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Hot damn that sounds awesome.
I agree.It's funny how the internet has changed shopping and people's tastes. Certain things come across much better through a computer screen -- colors, visible details, patterns, etc. Some things don't -- subtle shaping at the waist of shoes, textures of fabrics, fit and silhouettes of garments.So some things are easy to sell though an online store, such as brightly ties or casualwear with lots of unique detailing. Other things are hard, such as Anthony Cleverley shoes....
Those remind me of Will's pig skin Cleverley loafers, which I've always admired. Saw the suede Anthony Cleverly RTW version in person and was even more impressed. They have a great shape to them.
I like the George boots. Who are you going to for the loafers? Cleverley? Recently saw someone with some black penny loafers from Cleverley and they looked nice. Thinking about ordering something from Fosters next year. Maybe a butterfly loafer, a la RJ de Man. Or this swoopy looking brogue. There's also a RTW Northampton maker that's rolling out a new MTO program where you can design any shoe you want, although you're limited to their lasts. Price is more affordable...
I have no experience with Jay Butler, but it's run by the guy who does TFYGhttp://www.thefineyounggentleman.com/The tie loafers Jerry linked to are made by C&J. I own a pair and think they're nice, but they're also $300+ more expensive ($500+ more at full price). You should probably expect some quality difference in that range. They're also a little chunkier and heavier than other models in that style, which may or may not be to the OP's taste.Quoddys are a totally...
They're Ten C's fishtail parkas.The navy one is on deep discount at Gentry. Extra 25% off with the code TAKE25, which makes it somewhere around $850.http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/ten-c/products/parka-1You'll have to live with the burden of knowing that almost everyone here thinks you should have bought olive though.
Would it change your opinion if the "black" one was actually navy, and the "brown" one was actually the color that Synth posted?
Trying to decide between these two colors. Anyone have an opinion? (They're the same exact jacket, FWIW. Just different colors).
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