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Stop. What you want is Hand-made to order in the UK, excellent quality; I've had dress pumps made by them and they are superb.
Looks about two inches short. Stuff like this irritates me. I like a shirt cuff ending about an inch or so from my thumb bone when my arm is raised and bent inwards towards my chest.
Persol is try-hard?
What is Rutgers?
You can get the train from London too.
OP looks like a real nice guy. I can't believe the 'tight little body' comment from somebody above - v creepy. I prefer it when the girlfriend either exposes top, or bottom - rarely both. I don't buy stuff for my wimmin to wear though, preferring to guide them indirectly through the occasional approving comment.
Thanks for the response. How do you find the fit? Saw this, somewhat interested, wondered whether anybody has had a look/purchased anything from here. How can they give the top spot to a guy who can't even make a pair of trousers fit...
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