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Outside of creative industries, where you can wear whatever you want, what can you wear to a professional office if a tailored jacket looks out of place? The default seems to be dress shirts and chinos (maybe jeans). Sometimes a v-neck sweater. None of those look as good as more casual or formal options.
I don't think that's true regarding aesthetics, but the rest holds true for almost all GY-welted shoes, unlined or not.
I don't think there's a big difference between GY-welted shoes anyway, at least in terms of quality. Lining leather isn't some kind of high craft, so I'm not sure why anyone would feel they're getting less for their money. As the poster above me stated, they cost less anyway.
SLP at this point literally looks indistinguishable from thrift shop clothes http://hommemodel.blogspot.com/2015/06/runway-saint-laurent-ss16.html
60% off at Louis Boston. Final markdowns; no phone orders; sale (and store) closes on Wednesday. They have a bunch of tailored clothing along with casualwear brands such as Visvim (Mesa Mocs, Skagways, and Brigadiers on sale for about ~$450 a pair). http://www.louisboston.com/
Probably sometime this fall. Really like what Barney's picked up. I assume Maas & Stacks will have some great buys as well.
Sorry, but you should go to a tailor with the intention of buying, not for getting commission ideas that you'll take somewhere else.
Not sure what you're saying, but it would be a bit strange to visit a tailor only to flip through his swatch books. Just ask the tailor you're working with what fabrics are available. Most have a wide selection and if they don't have something you need, they can probably source it for you.
Damn, everything looks so good, despite Barney's terrible product photos. The price of the coat isn't even that bad either (relatively speaking, anyway).
Yoko Ono FW12
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