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If people want slightly cheaper pricing too - there are still very little stock left on the longs too.http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/threewaylong.html
They are pulling the same thing as Breaking Bad. 14 episodes split over 2014 and 2015. Booo.
Regarding Daryl - that group is looking for Rick. What's Daryl going to do when he realizes that or they find him? I mean - it's obvious what he's going to do - but that's just another small story line they can continue with these guys on the show.
I haven't had anything fall out of my front pockets - not phone, keys, etc. Wallet feels fine in the back, but iPhone definitely smacks my leg.
Different fabric right? Like the olive color. Probably a cheaper sourced fabric, hence the cheaper price? Edit: Read the Reddit thread on them. Over all - different fabric (same as the new pants they released, I think?). It's a 2 way stretch and single weave fabric so it feels lighter than the OG 4 way double weave fabric. New pocket designed to dry quicker. New Ways are supposedly cooler feeling in the heat.
Yes, I find that very weird, and annoying.
Lettuce know how they compare size wise. I've had my 3-ways for a week and have worn them every day and swam a few times in them. Perfect for Florida weather. Just need more pairs now.
I definitely want to re-watch the full season again. In reading recaps and theories, there are so many small details and symbolisms missed. They have said continually everything comes round full circle, the answers are right there under their noses, etc. How about the lawn mower man (spaghetti monster... yes) mowing in a circular fashion. Also saying he knows the coast so well and Rust said most of the disappearings happened along the bayou. In a recent interview with...
That's a lot of flare. Mine aren't that bad, but still bothered me at first. I'm used to it now or maybe I'm wearing them a little lower, but I'm not as concerned as I was when I first received them.
The outlier charts show a 'tech waist' measurement though and proof didn't. As long as they are close, I think I can wing it.How much pocket flare are people getting on the 3-ways? Seems a little excessive. Should I size up?
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