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Just dab a little narwhal semen behind your ear to attract women. The pulse point helps with projection.
Couple of people have had that done: Hosni Mubarak, Narendra Modi, etc. Very CBD (conservative bad dictator style) Mubarak: Modi:
It's not as red as burgundy antique, but it's redder than dark oak. If you want the county grain equivalent of dark oak, get walnut country calf. It's not a perfect match, depending on the shade of dark oak (which has varied a little over the years), but it's closer than mahogany.
So in business accounting terms, literally "unfunded liabilities?"
NWOT Thom Browne Backpack Only used once, basically new condition.
scamster is a great StyFo handle for when you're advertising your eBay auctions.
Can't tell if you're being serious, but the width depends on the wearer. Some people prefer F, some E (or some other width entirely). There's no reason why this shoe would universally fit better on the F width.From what I've seen, most EGs sold in the US are on the E width.
A black jacket that's clearly a sport coat, and not an orphaned suit jacket, could work. Maybe something heavily textured, such as velvet, paired with grey flannel pants, a white button-up, and a pair of black loafers. Just don't do the black worsted wool jacket with blue jeans thing. It's what most guys do and it looks awful. Like they grabbed their only suit jacket out the closet so they could look dressier, but don't actually know how to put together a dressier...
TBH, I mostly like the brand because the name references cats.
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