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What is considered the best pant color for #8 shell?
Thanks, Mike for the info. I had not considered that aspect of the issue. Seems like whenever I see one of their older shoes, it's the 4-A's logo. Yes, I'm referring to an all leather heel without the rubber toplift. I have an older BB LHS pair and the heel has no rubber on it. I can provide a photo if needed. I don't know for certain that's it original, but I'm pretty sure it is. I'm wondering if the shoes can be dated by the heel style. The code is 7A11 026 5 763
Does anyone know what year Alden moved from their old style logo to the current one? Also, what year they stopped using an all leather heal? I asked Alden both of these questions but was told they have not changed their logo and that they still use a all leather heal.That person should not be responding to customer questions.
I received a shipping notice; so I guess it was not a mistake.I wish I had tried EVERYTHING40 before I placed the order.
Yes, it just worked for me. Thanks!
One sole does have restoration written on it. I wonder if Alden restores an "R" marked shoe if they re-mark the new sole with an "R" I agree about the heel pads, that seems strange.
The post about the five-year old shoes got me thinking about my experience with my Aldens. Shortly after college in North Carolina, I moved to Atlanta in the mid 80s. One of my first purchases was a pair of Alden tassel loafers from Jos Bank. Back then, JAB sold pretty good suits and Alden shoes. The latter, BTW, for about $20 less than Brooks. This was long before Styleforum and even before the internet, so I didn't know anything about Alden shoes at the time; but I knew...
Do you recall when in the 60's?If you were in Boston in the 60's, do you know anything about the Esart Company? I know they were bought out by J&M and there is still a J&M store at the same address. These shoes were made by J&M for Esart and are some of the nicest vintage shoes I have
Here are the two French Shriner pair that I have. I'm not sure how old they are, or even which pair is older; but they were made before the quality started slipping. They are very well made - all leather (with the exception of the heel on the tan pair which is not original) and are welted with a storm welt. The black pair is the Avenue model and the tan pair is the Briar model. The black pair has very slight wear and the tan pair has only slightly more wear. French Shriner...
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