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Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a pair of 524 chukkas in either some kind of grained calf (probably Inca) or suede. Was wondering if anyone has thoughts on the following: 1. Would a dark brown Inca calf 524 be a good make-up, or is there another grained leather I should consider? 2. I've already ordered a MTO pair of chukkas from Edward Green in their mole suede. Would like to avoid getting another pair that's too similar in color. Anyone know which of SC's suedes...
AFAIK, George boots have a higher shaft. I think the only person on this forum that owns a pair is @emptym. Made for him by @DWFII.Alden also has a single buckle chukka boot they call their George boot.
I grew up in Southern California, but I'm pretty sure everyone hates LA. It's not just people in San Francisco.
Hoping for the best, but I suspect a lot of people are going to get a "sorry, this actually wasn't in stock" email from Unionmade in the next few days.
Yea, and you were right. I'm just coming around to it. I've gone back and forth on your theory about double vs singe breasted overcoats though. I think single breasted coats look better if you plan on mostly wearing your coat unbuttoned, while double looks better buttoned.I've owned a few chukkas and have never had that problem. Maybe you're lacing them too tight? (That sounds like a stupid response, but it's the only thing that I could imagine causing that).
Developing the opinion that chukkas look better in textured materials, such as suede or pebbled leather. Mainly because 1) There's just so much smooth surface across the sides and vamp. Feels like it looks better a little broken up, and 2) With some exceptions, like unlined Alden chukkas or something, they seem to go best in the fall and winter time with tweed. So the texture of the shoe looks better with the textures of the jacket. Anyone have thoughts? Pictures, if...
Really? From what I've seen, you seem to like fairly basic foulards (don't mean basic in a bad way). Drake's, EG Cappelli, Robert Keytes, and Chipp Neckwear all carry pretty nice ancient madder foulards.I also like the slightly bolder paisley stuff, but I don't think that's your bag.
One of my favorite squares is a burgundy madder square. It's so hard to find to find madder squares with good patterns and designs though.
Yes, like that, but I will look less burly.
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