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Here are two examples. Newer one has a cleaner chest and more open quarters. [[SPOILER]] This is a DB made by the Senior Formosa. Genarro put it on a manniquin for me to look at, but I unfortunately didn't take photos. It had a slightly old-Rubi feel from what I remember though. [[SPOILER]] FWIW, AFAIK, Cappelii wears both Solito and Formosa -- both made by the seniors.
I like Formosa's stuff, so this isn't a knock, but worth noting that they're not the same cutters, who play the most important role.Perhaps more new school Neapolitan, than old school. It's like the difference between NSM's cuts and Rubinacci. Not just about the fit, but also the shaping and style of the jackets.
I really like his jacket. Looks to be a mix of barleycorn and herringbone? @Slewfoot had something like that done (IIRC) at LL. There's also something in the new Hunters of Bora tweed re-releases. Looks really nice, IMO.
BRB, going to send my mom's rug and a big piece of leather to Luxire.
Sizes would be immensely helpful. Brands would too, esp given the size of SF, but I know that requires a lot more work on your end.I think all these sites -- eBay, Grailed, Yoox, etc -- allow you to have that swap meet/ Craigslist feel if you want. It just requires the user to not put in as many filters. But for most people, I think, convenience is a huge plus. I just want to be able to quickly look at what might be on the market in my size, in the brands I want, in the...
I have a MMM 5-zip and the only thing I've ridden are trends.
Sounds like NMWA needs to get in there and organize a re-release.
I know this has been said on other threads, but again -- I mostly avoid B&S nowadays cause the luxury market has rebuilt itself since the 07/08 economic collapse, so prices aren't as good as they used to be. Couple that with a really hard search system, and it just takes too much work to go through B&S for too little gain.Used to be worth the effort, given the kind of deals you used to find on there, but that hasn't been the case for a long time. Grailed doesn't have...
Speaking of which, I saw an amazing Tim Coppens jacket the other day, did a Google Images search to see if there was some place I could buy it, and just saw a bunch of pics of @conceptual 4est's face.
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