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Congrats - these are beautiful and Adam is a true gent to deal with.
Wearing my Leather Soul CXL Chukkas these things [[SPOILER]]
Today, The Attorney shoe for Leather Soul. I need to get a real camera and stop relying on my phone, methinks
Fantastic boot
Thank you - they're already one of my most comfortable pairs!
Today - sand suede tassel loafers They were seconds from TSM, but other than the minor mark on the right toe, they're beautiful.
Today Unlined Snuff PTB for Leather Soul
I would love a pair of these or the LWB in pebble...
Thanks much
My personal top 3: #8 LHS #8 Tassel Moc #8 SWB I might take some flak for putting the SWB over the LWB, but I find it a bit more versatile in my wardrobe.
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