, but only really worth buying if you don't mind spending the money, or if you haven't owned the older versions. Almost every other title has been too similar to care about (between versions).The exception are guides to perfumes and...
Not yet, but please don't spoil the end.
Artisanal wooden bow ties, $65 [[SPOILER]] A more affordable option? Just a small block of wood: [[SPOILER]] (via Mr. Claymore)
^ is that @Fuuma?
I like the second, but not the first
I would like to submit myself as a man in need of many Rotas.
FYI, if you live in an area where a lot of homeless people wear Stephan Schneider, Rota, and Vass, you might be Riva's neighbor.
I assume payments are processed through Paypal. If you force Paypal to deduct the amount from your credit card, you'll have double protection.
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