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Also wear mine cuffed.
This is wroth a browse, if you're looking for things to eat in San Francisco. http://www.7x7.com/eat-drink/big-eat-2015-100-things-eat-sf-you-die-0#/0 Al's Place also recently got a write up in Bon Appetit's "Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America" http://www.bonappetit.com/restaurants-travel/best-new-restaurants/article/als-place-no-1
Saint Crispin's.
If you spray your suede shoes down with a waterproofer, they'll be even better for a bar environment than calf. I use Allen Edmonds' waterproofer, but here's a Leffot video on Tarrago
AFAIK, the demand for bespoke suits in China isn't that big. Unless you count Hong Kong as part of China. But on the mainland, bespoke tailors are usually invited out as a way to lend status to an event. So some big wig might throw some big promotional event for whatever reason, and he'll invite a bunch of companies -- including Savile Row tailors -- in order to make the event look more prestigious. But the tailors aren't raking in that many orders from those things...
If you're interested in an all black, minimally designed bag, this is pretty nicehttp://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/tenor-flap-top-backpack-black-technical-nylon-and-black-soft-calf.htmlI bought one a few months ago. The waterproof/ water resistant features are a nice touch, and the bag has really nice trims.
Yes, there were three people. Two have been resolved; one is still working through his order. I believe that will be sorted out by December.
He's set to visit NYC again in Dec, but if we can't get something organized by then, we can try to catch him on his next trip. Don't know if it would be with Luca. Probably depends on whether people are also interested in ordering shirts. I myself am just looking for two sport coats.
Hoping to organize a West Coast leg to Solito's US tour. If anyone is in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and interested in ordering something, let me know. I'd like to order two sport coats from the family, but don't want to travel all the way to NYC for meetings and fittings. If we can get him to come out to the West Coast, that would be a lot more convenient. Also started a thread for this...
I'm hoping to get something made by Solito but don't want to travel all the way to NYC, where he's visiting again. Curious to see if anyone in San Francisco, or maybe even Los Angeles, might be interested in ordering something. If we round up enough orders, I may be able to convince him to add a West Coast leg to his tour. For those unfamiliar, Solito is a Neapolitan tailor. Soft, slightly rounded silhouette with a full chest and open quarters. The style looks great and...
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