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Depends on what you mean by longer, looser, etc. Casualwear has pretty big margins for error -- so if something is off by a quarter inch or something, it doesn't make that big of a difference. In tailoring, a quarter or even an eighth of an inch can really change how a suit looks.On the extreme, the silhouette you're describing is basically Armani. Stuff looks cool in photos, but it's a bit dated today. Brio in Beijing, however, is developing a new model with WW Chan, a...
Would be surprised if those are built on the same last, given the (seeming) different in toe shapes when you look at the shoes from a birdseye view. That said, I don't know for sure.
Ring Jacket is nice, but I like the exclusive models they make for The Armoury a little better than their mainline. Their 184 is a popular style, but it's very softly constructed and sits pretty close to the body.The Armoury has a couple of exclusive models, which are a little fuller through the chest and feature an extended shoulder. IMO, it's a bit more flattering. I personally like an extended shoulder because it makes your waist look slimmer by comparison. Also easier...
NMWA also has black derbies from Heschung. Don't have any direct experience with these, but other Heschung shoes I've handled are really nice. 20% off with the code FINAL20. Just be sure to contact them regarding sizing. Can't remember how they run as far as US sizes, but I remember them not being TTS.
I'm wearing a suede jacket and it's pouring outside. Feeling like that episode of Seinfeld.
If you like those Caminandos, there's also Garment Project. Just from a superficial look, the quality seems to be about the same.
Eh, I don't know. Not crazy about the leather or shape. Not bulbous enough to be fun and interesting; not sleek enough to feel cool. Kind of feel likes something you'd see at Nordstrom.That said, I don't think they're terrible. Just think you have better options.
Might be dry by the time he lands in the US.
Just be sad, like us.
Yea, the stuff looks really good to me. I don't know what his RTW are like, but the bespoke is all made to West End standards -- custom last, hand lasted, hand welted, etc. The designs are a lot more casual than what you'd get out of a traditional shoemaker though.
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