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Try opening the seam up a little by unbuttoning your fly.
via willy cheesesteak [[SPOILER]]
The Moonbeam stuff is a good counterexample. I suppose also some tweeds. Maybe because they have a bit of texture?A lot of windowpanes though look like they could be a lot better if they had a herringbone or something. Or a double windowpane.
I actually tried a few of his jackets last year at Barney's. They looked great with my chubby little Asian IT face.
It's OK. My taste in leathers has kind of shifted to more aggressive looking things, so I don't wear it that often.
Am I wrong for not liking single windowpane jacketings? I like windowpanes for suits, but on sport coats, it always feels like things would be better if there were a bolder pattern -- maybe a herringbone or a double windowpane. Or have the windowpane be some kind of overcheck on a glen plaid or something.
I don't have an older ToJ, sorry. The only other ~$800 leather I have is a Valstarino A-1, but that's comparing apples to oranges. For example, I don't like how the interlining in my MDR has been done at the collar. It hasn't been fused right, so you can hear crinkling if you rub the collar. That's obviously not an issue with an A-1 because an A-1 has a ribbed collar. My Valstarino is also made from suede, not lambskin, so it doesn't have issues with veins in the hide....
Yea, the bespoke sub-forum might be a bad idea. I agree it probably wouldn't get much traction and none of those guys are coming back.Don't really know what to do about the issue, but it does feel like a real shift on the CM side of the board. Also feel like new members would benefit if the kind of old dynamic discussions came back, but ... I don't know. Things seem so hyper-analytical these days in ways that feel really removed from reality (and often even...
Yea, I don't know. The community might be gone. I think SF was lucky to capture a small group of people at a certain point who (together) made some very high quality content. Once everyone leaves "the bar," as you put it, it's hard to convince even one or two people to come back because there's no community around anymore. Nobody wants to drink at a bar alone.I just think that a lot of people agree CM's discussion isn't what it used to be, and a lot of people link that to...
I'm curious, why not start a bespoke section for the forum? Even if just to keep some of the old guys around? I don't think it would alienate anyone on the "regular" CM side of the board. Those bespoke threads are largely what drew a lot of non-bespoke buying people (including me initially) into StyleForum. And you'd still get the discussions about how to dress well in general, which everyone (on the CM side of the board) would benefit from.At the moment, you have a...
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