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Great site. Thanks! Some years are better than others and are harder to get. An awesome wine.
Cakebread Cabernet is an outstanding wine... if you can find it. Most go to restaurants and will list for an easy 100+. If you have a good wine shop, ask them to order it there. Pick up a case, you won't regret it. Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia A great Zin, a fine Pinot, a top notch Shiraz and a very disappointing Yankee sparkler. $70, $30, $50 and $33 respectively.
Not sure which 'recent purchases' thread to use, but: Just copped this weekender duffle Fits on regional jets which is a big plus!
Best sock-less shoes ever: Cole Haan
Quote: Originally Posted by Annadale Which models? Personally I prefer the one I inherited from my grandfather, silver, understated, and most importantly, no branding. Branding makes you look like a dick. Amen. No branding is key, after all, it's a pen. For a GREAT cheap pen, check out the zebra 701 - it's my favorite day to day pen.
Just copped this weekender duffle
Yes, sounds pretty wild right? Hard to believe. NY Times Best Seller though -- people must be reading!
Very interesting -- maybe too much rice for 1 sitting . Thanks for the advice!
What do you typically drink with Sushi?
Hello, All of my life I have been a Sushi eater and have always enjoyed a flute of sake on the side. That said, I always order hot sake and really don't know what makes one sake better than another. Do you take your sake warm? Cold? How can I differentiate good sake from bad? Cheers!
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