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I've recently gotten into a Japanese brand of t-shirts called Barns. Loopwheeled, uniquely curved chest pocket, more natural feeling/ rougher yarns, interesting subtle textures, and very short, trim vintagey cuts. Much more interesting in texture than the mass produced Hanes stuff I have, and much more stout than American Apparel. I think it looks good with the kind of stuff I often wear these days (jeans, leather jackets, and the like).
The extra 20% off is for shoes with bird poop on them.
In firm but gentle hands, a solid stick Talarico could be used for disciplining.
I once put on suiting that was shot by Ethan, and suddenly ... the colors all around me got a bit more saturated, the lights dimmed, and a bottle of whiskey appeared out of nowhere.True story.
Would you be against getting a used vintage one? Sometimes there are some nice looking pieces on eBay if you search under vintage French chore coats. Browsing through the "completed auctions" side of the site can give you a sense of what has passed as well.
How's that 42 weeks?I'm starting to suspect nobody on this thread knows how to count.
Is it just me, or is 8 shell cordovan more red and less dark brown nowadays? Or is it just the photos I've been seeing?
For what it's worth, I think there are a number of existing cloths already for that. I'll try to get the name and number of the "donkey flannel" I have and email it to you.
That color looks great to me. I'm not sure why people have reservations about it. Greg noted that it has a slightly beige-ish color, and it seems close to khaki chinos to my eye. If khakis are easy to wear, why wouldn't these be?
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