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Were you born in the 1940s?
I think the OP's username then would be The-Sitarist?
If I can be honest, I can't tell the difference. They all sound the same to me.
I'd be happy to organize another run of something, if people have design suggestions.
Gianni is actually Northern Italian, if that means anything.
Curious to hear what designing for RL was like. Was there a massive archive there, and if so, did you have free reign to flip through it? How big is the archive, and how far did it go back? (assuming there is one).
\That looks great, Pingson. Makes me feel more confident about going with the windowpane. And yes -- the gown is from TMF.
Thanks for the feedback, @gdl203, @Sotiris, and @unbelragazzo. I think you're right about the windowpane.
Has the OP tried SuitSupply? Here's one satisfied customer in a grey sport coat and orange pants
Thinking about getting a dressing gown and can't decide between fabrics. Anyone have an opinion?Mid-gray with a faint white windowpane [[SPOILER]] Charcoal pindot [[SPOILER]] The exact fabric I'm looking at for the charcoal pindot is actually a bit darker than what's represented above. I'm looking at this one. [[SPOILER]] But the above is the best representation online, probably, for how it would look as a dressing gown. Just imagine it a shade darker.Anyone have an...
New Posts  All Forums: