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google images
if this is fat, what thin is? what about the look?
Why are pockets sewn shut on cheap trousers?
Onitsuka Tiger are low quality stuff. just saying.
but 100$ is not much. I have seen much more expensive than that. 3, 4, 5 times more, for some obscure brands.
not correct, look at the poll, at least three people consider pocket vanity mirrors to be useful and manly.
you think that Panasonic is better than Braun? any others have used both?
I wasn´t aware about Bottega making buttery leather ascots. I will check them out next time I visit their flagship store. to die for!
what man? I didn´t post any man in this thread...
here is a thread to discuss ascots in depth, also a poll to gather popular views on this sophisticated item.
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