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One of those Wall Street Journal hedcut drawings of ?
You're selling a look and a marketing message, not just construction quality. People buy designer clothing in order to indulge in fantasies. It's the story of how every Italian brand sells suits, and how Ralph Lauren sells everything he sells. Even if a $200 henley from Mr. Porter isn't noticeably superior from a $20 henley you might get at H&M, it'll be designed differently and come with a different meaning, which will make all the difference.That Paul Bloom article...
I think most of it is probably people just spending more of their income on clothing, but a good chunk of it is also just rising incomes. Income for households earning over $200,000 actually grew considerably in the last five years. Even more so for households earning over $350,000/ year. I assume those people make up most of the luxury fashion market.As for why luxury items didn't grow across the board, I don't know if you should expect them to. People can purchase fancy...
I actually get the impression that people are raising prices because that's what the market bears, not because people are shopping on sale more. The sale market is so bad nowadays -- lots of things don't make it to sale season, at least not in the numbers they used to. Six or seven years ago, there was almost no incentive to buy at full retail because you could get almost anything you wanted during markdowns (size, style, model, whatever). There was a ton of good stuff at...
It depends on the make you're looking for. With rare exceptions, such as a J. Crew code accidentally applying to third party items, standard Alden makes aren't allowed to go on sale. Sometimes non-standard makes go on sale, but that depends on the store.
Recently caught these photos on Steven Hitchcock's Instagram. Looks like he's getting something from Nicholas. https://www.instagram.com/stevenhitchcockbespoke/
Jacket looks way too short, IMO. Also looks a bit tight, but oddly extended along the shoulder line.
Luigi tells me he'll be in NYC on Dec 3rd and 4th. Might want to contact him for appointments; I assume he was planning to reach out to people soon (although I know the date is close)
Much like how groundhogs poking out their hole predict an early spring, @jsimonovis413 poking into this thread will predict the coming of Mr. Porter sale.
I like that Cabourn sticks to the same designs season-to-season. Fashion turnover nowadays is much too quick -- you buy something expensive one season, and it's almost out of style the next. There's something nice about a designer who only tweaks things at the margins and doesn't feel the next to totally revamp things with every new collection. Lavenham collection looks good to me. I don't think I'll be buying anything from it, but that lookbook with Ponytail Journal...
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