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Stop. What you want is http://www.broadlandslippers.co.uk/index.html Hand-made to order in the UK, excellent quality; I've had dress pumps made by them and they are superb.
Looks about two inches short. Stuff like this irritates me. I like a shirt cuff ending about an inch or so from my thumb bone when my arm is raised and bent inwards towards my chest.
Persol is try-hard?
What is Rutgers?
You can get the train from London too.
OP looks like a real nice guy. I can't believe the 'tight little body' comment from somebody above - v creepy. I prefer it when the girlfriend either exposes top, or bottom - rarely both. I don't buy stuff for my wimmin to wear though, preferring to guide them indirectly through the occasional approving comment.
Thanks for the response. How do you find the fit?
http://adamoflondon.com/home/ Saw this, somewhat interested, wondered whether anybody has had a look/purchased anything from here.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2093795/Rapper-Tinie-Tempah-crowned-snappiest-dresser-GQ-mag-Prince-William-drops-50-make-way-Charles.html How can they give the top spot to a guy who can't even make a pair of trousers fit...
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