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If you mean for actual hiking, Limmer is pretty goodhttp://www.limmercustomboot.com/cgi-bin/CustomBoot/index.plFor fashion purposes, Viberg is reintroducing their Apsley design (originally done with Nigel Cabourn) later this year. I think it looks pretty great.
@DavidLane actually just got something like that. Not in Fresco, but a lightweight hopsack wool.
Any thoughts on how that might compare to Rimowa's polycarbonate line?I've been thinking about getting some Rimowas, but the denting on the aluminum cases is definitely concerning. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but because I hear it can make it hard to close the case once things get misaligned.I've also heard their polycarbonate cases can crack at the airport, which sounds like a bit of a nightmare.
Seriously, if you can figure out if you actually lost your deposit, let me know and I can help get your money back.
Alright, whether Solito comes or not, I'd like to help people get things straightened out with the family. If you're owed money, I'll help you get a refund. If you still want your jacket, then I can see what I can do to help coordinate things (although I can't promise that he'll definitely come to the US, so please keep that in mind). In any case, if you're owed something, and have proof you paid, either post in this thread or privately email me. You can also message me...
Hm, strange. Although, that doesn't seem that different from a lot of teaware. Do you use yixing pots? They supposedly take in the flavor of tea over time, but I've been using one for over ten years and can't taste any difference between tea brewed in my regular pots and this yixing. For all the money you can drop on one, it feels like it's more about just aesthetics, rather than anything "practical."Japanese tea ceremonies also feel like they're more about the ceremony...
I don't understand your problem. I'm not hiding anything from people and I'm not "promoting" him. I'm just a guy who's interested in buying something from him, so I'm seeing if he would like to come out to the US. In order to do that, I'm seeing if anyone else might be interested. It's essentially organizing a group buy. People can read this thread and make up their own mind.I don't owe anything to members of this forum any more than they owe something to me. Manton said...
It is based on the Rubi coat. The Rubi coat on the left.
Yea, I mostly just drink Taiwanese oolongs these days.Which teas unfurl in pretty ways? I can only think of those big floral jasmine balls, where a flower pops out at the end, but those are still pretty cheap.
You can kind of sort of brew stuff overnight in cold water, but the taste won't be the same. Hot water not only speeds up the brewing process, but it also intensifies the taste. Sometimes when I have some left over tea leaves though, and I don't want to waste them, I'll put some in a big cup overnight in my fridge. The next day it'll become a weak flavored tea.You could also just brew your own tea at home and bring it with you in a thermos. The key is to take the leaves...
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