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Picked up the tan scotch grain Alt Wiens, which I've been eyeing for a year (they were sold out in my size). Really like them. Thinking about picking up a pair of oxblood Budapesters, either in the New Peter or Budapest last. Little unsure about the second, but I kind of like the idea of a totally unapologetic Austro-Hungarian shoe to wear with tweeds.
Yea, he emailed us back, but I think he might be confused the details. Hoping to iron things out in the next week.
@impolyt_one, still waiting for you to confirm with me and my buyer that he now owns my spot. I bumped the two related email chains a few days ago and still haven't heard back. Details for the order: Originally placed: January 27th, 2014 Originally paid: $830 Item: Bought a green lambskin Harrington with blond buttons, but that make-up was cancelled late last year Email associated with the order: dieworkwear at gmail. (This is what I used to pay via Paypal and communicate...
Paris Hilton is also starting her new empire of online MTM tailoring.
Thanks guys. I was eyeing it cause I want a black bomber. Strap-y HL ones are amazing, but I don't have Parker-levels of swag or the kind of wardrobe necessary to support it. Maybe I'll buy it and try it out, and then just resell if it doesn't work out.
So, Bore Legacy?
You might be looking at vintage RRL stuff, which was sized differently. I find the contemporary stuff to be all fairly slim fitting. I'm usually an XS or S in most things, but consistently take an S in RRL jackets and shirts.
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