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Adroit, you own the RMC Buco repro, correct? Do you own any other leather jackets? I think I might hold out for that StyleForum x Thurstons project for a black moto, but I wouldn't mind maybe getting another leather jacket like this TFH piece you pictured above. Seems like we're interested in some of the same leathers. Do you have any you'd recommend, besides that RMC? The TFH piece at SE looks tempting, but I'm curious if there's anything else I should be...
They usually do three price drops. I think they're only on their first one.
For Christ's sake, please change your avatar back to the old horrible one.
Yea, the HB jacket I saw at SE seemed to be a special make. It was stiff-ish, but fairly thin, which gave me some concerns on how it would age. Other HB jackets in there seemed like the regular thick stuff you see on GW and RMC, but the black cafe racer they had was different.On the upside, it didn't feel like it needed to be really broken in at all. Was just a thin enough leather.
That looks great. SE used to have a Himel Bros piece I admired, but they've apparently replaced it with TFH stuff. Haven't handled the FH leathers in person, but all the other TFH stuff I own are favorites within their category.
It was a joke about Russian politics. Might have been too obscure.Anyway, lots of anti-gay politics in Russia in the last ten years. The last one flaring up last year just before the Olympicshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_LGBT_propaganda_lawhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_LGBT_propaganda_law
"I'll be Missing You [Tribute to the Notorious Gi-an-ni]" By P. Diddy It's kinda hard with you not around (yeah) Know you in Instagram smilin down (eheh) Watchin us while we meme on you Every day we meme on you Til the day we meet again In my heart is where I'll keep wonderin’ Whether you’ll actually send the ties like we agreed Please give me the strength I need to believe My thoughts Gianni I just can't define (can't define) Wish I could turn back the hands of time Us...
I'd be happy to organize something. I was thinking about it last night, but haven't come up with any ideas yet. Was planning to comb through some photos for inspiration, but would also welcome any suggestions.I feel like too many people already have 516 and 520 for there to be much interest in a lighter color.Not sure nailhead would work on Fresco's weave, but that could be an idea.
5'10", 145lbs, 9D foot. Recently asked my tailor to make me a pair of odd trousers with an 8" opening, and he baulked (but in a friendly way). Was really reluctant to go less than 8.5", so we compromised with 8.25", with a promise that he'll narrow them to 8" if I feel the need later. He said narrower trousers give men clown feet, then he looked at my pants and said "who made those?" I answered, "some Italian tailor I use." He paused for a moment and said "well, yea, they...
Just a reminder that tomorrow's the last day to contact me if you're interested in putting in an order for our group run for tobacco Fresco. Interested parties can PM me.
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