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Are you trying to apply it to sale items? I don't think the discount code can be stacked on sale items.
It's always in GDL's signature, I believe. This month it's SF10JUL.
If your main concern is fit, and you don't plan on wearing this often, one idea is to just get some Hawaiian-esque shirting and send it -- along with a shirt that fits you well -- to any online MTM shirt tailor who can copy it for you. Proper Cloth, Cottonwork, and Luxire all do this kind of work. Essentially, they copy the fit and cut of your shirt, but make a new one from any fabric you give them.You can find Hawaiian-esque shirtings easily by Googling "Hibiscus fabric"...
They're only carried in Japan, AFAIK. Some links:Their online storeFacebook pageTheir websiteA better version of their website (IMO)
This probably isn't helpful either, but Rainmaker is a new Japanese brand by Kouichi Watanabe (formerly of N4). I haven't handled any of their stuff in person -- and they're not really a "heritage" brand per se -- but some of their knitwear and outerwear looks nice. A couple of the knits also kinda sorta look like something a fisherman would wear. [[SPOILER]]
I don't like CM/ SWD distinctions, but to the degree they're helpful, here are some CM-ish suggestions.Stock might be completely sold out by now, but Berk in London's Burlington Arcade has been going out of business for a while, and they recently put all of their stock on heavy, heavy clearance. They hold some of the best, remaining Scottish knitwear brands in the world. A friend of mine has written about them and Ballantyne here:Skipping in Burlington ArcadeAn Obit for...
The Pros and Cons of Going Vegetarian (from The Onion)Disclosure: I'm vegetarian
I just spoke with Shaun at Molloy today. We're still working out the logistics, but it sounds like a Donegal might be possible. Whether that's the barleycorn or something else, I'm open to ideas.I'm supposed to receive a few swatches from him for something else I'm working on, so maybe we can mull on this a bit. From my experience with the brown Fresco, it takes a while to get the colors right anyway, so I imagine if something happens, it won't be until later this year.
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