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Jacket looks way too short, IMO. Also looks a bit tight, but oddly extended along the shoulder line.
Luigi tells me he'll be in NYC on Dec 3rd and 4th. Might want to contact him for appointments; I assume he was planning to reach out to people soon (although I know the date is close)
Much like how groundhogs poking out their hole predict an early spring, @jsimonovis413 poking into this thread will predict the coming of Mr. Porter sale.
I like that Cabourn sticks to the same designs season-to-season. Fashion turnover nowadays is much too quick -- you buy something expensive one season, and it's almost out of style the next. There's something nice about a designer who only tweaks things at the margins and doesn't feel the next to totally revamp things with every new collection. Lavenham collection looks good to me. I don't think I'll be buying anything from it, but that lookbook with Ponytail Journal...
Really? Who offers custom leather jackets for $200 CAD?That seems unusually low, especially given the effort required to draft a pattern. Even online MTM shirts are ~$135 CAD/ ~$100 USD, and that's with pre-drafted patterns and cheap cotton.
Look, I don't want to get pulled into your crazy scheme, so don't quote me as a person who supports your project. I already told you time and time again -- over email -- that Atlantis offers the same fabric, based on the length you sent me.I suspect you'll run off with my $28, so whatever. Just don't quote me to other people, like the way you've been pulling crazy out-of-context quotes to hype your project over the internet.I deleted the post because, you're right, it...
My thoughts obviously go out to the people in Chennai, and in the grand scheme of things, $28 is nothing. I'm just passing a warning to those who are thinking about buying from Aleck. I think there's something fishy going on with his operation, and I'm not alone in that opinion.http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?228593-aucociscokid-s-Madras-finally-availableAnyway, if you buy from him, I would do it through a credit card with strong buyer's protection....
LOL, Aleck said he's going to send what I wrote above to his attorneys.
What a PITA. Paid Aleck for a couple of lengths of fabric three months ago. He hasn't delivered on one and has said he won't issue a refund, as $28 would be too much for him right now (??!!). Apparently I'm supposed to wait indefinitely for something I paid for three months ago. For anyone buying, I recommend paying with some kind of credit card, so you have buyer's protection. Cloth was terrible, anyway. You can get the same stuff from Atlantis for about $5/ yard (yes,...
Does it have a scent? All the conditioners I've tried so far -- Allen Edmonds, Lexol, Saphir, Pecard, etc -- have a scent, which can be kind of strong if you use them on leather jackets.Someone told me that Gliptone has a scent, but it's the scent of new leather, which is why I'm considering switching.
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