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Not sure if this is the right thread for this question, but it's likely to go to the same community of people. Hope people don't mind it here. Anyone know the difference between Veldtschoen and Norwegian constructions? From what I've read, Norwegian seems to be a fairly diverse class -- even if they're always a kind of turned-out-upper, stitched-down construction, sometimes they're made with welts, sometimes not. Veldtschoen, on the other hand, is always made with a...
Nothing wrong with a linen jacket. Works well with tropical wool, cotton, or linen trousers. If the cut is right, even denim.
Boring Japanese office lady sounds like such great inspo though.Voluminous trousers, robe coat, huge chunky scarf, fuzzy mohair-blend sweaters, knitted cap, little Muji office supplies, delicious bag of seaweed snacks, cat at home that likes to jump into really tiny boxes
I'm so into baggy pants right now. Picked up these Tomorrowland pants from Unionmade's sale yesterday (they're having an extra 40% off sale prices). Wearing it today with a zig-zaggy cream AKOG knit and Eidos grey tweed topcoat.
That looks really good. I still need to put in my navy folio order. Bellanie just got this new leather from du Puy -- Marocalf, which I'm told is similar to her boxcalf (a really nice, smooth leather that's flexible, but also has a bit of firmness to it). Thinking about dropping the navy idea for this. don't have any experience with them, but @Baron does.
Tomorrow or Monday, I promise!
I saw this in my neighborhood once.
Outerwear: Jump the Gun in the UK; Fred Perry Harringtons on eBay; Barbour Liddesdale on eBay; LL Bean Trail model rain jacket; J. Crew either on deep sale or eBay; LL Bean Signature on eBay; military surplus outerwear (M-65, M-43, and M-51); vintage peacoat in thrift stores or eBay; LC King chore coats on sale or eBay; vintage French chore coats on eBay or Etsy; Levis sherpa trucker jackets (or their regular trucker jackets); and Peter Storm packable cagoules (mainline,...
Those are pretty cool.Looks like they were inspired by Regency-era dress. Beau Brummell used to wear pants like that.
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