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Those could be good, but if your budget is limited, you'd probably be better off getting two pairs of boots instead of a fancy pair from Carmina. Water and snow are hard on boots, so you want to give them a day of rest in between each wearing.Meermin's boots can be had for about $200 nowadays with the Euro to USD exchange rate. Just get something with a studded Dainite or Commando sole.
Glenn Belverio has a few posts about LabelKing on Diane Pernet's blog. Apparently LabelKing took Belverio to a North Korean restaurant.http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2011/05/north-korean-cuisine-showgirl-couture-in-beijing-by-glenn-belverio.htmlAn excerpt:
I don't really understand what you're saying, but I think you're fedorable.
Tell her you're an Influencer and a Tastemaker, and you got them for free.
100% of the people who reblogged that are also the people who reblog pictures of super-handsome male models in charcoal suits and write "OMG WHY DON'T ALL GUYS DRESS LIKE THIISSSSSSS???!!!!!"
IMO, the prob at this point is that -- if you sell your spot -- a buyer can potentially receive the jacket and file a chargeback on you.I've told interested buyers that I'm only accepting gift cards in exchange for my spot, but so far, no one has bit. That's despite lowering the price $50.
I think you're assuming too much.I've had the fullness taken out of the back of a leather jacket before, and it ran me $75. Wasn't that much more than what I've paid for alterations on sport coats. The guy who did it is a leather specialist and does repairs for Japanese repro enthusiasts around the world.A lot depends on the construction of the jacket, the skill of the tailor, and what needs to be done. Unlike other garments --- such as suits or dress shirts -- leather...
I could be wrong, but I think you were quoted a particularly high price because of the number of rhinestones you wanted taken out.
These feel substantial and have a notecard windowhttp://www.hangerproject.com/garment-bag.htmlThese are a bit flimsier and don't have a notecard window, but are more affordable.http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10000084&N=&Ntt=garment+bagRave Fabricare also sells some for something like $12 a bag (I think). Theirs has a notecard window, but I've never handled it.http://www.ravefabricare.com/All three are made from pure cotton, except for the notecard windows and...
Not saying this is how that article was written, but sometimes writers are given the list of brands they need to write about, and they just produce the copy. The list in those cases is furnished by the editors.
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