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Quote: Originally Posted by SaveMeJebus Just as an FYI, you can actually get CT shirts shipped for about $35/each by using the below link (through 6/15/11): www.ctshirts.com/JOSH That makes then $39.50 each. Put two shirts in cart, and then use the code "STCA" to take $20 off $50. So you're really comparing a $35 CT shirt to a $50 BB shirt. Great link, thanks! I ordered two and hoping they arrive before the promotion ends, so...
I've been thinking about buying a gingham shirt and have some questions about them. I only found questions about tie matches when I did a search, but I'm looking for some other information. Are they only spring/summer? Are they beter suited for dress or casual? If I'm branching out from solids, is gingham one of the first candidates; or are there other patterns that should come before them? If so, what are those patterns?
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt I've had quite good luck with Shout Advanced. You may have to use it multiple times though. The only thing I haven't been able to fully get out is blood (smacked a mosquito) on biege, but even that is barely noticeable now. It has worked on juice, dye, and other random things. nothing beats hydrogen peroxide for blood
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Watch out for the Crosstown collection. Those are cheap glue jobs. That has a racist sound to it
Quote: Originally Posted by IsteRed Wanted to order from them today,turned out to get a blazer,two shirts and a tie delivered to me i'll have to pay 160(yeah that's right) pounds just for shipping... see if this code will get you free shipping - LSUL1
Brooks currently has shirts 2/$109 and Charles Tyrwhitt is offering 4/$199. Which is the beter way to go?
What is needed to get the corporate discount?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Here's an interesting article about Sea Island Cotton. Apparently true Sea Island cotton hasn't existed for over 80 years. http://supimacotton.blogspot.com/200...hy-it-was.html That article, at first, sounds a little biased given that it's from a supima cotton group. But further on, it begins to sound more factual and legitimate. It states that the islands are along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts,...
Can't believe they are that cheap. I paid that much for an unrestored pair. The restoration costs $145.
As a follow-up to the recent cordovan thread, how much of Sea Island Cotton is legend versus reality? Has it become just a marketing term? Is it worth the extra cost? If there's an advantage, is it comfort, durability, or appearance? Is it better suited for one class of garments such as shirts, sweathers, or socks; or are its advantages, if any, across the board? Does the quality of SIC vary from vendor to vendor, or is pretty consistent?
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