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Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman If only these were 9Ds... or Walnut
SA told me the Semi-Annual Sale starts on June 20th
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Waffles Here's some on ebay if you want to snag a pair! http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-Allen-Edmon...item4aabd9343c thanks for the link - great price; unfortunately, not my size
I bought a pair of Alden boots from this guy in April - the shoes were great, shipping was fast and he sent everything that he should have. It was really no different from buying a pair of new shoes. This is not someone buying and selling shoes, trying to make money off of them; rather, someone who is very particulr about size. A well-deserved bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by SaveMeJebus Just as an FYI, you can actually get CT shirts shipped for about $35/each by using the below link (through 6/15/11): www.ctshirts.com/JOSH That makes then $39.50 each. Put two shirts in cart, and then use the code "STCA" to take $20 off $50. So you're really comparing a $35 CT shirt to a $50 BB shirt. Great link, thanks! I ordered two and hoping they arrive before the promotion ends, so...
I've been thinking about buying a gingham shirt and have some questions about them. I only found questions about tie matches when I did a search, but I'm looking for some other information. Are they only spring/summer? Are they beter suited for dress or casual? If I'm branching out from solids, is gingham one of the first candidates; or are there other patterns that should come before them? If so, what are those patterns?
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt I've had quite good luck with Shout Advanced. You may have to use it multiple times though. The only thing I haven't been able to fully get out is blood (smacked a mosquito) on biege, but even that is barely noticeable now. It has worked on juice, dye, and other random things. nothing beats hydrogen peroxide for blood
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Watch out for the Crosstown collection. Those are cheap glue jobs. That has a racist sound to it
Quote: Originally Posted by IsteRed Wanted to order from them today,turned out to get a blazer,two shirts and a tie delivered to me i'll have to pay 160(yeah that's right) pounds just for shipping... see if this code will get you free shipping - LSUL1
Brooks currently has shirts 2/$109 and Charles Tyrwhitt is offering 4/$199. Which is the beter way to go?
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