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Do you recall when in the 60's?If you were in Boston in the 60's, do you know anything about the Esart Company? I know they were bought out by J&M and there is still a J&M store at the same address. These shoes were made by J&M for Esart and are some of the nicest vintage shoes I have
Here are the two French Shriner pair that I have. I'm not sure how old they are, or even which pair is older; but they were made before the quality started slipping. They are very well made - all leather (with the exception of the heel on the tan pair which is not original) and are welted with a storm welt. The black pair is the Avenue model and the tan pair is the Briar model. The black pair has very slight wear and the tan pair has only slightly more wear. French Shriner...
Does your family still own the company, or did they sell out? Were you ever involved in the business? I have two pairs of French Shriner calf LWBs that I would consider as good as anything Alden is producing today. I'll post photos later in the week.
I'm not sure when they dropped Urner from their name, but Samuel P. Urner died in 1912; so I suspect it was before the 50's. BTW, Charles Shriner died in 1914, but he had a son who then took over the company.
What do you guys think of black leather bluchers with Olive chinos?
I prefer it for bluchers, but stick to bar lacing for balmorals
It seems that about everyone agrees that the number 1 and 2 suits should be navy and charcoal. My office is more casual; so is there a simialr consensus as to what the number 1 and 2 pant/sportcoat combinations should be?
The Strand is built on the 5 last, which as Allen Edmonds says is "best for a long, narrow foot." Maybe the Strand is not the model for you. Personally, I would not wear a shoe with a "v" like that.
Yes, but are they functional? Finished wood is not going to absorb moisture, which is one of the main reasons for using shoe trees.
I'd check out Sierra Trading Post
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