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I don't wear sport coats with jeans, but if @Slewfoot enters this week's challenge, everyone will be crushed.
Local area man tries to recreate Acronym video
Thought I'd add this here. I really like the cut of Will's coat.
Nice finds, CS. RJE posted a similar comparison here once. http://bit.ly/1oXAWIR
Greg, do you have any plans to get new Talarico umbrellas in soon? Or Vass Alt Wiens in different materials? If so, any idea when those might be coming into the store? Thanks in advance.
I'm putting an order through them on the behalf of some members. Their sale terms feel like they're changing all the time. At least over the last year or two that I've been ordering from them. FWIW, right now, you can order RC numbered items, but if your order totals 30 yards or more, there's a discount. The order I'm putting in is about $6.50/ yard, landed. Without the bulk order, I was quoted about $9.50/ yard, landed.
If I remember correctly, Kirby at The Hanger Project once mentioned to me that this kind of thing can happen, but I've never heard of it actually happening.
Don't know of a quick fix, but you could just get the canopy replaced.
Being ethnically Chinese, I can confirm for you that most things made in China are loud.
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