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in the entire forum, i mean they fit very well
in this case it does, the master craftsman died. he died. and nobody can ever replace his skills and tempo
what makes you think that we all have access to travel? isn´t it a generalization?
because is imported and the process is costly. I have a pair of high-end jeans that nobody in this forum has ever discussed. expensive, but tight.
the problem is: quick questions bring bad, or none, answers. I had a question taken to the quick question thread. guess what? not good answers.
so you don´t have brothers, or nobody wanted and you kept it
long-lasting value and charm
did you buy it or it was an unwanted gift?
are Hermès the best?
I like to hear about some SF members that have a leather toiletry leather bag. Do you regret or are you happy? any issues we should be aware of?
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