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I think the rule of thumb is to wash them whenever they are too dirty to wear in public or if they stink. Mine have never stunk and I've put them through a lot (this goes for the Outlier 60/30s I have as well). If I didn't train my dog daily in them or was more diligent about spot cleaning, I could go longer than a month, Kids and dogs get shit dirty.
Whenever I machine wash, I tumble dry just enough to dry them. Right now, my 3 way shorts get the most wear and I maybe wash them once a month or earlier if they are visibly dirty, but I also swim in them at least once a week. My 60/30 chinos are worn maybe 30% of the time and only washed when they are really dirty.
That show is hilarious. There is a movie that I think was in between seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix too.
I'm more interested in your FF bike. I'm hopefully getting into the queue by end of summer.
While I mistyped before - I do think the price-hike is due to supply and demand and offsetting R&D costs. Maybe people begged for the 3-way to come back so they recreated it with a new name and jacked up the price.
I typed the opposite of what I meant.And I agree - tech fabrics are in demand these days and a company like schoeller doesn't need to lower their prices to make sales.
Freeway shorts just came out. OG Cloth - $175 price. I'm sure these are a lot like the 3-ways since the fabric breakdown is 80/10/10. Kind of an interesting move. Discontinue the model everyone liked - come out with a newer cheaper model with your own fabric - bring back the older model and charge more. I'm sure fabric prices are getting cheaper though, so price hikes are probably expected.
When he walked into the meeting, Roger said "he didn't sign, he missed the boat", so I'm guessing he's out.
Again, I know this is the Outlier thread - but for the love of all things tech-wear, Huckberry has Proof NY Nomad pants and 9" shorts deeply discounted and the sizing is now very limited. I managed to get a pair of shorts in my size. I'll be comparing them to my 3-ways. https://secure.huckberry.com/store/spring-essentials
I know this is the Outlier thread - but does anyone happen to know if there is something like the Three way shorts for women out there somewhere in a similar fabric? Outlier had the women's double weave last spring but they appear to be long gone. Would like to get a pair for my wife.
New Posts  All Forums: