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Mine are from Chimala. Thought they were fun when I first put them on, but then I found myself robbing foreigners, taking their wallets, their jewels, and ripping their green cards. Dipped to the projects, flashing my quick cash and got my first piece of ass smoking blunts with hash.Was kind of a wild ride that day.
I stopped by their San Francisco trunk show earlier this week. The stuff is really, really nice. The leather jackets are softer and lighter than they look online. Fits in well with their whole casual, slightly Italian style. I thought the flight jacket was the best of the three, but they're all great. One of them had this interesting pocket style where there aren't any seams (hard to explain). Almost looked like the pocket "grows" out of the jacket.They also have a new...
Is there any interest here in doing a slightly larger scale pattern for HFW's Worsted Alsport? Basically their worsted tweeds/ city tweeds, but in a slightly larger check for casual sport coat purposes? An example of one of their stock fabrics/ designs. This run would basically be something like this, but in a bigger check.
I bought a pair of jeans like that last season. Every time I put them on, I hear Mobb Deep play in my head.
That was great. Thanks for sharing, Duncan.When hand sewing, is it possible to use threads that are as fine and thin as what you see in machine-sewn seams, or no?
I don't know anything about the quality of their leather jackets, but IMO that design doesn't look good.
I have a Patrik Ervell shacket like that. TBH, doesn't get much wear cause it's kind of boring.
Some stores you can try:No Man Walks Alone: Valstar and James GroseEpaulet: Some newly released house-line jacketsStoffa: They hold trunk shows at Magasin, which is near youMr Porter, End, and Barneys: Prob lots of stuff at these shopsEnrico Mandelli: On Yoox and eBay for less than retailGolden Bear: But only the fashion collabs they do for stores such as Unionmade and Club Monaco. Some of the other stuff is iffy.Maison Margiela: The five-zip model is popular hereFalcon...
Don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a Teba discussion, but the two layers of cloth don't have to be stuck together in order to be fused. The fusing would just be stuck to one side of the cloth in order to stabilize it/ give it structure (probably something you already know, and if so, sorry for the somewhat obvious explanation).I can also run my hand through the two layers of cloth. If I turn it inside out, however, I can see a black fusible on the backside...
I think your last photo is of the armhole?To see the fusible, you have to look at the opening underneath the armhole (otherwise, you have to unpick the stitching at the armhole). Basically where the cloth folds over on itself to allow for interior pockets. On the reverse of the fold over, you'll find a black fusible. At least that's how it's constructed on mine.
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