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That's basically ~25% of grad students at Berkeley and Stanford though.
I have a few Lock & Cos. A soft, unstructured trilby named The Rambler, and a couple of newsboy caps.FWIW, they're all the same tagged size, but I find the fit to vary a little between all three. If I could choose again, I would have tried a slightly bigger size on the caps.IMO, you should take your reg size. Sizing down might throw off the proportions, and nothing looks worse than a hat that's slightly too small for a person's head.Also, pocketsquare guy has a thread on...
Ah, that's too bad. Let me know if you end up finding a good and reliable source. FWIW, I've gotten some OK casual fabrics at Rosen & Chadick in NYC (they take phone orders, and will send swatches), but a lot of the stuff is only marginally better than what you'd find at any good shirtmaker. That is, lots of casual fabrics for the business class set. Not bad stuff, but not really what I'm looking for.
Great to see you on this side of the board, Gaz.Curious, does your shirtmaker have a lot of casual shirtings like that? I've been trying to find more casual shirtings to bring to my shirtmaker, but have had limited success. Was that a fabric you found, or was it offered through your tailor? Do you remember what mill and book it's from?
You know that dude's original full name was Donald MacDonald, but he shortened it to Don MacDonald after being given some grief. Personally, I would have gone the other way and tried to get the honorific title of Don. So Don Donald MacDonald.
Anyone have thoughts? Can't tell if this will make me look like a bowl of whipped cream.
I really like that black cable knit and those cardigans.
Those Porter Tankers are great. They were huge in the '90s among Japanese streetwear enthusiasts, but TBH, I didn't really understand the hype. Then I finally bought one last year and totally get it now. It just works really well for casual use.
Geez, tough crowd. IMO, the only terrible names are the ones I can't Google to find more stockists/ sales. Cloak, Grey, One, etc are all bad in that regard.
Not many people know this, but this was actually the original name for the store before it became No Man Walks Alone.
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