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This doesn't make sense to me. A $250 pair of hiking boots (Lowa or Asolo) bought for $125 at Sierra Trading Post will give you better traction and support and will keep your feet dry (although not in knee-deep water.) They are also relatively maintenance free and will last longer than Indy boots. It's probably a more acceptable look on the trail as well. Alden makes a nice shoe and I've been wearing them longer than most people on here, but when another shoe makes more...
Shuron has more size options than most; but they don't have a lot of real small lens frames. Check out the Freeway at the site below. That could work for you as the thicker frame could hide a thick lens, especially if you go with Hi-Index. The frames are moderately priced and are of great quality.
What is considered the best pant color for #8 shell?
Thanks, Mike for the info. I had not considered that aspect of the issue. Seems like whenever I see one of their older shoes, it's the 4-A's logo. Yes, I'm referring to an all leather heel without the rubber toplift. I have an older BB LHS pair and the heel has no rubber on it. I can provide a photo if needed. I don't know for certain that's it original, but I'm pretty sure it is. I'm wondering if the shoes can be dated by the heel style. The code is 7A11 026 5 763
Does anyone know what year Alden moved from their old style logo to the current one? Also, what year they stopped using an all leather heal? I asked Alden both of these questions but was told they have not changed their logo and that they still use a all leather heal.That person should not be responding to customer questions.
I received a shipping notice; so I guess it was not a mistake.I wish I had tried EVERYTHING40 before I placed the order.
Yes, it just worked for me. Thanks!
One sole does have restoration written on it. I wonder if Alden restores an "R" marked shoe if they re-mark the new sole with an "R" I agree about the heel pads, that seems strange.
The post about the five-year old shoes got me thinking about my experience with my Aldens. Shortly after college in North Carolina, I moved to Atlanta in the mid 80s. One of my first purchases was a pair of Alden tassel loafers from Jos Bank. Back then, JAB sold pretty good suits and Alden shoes. The latter, BTW, for about $20 less than Brooks. This was long before Styleforum and even before the internet, so I didn't know anything about Alden shoes at the time; but I knew...
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