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The rumored "heavily drinking" female sidekick is Elizabeth Moss, was the rumor alongside the announcement of Farrell. I can see Farrell playing a gritty role - but Vaughn, these days? No way.
@deadsunrise was right. 31 is the correct size for me. Now I know why people choose these as their favorite. I still have room in the waist, they sit low enough without an enormous top block and the leg and taper is slimmer. I'm glad I was able to buy the indigo as well, I like the color tone more. Now .... my wife wants a pair.
I agree with you completely, which is why I'm hoping the 31s fit me correctly and I'm not in some odd void between sizes. I keep reading comments from other Outlier fans stating they wear the same size across their line, but I don't think that would work for me. My 60/30s fit me so well, I couldn't fathom sizing down for what's considered a slim pant. Also my 32 sized 3 ways were a tag snug around the hips and waist out of the box, but I think I've lost a little for...
I'm glad I have the luxury of trying both at this point. I'll report back on the fit of the 31s. The interior comfort though ... a few a couple of days and the insides soften up, it's like wearing sweats.
Do you mean a wash should shrink them? I keep thinking I'm overanalyzing the size, then I put them on and have to pull them up to my belly button for them to look like they fit in the top block. I can pull mine down over my hips with a little wiggling. I went ahead and ordered a 31 to try out - I'll just return the one that doesn't fit. It's very odd because the waist is the exact same size as my 60/30 Loosies (size 32 also), but its like the top block on the SDs is so...
The Slim Dungarees are growing on me. Worn for 3 days. They are definitely good in the heat. The insides softened up and they drape nicely. I think they might be one size too large though. They feel a little baggy/long in the top block but still narrow in the hips. I'll have to think about returning them for a smaller size.
Received my Black Slim Dungarees yesterday. I'm on the fence with them. The fabric feels much lighter than expected, which is good and bad. They feel kind of cheap due to the weight, but being in Florida the lighter weight felt manageable when I was outside midday yesterday. I'm used to the 4 way stretch in my 60/30s which feel much more substantial overall. The fit is better than what I thought though - not too slim.
I think the rule of thumb is to wash them whenever they are too dirty to wear in public or if they stink. Mine have never stunk and I've put them through a lot (this goes for the Outlier 60/30s I have as well). If I didn't train my dog daily in them or was more diligent about spot cleaning, I could go longer than a month, Kids and dogs get shit dirty.
Whenever I machine wash, I tumble dry just enough to dry them. Right now, my 3 way shorts get the most wear and I maybe wash them once a month or earlier if they are visibly dirty, but I also swim in them at least once a week. My 60/30 chinos are worn maybe 30% of the time and only washed when they are really dirty.
That show is hilarious. There is a movie that I think was in between seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix too.
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