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Some stores you can try:No Man Walks Alone: Valstar and James GroseEpaulet: Some newly released house-line jacketsStoffa: They hold trunk shows at Magasin, which is near youMr Porter, End, and Barneys: Prob lots of stuff at these shopsEnrico Mandelli: On Yoox and eBay for less than retailGolden Bear: But only the fashion collabs they do for stores such as Unionmade and Club Monaco. Some of the other stuff is iffy.Maison Margiela: The five-zip model is popular hereFalcon...
Don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a Teba discussion, but the two layers of cloth don't have to be stuck together in order to be fused. The fusing would just be stuck to one side of the cloth in order to stabilize it/ give it structure (probably something you already know, and if so, sorry for the somewhat obvious explanation).I can also run my hand through the two layers of cloth. If I turn it inside out, however, I can see a black fusible on the backside...
I think your last photo is of the armhole?To see the fusible, you have to look at the opening underneath the armhole (otherwise, you have to unpick the stitching at the armhole). Basically where the cloth folds over on itself to allow for interior pockets. On the reverse of the fold over, you'll find a black fusible. At least that's how it's constructed on mine.
If the jacket is still a bit new, you might want to consider how the sleeves will ride up once the arms crease. I've had a couple of five zips that fit a bit long in the sleeves at first, but were fine after like a dozen wears. Sleeves just end up shortening on their own given how they wrinkle.I don't know, but Superior Leathers might be able to give a recommendation.
Those look like they're made from corrected grain leather. I wouldn't say they'd look like shift after a few wears, but they won't age as well as full grain. The upside to corrected grain is that you get that high shine/ somewhat plastic-y look, which suits SWD fits better than CM. I wore a pair of Marigela boots today, actually, made from corrected grain. Not the worse thing in the world, but I prefer the natural look of full grain.
It looks like you're standing very straight in that photo. Unless that's your natural position, you may want to stand a little more relaxed at your next fitting. Otherwise, the jacket will be made for someone with a different posture.
Agree that you're just going to end up with a shirt jacket. I don't know if a Harris or linen is going to make that big of a difference in terms of shape, so long as the material isn't super loosely woven. FWIW, I have a few shirt jackets and find that a bit of fusible and shoulder padding can go a long way.P. Johnson does some of those "zero structure" designs. I think it works on some people (like Patrick himself), but it's not the most flattering thing on other guys....
Who knows, maybe he can still make something for you. If you can visit him in London, anyways. He was using Darren Beaman for a while as his coatmaker. If you hired him, he would basically do the fittings, draft the pattern, and cut the cloth. Maybe he'd be willing to take the job. It's not like he wouldn't know how to cut anymore.
Kind of bummed he's not in the tailoring trade anymore, but kind of awesome that he's landed as a tattoo artist. He has some really nice work on his arms. You can see it in the BBC doc on SR.
Imagine the outrage if this happened in the middle of a Mr. Porter sale.
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