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Let me help.
Some pics of the Everest at End. Kind of makes me want to get one. @migsy999, what size do you normally wear and what did you get in the Everest?
Haven't met Eric. I feel like I understood their shop a lot better when they were at their last location, but this new spot leaves me feeling a little confused on what they're trying to do. Recently went up to the club room though and liked it. I just don't walk away from the clothing store section understanding what they're aiming for.Do you mean alterations? I don't think I've seen a photo of you in an AG jacket before, unless it was an MBT kind of thing.
FWIW, I wear an 8 in UK sizes, 9 in US sizes, and 8.5 in Edward Green. Also 8.5 in Red Wing and some work boots, although that's kind of niche.I take an 8 in Meermin's Hiro last.
FWIW, I have eight IM sweaters, and all of them fit the same in length, except for one. Could be that certain patterns are just shorter? Don't know what ziss is talking about regarding blocky bodies. Mine are fine, although I admit some of the chunkier ones have pointy shoulders. Haven't seen that on NMWA kints, even when they're in the same style, but FWIW, I had mine fixed by a knit alterationist for not too much money.
I feel like Wingtip caters to a different kind of customer.Never been in Andres Georges. Is his operation kind of like Franz Custom Tailors?
I'm surprised that the Bay Area has bespoke tailors who visit, and a lot of people with money, but aside from Wilkes Bashford, there's no store that caters to that kind of clientele. De Corato was really nice, but they closed. Someone should open a store here.
I mainly love Foo-threads. Honestly, you guys should develop a budget so he can buy stuff and then post about how everything went wrong. Foo-threads are easily the best ones on the CM-side of the board.
Acorn has been having special sales every day. Today's is a 30% discount on linen, which seems nice since linen is so expensive. Checkout code is ADVENT19. Shipping is free for this month. http://www.acornfabrics.com/fabrics/linen FWIW, I find their colored linens to be a little too flat in color, but it's hard to go wrong with white.
Pretty sure Foo both has strong opinions and shares his reasoning.I could be wrong though.
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