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^ Have to say, both of these sound like ways to justify difficult-to-manage production chains. If a tailor were to do everything in-house, I doubt he or she would make these items with different buttons for the sake of showing something was made custom/ not rtw.
edit: nm, just got a closer look and found the answer.
I actually just assumed we all live like this.
Yea, but so long as the item makes you feel good and it looks awesome, I'm not sure what else really matters. Split is supposedly less durable than reverse suede, but seriously -- who's ever had a pair of suede shoes spit on the upper? Or a suede jacket split at a part that wasn't the seam?If you're buying from a crappy fast fashion company, you probably already know your item is low quality (aside from just material). A Margiela split suede jacket isn't going to give out...
I haven't read the Atlantic article yet, but cardigans were obviously a central piece to Coco Chanel's looks. Although I think hers was more like a jacket, rather than the knitted sweater we think of.Anyway, if it was invented by the Earl of Cardigan, I don't see how Chanel could have reinvented it.This is the problem with fashion writing, tbh. A lot of it draws from dubious historical sources, myths and tales, and marketing materials. I've read the story I cited in...
I've read that the cardigan was originally made for Lieutenant General James Brudenell, the Seventh Earl of Cardigan. He wanted a sweater that he could put on without messing up his coiffed hair, so they cut an opening down the front and put in buttons. Who knows if that story is true. If you care about your hair, you'd probably also care about an unusual opening (at the time) on your sweater.
Split suede usually has a shorter nap. One of my MMM 5-zips is made from a split suede. I'm also getting a pair of split suede Saint Crispin's shoes. IMO, the quality of suede is usually overthought. If you like the item and how it looks, that seems more important than some dimension you can't really discern.
You know you're a Style Farmer when you know everything about fashion except how to pronounce brand or store names.
Whoever runs StyFo's IG account should post CM pics, but with SWD-only hashtags, just to fuck with people. So Claghorn in his sport coats, but with the hashtags: #sashiko #shibori #indigo #noragi #wackomaria #junya #rickowens #dickovens #flowypants #ballersneakers #qasa #antifit #drksdw #brutalistbuilding #berlinmusicscene #concretearchitecture #tbscode #fuckdrewkeith
#swagisforboys #classisformen
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