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Pretty sure most grad students shrink a few inches from feeling dejected all the time.
I'm just kidding. You should check directly with tailors regarding prices. I'll side with iammatt and mafoofan here. I think you should find someone you can work with for a long time. Few Neapolitan tailors travel, although Panico has a shop in Rome and Rubinacci has shops in Milan and London (and an international travel schedule). Most of the cutter-run shops are good, but most don't travel on any frequent or regular basis. You might want to pick someone you can see...
You're 20 years old and looking to get a bespoke Neapolitan tailor? Are you a law student trying to win Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man contest? Because if so, I have a post you should read.
For a split second, I thought that was his midriff.
I really liked the film, and the tailors Gianluca decided to feature are all great. Panico makes some of the best suits I've seen anywhere, although it seems like he cuts a slightly more fashionable sihlouette for younger customers. At least on the one younger customer I met. The stuff he makes for his older customers are terrific though.Ciro Palermo is mentioned in the film, but doesn't get talked about much here. He's retired now, but the things I saw from him were also...
From Instagram:
Yes, that's a 12-fold tie. Will from ASW many years ago ordered a 7-fold, and also got a 12-fold instead. I thought it was funny back then, as a 12-fold tie sounded like a beast. Is it actually manageable?
Ron Jeremy would be proud.
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