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Comme des Garcons actually made a RTW version of those boots last season.I saw an Instagram photo of someone wearing them on a rooftop, which was kind of awesome.
This season's velvet track jacket is $12,000. http://www.barneys.com/visvim-reversible-velvet-track-jacket-503794641.html#q=visvim&start=14 It's reversible though, so kind of a 2-for-1.
Yea, I just realized we have a bunch of threads where the titles aren't necessarily clear -- unfunded liabilities, whnay good taste thread, etc. People still end up knowing where to go.
I think The Lounge is for really analytical discussions on how to dress well. Seems to me like the thread's title should be changed to reflect that -- "The Lounge" just sounds vague and cool, but isn't descriptive at all. But to each their own.I like the discussion we're having here, but would prefer this thread to be less analytical. I kind of think of it as the CM equivalent of SWD's Random Fashion Thoughts, if that makes sense.
Er, this seems like a stretch.
I also think it just might not be shot well. I don't care for the Sanjuro Bomber, but you can hardly tell what it is in these two photos.
I like his take on Americana.I think it's true you have to handle Visvim in person to appreciate some of the more subtle details and fabrications. I know that sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo online, but a lot of those things just don't come through well in photos. That said, previous lookbooks just felt like they had a bolder vision and some slightly more interesting pieces. I don't know. Third Looks posted some showroom photos that looked a lot more...
Might be alone in this, but the lookbook actually feels kind of underwhelming. I like that they got away from the slightly strange teenage-ish/ boy-ish looks that characterized past seasons' lookbooks, but this one also feels like it misses everything that makes Visvim compelling. Kind of generic if you took away the pretty backgrounds.
New Posts  All Forums: