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I think you're conflating flattering with stylish. There are lots of loosely fitted designs that were/ are considered stylish at the time or to certain audiences. Body conforming clothes are not the only way to look good (and sometimes not even the best way, depending on the wearer).The term sack doesn't have anything to do with darts, by the way. It refers to how the back of the jacket is made, not the front, where two panels are used instead of four curved pieces. There...
You mean actually? Nothing. You just feel like a dummy rubbing a $25 deer bone that you bought over the internet on your shoe. It's *supposed* to help shine up shell cordovan. But nope. First rub and a sense of self awareness washes over you. Then you realize you're a dummy.
A deer bone to rub on my shoe.
Many of his paintings would make for cool squares IMO. Really captures the architecture of a lot of LA.http://architizer.com/blog/hockneys-cool-depictions-of-so-cal-modernism/
This looks like the start of a really classy porn movie.
^ #lookbookASMR
Camoshita SS16 http://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/camoshita2016ss/
Camoshita FW16 http://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/camoshita2016aw/index.html
I have a sweater from them that I really like. Not super fancy or anything, but it's held up well. Not sure what else to say about it.
I take the same size in the 202, 82, and 64.The 64 is wider in the toe box than the 202 though. I like it with jeans.
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